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Cooler DBZ

October 17, 2021 7 min read

Cooler DBZ

Cooler (クウラ, Kūra) is the eldest son of King Cold and thus, Freezer's older brother. He maintains a certain rivalry with the latter before abruptly cutting ties in 737, believing that the escape of Son Gokû, then a baby, was the result of Freezer's inattention.🧊

Characteristic and personality

The design of the character' de' Cooler is a creation of Akira Toriyama for the production of the fifth movie of Dragon Ball Z. His basic appearance is based on Freezer's final appearance although his skin is purple. Cooler is also taller than his brother, being almost the same size as Son Goku.

When he transforms, his body becomes radically different from the other members of his family. His chest increases considerably but the major change is his face which is now masked.

Cooler's personality is similar to his brother's, but some differences are noticeable. He handles conflict in an intellectual and subtle manner. He underestimates his opponents much less than Freezer did at the time. This characteristic is probably due to Freezer's unforgivable mistake of letting Son Goku's ship arrive on earth, so Cooler is perfectly aware of the danger and by extension more calculating. He is very careful, even when his men think they have swept the whole forest to kill Son Goku, he prefers to continue the search.

Cooler DBZ

Note that through his men, Cooler is not only respected and takes Sauzer's defense when he is in a dead end. He is still a ruthless killer, even if he doesn't seem to enjoy the despair of his opponents like Freezer did. Finally, when he uses his transformation, his way of fighting becomes much more violent.

It is interesting to see that in his other appearances, his optimal form does not appear anymore, would it have been denied afterwards like Freezer did at 100%. It seems that his initial form is the most popular.

At the time of the release of Budokai 3, like the character Gogeta, the V Jump revealed the potential of Cooler which would be 470 000 000. This information seems to be validated by the Shueisha.



Movie 05: Dragon Ball Z - The incredible strongest against the strongest

In 737 Sauzer, Dore and Neizu, are about to destroy the capsule containing Son Gokû who is traveling on earth. Cooler interferes because they are his brother's problems. After this mistake, he cuts the ties with Freezer.

27 years later, he learns of the death of his brother, killed by a Super Saiyan. He immediately makes the connection with Son Goku. However, it seems that he is not aware of the death of King Cold, his father, because he does not mention it, this is explained by the fact that the character did not exist yet during the development of the film.

When he arrives on earth, he mortally wounds the Saiyan, Son Goku. But he disappears from his field of vision.

Furious, he orders his men to destroy the forest in which he is hiding. The Saiyan stays hidden in a cave thanks to the help of Kuririn and Son Gohan.

Cooler intervenes much later when Sauzer is confronted with a completely different threat: Piccolo. The Namek is quickly put out of action by Cooler. Son Goku, revived by a Senzu, takes over and manages to corner Cooler. He confides that unlike his brother, he managed to get an additional transformation that makes him invincible.

The transformation takes place and Son Goku is not able to match this powerful colossus. The Kaio-ken is ineffective as well as the Kame Hamé Ha. He then humiliates the Saiyan by taking his time. At the moment of destroying the earth, he reveals the shame in which Son Gokû put his family. The Saiyan in his desire to save his friends and this planet manages to drain his last strength by transforming into a Super Saiyan.

Thanks to his new abilities, Son Goku manages to turn the tables on Freezer (although the movie is a remake of this particular passage). Understanding that a defeat is not allowed, Cooler sends his ultimate technique, the Supernova, which at first poses difficulties to Son Goku, but the latter manages to return it to its sender thanks to the Super Kaméhaméha.

Cooler is pushed back in the space to be finally destroyed by the sun, at this moment, he understands that Freezer is not the only one to have made a mistake. Cooler is angry because he didn't kill Son Goku when he was a baby.

Movie 06: Dragon Ball Z - Shock! Soldiers with the power of ten billion 

Cooler takes over the new Namek planet in this movie, with the help of a powerful asset: Big Gete Star. It is a virus that assimilates space debris to become a very powerful computer. So he assimilates Cooler lying in space shortly after his defeat by Son Goku. Thanks to Cooler's relative power, Big Gete Star develops the Metal Cooler.🦾

Cooler DBZ

Arriving on Namek, Son Goku is surprised to see Cooler alive and in metal form. The robot guards take care of Piccolo, Son Gohan and Kuririn while Son Goku fights his former opponent. Cooler's power in this form is such that Kaîô Ken has no effect, Cooler even masters the technique of teleportation.

Becoming Super Saiyan, Son Gokû manages to compete better, but it turns out that Metal Cooler's body is able to regenerate. It will take the help of Vegeta, now Super Saiyan, to see the trend of the fight reversed with difficulty. Metal Cooler is finally defeated, but it turned out to be only one of thousands. Son Goku and Vegeta are thus captured.

The real body of Cooler appears, or at least what is left of it, it seems to have merged with the Big Gete Star. While trying to absorb the energy of the Super Saiyan, wanting to create clones, he fails so close to the goal because the computer can not support all the energy generated by the two Saiyan which will lead to the overload of the computer and the two fighters recover some of their energy. Finally, it is Son Goku who manages to kill Cooler for good.

OVA 1 : Dragon Ball Z : The Saiyans' Annihilation Plan Part 1

Later, Doctor Raichi collected Cooler's hatred for Goku and thanks to this, was able to "reanimate" him as a ghost warrior alongside Freezer, Tullece and Slug. The four antagonists appeared after Vegeta's failed attempt to destroy the machine containing the Destron Gas. Cooler fought against Son Goku who defeated him after understanding that he was a ghost warrior. Note that he does not reappear in his final transformation this time.

Dragon Ball GT

Super Saga N°17

In Dragon Ball GT, Cooler makes a brief appearance. He takes advantage of the breach created by N°17 and his clone to escape from Hell. He goes to Earth with N°19, Yakon, Sergeant Metallic, Raditz, Pui Pui and General Rilldo with the intention of destroying everything.🎖️

This is not shown but he will finally be defeated and sent back to Hell like all the other enemies of Son Goku.

Biography: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Saga Freezer

Cooler is one of the enemies recruited by Towa and Mira in order to alter the course of the story and recover the energy of the changes caused. He appears in the year 762, after Freezer has damaged the heart of Planet Namek, which will cause its destruction in the next five minutes. He will lecture his brother for being afraid of being blown away by the explosion, and will join him against Son Goku and the Future Warrior. He will be defeated and sent to the damaged heart of the planet.

Saga Cell

Cooler DBZ

Cooler will intervene in the year 767 during the Cell Games, where he will send his Metal Cooler army on the battlefield through a space-time rift created by Towa. But he will be defeated again by the Future Warrior helped by Trunks who sabotaged the Big Gete Star.

Freezer's Resurrection Saga

Cooler will be resurrected at the same time as Freezer by the Dragon Balls, and reincarnated as Metal Cooler. He will help his brother transformed into Golden Freezer. After Whis turns back the clock by three minutes to allow the Future Warrior to save the Earth from destruction, Cooler will use the "Super Villain" form acquired through Towa's magic, but will be definitively defeated along with Freezer.

Future Trunks Saga DLC

Cooler will make a last appearance as a Metal Cooler, coming out of a space-time rift caused by Gokû Black, together with Tullece, Slug, Janemba and Broly. He hopes to take revenge on Son Goku, but will be defeated with all the others.⬛


  • Buku Jutsu: Thanks to the control of his Ki, Cooler has the ability to fly.
  • Teleportation: Cooler is able to teleport.
  • Kikoha: Through mastery of his Ki, Cooler has the ability to throw balls of energy.
  • Kōsengan: Cooler sends out beams of energy from his eyes.
  • Supernova: Cooler raises a finger to the heavens and then sends a ball of fiery energy at his opponent.
  • Golden Supernova: Cooler in his Golden form raises his right index finger to the sky and creates a small sphere of fiery energy that grows little by little. When it reaches the right size, Cooler lowers his index finger and sends it at his opponent. After a while, the energy sphere explodes on contact with the target.


Cooler DBZ

Lower forms

In Movie 05, it is said that Cooler has all the previous transformations, just like his brother, Freezer. The Dragon Ball trading card game however shows us a Cooler in his 3rd form identical to his 4th form, and his 4th evolved form is his 5th form. In the movie, Cooler shows us that he has 2 lower forms.

An issue of Weekly Shonen Jump states that Cooler does not need to use his lower forms because he has full control of his power in his final form. The Daizenshû 6 indicates that Cooler is able to stay in his final form without worry, because his power is much lower than Freezer's in his final form.

4th form / Final form

This form is the equivalent of Freezer in his final form. Compared to Freezer, he is taller, more muscular and has more purple than white. He has red stripes under his eyes and does not have a median spot on his chest like Freezer. He also has a bright blue spot on his skull. Unlike Freezer, before Freezer was resurrected, Cooler can stay there indefinitely because he does not possess such overwhelming power on the level of Freezer, and therefore does not need to regress into lower forms. In this form, Cooler is able to fight on par with Son Goku in his base form.

5th form / Advanced final form

This is Cooler's most powerful form. While taking this form, he grows and 4 horns are formed on his skull.

Cooler DBZ

Golden Cooler

Since the 2nd Universe Mission, Cooler has gained the ability to transform into Golden Cooler.🏆

Metal Cooler

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Cooler was enhanced by the Big Gete Star and took a form very similar to the Metal Cooler from Movie 06: Dragon Ball Z - Shock! Soldiers with the power of ten billion.

Golden Metal Cooler

Since the 9th Universe Mission, Metal Cooler has the ability to transform into Golden Metal Cooler.

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