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October 17, 2021 7 min read


Cabba (キャベ, Kyabe) is a Team Universe 6 fighter, the same universe where Champa came from.🌌

Characteristic and personality

His design is a creation of Toyotarô, but his personality was adjusted by Akira Toriyama. He is a Saiyan, and his hair reminds Vegeta.

When he meets Son Goku and Vegeta, the latter tells him that he recognizes the traditional Saiyan outfit. It is at this moment that Cabbé explains that he and his fellow Saiyans have not had tails for a long time and that they do not colonize planets but that they protect them and eliminate the evil beings. We also learn that they still live on the planet Sadela, their planet of origin which was mentioned in Dragon Ball GT paradoxically.

Cabbé is a Saiyan who seems to be caring and breaks with the aggressive nature of many antagonists (Raditz, Nappa). He seems happy to meet Son Goku and Vegeta.

Note that Cabbé looks a lot like Tarble, Vegeta's younger brother who appeared in a special OVA, and who was rarely mentioned in the movie Battle of Gods.

It is probably not a coincidence that Cabbé and Tarble have a similar appearance because of the relationship with Vegeta who seems to have a big brother role.



Dragon Ball Super

Cabbé was born on Planet Sadela in Universe 6, the universe belonging to Champa, Vados and Fuwa.

He once participated in the assault of space pirates led by Frost, in secret, on Planet Mayonnai. For a long time, he believed Frost to be a good person with a pure heart, before Frost revealed his true nature.

Saga of the God of Destruction, Champa

Cabbé is one of the 5 Champa fighters from universe 6 and is therefore naturally opposed to the Beerus team which belongs to universe 7.

He is the only one of the fighters of universe 6 to greet his opponents. He is obviously intrigued to see Son Gokû and Vegeta who are like him Saiyan. Cabbé reveals to them that contrary to universe 7, the Saiyan of this universe have never left the planet Sadara. The mission of the Saiyan of universe 6 is to punish those who spread misery and desolation, which is in perfect opposition to the Saiyan ruled by King Vegeta.👑

He is shocked to discover the true intentions of Frost, who he thought was a hero of the universe. Shortly after Mageta's defeat, he takes over and confronts Vegeta.

The fight begins and the two warriors fight in a balanced way, Cabbé also shows that he knows how to use the Garric Cannon. Vegeta decides to get down to business and transforms into a Super Saiyan and invites his opponent to do the same. But Cabbé reveals that he is unable to transform and asks the Saiyan prince to teach him to transform.

This proposal makes Vegeta lose his temper, and he goes on to torture Cabbe, threatening to kill him if he gives up and go destroy his home planet.

Hearing these words, Cabbé goes into a black anger and transforms for the first time into Super Saiyan and dominates Vegeta who congratulates him. Cabbé then understands that Vegeta provoked him in order to make him angry, anger being the key to the transformation.

Vegeta decides to show Cabbé his most powerful form and transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, he tells the young Saiyan that he has the potential to reach this stage of transformation before knocking him out with a punch.

Winning, Vegeta wakes up Cabbé and tells him that pride is the strength of a Saiyan and that he should not forget it. Cabbé thanks Vegeta and promises him to become as strong as him, to which the Saiyan prince refuses ordering him to surpass him.

Saga of the Survival of the Universe

In this saga, after the exhibition match between Team Universe 7 and Team Universe 9, Champa, seeing the incredible power of Son Goku and Son Gohan, decides to send Cabbé to recruit Saiyan to form the team.

Cabbé decides to recruit his former mentor, Rensô, but this one refuses because of an ankle injury and advises him to recruit his little sister Caulifla, which does not please the young Saiyan who is not on very good terms with her.

When he arrived at her gang's hideout, he asked her to participate in the tournament, but she refused seeing no interest and asked him to leave. While one of the members of the gang tries to intimidate Cabbé, he transforms into a Super Saiyan and easily puts his opponent down.

In front of Caulifla's surprise, Cabbé offers to teach her and tells her that his brother believes in her abilities and that she risks rotting here when she could aim even higher. Interested, Caulifla agrees to learn more about this stage.


Later, Cabbé tries as best he can to teach Caulifla the transformation, he tries at first to provoke her, as Vegeta had done with him, but it is a failure. He then tries another approach. He asks Caulifla to concentrate his energy in his back. This method is successful and Caulifla manages to transform into a Super Saiyan very easily.⚔️

After the training, Caulifla agrees to participate in the tournament and proposes to Cabbé to integrate his protégée in the team: Kale. At first reluctant, Cabbé tries to help Kale to become a Super Saiyan, but in vain. The latter, noticing a rapprochement between Cabbé and Caulifla, lets her anger explode and transforms, not into a Super Saiyan but into what is similar to Broly's Legendary Super Saiyan. In this form, Kale is uncontrollable and targets Cabbé who tries to fend off his formidable opponent. It is finally Caulifla who saves his life by appeasing Kale. Cabbé is delighted to be able to recruit such a member in the Team Universe 6.

The time of the tournament has arrived. Cabbé arrives with the other members of Universe 6 in the Void World. He quickly notices Vegeta and runs towards him. He is delighted to see his mentor again and introduces him and Son Goku to the two young Saiyan women of his universe: Caulifla and Kale. Then the two female Saiyans should face Monna from Universe 4, aiming for Universe 6 since they lost Hit.

Cabbe arrives and insists on confronting Mona, so that they can escape and keep their stamina. Caulifla refuses at first but eventually gives in when she sees Cabbe and Kale insisting.

Caulifla and Kale escape while Cabbe holds Monna. After having problems in his normal form, Cabba became Super Saiyan and managed to counterattack. However, this caused Mona to turn into a giant ball and hit Cabbe even harder. Returning to his normal form, Cabba is pushed to the edge of the arena. As Cabbé tries to trap Monna by rolling her out of the arena, his tactics fail and he finds himself about to fall. Despite his disappointment at not being able to tire out his opponent more, he is still satisfied that he was able to buy Caulifla and Kale some time.

Fortunately, this one is saved by Vegeta. Cabbé is happy that his "master" saved him, but Vegeta hits him in the stomach, making him fall on his knees. He told Cabbé not to misunderstand, he just couldn't stand to see a weak Saiyan. With his Saiyan pride restored, Cabbé comes back to face Monna but still can't cope. Monna calls Cabbé weak and threatens to beat Vegeta next, then Caulifla and Kale.
Annoyed by these threats and insults, Cabbé wants to beat Monna by himself and transforms into Super Saiyan 2. Cabbé uses his new strength to send Mona out of the arena (returning to his normal state right after) leaving Universe 4 with only 3 warriors left. Champa is thrilled with Cabbe's victory, although Vados points out that he told her earlier to run away. Afterwards, Cabbé is confronted with Mister Freezer himself. Cabbé is quickly overwhelmed by Freezer. He tells him that he will go after his Saiyans friends after beating him. Freezer's threats push Cabbé to transform into Super Saiyan 2 again.

Cabbé unleashes a powerful shot at Freezer, and as he felt he had hit, when the dust disappeared, Freezer was in his golden form, intact. The latter sent a wave of attack that pushed Cabbé off the field despite his will not to give up. Returning to normal, Freezer thought it was useless to use so much energy against a weak opponent. Appearing in front of Champa, Cabbé apologizes. However, Champa is angry at Freezer for deliberately choosing Cabbé when he was running out of energy.🧊

He encourages Kafla during his fight against Goku then wishes good luck to Vegeta during the erasing of his universe. He is resurrected during the wish of N°17 and thanks Vegeta for having kept his promise, although he did not carry out the wish.


Super Saiyan

Cabbé transforms for the first time into a Super Saiyan during his fight against Vegeta, not knowing how to transform, he asks Vegeta to teach him this transformation. Vegeta provokes him and threatens to destroy his home planet and his family, so Cabbé gets angry and releases all his power.

Super Saiyan 2


After Mona insulted her teacher, Vegeta, and threatened Caulifla and Kale, Cabbé's rage was pushed to its limit. Finally, culminating in Cabbé undergoing a transcendent transformation and reaching the state of Super Saiyan 2. His power increased tremendously, as he was outclassed by Mona before transforming, and effortlessly defeated her afterwards. As with his previous transformation, he does not gain any increase in muscle mass, a singularity for male Saiyans.💪


Main fights

Dragon Ball Super

Champa Saga: God of Destruction

  • Cabbé (Normal, Super Saiyan) vs Vegeta (Normal, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue) : Defeat
  • Cabbé, Hit, Magettâ, Frost (Final Form) and Botamo vs Champa : Dismissed

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