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October 14, 2021 5 min read


Chichi (チチ, Chichi) is the daughter of Gyûmaô (a former student of Kamé Sennin), the wife of Son Gokû and the mother of Son Gohan and Son Goten. Therefore, Bardack is her father-in-law, Raditz her brother-in-law, Videl her daughter-in-law, Pan her granddaughter and later on, she will be the great-great-grandmother of Son Gokû Junior.👧


Characteristics and personality

Chichi evolves a lot in the manga, but she is martially skilled. Her second appearance makes us discover a very characterful Chichi going from one thing to another with a disconcerting ease.

Her personality will have a lot of influence on Son Goku, who will become a little less stupid, even using tricks to make Kaio laugh. She is radically opposed to Gohan accompanying his father in the battles, and we don't count the number of times she fainted in front of the dangers that Gohan runs. Even her father Gyumao can't reason with her because of the seriousness of these situations.

Chichi is much more down to earth than the other characters. Not living in the same luxury as Bulma, the Tenkai Ichi Budôkai proposed by Videl is for her an excellent way to pocket the reward.


Dragon Ball

Saga of the 7 Dragon Balls

She met Son Goku at the beginning of the story when he, accompanied by Bulma and Oolong, was looking for the Dragon Balls. One of them was in his father's castle, but when Goku, Bulma and Oolong arrived on the scene, they found that a huge fire was ravaging the whole castle on Mount Fry Pan. Son Goku and Chichi went to Kame Sennin's house to help them to put out the fire, and that's how the two children became friends. In the anime, Son Goku sees Chichi briefly on several occasions, and she hopes that he will come back one day to marry her.💍

Saga of the 23rd Tenka Ichi Budôkai

This day did not arrive, so Chichi decided a few years later to participate in the 23rd Tenka Ichi Budokai to take revenge on Son Goku who had forgotten his promise. She managed to qualify for the quarter finals, where she had to face Son Gokû. He didn't recognize her because she had grown up a lot, but she revealed her identity after being beaten by him and reminded him that he had promised to marry her when they were young. In reality, Goku promised without knowing what it was about, being very naive at the time. However, he kept his word and got married to Chichi after their fight.

In the Dragon Ball anime, at the end of the tournament, Son Goku and Chichi went to Gyumao's house to get married, but the castle was in flames again. This time, they had to look for the magic fan, the only object able to put out the fire. However, when they finally managed to find it, it proved to be ineffective and, on the advice of Uranai Baba, they went to the gates of the other world, in order to repair a breach in the magic furnace. There they met Son Gohan, Son Goku's grandfather, who had been working there since his death. Once their mission was accomplished, Goku and Chichi managed to save Gyumao from the flames and to put out the fire. They then got married, and it is this passage, which does not appear in the manga, that marks the Dragon Ball part in the anime.

Dragon Ball Z


Saga of the Saiyan

Afterwards, Son Goku and Chichi had a child named Son Gohan. From then on, Chichi became a very possessive mother, spending her time forcing her son to study, and refusing that this one does not train in martial arts like his father. She did not hesitate to hire a teacher who would violently whip Son Gohan when he made a mistake (but she would throw him out of the window, as he compared Gohan to a monkey). For Chichi, there was only the life and the studies of the poor little Gohan; she will not pay any attention to Goku after the fight against Vegeta. She says that she is not the mother of the Earth and only cares about Gohan. When she is annoyed about Gohan fighting, she turns her house upside down and doesn't hesitate to hit her own father Gyumao who wants to reason with her.

Saga of the artificial humans

Chichi will stay at Goku's bedside when he is suffering from a heart disease. We will see her again later, when Goku and Gohan are training to stay in Super Saiyan for their training.

Saga Cell

Chichi doesn't appear much in this part. But, after Cell's death, she gave birth to a second son, Son Goten, one year after Trunks was born. At that time, Son Goku was dead and Chichi trained Son Goten, because she wanted Son Goku to be proud of his son. Chichi had always been proud to have heroes in her family, although she hides it (especially from Son Goku).

She will be very affected by the death of her husband, and will cry all the tears of her body when she will learn the news.


Majin Boo Saga

Chichi enrolled Son Gohan in high school. She is very proud of him. She becomes less and less possessive thanks to Son Gohan's studies, and she even lets him take time off to train. Soon after, she is transformed into an egg and eaten by Majin Boo (evil), before being resurrected by the Dragon Balls.🐉

She throws herself into her husband's arms when she returns from the fight against Majin Boo (pure) because she is happy that he is back safe and sound.

Dragon Ball Super

Battle of Gods Saga

Six months after the defeat of Majin Boo (pure). Chichi forces Goku to work as a farmer and forbids him to go and train with Master Kaio. He will succeed in making him change his mind thanks to a sum of 100 million Zenis that Mister Satan offered him.

She is also among the guests of Bulma's birthday party, and she is not particularly happy about her husband's absence.

Freezer's Resurrection Saga

After the battle against Beerus, she wants to prevent Goku from training again, especially since she learned that Videl was pregnant.

After the birth of Pan, she doesn't want her to become a fighter (something that Gokû and Mister Satan would like).🥊

Later, Goku will go to the planet of Beerus to train with Whis, which will make her angry but finally she resigns herself to let him go.


Dragon Ball GT

Saga of Baby

Chichi has aged well since then, and even has a little girl named Pan. We don't see her much.

Most of the time she is at the Capsule Corporation with Bulma and Videl.


Chichi doesn't have any energy wave techniques, but she once used a Kaio-Ken like technique against Maron without realizing it, when Maron called her grandmother.

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