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buu saga

November 07, 2021 17 min read

buu saga

Majin-Boo's Bow (魔人ブー編, Majin Bū Hen) is the fourth of the second half of the Dragon Ball manga🥭 and Dragon Ball Kai anime and the fifth of the Dragon Ball Z anime. It premiered on July 8, 1993 with episode 205.



After Cell's defeat, all the dead are resurrected, except for Goku. Trunks returns to the future where he defeats the androids and also Cell, thus ridding his temporal plane of the threat. Goku, in the world of the dead, meets the Great Kaio, who rules over the Kaio of the four cardinal points. There he will participate in a tournament, where he meets great fighters such as Paikuhan and Olivue. He faces Paikuhan in the final and wins, the Kaio promised them that the winner would be trained by him, although the Great Kaio says that both lost as he does not want to train either of them because of the great strength of both.

The Great Saiyaman and the return of the Martial Arts Tournament

Seven years later Son Gohan is now 16 years old and attends the Orange Star High School in Satan😈 City for champions. As he can't stand the crime in the streets, he fights the criminals in the city as a Super Saiyan and people start calling him The Flying Vigilante (Golden Warrior). But because of his clothes, some people begin to suspect that he is one of the school's students, so Bulma designs a costume for him so that he won't be.

buu saga
He is recognized and calls himself a Great Saiyaman. Although his presentations were ridiculous, the people of the city admired him for his great strength, he went through some problems, they even thought he was a thief, because at some point he wanted to run away with a dinosaur (although he was going to save him since he was going to be mistreated), but he was able to prove his innocence with great consequences, in the end the daughter of Mr. Satan, Videl, discovered him. In the end Mr. Satan's daughter, Videl, discovers him and Gohan has no choice but to do what she tells him; he is forced to participate in a Martial Arts Tournament and also to teach Videl to fly, since she thought it was impossible for humans to fly. Gohan soon discovers that his younger brother can transform into Super Saiyan and that he has been trained by Chi-Chi to be a worthy son of Goku, Videl arrives at Gohan's house and he teaches her to control and expel her Ki and soon learns to fly. When Gohan goes to Bulma's house to ask her for something to replace the costume helmet, Vegeta tells him that he will also participate. Suddenly, Goku speaks from the other world and says that he will also participate with them, thanks to a 1-day permit they give him to return to Earth🌎. Little by little they tell the others, who are very changed (for example, Krilin has hair, is married and has a daughter with Android Number 18, and all decide to participate except Yamcha, who doesn't want to be ridiculed by being below the others, and Tenshinhan and Chaoz who nobody wants to participate). knows where they are. Also little Trunks, and Gohan's new little brother, named Goten (born 7 years after the battles with Cell), will participate, so they all start training for the day of the Tournament. When the day of the Tournament arrives everyone gathers and Goku with great joy meets his second son. Goten and Trunks are forced to participate in the children's championship. After the adult eliminations (which are now done by a test of strength and not by combat), the children's championship begins. Trunks and Goten reach the final without any problems, leaving everyone surprised because they are younger than the rest of the boys. Both are the protagonists of a spectacular fight, while Satan, upon seeing Goten, recognizes Goku in him, and is terrified by the idea of fighting against one of them, since the winner has to fight with Satan😈, in an exhibition match. Finally, Trunks beats Goten and then waits for the fight with Satan. Satan, for his part, lets himself be defeated without fighting, so that people will believe that he has a good heart and wanted to deceive the boy, thus saving his reputation. Then the draw is made for the adults. Goku, meets two strange characters. The first fight pits Krilin against Punta, Punta mocked Krilin for his stature and with one punch Krilin wins the fight. In the second, Piccolo faces one of the two strange characters, named Shin, but strangely Piccolo withdraws before starting because he feels a presence from another dimension. No one understands and Piccolo gives no explanation. In the third fight Videl faces Spopovich, and demonstrates his superiority, however, this man always gets up,

Even after his neck is broken, he puts it back on. Goku says that the man emits no life force, that he appears to be dead. Videl receives a beating that is about to cost him his life, Gohan, seeing this, is enraged and decides to go to help her. But Yamu, Spopovich's partner, forbids him to continue and Videl loses the fight seriously injured. Gohan swears to Spopovich that he will take revenge. Then Shin's partner Kibito and Gohan enter the fight. Kibito asks Gohan to transform into Super Saiyan. Gohan does so, because he knows that his rival is not just anyone. In this way he is recognized by all his classmates. Piccolo explains that the opponent he faced is a Kaio-Shin (Gods of Creation), and Shin tells them that when Yamu and Spopovich attack Gohan not to intervene.

The demon Majin-Buu

The two baddies jump on Gohan and steal his energy. Then they leave and Shin chases after them. Behind him, Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Krilin come out. Kibito, Shin's partner, heals Gohan of his wounds, and together with Videl (who has also been healed by the Hermit Seeds) go off in search of the others. Shin and Kibito explain to them a story about a sorcerer named Bibidi who one day created a monster, called Majin Buu, very dangerous, and that now, his son Babidi wants to get him out of his confinement in which he finds himself, and needs a lot of pure energy. That's why Yamu and Spopovich went to the tournament.

buu saga
When they arrive at the site, they see a ship🚢, in which are Babidi (the sorcerer), Dabra (The King of Hell😈, who has been possessed by Babidi), and another soldier. While fulfilling their mission Yamu and Spopovich are killed by Babidi. Then the sorcerer and his soldier Pui Pui enter the ship, but Dabra stays and attacks the warriors. Thus he kills Kibito, and spitting on Piccolo and Krilin turns them into stone statues. Then he goes to the ship. Angered, Vegeta, Goku and Gohan follow him inside the ship, without listening to Shin who asks them for patience. Videl, who turned back halfway, returns to the stadium and explains what happened to all her friends. Goten and Trunks leave for the place. Shin guides the three heroes inside the ship, where they are greeted by Pui Pui. Gohan, Goku and Vegeta play a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who will face him, and Vegeta wins. Pui Pui warns them that any injury they receive will be energy Buu will receive. Vegeta is unconcerned and the fight begins. In a matter of seconds, Pui Pui can't take it any more, so Babidi teleports them to the planet of Pui Pui where in theory they would have an advantage, because the force of gravity on that planet is 10 times greater than that of Earth. But they ignore that the heroes have trained many times at a force of gravity much higher than that. Vegeta destroys Pui Pui without flinching, surprising Shin. Then they go down to the second level of the ship, where Yakon receives Goku. Babidi takes them to Yakon's planet, where there is total darkness, thinking that if they don't see him they will never be able to defeat him. But they don't know that they

They can sense the enemy's energy and Goku has no problem fighting. Also, to make some light, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan. Yakon, who feeds on light, returns Goku to his normal state. Then Goku transforms back into Super Saiyan but this time with a much greater intensity, and Yakon bursts in the face of so much energy. Then they go down to the third level. There Dabra awaits them and they are transported to Hell. Gohan quickly transforms into Super Saiyan as Dabra is not an ordinary enemy. The fight is very tough and neither of them takes the upper hand.

The expected rematch: Goku vs. Vegeta

At one point in the bout Dabra realizes that Vegeta has a dark heart, so he abandons the fight and before leaving he says: "There is no need for me to fight, as we have found the perfect warrior" he tells Babidi (because he has the power to possess those with bad hearts). So Vegeta is possessed by Babidi and confronts his friends. Babidi orders him to kill everyone, but Vegeta ignores him and says that he is only interested in Goku, in reality Vegeta has not been totally possessed, since he reasons for himself. Goku tells Babidi to take them to another place and they are taken to the Martial Arts Tournament. There Vegeta fires a Big Bang Attack and kills many spectators. Goku tells Babidi that if he doesn't take them to a deserted place, he won't face Vegeta. Babidi does so. Meanwhile, Shin and Gohan go down to the next level to look for Dabra and Babidi. They find them and also the capsule where Buu is locked up. Babidi teleports them all out of the ship, as a hit to the ship's structure could cause Buu to come out of the ball without all his power.

Goku and Vegeta's fight is in Super Saiyan 2, and the injuries are incredibly severe, so Buu's Capsule fills up with energy quickly.

buu saga

Majin-Buu's awakening and Vegeta's sacrifice

Gohan tries to destroy it before the monster😈 comes out but fails. The ball opens and only a bunch of smoke comes out from inside. Everyone thinks that Buu has died after being locked up for so long, but suddenly the smoke condenses and takes shape. However Buu is an obese man who seems harmless.

The only one who realizes his terrible power is Goku who stops the fight with Vegeta. Vegeta accepts the truce, but surprises Goku and gives him a blow that makes him lose consciousness. Vegeta wants to take care of Buu alone, recognizing that he has come out of his confinement because of him. He takes a Senzu Seed and heads to the scene.

For his part, Buu ignores Babidi and thinks only of playing. Dabra can't stand him and insults him. Buu becomes furious and knocks Dabra unconscious to everyone's amazement. Then it's Gohan's turn, who is defeated without any problems, just like Shin. Then Dabra reappears and pierces Buu with a spear. Buu takes it out and regenerates the hole he made. He then kills Dabra, turns him into a cookie and eats him. At that moment Vegeta arrives at the scene of the fight and challenges Buu. A battle begins in which Vegeta seems much more powerful than the monster, or at least more skilled. But Buu regenerates from all the wounds Vegeta inflicts on him and Vegeta grows tired. Buu takes the initiative, Goten and Trunks run to Vegeta's aid. Vegeta embraces his son and knocks the two boys unconscious and then asks Vegeta to Piccolo (who, upon Dabra's death, has already returned to his normal state), to take them away from the place. (Vegeta would sacrifice himself) a great glow could be seen in the distance where the figure of a great warrior had disappeared, his name was Vegeta the prince of the saiyajins. Buu disintegrates and Vegeta's body dries up and when he hits the ground he breaks into a thousand pieces.

The genocide of humanity

Piccolo thanks Vegeta for his sacrifice, but terrified he watches as cell by cell Majin Buu begins to regenerate. He quickly flees from there. Babidi, who was cut in half by Piccolo, asks Buu to heal him if he does not want to return to his confinement. Buu does so, and the two go on a journey to destroy cities. Goku, on the other hand, wakes up and goes to the Heavenly Palace🌎 to surprise his friends. When he tells them what happened, they are all startled. Goku tells them that he will teach them the Fusion technique so they can defeat Buu. Meanwhile, Bulma and the others decide to collect the Dragon Spheres to resurrect the victims from the beginning of the tournament with which Kibito reappears, and they save the second wish for another time until they have more news about their friends. Kibito finds Shin and they leave in search of Son Gohan. When they find him they take him to the Sacred Planet.

To search for the Dragon Spheres, Trunks heads to the Capsule Corp. to pick up the Dragon Radar. Since Goku doesn't want Babidi and Buu to get in Trunks' way, he goes to meet the monsters to buy time. Once there Goku surprises everyone and transforms into Super Saiyan 3 and proves to be far superior to the monster. However once Trunks' mission is accomplished, Goku abandons the battle as time is vital to teach the children fusion. When Goku runs out of time and must return to the other world, he entrusts Piccolo with the training of the children. Son Gohan is taken to the Sacred Planet where he must repeat King Arthur's feat and take the Zeta Sword out of a rock, with which he will acquire a power greater than that of the monster.

buu saga
When he succeeds, he is surprised to see the weight of the sword, since he can hardly hold it, although he gradually controls it better cities. At this moment, mankind asks Satan😈 to challenge the monster to save them. The champion has no choice but to do as he is asked. Surprisingly, Satan befriends the monster and Buu pacifies his heart, he will no longer kill innocents, he only did it because he was taught that it was good. Meanwhile, the children manage to merge, although with problems at the beginning. One day Buu returns to his new home with a puppy dog, but some bad guys shoot him and Buu gets angry. Luckily Satan teaches them a lesson and Buu arrives in time to cure the puppy so he calms down. However, the evildoers attack Satan again. Again Buu manages to get there in time to heal him, but this time his fury cannot be stopped. Suddenly he expels all his anger and a new Buu (Evil Buu) comes out of him.

A new enemy: Super Buu

A battle is created between the two in which the original ends up turned into a cookie and eaten by the Evil Buu. Again there is a process of metamorphosis and Super Buu appears. This new Buu viciously kills the evildoers who shot Satan and Bee then heads towards the champion but surprisingly can't attack him, so he leaves. Goku heads to the Sacred Planet🌎 and meets Son Gohan. To test the hardness of the sword, Shin throws him a block of the hardest metal in existence (Kacchin Steel), but when Gohan hits with his sword, it splits and from it appears the dean of the gods, the Elder Kaio-shin. This character takes over Gohan's training, promising him great power in 25 hours. Buu heads to the Heavenly Palace in search of the children. Piccolo tries to distract Super Buu by telling him to go destroy the cities, but Super Buu murders all of humanity. After this, Chi-Chi gets angry and complains to Super Buu for his actions, but he ignores her and kills her by turning her into an egg, which he then crushes. Piccolo realizes that Super Buu definitely wants to fight the children and sends them to the Time Room. So they can train some more, Piccolo leads him on the long way around.

A New Hope: Super-Gotenks and Son Gohan

Once there, the boys fuse but their strength seems insufficient to beat the monster, even when they become Super Saiyan. They display a variety of curious techniques such as kamikaze Ghosts, which explode when touched by the monster😈.

Gotenks makes Piccolo believe that all is lost, then Piccolo panics and destroys the exit door, trapping them in the dimension. Buu realizes that he will starve to death there and goes mad. His great energy opens a gap between the two dimensions and escapes from there, but not Piccolo and Gotenks, once outside Super Buu turns everyone who took refuge in the palace (except Dende) into chocolate, starting with Krilin, then Android Number 18 and Marron, and finally the rest of the refugees. At that moment Gotenks becomes serious.

Buu has eaten his friends. Gotenks mounts a rage and attacks Buu. Just as he is about to win, the fusion is over. Luckily Son Gohan has finished his training and heads to the scene. A new battle begins, with Buu barely managing to touch Gohan, so he runs away scared. While the others search for Dende and along the way find Mr. Satan as well. An hour later Buu returns but does not challenge Gohan but Gotenks. The boys fall into the trap and merge. At that moment Buu absorbs them and Piccolo and transforms into a being of extraordinary strength and great intellect that Gohan can't deal with.

buu saga

The strongest fusion: Vegetto

The Elder Kaio-shin gives Goku the Pothala he is wearing and tells him that if he puts one in his left ear and Son Gohan puts the other in his right ear they will unite to form a new being, although this fusion is forever. In order for Goku to return to Earth, the old man gives up his life and Goku is resurrected. Goku goes to Earth🌎 and saves his son, but when he throws the Pothala to Gohan, he fails to catch it and gets lost among the rocks. Buu decides to attack Goku but before he can touch him the children's fusion is over and he returns to his original state. Goku laughs at him, but Buu😈 surprises again by absorbing Son Gohan. He now has much more strength and no time limit. When all seems lost, Enma Daioh sends Vegeta to Earth and meets Goku. However Vegeta refuses to merge with his rival. Later, when he sees Buu's strength and learns what Buu did to his family and friends, he has no choice but to accept.

Once fused, a new and powerful warrior named Vegetto is born, who is many times stronger than Buu and gives him a brutal and incredible beating. But to save his friends allow themselves to be absorbed by the monster, but not before putting on a protective cover to prevent the monster from taking advantage of their strength. Once inside the union ends suddenly and they find their friends and Fat Majin Buu who was also locked up, when they pull their children and Piccolo out of the monster, Buu begins to lose power and discovers what is happening and at that moment appears inside himself putting them in trouble. Luckily Vegeta comes up with the idea of pulling Fat Buu out of his cocoon as well and everything starts to soften as Buu is about to transform again. Goku and Vegeta escape with their friends.

The real enemy: Little Boo

Once outside they see terrified the transformation of Buu who has become a much more muscular and powerful being, but they see that he is transforming once again, to take a much smaller form of himself, Goku and Vegeta are happy to realize that their powers diminished once again and believe that now if they can beat Buu, The only one who is horrified by Buu's appearance is Shin, who enigmatically says that Buu "has returned", then, when the dean of the gods doubts, Shin tells him about the origin of the conflict between Buu and the Kaio-shin.

Millions of years ago, there were 5 Supreme Kaioh-Samas and they all lived in peace, until one day the magician Bibidi created Majin Boo who destroyed numerous planets in a very short time, recognizing the danger that this creature represented for the universe, they tried to eliminate him, the first to die at the hands of Majin Boo were the Kaio-shin of the West and North, who were killed without difficulty by the monster, the third to face him was the Kaio-shin of the South, who was said to be the strongest of all, demonstrating it by having an even fight with Buu and even putting him in trouble despite receiving serious injuries in the process, however he was defeated when in an oversight the monster absorbed him, thus transforming him into the enormously muscular Buu of a few moments ago, the next to be attacked was Shin himself who at that time was the Kaio-shin of the East and the youngest of all the Kaio-shin, He could not do anything against Buu and was about to die at the hands of this one, when the Sacred Kaioh-Sama appeared who was the leader of all the Kaioh-shin, he managed to stop Buu😈 for a few moments, only to be absorbed seconds later transforming Buu into the obese of harmless appearance that appeared on earth which was much weaker but calmer and easier to handle, at the end of the story the dean of the gods understands the words of Shin and realizes that the one they are seeing in those moments is the real Majin Buu, Shin confirms it and clarifies that although this is not the most powerful form of Majin Buu is the most terrifying and dangerous to face because now Buu has transformed into a creature with an incredibly superior evil, and no longer has the feelings that weakened him nor the intelligence of his previous forms, which does not take long to demonstrate since the first thing he does is to launch a deafening screams and then launch an attack on Earth. Goku and Vegeta are only saved by Shin who teleports them to the Sacred Planet to save them but only gives them time to save Satan, Dende and Bee, The children, Gohan and Piccolo die and Earth🌎 disappears. Buu unites his cells after the explosion and goes to the Sacred Planet in search of Goku and Vegeta causing a massacre throughout the universe until he reaches the planet of the Great Kaio, there he is recognized by the North Kaio, Yamcha and Krilin who try to prevent him from destroying the planet without success, but when Buu was about to destroy that world Goku and Vegeta to get his attention raise their power and upon detecting it Buu immediately arrives at the Sacred Planet.

buu saga

There begins a new battle, the last one. Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 3 with which he has the advantage. The fight seems evenly matched but Goku fails to accumulate the energy needed to finish Buu, for that he would need a minute of concentration. Vegeta decides to entertain the monster in the meantime and hits Buu. In addition to Goku something strange happens to him and instead of increasing his energy he returns to his normal state. At that moment Satan challenges Buu. The monster😈 goes to attack him but before he gets there, he stops and starts screaming in pain. Everyone is surprised and suddenly Buu expels Fat Buu from his body. Buu goes back for Vegeta but before he can finish him off the good Buu wakes up and attacks Little Buu. They start fighting each other. Vegeta asks Dende to go to New Planet Namek and gather the Dragon Spheres. They do so.

The end of Little Boo

In the first wish they return Earth🌎 to its original form. In the second they resurrect all the dead since the beginning of the World Martial Arts Tournament. Now the die is cast, Vegeta asks the earthlings through the Kaio to sedate their energy to form a Genkidama and kill the monster but the earthlings frightened, they do not listen to him. However, they do listen to Satan, their hero, and finally manage to form it. It is then that Goku launches it against Buu.

The monster😈 surprises again by stopping it. All seems lost, Goku doesn't have enough strength to stop Buu from returning the Genkidama. But then they remember that they have one more wish to make to Polunga. They wish for Goku to regain his strength and Goku finally destroys the monster. Thus ends the nightmare. After the destruction of the monster, everyone went to a party and celebrated.


Ten years later, everyone has changed a lot; Goten and Trunks have grown up as teenagers, Gohan and Videl have married and have a 4 year old daughter named Pan, Bulma and Vegeta have also done the same and the former gave birth to their daughter Bra and after reuniting they all sign up for a new Tournament. Goku says that he plans to find a great rival there. Just by seeing him he would recognize him and asks Buu, who now lives with Satan, to work magic and set him a certain Uub as a rival. Goku then explains to Vegeta that when Little Buu died he asked Enma Daio to one day let Buu be reincarnated with a pure heart, and that this reincarnation is the boy that have in front of them. Also his name read backwards is Buu. The fight begins and Goku sees that the boy is inexperienced but has great strength inside him, so he decides to go with him to train him, saying goodbye to all his friends.

buu saga


  • Son Gohan
  • Uub
  • Videl
  • Erasa
  • Shapner
  • Son Goten
  • Trunks
  • Gotenks
  • Idasa
  • Ikose
  • Mother of Idasa and Ikose
  • Piccolo
  • Krilin
  • Yamcha
  • Bulma
  • Kame-Sen'nin
  • Oolong
  • Chi-Chi
  • Jewel
  • Killa
  • Tip
  • Mighty Mask
  • Android 18
  • Mr. Satan
  • Spopovich
  • Yamu
  • Shin
  • Kibito
  • Son Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Suno
  • Android Number 8
  • Babidi
  • Pui Pui
  • Yakon
  • Dabra
  • Majin Buu
  • Blind Child
  • Majin Boo Pure Evil
  • Super Buu
  • Upa
  • Bora
  • Tenshinhan
  • Lunch
  • Chaoz
  • Bee
  • Kaio-shin Elder
  • Little Buu
  • Olibu
  • Android Number 17
  • Esca
  • Anime Exclusives
  • Great Kaio
  • Paikuhan
  • Torbie
  • Freeza
  • Cell

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