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October 15, 2021 13 min read


Bulma (ブルマ, Buruma) is the daughter of Doctor Brief, the CEO of the global firm Capsule Corporation, a major manufacturer of Hop-Pop capsules and other technological marvels. She is the richest and smartest woman in the world when she grows up. She had two children: Trunks and Bra with Vegeta. She is without a doubt the character who changes her hairstyle the most often.🩺

Characteristic and personality

"Bulma" comes from the word "bloomers". In English, it means a bloomer. That's why Son Goku tells him that his first name is strange. Moreover, later in the series, Kuririn tells him that he remembers her and that her name is Panties!

She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brief. She is later paired with Vegeta. Therefore, Trunks is her son, Bra her daughter, Vegeta Junior her great-great grandson and King Vegeta her father-in-law. Bulma is the character who has changed her look the most throughout the series. Some have counted no less than 17 different hairstyles. His particularity is to have green hair (in the manga, it is mostly purple, like Trunks').


He is probably the most important "Earth" character of the manga, the only character from Earth who is essential to the Dragon Ball universe. Bulma is really a mechanical genius, she develops some very useful inventions. However, her greatest merit will be known much later through the time machine that her son Trunks will later use.

Although she was in the background during the arc on Namek, Bulma will have a more consistent role against the terrible artificial humans, since it is through her that Trunks from the future gives the medicine to Son Goku in the past. The Bulma of the present will go as far as to find the weak point of N°17 and N°18 thanks to the plans stolen by Trunks, in the laboratory of Dr. Gero, after having indicated its location to them.

The new productions continue to put forward Bulma. Note that her story knows a great upheaval when we learn that she will not stay with Yamcha, her boyfriend of the first part of the manga. The manga lays the foundations of this surprise when Son Gokû faces the Captain Ginyû, Son Gohan and Kuririn informing about what happens, Bulma begins to doubt her relationship because of the fact that Son Gokû comparatively to Yamcha has evolved well.

Bulma will end her love life with Vegeta, although the manga creates this surprise, the anime slowly starts to make the two protagonists get closer.

The couple Vegeta/Bulma will quickly become popular, more than Yamcha/Bulma was. The scriptwriters of Toei Animation will take advantage of this couple to realize some unexpected situations, especially in the part Dragon Ball GT.

Finally, in the movie Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods, Vegeta amplifies his energy surpassing even Son Gokû when Beerus slaps Bulma. This is a classic way to show Vegeta's feelings towards Bulma.


At the very beginning of the manga, she is dressed in pink and wears a braid in ponytail. She looks very little girl. On her clothes, it is constantly written her first name. During the quest for the Dragon Balls, she has rather long hair and leaves it loose or makes a small braid on the right side. Sometimes she wears a cap. She ends the adventure with a ponytail. Concerning her clothes, we will note the rabbit costume lent by Oolong, which she will quickly exchange for new oriental clothes in the village of the rabbit gang.


During the Tenka Ichi Budokai, she has her traditional ponytail, while during the confrontation against the Red Ribon army, she wears a more sexy look. She wears a mini-short, a top emphasizing her chest and her eternal braid on the side.

Three years later, we find her with short hair at the Tenka Ichi Budokai, and in a very casual style of dress.

A few years later, she became a beautiful and elegant woman. She wears long hair and has a very classy look; moreover, she wears lipstick, which surprises Gokû.

Five years later, she has a look similar to the one of the 22nd championship.🏆

Then one year later, again a ponytail (a look similar to the one of her beginnings), then her hair grows and she has a very preppy hairstyle, which she will have to cut before her trip on Namek. As a beautiful astronaut, she has her hair in a bob during the whole Namek saga. She wears a yellow suit in which she is not necessarily at her best.

Back on Earth, she lets her hair grow again and takes a very preppy look during the Garlic Junior saga.

When Freezer comes back to Earth, she has a rather special haircut that looks more like a salad. Her look is that of a seductive woman in her red dress which will conquer the prince of Saiyan.

When the cyborgs arrive, she has a modern mom look: a square cut and classic clothes.

Then seven years later, during the Boo saga, she cuts her hair again to have it very short. She wears only dresses that show her off and we can see that she wants to remain an attractive woman for her age. She also wears a biker suit when she works in her laboratory. Ten years later, she has aged well and keeps her hair short and enhanced.

In Dragon Ball GT, she has a similar haircut to the one at the end of Dragon Ball Z, but she seems to have gotten younger and wears a nice yellow dress and lots of jewelry most of the time.

Finally, in the Dragon Ball Super series, Bulma looks much younger than before, like all the former protagonists. It is also at this time that Toei chose to change the color of her hair by taking back the color used in the illustrations of Akira Toriyama. A choice that has not yet been explained by the production.



Dragon Ball

Saga of the 7 Dragon Balls

Bulma is a young teenager of 16 years old when she discovers the legend of the crystal balls. Then in school vacations, she decides to leave in search of these Dragon Balls in order to realize her most expensive wish: to have a beautiful boyfriend. Equipped with a radar she made, she goes in search of the seven Dragon Balls. The radar leads her to the owner of the four stars ball: Son Gokû, so much to say that their relationship at the beginning is not happy; Gokû takes her for a monster and breaks his car, she shoots him, which does not make anything has Gokû, then they sympathize.

Together, they go in search of the five other Dragon Balls. During this quest, Bulma meets Oolong, the perverted pig who will try to grope her more than once, Yamcha, a desert bandit who will become her (unfaithful) boyfriend and Puerh, Yamcha's devoted friend, Kame Sennin, a master of perverted martial arts, Gyumao and Chi-Chi. They will face together many threats, Yamcha being one of them at the beginning, To Ninjinka and his rabbit gang, then, Pilaf, accompanied by Shu and Mai.

Saga of the 21st Tenka Ichi Budōkai

While Gokû goes to train with Kuririn at Kamé Sennin, Bulma returns to the city with Yamcha, Oolong and Puerh. On the day of the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai, Bulma accompanies Yamcha to encourage him, she will be happy to see Son Gokû again and will meet Kuririn

After Yamcha's defeat, she will encourage Son Goku. She will never stop supporting Son Goku during his fights, she will never suspect that Kame Sennin could be the terrible Jackie Chun unlike Yamcha.

When Jackie Chun hypnotizes Son Goku, it is Bulma who will manage to free him from this strategy by shouting "eat". A way to say that Bulma is probably one of the protagonists who have the best understanding of Goku.

Saga of the Red Ribbon Army

When Gokû breaks the Dragon Radar, he goes to the western capital to look for Bulma who can repair it, Bulma accompanies Son Gokû, again in search of the Dragon Balls, and is confronted with the army of the Red Ribbon, in this case General Blue.

She invents a watch that allows her to shrink, ideal to navigate with Son Goku via his Kinto. Bulma is nevertheless targeted by the terrible Red Ribbon army.

She is nevertheless very interested in the idea of discovering a pirate treasure buried in an underwater cave. She travels with Son Goku and Kuririn who come to help her.

After having escaped from the guard of the cave, she tries to charm the General Blue but without success because of his homosexuality. She is then spectator of the terrible progress of Son Gokû.

She is nevertheless once again the target of General Blue who comes back to take back the Dragon Balls from the enemy. Stuck on the island of Kame House, she understands that Gokû intends to attack the Red Ribbon. She immediately warns Yamcha of the situation but together, they will arrive late, Goku having already defeated all his attackers.🏡


Saga of Baba the seer

Son Goku does not manage to locate the last Dragon Ball, despite Bulma's Dragon Radar. When Yamcha faces Suke, the invisible man, Kuririn makes Bulma and Kame Sennin intervene. Kuririn shows Bulma's breasts, which makes Kame Sennin gush blood, revealing Suke.

Afterwards, Bulma is a spectator of the fights again, she doesn't know that the Mummy is wearing strips not because he is wounded, but because he is a mummy. She is also moved by the short reunion of Gokû and his grandfather.

Saga of the 22nd Tenka Ichi Budōkai

When the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai begins, Bulma is very confident about Yamcha's new abilities, trained this time by Kamé Sennin. Bulma will accompany Yamcha again, he loses after a very hard fight against the terrible Ten Shin Han. This time, Bulma does not attend the other fights, at least in the manga. In the anime, she is always a spectator and ferociously encourages Son Goku and Kuririn. She also hates the derogatory comments of Tsuru Sennin.

Saga of Piccolo Daimaō

She will be very affected by Kuririn's death, and will remain throughout the rest of the Piccolo Daimao saga, at Kamé Sennin's house, and will not participate in any way in the search for the Dragon Balls. Seeing Piccolo Daimao become the new king of the world, she prepares to lead an offensive with Yamcha despite her broken leg.

Bulma is the only one who thinks about Baba's prediction, who said that Goku would save the world one day.

Saga of the 23rd Tenka Ichi Budōkai

During the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, Bulma matured and became a beautiful young woman, she will accompany Yamcha again on his new participation. She will laugh at Shen's physique and behavior, thinking that this time Yamcha has every chance to win in his first fight.

Of course, she is more than surprised by the turn that the fight takes, and is very embarrassed by the ridiculousness of the fight. Afterwards, she is very surprised by the new progress of Son Goku and his new appearance, she will underline it twice.

Dragon Ball Z

Saga of the Saiyans

5 years later, Bulma appears at Kame Sennin's house, we learn that she doesn't live with Yamcha anymore after a fight. Son Goku had also planned to visit Kame Sennin, but he arrives soon after to introduce Son Gohan to him. In spite of these beautiful reunions, Raditz will appear.

She will get back the scouter of the latter when Piccolo kills him and will use it to locate Yamcha, Ten Shin Han and Chiaotzu. Her role will be determinant to find the other warriors, indeed following the visit of Yajirobé, God wishes to train the companions of Son Gokû.⚔️

She will stay one year at Kame House, waiting for the moment to resurrect Son Goku. Although not participating in the battle, Bulma, will be shocked by the turn of the fight, especially on the death of Yamcha. Note that in the anime, she knows immediately his death, thanks to the television, but in the manga, this death is revealed to her only after the battle is over.

Namek Saga

It is her who starts the preparations to travel on the Namek planet thanks to Master Kaïô and Mister Popo who teaches her Namek language. Indeed, Mister Popo reveals to her the ship that God had used to reach the planet Earth. By making a quick use of it with God's servant, Bulma understands the incredible potential of this ship, which surpasses the earth technology.

She goes to Namek with Kuririn and Son Gohan in search of the Dragon Balls to resurrect their friends killed by the Saiyan. On Namek, Bulma is regularly left alone due to the various actions of Kuririn and Son Gohan. She will often treat her two companions with difficulty.

Despite several adventures, Bulma will not have a big role to play during the search for the Dragon Balls. During the confrontation between Vegeta and Zabon, she fell under the spell of the latter, taking him for a superhero come to save her, before discovering his second monstrous appearance.🐲


Note that when Son Gohan reveals to Bulma that her father has finally arrived on Namek, it is at this moment that she starts to question her romance with Yamcha.

When all the inhabitants of Namek are teleported to Earth, Bulma welcomes them to her home at the Capsule Corp. Vegeta is one of them. He and Bulma get closer and end up falling in love with each other.

Saga of Garlic Jr

Like many earthlings, Bulma is under the poison of the Aqua Mist, she becomes violent, especially towards Marron and then Piccolo. She will find her normal state thanks to God and Mister Popo.

Saga of the artificial humans

Bulma is present when Freezer arrives on earth with his father, she had not seen him on the planet Namek, she will be a spectator with the other companions of Son Goku of the coming of the enigmatic warrior.

After astonishing revelations, this young boy is called Trunks and is his son, he comes from the future. Bulma made her life with Vegeta, and broke up with Yamcha for good.

Life takes its course, and it is during the D-day when the terrible artificial humans must attack that Bulma reveals to the heroes the birth of her son, Trunks.

In this saga, Bulma will have a much more consistent role than the two previous ones. Indeed, she identifies without difficulty Doctor Gero by seeing N°20.

Later on, the plans found by Trunks in Doctor Gero's laboratory will allow him to make a remote control to deactivate artificial humans, thus preventing Cell from assimilating them. She will give this remote control to Kuririn, but seeing N°18, he will destroy the remote control.👩‍⚕️

Shortly after the first defeat of the heroes against Cell, Bulma will repair N°16, and will remove the bomb he had in his body.

This important information will only be revealed to N°16 much too late.

Majin Boo Saga

At first, Bulma will make the (heroic) Great Saiyanman outfit for Son Gohan, so that he can become a vigilante without being noticed by his classmates.

She will be happy to meet Son Goku again, even if it is only one day during the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai. Vegeta, her husband will participate. Let's note that Chichi and Bulma will be several times in disagreement when it will be question of encouraging Trunks and Son Goten.

She will also be surprised and angry to learn that Trunks participated in the tournament as Mighty Mask. Not suspecting yet the threat of Babidi, she will be shocked by the arrival of a new Vegeta, liquidating a part of the public.

After many battles and a few reversals, Vegeta died, Bulma was obviously very affected. She will not intervene much in the story, except to reveal that the Radar Dragon is at her parents' house.

Years later, Bulma ends up taking over the Capsule Corp, succeeding her father. She has a second child with Vegeta, a girl named Bra.

Dragon Ball Super

Battle of Gods Saga


To celebrate her new birthday, Bulma invites all her friends without exception, she plans to make win the Dragon Balls to the one who will answer favorably on different quizzes. Bulma hates to reveal her current age. Believing that Beerus and Whis are friends of her husband, she invites them to her party.

Following a very unfortunate fight with Majin Boo, Beerus fights against many of Son Goku's friends. Faced with this mess, Bulma asks him to stop but is slapped by the god of destruction. Vegeta is furious by this gesture and fights the god despite his great powers.

Vegeta's anger due to Bulma makes the Saiyan even more powerful than Son Goku in Super Saiyan 3. After this eventful party, Bulma will not hold any grudge against the god of destruction. She will even become more or less friends with Whis, often making him sing with food.🍲

Freezer's Resurrection Saga

Through her sister, Bulma knows the name Jaco who reveals to her that Freezer is back. This time Bulma has the opportunity to see the tyrant of space in person. Unleashed by Freezer's obnoxious behavior during his invasion, Bulma calls him a cheapskate.

Note that Bulma did not want to warn Trunks and Son Goten of the tyrant's arrival.

Saga of Trunks of the Future

The return of Trunks from the future is both good and bad news for Bulma. Seeing the state of her son ravaged by the atrocities of Black Goku, she puts everything in place to offer several solutions. In the Dragon Ball Super manga, Bulma reveals that Trunks' world has become an alternative world.

Bulma's time machine is a big problem for Whis and Beerus, because the gods forbid this kind of machine. Zamasu will also go in this direction, but in a much more radical way. Let's note that the Bulma of the future is savagely killed by Black Goku.

Bulma will find multiple solutions to make the Time Machine work with the required fuel. Let's note that Bulma will be very close to being eliminated by Zamasu, in a similar way to his alter ego of the future. Fortunately, it will not happen and Trunks will quickly come to the rescue.

Bulma will put back together the pieces of a jar intended to imprison Zamasu with the Mafuba technique.


Saga of the Survival of the Universe

A few months later, Gokû wants to ask Vegeta to form with him and Whis for the Zen Exhibition Match. He visits Bulma and discovers that she is pregnant with his second child and Vegeta. Kaishin teleports Goku and the others to Capsule Corporation, where they meet Chichi who has made a feast in a hurry to celebrate the arrival of Bulma's baby. It looks like the birth is going to take a little longer, so she asks Goku to help her eat everything before it gets cold. He is of course happy to do this service! Bulma uses her training room to do some exercises to facilitate the birth. Bulma apologizes to Vegeta for making him wait instead of training, Vegeta's first habit. Whis quickly goes to see Bulma. He uses his magic stick to put Bulma's baby directly in his arms. Indeed, he did this so that Vegeta could accept to participate in the Tournament of Power.🏆

Trunks goes out to meet the newcomer and sees that it is a girl. Bulma gives the baby to Trunks and even though he hesitates he finally takes her. Then he gives the baby to Vegeta since Vegeta wants him to carry her. Even if Vegeta refuses at first, he ends up yelling at Trunks who is holding her badly and ends up taking her himself. Vegeta has become a real expert in holding babies. Dr Brief asks Bulma if she has a name in mind. If not, he has thought of something! Vegeta is afraid, since he has already chosen a Saiyan name... but actually, Bulma has already chosen a name: Bra! While Vegeta can't believe it, everyone else likes this name. It's nice!


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