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Babidi DBZ

October 16, 2021 6 min read

Babidi DBZ

Bobbidi (バビディ, Babidi), also known as Bóbidi or Bábidi, is a powerful madoshi sorcerer, "son" of the great mage Bibbidi, founder of the Majin family. The "M" worn by both on the belt of their attire as well as the forehead of those who have been possessed to become part of the Majin family.👪

General view


There is a play on words between the names "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo", as they appear in a song from Cinderella, a Disney classic.



Instead of a son he is more like a doppelganger. Bibbidi He had split whenever there was something difficult to do alone.

Bibbidi could increase the number of doubles even more, but his magical powers would weaken proportionally. Now that Bibbidi is dead, Bobbidi has become the only one, who has regained all of his original magic power.

Dragon Ball Z

Bobbidi, "son" of Bibbidi, is heir to the powers as well as the intentions of his father Bibbidi. He is a magician who travels to Earth to collect energy and thus awaken Majin-Boo's lethargy.

Although the age of this powerful wizard is unknown, his appearance together with the fact that his father already existed about 5 million years ago guarantee us that he has had a very long existence. This evil wizard traveled to planet Earth with the intention of freeing Boo, a terrible being created by his father who destroyed hundreds of worlds in ancient times until the Kaio-shin of the east ended with Bibbidi and the monster was locked in a sphere.🔮

Along with Bobbidi came to Earth a series of extraterrestrial beings that he had possessed, among them Darbra, whom he would use as a personal bodyguard. Majin-Boo was locked in the sphere and it was necessary a great energy to free him and the Earth thanks to the saiyajin like Goku and Vegeta had become the ideal place to carry out the ritual of resurrection. Bobbidi gets Spopovich and Yamu, are subdued under his powers and makes them participate in the great world martial arts tournament to steal energy from the others and get the energy of the participants of the great world martial arts tournament, they only steal the Ki of Son Gohan and escaped from the tournament to deliver the Ki of Son Gohan to the magician Bobbidi, being these pursued by, Kaio-shin of the East, Kibito, Krilin, Piccolo, Vegeta, Son Goku, Son Gohan (recovered thanks to the powers of the god Kibito) and Videl (although Videl in the end abandons the pursuit). While Videl was returning from the chase, she met Son Goten and Trunks along the way, as Goten and Trunks wanted to "see" a magician.
Babidi DBZ
When Bobbidi obtains the Ki energy from Son Gohan, he kills Spopovich and Yamu, pouring the energy obtained by them into the sphere containing Majin-Boo. Bobbidi then realizes that he has been discovered by Gokū, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krilin, Kibito and East Kaio Shin, his father's killer. Determined to get revenge on his father, Bobbidi sends his subordinates Darbra, Pui Pui and Yakon. Bobbidi then sends Darbra again who fights Gohan and as they fight, Darbra realizes the evil in Vegeta's heart.

Darbra flees informing Bobbidi of his finding, who then places a charm on Vegeta, transforming him into Majin Vegeta. To Bobbidi's surprise, Majin Vegeta proves to be completely disobedient, indicating that he will only fight Goku and does not listen to Bobbidi. Bobbidi agrees, since the injuries caused by Majin Vegeta will provide Majin-Boo with enough energy to wake him up.

Eventually Bobbidi and Darbra are confronted by Gohan and the Eastern Kaio-shin, when the seal on Majin-Boo's sphere is broken and Majin-Boo.

Finally appears in the form of an obese monster, more of a child than a fearsome demon. After seeing Majin-Boo display his energy by subduing Darbra, praising Majin-Boo, he decides he no longer needs Darbra. Bobbidi then decides to have Majin-Boo fight Gohan and the East Kaio-shin, when they are near death Darbra recovers and returns to fight Majin-Boo as Gohan and the East Kaio-shin recover their energies. Darbra warns Bobbidi to seal Majin-Boo back into the sphere before it's too late, but Bobbidi doesn't listen, continuing Majin-Boo's fight against Darbra. Majin-Boo easily defeats Darbra by turning him into a cookie and defeating Gohan (leaving him at death's door) and the East Kaio-shin, then is confronted by Majin Vegeta. During their duel, Bobbidi is confronted by Piccolo, who promises to kill him. Bobbidi and Piccolo then have a small fight in which Bobbidi asks Piccolo to spare his effort since Bobbidi controls Majin-Boo. His pleas go unheeded and Piccolo slices him in half. Barely alive, Bobbidi watches the fight between Majin-Boo and Majin Vegeta, as Majin Vegeta attempts a kamikaze attack to kill Majin-Boo that only sends him skyward. Then Majin-Boo recovers and Bobbidi tries to blackmail the monster into healing him. Jumping on Majin-Boo behind, Bobbidi then starts a global rampage, since he can't leave Earth due to Majin Vegeta destroying his spaceship. After using Majin-Boo to destroy numerous cities and countless lives, Bobbidi telepathically communicates with the entire population of Earth and demands that Goten, Piccolo and Trunks surrender. Bobbidi decides to leave for the western city, where Bobbidi and Majin-Boo are confronted by Goku, who has come to stop them while Trunks retrieves the Dragon Sphere radar. Bobbidi then sends Majin-Boo against Goku, who displays his new Super Saiyan level 3 technique. The fight is evenly matched until Goku's energy diminishes due to the technique employed, then Goku tells him that in two days a new fighter will appear to fight Majin-Boo. Goku even scolds him saying that how can such a strong being let himself be manipulated by a "cowardly worm like Bobbidi".

When Goku leaves, Bobbidi scolds Majin-Boo for letting Goku run away, and although under his orders he defeats East Kaio-shin, Gohan and Vegeta never showed any sympathy for Bobbidi which causes Majin-Boo to grab him by the neck and strangle him until he pierces his head with an attack.⚔️

Babidi DBZ

In the anime, in scenes from hell, Bobbidi watches the fight between Gokū and Little Boo through a crystal ball, along with Cell, Freezer, Big King Cold, Dr. Gero and Special Forces Ginyu. To gain their respect, Babibi invents to them that he was the one who taught Boo how to fight. Deep down, however, Bobbidi wants Goku to win the fight, because he resents Majin-Boo, who betrayed and killed him.

Dragon Ball GT

Main article: Dragon Ball GT.
He is seen in Dragon Ball GT escaping from hell along with other villains in the Arc of Super Number 17 although he would be returned to that place, thanks to the Z Warriors.


This sorcerer came to Earth with the intention of taking Majin-Boo out of the sphere in which his creator, Bibbidi, had confined him, to try to dominate the Universe. Bobbidi has the ability to influence the minds of anyone with the slightest bit of evil. By dominating them and passing them to the Majin state, the hidden power of his new slaves comes to light.

He was able to dominate warriors like Yamu, Spopovich, Darbra, Pui Pui, Yakon and even Vegeta (although the latter willingly let himself be dominated to become more powerful and be able to defeat Son Gokū). He is not very strong physically, but he is mentally strong.

Techniques and skills

  • Paparapa
  • Flight
  • Magic Barrier
  • Bobbidi's mind control
  • Teleportation
  • Demon Eye
  • Yakon is Next!
  • Psychic Blast
  • Pui-Pui's Elegant Shot
  • Magic Materialization
  • Bobbidi's Super Spell
  • Telepathy


Babidi DBZ

Dragon Ball Z

Majin-Boo Saga

  • Bobbidi vs. Spopovich = Victory
  • Bobbidi vs. Piccolo = Defeat
  • Bobbidi vs. Fat Boo = Defeat DEATH


  • A usable character in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Majin-Boo warns Bobbidi by saying "What do you want to be when Boo eats you, candy, cake or pudding?".
  • Bobbidi lacks strength because a waitress lifted him up until he transported her by leaving her hanging from a building with his magic. If we calculate it, without his magic, even Mr. Satan would defeat him.
  • His name comes from a play on words from "Cinderella," as does his "father" and Majin-Boo (Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo).
  • After he insults Piccolo, Piccolo calls him "beef with legs".
  • He seems to be quick to do magic as he was able to prevent Piccolo's attack before it hit him and killed him.
  • In the Spanish American dub, Bobbidi has the same voice as the 2nd voice of Oolong, Zarbon and other Dragon Ball characters. His voice actor is Arturo Mercado.
  • Bobbidi shares certain similarities with Hoi:
    • Both are magicians.
    • Both needed the help of the Z Warriors to carry out their misdeeds; Bobbidi to awaken Boo from his lethargy, Hoi to free Tapion from the music box and bring Hildegarn back to life.

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