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October 26, 2021 7 min read


Botamo (ボタモ Botamo) is one of the strongest fighters in the Sixth Universe. He is chosen by Champa to participate in the Fighting Tournament of the Gods of Destruction of the Sixth and Seventh Universes🌎, and later also in the Tournament of Power⚔.



Its appearance resembles that of a large yellow bear. It possesses a smooth yellow colored skin with no hair. He also has a brown colored nose and a small round shaped tail. He wears a tank top, a pair of cuffs and a pair of red colored boots with black studs.


Botamo seems to have a lot of confidence in his abilities, but this side of his character leads him to underestimate Son Goku during the tournament between the Sixth and Seventh Universe🌎, in fact when the opponent is in trouble, instead of taking advantage of the moment, he decides not to hit him but makes him understand to keep fighting. According to Son Goku, Botamo relies too much on his physical impressiveness. This overconfidence in his own abilities will lead him to defeat. He seems to have a good friendship with his companion Otta Magetta, with whom he manages to cooperate. Botamo easily passes the written test, which might suggest that he possesses a relevant intelligence (the same cannot be said of his companion Otta Magetta, who manages to pass the test by a whisker).


Dragon Ball Super


As in all Dragonball Super sagas, the manga and the anime tell very different events, although there are some elements in common.

Saga of the Sixth Universe


Arrived on the Nameless Planet together with his comrades of the Sixth Universe🌎, Botamo passes the written test to enter the tournament quite easily.

As soon as the clash between Son Goku and Botamo begins, the latter hurls himself at the opponent with a remarkable speed surprising him. At the beginning, the warrior of the Sixth Universe seems to have the advantage, because thanks to a flurry of punches he manages to put the Saiyan in difficulty, finally managing to hit him, but without causing him any significant damage.

Afterwards, the warrior⚔ of the Seventh Universe claims to have eaten too much before the fight, so he decides to do some exercise to be 100% ready to fight. While Son Goku is busy running back and forth across the ring, Botamo tries to attack him unsuccessfully, and falls clumsily to the floor several times. Botamo's attempts to hit his opponent with energy waves generated by his ears are futile.

Once Son Goku has recovered, he begins to hit Botamo with a series of punches at supersonic speed (so much so that Krillin himself admits that he can't see his friend's blows), throwing him all over the ring. However, neither Botamo nor Champa seem to be concerned about the large gap between the two fighters⚔.

Although Son Goku is clearly superior in terms of skill, he is unable to do any damage to Botamo, not even using the Kamehameha, since the latter is able to absorb all the blows received by his opponent. As Master Muten says, "Botamo... does not take damage... nor does he consume energy🔋."

The Saiyan uses his head and, taking advantage of the slowness and clumsiness of the warrior of the Sixth Universe🌎, decides to throw him out of the ring. All Botamo's attempts to stop the fighter of the Seventh Universe are useless. Son Goku throws him out of the ring and wins the match. At the end of the match we see a very disappointed and saddened Botamo walking with his head down towards the other fighters of the Sixth Universe.

After the clash with the Saiyan of the Seventh Universe, Botamo doesn't do much within the tournament. He is seen with Cabba, being surprised when Frost transforms, and again when this is beaten by Vegeta. He is very amazed when the Prince of Saiyans transforms into Super Saiyan Blue.

When Vegeta manages to beat Cabba, he takes his unconscious body and gives it to Botamo, who is visibly concerned. All of this makes it clear that Botamo feels a modicum of "concern" for his Sixth Universe comrades.

At the end of the tournament, Botamo returns to his Sixth Universe along with his companions and the Gods, thanks to the cube-shaped spaceship.


Before the start of the tournament, Champa shows Botamo and the other fighters of the Sixth Universe the reward for winning their Universe🌎. The reward is a treasure of very high value, consisting of gold coins, gold bars, jewels and other precious objects. Only Hit refuses this treasure, asking instead for the cube-shaped spaceship🚢.

As soon as Botamo sees the warriors of the Seventh Universe for the first time, he turns an intimidating gesture (the throat slitting gesture) towards them. He easily passes the written test to enter the tournament, along with the other four fighters from his own Universe.

Botamo is the first warrior of the Sixth Universe to have to fight, and his challenger is Son Goku. The warrior of the Sixth Universe immediately starts jumping at very high speeds until he reaches the dome, and then bounces off his opponent several times. Each time he bounces from one side of the ring to the other, he acquires a higher and higher speed, and with this technique he manages to hit the Saiyan, bringing him to the edge of the ring. However, he voluntarily decides not to hit Son Goku, and beckoning him with his hand invites him to try the counterattack⚔. The warrior of the Sixth Universe has full confidence in his abilities.

Botamo criticizes the skills of the Saiyan of the Seventh Universe, calling him a loser. Son Goku, unexpectedly, admits to having eaten too much meat just before the fight and begins to do warm-up exercises to digest it. Botamo, surprised by this statement, begins to hit him with energy balls shot from his mouth. The Saiyan runs around the ring, managing to dodge all of his opponent's blows.

At this point, Goku finishes warming up and unleashes a Kamehameha against Botamo, who despite taking the blow in full doesn't show any physical damage. He also waves his hand at his opponent to return to the fight. The warrior of the Seventh Universe lashes out at his opponent and begins to hit him with a flurry of punches and a kick, however he remains motionless without faltering.

The Sixth 🌎Universe fighter advances and Son Goku is forced to back away, until he decides to drop the Sixth Universe fighter to the ground. Afterwards, he drags him to the edge of the ring and throws him out of the fighting arena. All attempts by the opponent to stop the Saiyan with energy balls are futile. Goku wins the match, and Botamo returns to the other fighters in his own Universe in tears.


Universe Survival Saga


At the Tournament of Power Botamo is eliminated by Android 17 who punches him until he is out of the ring. The opponent played with Botamo's body springback in order to eliminate him.


Botamo is chosen as one of the ten warriors of the Sixth Universe to participate in the Tournament of Power. Shortly after the tournament begins, Botamo goes up against Vegeta and then fights with his partner, Otta Magetta, against the Saiyan Prince of the Seventh Universe🌎.

Then he fights against Son Gohan, who, after realizing that the opponent's body is extremely elastic, punches him until he lifts him off the ground and then throws him out of the ring with a Kamehameha.

After the defeat of Saonel and Pilina, Botamo is deleted together with his own universe.

Following the victory of the Seventh Universe, the Sixth Universe is restored along with all its inhabitants.


Techniques and skills

  • Bukujutsu: in the manga you can see in one vignette, Botamo suspended in the air hitting Son Goku. This would lead one to think that he can fly, however this is observed in only one vignette in the manga and in the anime, Botamo is never seen flying.
  • Energy🔋 Waves: In the manga Botamo is able to generate waves of energy from his ears. He uses this technique to hit Son Goku when the latter runs from one side of the ring to the other to digest the too much food eaten before the match.
  • Energy Balls🔋: In the anime, Botamo is able to generate glowing green energy balls from his mouth. This technique is also used to strike Son Goku.
  • Protection: Botamo possesses a body structure that can absorb the blows of his opponent. Also for this technique he does not consume energy and does not suffer damage. Thanks to this "protection", during the tournament between the Sixth and Seventh Universes, he resists the supersonic punches thrown by Son Goku and even his Kamehameha. According to Vegeta, even if Son Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, he is not guaranteed to be able to harm him. This shows how efficient this particular Botamo ability is. In the anime, according to Jaco, Botamo is able to cancel all the effects of the blows he receives by transferring them to another dimension.
  • Bounce🏀: in the anime Botamo shows the particular ability to bounce from one side of the ground to another thanks to his physical structure. In this way he acquires very high speed to then hit the opponent. He does not suffer any damage or decrease in energy during bounces.

Appearances in video games

  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X (April 2017)
  • Dragon Ball Fusions (September 2016)
  • IC Carddass Dragon Ball (September 2015)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden (June 2015)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle (January 2015)



  • Its name is a play on words referring to a Japanese dessert, Botamochi.
  • In volume 1🔊 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, in chapter 8 "Matches begin!" in a vignette you can see on the stands dedicated to the spectators of the Sixth Universe, beings that closely resemble the likeness of Botamo. It is likely that they are of the same race as Botamo.
  • In the Dragon Ball Super manga, in the saga of the tournament between the Sixth and Seventh Universe🌎. Botamo only says 3 sentences: "W-what are you doing? What do you hope to...?!", "Damn you!" (when Son Goku tries to throw him out of the ring) and "No way.... Frost..." (when Frost gets beaten by Vegeta).
  • Botamo is featured on the cover of volume 2 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, along with the other fighters of the Sixth Universe and Son Goku Super Saiyan Blue.
  • Botamo is the only Sixth Universe fighter to have participated in the Sixth and Seventh Universe Gods of Destruction Fighting Tournament, not to appear in Dragonball Super's second theme song, "Limit-Break x Survivor".
  • In the extra content of volume 2🔊 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, a comic vignette featuring Botamo and Otta Magetta appears. In this image, Botamo is seen consoling Otta Magetta by telling him, "Think of it the other way around, all you'd need to do is solve this and you'd be invincible." Botamo is referring to his companion's fragile character.

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