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Auta Magetta

October 26, 2021 5 min read

Auta Magetta

Auta Magetta🦾 (🇯🇵オッタ・マゲッタ, Otta Magetta), known simply as Magetta, is one of the warriors selected by Champa for his team to fight in his Universal Martial Arts Association Tournam ent.

He appears in the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga, making his debut in the Universe 6 versus Universe 7 arc🌎 of the series.

General view


Its name is a combination of the names of the characters Mazinger Z and Getter Robo, famous characters of the mecha (robotic) genre. His full name in Japanese🇯🇵, Otta Magetta, is probably a pun on the verb ottamageru, which means to be amazed or stupefied.


His physical appearance is like that of a brown/gray and silver colored machine, with white oval eyes, he has a tube in his head that allows him to expel the smoke from the heat inside him, he also has two "windows" in his chest, in which the lava inside him is visible, his hands have four retractable pincers, while his feet are large and square, these, in turn, are violet/purple in color.


Auta Magetta

As a metal man, he has a special weakness to insults, especially if they are directed at his status as a metal person🦾.


Arc of Universe 6 versus Universe 7


Magetta is an individual who hails from Universe 6🌎. He is a member of the Metal Man species who was chosen by Champa to participate in a Universal Martial Arts Association Tournament against Beerus' team to determine who gets to keep Planet Earth. On the day of the tournament, Magetta appears in the ring along with his teammates, who were Hit, Frost, Botamo and Cabba.

After Vegeta defeated Frost, Vados creates a sort of field around the ring since Magetta is not good at fighting in the air, Magetta enters the ring to fight the Saiyan. Magetta at first has slow movements against Vegeta, but with a great physical strength, Vegeta gives him a blow and sinks his head, which was not a problem for this, Magetta takes his head out and begins to connect faster blows, Vegeta flies and throws him a frantic attack of energy, but Magetta reacts with his lava saliva and creates a clash, in which Magetta wins and continues attacking him with his saliva, little by little Vegeta gets tired. At the end of episode 35, Magetta is raising the temperature more to tire Vegeta.


In the manga🥭, his fight was more concentrated in a melee battle against Vegeta where Magetta managed to dominate Vegeta thanks to his great defense and strength, forcing Vegeta to become Super Saiyan and pressuring him, but after he ended up insulting him Magetta lost fighting sense which cost his defeat. Magetta sees his teammates from the stands, who are being defeated little by little until there are none left, to finally be erased by the Kings of Everything along with the rest of Universe 6🌎.


Auta Magetta

He is strong enough to withstand several attacks from Vegeta in his base form. His power and technique is great enough that he was able to force Vegeta to transform into his Super Saiyan form to fight him, Magetta is able to resist and even overcome Vegeta's Galick Cannon with one of his lava attacks, the robot forces the Saiyan of Universe 7 to use one of his most powerful techniques, the Final Flash, a technique that only knocked him down👊, without defeating him.

However, one of Magetta's weaknesses is his low mobility added to the barrier that Vados put on the battlefield that makes it even more difficult for him to move, however, Vegeta himself says that it is very dangerous to fight close to him, thus affirming that he is a great melee fighter. Even so, his greatest weakness is his low self-esteem and his extreme sensitivity to insults that affect him too much and make him lose the will to fight instantly, since as mentioned by Whis, what led him to lose Magetta was not because of combat damage, but because of an insult that Vegeta said to him (in fact, Vegeta almost failed to damage him).

In the manga🥭, Magetta is very strong and a great hand-to-hand fighter, hurting Vegeta by withstanding one of his punches. His strength is enough to hurt Vegeta and force him to become Super Saiyan and also to stun Vegeta Super Saiyan with a single hit. He also possesses a great defense by resisting the Galick Cannon and coming out without a scratch. His weight also gives him some resistance, as Vegeta could not move him even when he became Super Saiyan.


Auta Magetta

  • Botamagetta: Combination and team tactic used in conjunction with Botamo, climbing on each other's back, covering each other's ears.

  • Lava Saliva: Magetta possesses a powerful magma inside his body that he can spit out through his mouth.

  • Stone🗿 Bludgeon: When cooled, the lava jets can solidify and mold into a stone bludgeon, which Magetta uses to strike her opponent.

  • Tornado🌪: By spinning her body at high speeds, Magetta is able to appear as a tornado.

  • Maximum Power: Magetta is able to increase her power further, as shown during her fight with Vegeta. The aura Magetta acquires is a red aura.

  • Ki Burst: This is the basic form of a ki attack. It is used in Dragon Ball Heroes

  • Flight: Magetta is able to fly using ki in Dragon Ball Heroes, however she lacks this ability in Dragon Ball Super.

  • Volcano Blast: Her super attack in Dragon Ball Heroes. Magetta charges lava and spits it out in the form of a ball, exploding on contact.

  • High Ki Gas: Magetta can expel hot steam from the chimney of its head.

  • High Stamina: Magetta possesses great defense, being able to fend off a variety of Vegeta's attacks and techniques, and its stamina is able to withstand and fight on par with Toppo.



Universe 6 vs. Universe 7 Arc

  • Magetta vs. Vegeta (Base, Super Saiyan) = Defeat

Universal Survival Arc

  • Magetta vs. Toppo = Undetermined
  • Magetta and Botamo (Botamagetta) vs. Vegeta = Undetermined
  • Magetta vs. Kame-Sen'nin = Undetermined
  • Magetta and Frost vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan) = Victory
  • Magetta and Frost vs. Kame-Sen'nin and Vegeta (Blue Super Saiyan) = Defeat


Auta Magetta

Arc of Universe 6 vs. Universe 7

  • Magetta vs. Vegeta (Base, Super Saiyan) = Defeat
  • Universal Survival Arc
  • Magetta vs. Kame-Sen'nin, Krilin, Gohan, Piccolo & Tenshinhan 


  • Magetta vs. Kale (Super Saiyan Out of Control) = Defeat

Appearance in video games

Magetta first appears in a video game in Dragon Ball Heroes in God Mission 7 as part of the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 Arc🌎 premiere, being available since March 2016 alongside Botamo and Frost.

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