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Caulifla DBZ

October 17, 2021 18 min read

Caulifla DBZ

Caulifla (カリフラ, Karifura), also known as Kaulifla in the Spanish-American dub, is a Saiyan from Planet Sadala in Universe 6. In that universe, Saiyans are protectors of justice like her older brother Rensou; she on the contrary, defected from that idea despite her great talent as a fighter. She is a young delinquent, leader of a gang, until she was recruited by Cabba to be a member of the Universe 6 Team to participate in the Tournament of Strength.🏆

She is a supporting character who first appeared in the Universal Survival Arc of the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga.


Creation and concept

Caulifla was not in the original script of the series. She was designed by Akira Toriyama after Toei introduced her to Kale, to serve as a duo.


Its name comes from Karifura (カリフラ, Karifura), short for Karifurawā (カリフラワー, Karifurawā), Japanese form of the English language "Cauliflower". In Crunchyroll's translation for Caulifla, the flower suffix (フラワー, Furawā) had a spelling adaptation of the same word based on the phonetic pronunciation of the o as an a in English language. Like all Saiyan names, his name represents a vegetable.


Caulifla DBZ

She is a medium-sized Saiyan, taller than Cabba but slightly shorter than Vegeta. She wears messy streaked hair with silver highlights, her facial expressions are similar to Gine's, and her physical build is predominantly slender. She wears only a magenta-colored top and black bracelets. She wears purple baggy pants and gray shoes. Her hair is similar to Goku's Supersaiyan 4, only the long strands on her neck and nape are much more bristly and messy.


As mentioned by her brother, she has a very rebellious attitude and is also recognized as "unfeminine", to which she shows a strong disparity with the rest of her race, acting more like the Saiyans of Universe 7.

Despite looking like a delinquent girl, she has a great sense of combat. She has a certain kind of rivalry towards Cabba, underestimating him at every turn, as well as refusing his initial request to enter the Tournament of Strength, just to annoy him.

This attitude changes when he sees the transformation of the Supersaiyana. Seeing this transformation and all the potential he can achieve, his attitude is similar to Goku's when he encounters strong opponents or when he has difficult fights and wants to keep fighting until the end despite having everything against him. Caulifla tends to get angry easily in the face of insults considered mild, considering that Cabba is calling her an 'idiot'. She also gets annoyed at his attitude when he tries to transform Kale into Supersaiyana, making her cry, since she is his beloved protégé. When Kale transforms, she looks interested in her power, just as she also gets excited to fight with someone so strong. Kale on many occasions calls Caulifla onee-san, which literally translates as "big sister" despite not being related to her family. In Japan, calling a non-family member onee-san is considered a formal term of admiration, respect, or friendship.

After meeting Goku and Vegeta at the Tournament of Strength, she comes across as very arrogant and snooty towards them, as she says she didn't come to make friends but to see who is the strongest fighter in all the universes, to which Goku points out that she is equal to him in that regard.

She also tends to have a prejudiced attitude and showed it when she saw that Goku and Vegeta were shocked by the overwhelming power of the Pride Troops of Universe 11, saying that the Saiyans of Universe 7 are fearful and that she would have nothing to worry about if they were afraid of such wimps. This opinion changes, after she witnesses them using the Azure Supersaiyan, a form she had never seen before, which immediately attracted all her interest. While asking Goku to teach her how to transform, she initially referred to him as 'old' and as thanks she would defeat him with that transformation, disrespecting him.🌌

Goku and Caulifla, however, share some things in common; a great passion for battles and an unrelenting desire to want to become stronger. In her fight with Goku, she was happy and enthusiastic, causing her to look so interested in him to the point that she ignored Kale to pay more attention to Goku. This fervor is further amplified in their rematch fight, where she declares, and still hopes to obtain Supersaiyan 3, when Goku reaffirms his promise to teach her, Caulifla showed appreciation, but still promising to defeat him, the same is reflected in Goku, later on when Caulifla reveals her new powers to him.

Caulifla DBZ

Caulifla also shows manners and respect for Hit as the captain of her team, as she thanked him for helping her and also for Hit helping her with Kale. In fact, Hit is the only person who has not received any hostile treatment from her. She also exhibits great confidence in the assassin's abilities when he confronts Dispo.



Caulifla has known Cabbafor a long time, and according to him has had problems dealing with her.

Universal Survival Bow

Main article: Universal Survival Arc.

Rensou suggests his sister, Caulifla to participate in the Tournament of Strength. Cabba knows her from before, and doesn't seem to like the idea because he has problems with her. Rensou insists that despite looking like a simple bully, her potential is greater.

In Universe 6, Cabba has arrived at Caulifla's hideout. There he tries to recruit her for the tournament, surrounded by many bodyguards. She refuses to enter, but Cabba insists that she do so, so he transforms, offering to teach her the transformation. He thinks she might be, as Rensou told him she has great potential, making Caulifla interested in this.👧

Caulifla and Cabba meet on a mountain, while Kale hides nearby and watches them. The latter transforms into Supersaiyan, and Caulifla is excited to transform. But Cabba himself isn't too sure he can teach the secret, as he just learned it himself from Vegeta recently.

Cabba tries to anger Caulifla into transforming with insults, but it doesn't work. Caulifla asks him if he is always angry when he transforms, but Cabba says no, now that he is used to it, he just transforms by concentrating the power on his back. So Caulifla tries it, working, managing to transform, surprising Cabba, to which he adds that she is quite a prodigy. He teaches her how to return to normal, and tells her that the transformation will be less strained once she gets used to it. Caulifla agrees to enter the tournament, but wants to take Kale as well. Kale comes out from behind the rock from where he was and meets Cabba, she is his protégé. Although Kale doubts that she can become Supersaiyana, Caulifla encourages her to do so. Despite this, she does not see herself able to obtain it, so he asks her to concentrate her energy on her back and then shows her the transformation. Caulifla explains to him that anger is also an important step to transform, so he tries to insult her, after it didn't help, he asks Cabba to do it, but only ends up making his protégé cry, annoying her in turn. Because of this argument Kale ends up transforming into a power monster, putting Cabba in the crosshairs.

In the middle of the fight, Caulifla quickly intervenes, transforming into Supersaiyana 2 to deflect an attack from Kale and make her calm down, by mentioning to her that she is not interested in Cabba.

When Team Universe 6 arrives in the Realm of Nothingness for the tournament, Caulifla and Kale are introduced to Goku and Vegeta by Cabba, who already knew them. Goku offers her his hand, but she turns him down and says she didn't come to the tournament to be friendly with a member of the enemy universe. Goku and Vegeta are surprised to feel the powerful Ki coming from Team Universe 11, which makes Caulifla wonder if the Saiyans of Universe 7 are fearful, which she says shouldn't be a problem for the rest of the opponents.

As the tournament kicked off, Caulifla stayed with Cabba as they watched the countless explosions of other fighters' attacks and planned how to make their move. She, along with Kale and Nigrissi, witnessed how Goku and Vegeta with a combination of Kamehameha and Final Flash overwhelmed the Danger Trio's attack and how the King of Everything and the King of Everything from the Alternate Future wiped out Universe 9.

When Kale is almost thrown off the platform by two opponents, Caulifla appears and saves her, she also defeats the attackers after turning into Supersaiyan. She sends Jimizu flying with a kick and tries to get Kale to transform so they can both face Goku, but when she says she can't do it, Caulifla challenges Goku on her own, showing a lot of interest in her Blue Supersaiyan transformation. Goku says that she is not yet ready to learn that transformation, Caulifla tries to impress him by becoming Third Degree Supersaiyan, not knowing that Goku already knows about such a form. Once she is easily knocked down, Goku tells her about the various disadvantages that state possesses, and that she should aspire to become Supersaiyana 2, but Caulifla confesses to him that she has already attained that form and transforms. Goku, surprised by Caulifla's talent, tells her that she could even manage to transform into Supersaiyana 3 during the fight. Caulifla is surprised and was glad to hear that there were many other forms of Supersaiyans.

Caulifla and Goku fight evenly in Supersaiyano 2, ignoring Kale as they both have fun fighting. When Kale tries to help Caulifla, Goku asks him not to interfere. Kale, thinking she is a nuisance, becomes jealous of Goku because she believes he has "snatched her sister" from her, she transforms into Devastating Supersaiyana and develops a hatred for Goku, so intense is her hatred that in her initial attack on Goku she almost threw Caulifla off the platform, but to her luck she was saved by Hit. Caulifla watches as Kale attacks Goku, and unleashes chaos throughout the battlefield, realizing that Kale will be disqualified if she kills anyone, Caulifla tries to calm her down. However Kale in his blind rage tries to attack her, but Jiren defeats Kale very easily. When Goku confronts Jiren, Caulifla and Hit carry an unconscious Kale to safety.

Caulifla DBZ

She and Kale took a breather to regain energy after the whole ordeal, Caulifla praised Kale for how extraordinary she had performed there. When Goku falls near where the two meet, Caulifla accused him of wanting to attack Kale, but he denied it. They then encountered the Pride Troopers who wanted to avenge their fallen comrade during Kale's frenzy. Caulifla then decided to confront these warriors and encouraged Kale to fight alongside her. Caulifla exchanged blows with Kettle, but then found herself cornered by Kettle's Energy Guided Balls, she evaded them for a while until she was hit and wounded by the attack, the situation became much worse when Cocotte created her Cocotte Zone around her and Kale to prevent anyone from coming to their aid. When Zoirei tried to finish her off with his Twist of Justice, Caulifla used her last remaining strength to protect Kale and thanks to that Kale managed to transform into Supersaiyana and destroyed the tornado, saving Caulifla. After showing pride in Kale because she finally learned to control her transformation, she also transforms into Supersaiyana and fires her Energy Burst alongside Kale, managing to match and eventually overcome the United Justice Current after Kale transformed into Devastating Supersaiyana, sending Carsserale, Kettle and Zoirei flying out of the arena, eliminating them in the process and even breaking the Coccote Zone as well. He then spoke for the two with Goku, thanking him for his gratitude and then they went elsewhere to regroup.

While hiding and resting in the ruins of the arena, Caulifla and Kale watch the battle between Hit and Dispo, the sonic warrior from Universe 11. After Dispo declares that he can overtake the Time Leap, Kale becomes concerned and asks if they should go out to help, but Caulifla says no, as she believes Hit will be able to beat up the enemy. As Hit figures out how to defeat Dispo, she expresses happiness at how Hit managed to drive Dispo off the platform. However, Dispo is saved and returned to the arena by his teammate Kunsi. Seeing Dispo and Kunsi team up to corner Hit, Caulifla decides to step in to help him, despite Kale's warnings. Luckily for Hit, Goku in his Supersaiyan God transformation arrives to help and joins forces with the assassin to fight the two members of the Pride Troops, with Caulifla and Kale watching in awe of Goku's transformation.🔱

She then discussed the fight between Son Goku and Jiren with Kale, which excited her as she aspired to become stronger. The two Saiyan women were assaulted by Monna from Universe 4. Caulifla prepared to fight and ordered Kale not to interfere, but Cabba appears and told them he would fight Monna while the two flee elsewhere and regain their strength. Monna taunts Cabba by telling him to stop showing off in front of the girls and challenged the three Saiyans to attack her simultaneously, but Cabba replies that he alone would be enough, which infuriated Monna. As Cabba and Monna engaged in a fight, Caulifla reproaches Cabba for not telling her what to do, but she finally agreed to leave this to Cabba and the two left. Cabba believes that Caulifla and Kale will be the key warriors for the survival of Universe 6, and is willing to fulfill their role as much as he can. He then saved Goku from Koitsukai, Pancea and Boraleta, who were attacking Goku while he was weakened, after taking them all down, Goku thanked him for saving him but Caulifla immediately becomes Supersaiyana 2 after gaining enough rest thanks to Cabba's actions.
Caulifla DBZ
Caulifla challenged Goku to fight, while blaming herself, saying she couldn't do anything to stop Hit and Cabba from being eliminated. Promising to become stronger, she asks Goku to teach her how to become Supersaiyana 3. Goku agrees, but advises him to hit him first. Caulfila asks Goku why he doesn't transform, Goku replies that he is too exhausted from his fight with Jiren, but will slowly recover as they fight. Goku and Caulifla begin to fight, but the young girl can't land a blow on Goku, who easily outmaneuvers her until she finally succeeds, Goku takes this more seriously, using his Image Illusion technique. Caulifla confused by the technique is hit by Goku, with the latter saying that if she can't with her Image Illusion technique, she will never achieve Supersaiyan 3. Goku then begins speed bombing Caulifla until she begins to adapt to Goku's moves. Caulifla advises Goku to transform before he runs out of strength. He obeys, and becomes Supersaiyan 2. Caulifla asked him why he doesn't use Supersaiyan 3, Goku again replies saying that he hasn't regained the energy for that yet. Caulifla is pressed and fires her Devastator Cannon which Goku could barely block. At this point, Goku decides to get serious, and questions whether Caulifla can keep up with him in the second round.

Goku and Caulifla fight on equal footing, with Goku impressed with Caulifla's improvement, the latter excited to fight Goku and succeed in becoming Supersaiyana 3. The two raise their maximum power, and begin firing energy at each other. The impact of their attacks shakes the entire tournament platform, destroying debris. Caulfila simulates an energy blast in Goku's face, catching him by surprise with a clean hit. Kale realized that Caulifla was having fun in this fight. Goku is amazed, saying that the girl could go even further than Supersaiyan 3. Goku points to Kale, and invites her to join the fight, which she happily does and together, they manage to give Goku a great fight , who then managed to defend himself against the two. Caulifla and Kale fired at him with energy, but Goku blocked the attacks with his aura, turning into Supersaiyan 3, surprising Caulifla and Kale. Goku thanked them, saying that he can feel the power boiling inside him, Caulifla and Kale are amazed by the immense power of the form. However, Goku immediately returned to Supersaiyan 2, saying that he had not yet regained the stamina to sustain Supersaiyan 3.

Caulifla is determined to defeat Goku and become Supersaiyana 3, Kale is also determined to become stronger, becoming Supersaiyana Devastator, worrying everyone. Afterwards, Caulifla is surprised by Kale's power, he approaches her and tells her that he has finally made that energy his own, extending his hand. Kale takes it, but does so with great force, enough to partially destroy the ground beneath them. Caulifla asked Kale if she could recognize her, acknowledging Kale not only as her protégé, but as her true friend, and saying that together they should pose the greatest threat to all universes. The two sides returned to their battle, and Goku was overwhelmed by the combined attacks of the two. When Caulifla tried to attack Goku, Goku uses the Taiyoken to blind her and make her crash. When Freeza interfered and began to go on the offensive, Caulifla tried to attack him as revenge for eliminating Cabba, with Freeza trying to retaliate, but was stopped by Goku.🧊

Caulifla and Kale, excited to fight with everything they have, resume their fight with Goku. Caulifla created a smokescreen, causing Goku to focus and feel Kale's ki attack, however it was a distraction so that Kale could pin Goku down and hold him in place while Caulifla hit him. Goku flipped, causing Kale to collapse to the ground and release him, then tried to use Teleportation, but Caulifla used his senses to attack Goku when he reappeared. Goku recognized Kale and Caulifla as the perfect team, then transforms into Supersaiyan God. Goku attacks with several Finger Beams, which the Saiyan duo dodged, and despite the combined attacks of the two, Goku managed to maintain advantage. Caulfila and Kale attempted to attack Goku from both sides, but the more experienced Saiyan repelled their attacks with blasts of his own. As Kale fought off her energy blast, Caulifla tries to run away from his, noticing that he is following her. Kale deflected her blast, but saw Caulifla take a direct hit. Goku congratulated the two for their performance, but said they still need more training, opting to fight them again after the tournament. Caulifla, realizing that she was no match for Goku, told Kale to take out "that thing" they received before the tournament. As Goku prepared a Kamehameha, the two Saiyanas were enveloped by a strange glow and merged into Kafla to fight Goku on equal terms. However, Kale and Caulifla were separated when their fusion was eliminated from the tournament by Goku's Kamehameha using the Premonitory Selfish Doctrine with Caulifla cursing Goku and vowing that she will give him his comeuppance next time.

During the fight between Saonel and Pilina with Gohan and Piccolo, Caulifla yells at the Namekians, saying that if they lose, she will beat them. When the duo is defeated, the two ask her if she will beat them for losing. Caulifla responds by saying that she couldn't criticize them for fighting so admirably. But then, she says that a promise is a promise, and proceeds to transform into Supersaiyana, chasing after them and trying to beat them as the Kings of Everything wipe out Team Universe 6.

Caulifla DBZ

Upon Universe 7 winning the Tournament of Strength, Caulifla, her teammates, the gods and the other warriors from other universes who were wiped out by the King of Everything during the tournament were brought back to life thanks to Android Number 17 making a wish to Super Shen Long, who granted it. She was incredulous to learn that she was brought back to life and held tightly to her protégé Kale exclaiming loudly that they were alive. She then effusively greets Cabba and invites him to train to reach Supersaiyana 3 status.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Universal War Conflict Outbreak Arc

Main article: Universal War Conflict Outbreak Arc.

Some time after the events of the Tournament of Strength, Universe 6 is attacked by, a mysterious twin brother duo, Oran and Kamin. Caulifla along with Kale, Hit and Cabba take on the opponents although their tactics and offensives prove ineffective against these two. The latter are having their best moment when they are stopped by Vegeta and Trunks from the Alternate Future, who have come to their universe to help the warriors against the invaders. At that time, Oran and Kamin, respectively, take possession of Caulifla and Kale's bodies, and use them to fight Cabba and the others. Trunks and Hit decide to distract the twins and hold them back so that Vegeta can attack them with a Final Flash. Although the attack has the desired effect and the Saiyans are freed from the Tsufur's control, they leave their bodies at the last second leaving Kale and Caulifla to be injured by Vegeta's technique.



Rensou makes it known that despite looking like a simple "bully", her potential is even greater than his. Cabba mentions something similar when training her, noting that she is very gifted, showing it when she achieves Supersaiyan and Supersaiyan 2 with extreme ease. Although Caulifla has great power, it is not until she has been instructed by Goku not to use the Third Grade Supersaiyan because it is not useful in battle that she decides to imitate him in order to follow in his footsteps and eventually seek to achieve Supersaiyan 2 again.

Caulifla manages to achieve Supersaiyan 2, which leaves Goku impressed, indicating to him that with his talent he could even achieve the Supersaiyan 3 transformation during the Tournament of Strength, but that he must first master both Supersaiyan and Supersaiyan 2.🔥


Before meeting Cabba, Caulifla states that no Saiyan had ever defeated her before. Many soldiers who were members of the Sadala Defense Forces avoided entering their territory for fear of encountering her. When discussing how the Saiyans of Universe 7 had trouble learning the Supersaiyan transformation with Cabba, Caulifla proudly states that she is more talented than all of them.

Caulifla DBZ

Caulifla as a Supersaiyan was able to destroy a large portion of the Force Tournament platform and significantly injure Freeza. Freeza would state that she is much stronger than Son Goku when she first transformed on Namek. However, she is no match for Golden Freeza or Kale in her base state.

Comments from the creative team.

It is stated that Caulifla has infinite potential


First Grade Supersaiyan

Caulifla has the ability to become a Supersaiyana. She obtains this transformation after training with Cabba. In this form, her hair gets a golden coloration, slightly more orange than that of Goku, Vegeta, Gohan or Cabba, as well as green eyes and a yellow explosive aura. However, his hairstyle remains similar to his base form. Upon obtaining this transformation for the first time, he mentions that he feels an overflowing power (similar to Broly's overflowing ki phrase).

Unlike the Saiyan men, she did not need a rage attack to transform, but a feeling in her back, which allows her to control the transformation at will. According to the explanation given by Goku in Episode 100 (Dragon Ball Super), there is apparently no need to use anger but only to accumulate and concentrate the energy in the back for both Supersaiyan and Supersaiyan 2.

Third Degree Supersaiyana

Main article: Third Degree Supersaiyan.

During the Tournament of Strength, Caulifla proves capable of transforming into Third Degree Supersaiyana. In this form her hair remains unchanged, but her physical build grows in height and the volume of her musculature increases drastically, until it reaches its peak (just like when Goku or Trunks from the Future used this transformation).

Caulifla is much more powerful in this state, but his attacks become slower because this form sacrifices speed in exchange for strength. Thanks to this, Goku is able to dodge her attacks and take her down with ease. He then explains to her the drawbacks of the transformation, due to its ineffectiveness in long fights, and advises her to use Supersaiyana 2.

Caulifla DBZ

Supersaiyana 2

Main article: Supersaiyano 2.

Caulifla shows the Supersaiyano 2 transformation for the first time when deflecting an attack from Kale in his Devastating Supersaiyana state, in this state he gets electric flashes in his aura and his hair bristles more, with a tuft coming out on the left side of his face and three bangs on the sides of his forehead, having much similarity to Gohan's in his pre-teen years and Goku's. It is unknown how she obtained this form, but she gets it shortly after transforming into Supersaiyana.

While fighting with Goku, she mentions to him that she has been unable to transform back into Supersaiyana 2 after she achieved it the first time. But she was soon able to do so thanks to Goku's help. The more experienced Saiyan suggests to her that she should first concentrate on mastering Supersaiyana 2 before aiming higher.



Kafla is the Saiyan fusion born from the union between Caulifla and Kale via the Pothala Earrings. Being a fusion that does not involve any nucleic, its duration is only one hour instead of being permanent. Caulifla's personality is the dominant one during the fusion, possibly due to Kale's submissive and shy character.🐲

In the anime, Kafla was born out of desperation to defeat Son Goku, who was overwhelming the Saiyan couple with the power of the Supersaiyan God. In the manga, it was due to the need to save Kale's life before she was eliminated by the Pride Troops.

Caulifla DBZ

Techniques and Skills

  • Devastating Cannon: continuous ki blast that Caulifla hurls swiftly at her opponent.
  • Energy Burst: this is Caulifla's signature attack, in which she launches a powerful blast of reddish ki against her opponent. The technique was named in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, where it has an orange hue by mistake.
  • Ki Burst: the most basic form of using ki. Caulifla's ki attacks feature a characteristic flaming red.
  • Energy Fist: Caulifla's super attack as Supersaiyana 2 in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Flight: the ability to fly through the use of ki.


Dragon Ball Super⚔️

Universal Survival Arc


  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana/Supersaiyana 2) and Cabba (Supersaiyana) vs. Kale (Supersaiyana Devastator)= Undetermined
  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana) vs. Methiop= Victory
  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana) vs. Napapa= Victory
  • Caulifla vs. Jimizu= Victory
  • Caulifla (Third Degree Supersaiyana/Supersaiyana / Supersaiyana 2) vs. Son Goku (Supersaiyana/Supersaiyana 2)= Interrupted (by Kale)
  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana 2) and Son Goku (Supersaiyana 2) vs. Kale (Supersaiyana Devastator)= Defeat (saved by Hit)
  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana 2) and Hit vs. Kale (Supersaiyana Devastator)= Interrupted (by Jiren)
  • Caulifla vs. Kettle= Undetermined
  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana) and Kale (Supersaiyana/Supersaiyana Devastadora) vs. Carsserale, Cocotte, Kettle and Zoirei= Victory
  • Caulifla vs. Koitsukai, Pancea and Boraleta= Victory
  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana 2) vs. Son Goku (Supersaiyano 2)= Undecided
  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana 2) and Kale (Supersaiyana/Supersaiyana Devastating/Supersaiyana 2) vs. Son Goku (Supersaiyano 2/Supersaiyano 3/Supersaiyano God)= Undetermined (Kale and Caulifla merge)


  • Caulifla vs. Sadala's Defense Forces = Victory
  • Caulifla vs. Cabba (Supersaiyan)= Defeat
  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana) vs. Freeza (Golden Freeza)= Undetermined
  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana) and Kale vs. Freeza (Golden Freeza)= Defeat
  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana) and Cabba (Supersaiyano) vs. Freeza (Golden Freeza)= Defeat
  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana) vs. Freeza (Golden Freeza)= Defeat
  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana) and Cabba (Supersaiyano) vs. Dispo = Undetermined (Kale and Caulifla merge)

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Universal War Conflict Outbreak Arc

  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana) and Kale (Supersaiyana) vs. Oran= Undetermined
  • Caulifla (Supersaiyana) and Kale (Supersaiyana) vs. Kamin= Undetermined

Appearance in video games

Caulifla DBZ

Caulifla makes her first video game appearance in the mobile game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. He later appeared in the sixth expansion of the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade video game (SDBH6), and in the Nintendo Switch SuperDragon Ball Heroes: World Mission.

Later, she appeared as a playable character in the Dragon Ball Legends mobile game; and making a brief appearance in Dragon Ball FighterZ in both Kafla's intro and victory screen and as a paid commentator. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 her voice can be heard on the Conton City radio station, finally being a playable character as DLC as part of the Legendary Pack 2.🎮


  • Caulifla's design and mannerisms in the anime are inspired by the Japanese "bosozoku" delinquent movement. One curious thing is that she does not wear a leather jacket like many women in this movement, but her henchmen in her gang do.
  • She is the first female Supersaiyan to appear within the main storyline of the series, and the first female in Universe 6 to obtain this transformation, as well as Third Degree Supersaiyan and Supersaiyan 2. However, Kale's Supersaiyan was announced before hers officially.
  • Due to her characteristic appearance and typical behavior, Caulifla is often described with the derogatory adjective "tomboy" by people outside her gang.

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