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Dabura DBZ

October 17, 2021 4 min read

Dabura DBZ

Dabra (ダーブラ, Dabura) is the king of demons, he claims to be the most powerful in the Demon Kingdom. He is the most important servant of Babidi. He is the brother of Towa.😈

Characteristic and personality

Dabra acts as the right hand man of the wizard Babidi, he is feared by Kibito and Kaîo Shin who know his reputation before him. He is particularly adept at spotting the presence of these enemies even when they hide their presence.

One of Dabra's other peculiarities is to use magic during his fights, which allows him to destabilize his opponents. His potential seems to be close to Cell's, certainly in order to have a graduation scale for the readers when Majin Boo appears.

Although he blindly answers to Babidi's orders, he is still very perceptive about Majin Boo since he guesses that the sorcerer will not be able to be obeyed because of the unpredictable character of the creature. On the other hand, he seems to fall into Vegeta's trap, since the latter was trying to increase his power through Babidi.

Let's note that Dabra was far from imagining resurrecting such a being as Majin Boo, his surprise will be very big as well on his zaniness as on his buried power.
Dabra DBZ
His appearance looks a lot like Satan, certainly to stick the most with the image of hell.🔥

In the game Dragon Ball Online, we learn that he is the brother of Towa and then again confirmed in the game Dragon Ball Xenoverse.


Before Dragon Ball

He was sent by Babidi on earth in the year 474, he scanned the power of all humans, did not find them powerful (as no member of the Z team was born).

Saga Majin Boo

Dabra appears at the same time as Babidi, of skilful nature he guesses that fearsome warriors are nearby, in particular Son Gokû, Vegeta and Son Gohan. Dabra takes them out of the lot because of their great potential.

Under Babidi's orders, he causes panic in an instant as he gets rid of Kibito and then turns Kuririn and Piccolo into stone. But Son Goku is not impressed by this new opponent and pursues him in Babidi's ship.

Understanding the importance of these humans, Babidi tries to take their energy from the ship, but Pui Pui and Yakon fail. Dabra takes matters into his own hands and distinguishes himself greatly. He confronts Son Gohan with whom he keeps a small lead. For that, he uses his magic to deceive him and materializes a sword to quickly end it but in vain. Listening nevertheless to Vegeta's anger, he plans to use it to resurrect Majin Boo.

Immediately Babidi takes care of transforming Vegeta into one of his subordinates thanks to his sorcery, Dabra continues to advise the sorcerer. Son Gohan and Kaîô Shin join Babidi and Dabra. All four of them witness the resurrection of Majin Boo. His antics quickly irritate the king of the demons who goes as far as insulting him. Unfortunately for him, the Majin is very sensitive and quickly puts him in his place.

After the successive defeat of Son Gohan and Kaîô Shin, Dabra throws a spear by surprise but it has no effect on Majin Boo. Dabra tries in vain to make Babidi change his mind, Majin Boo will escape his control sooner or later... The sorcerer ignored his warnings. Dabra's fate being sealed, he was transformed into a cookie and was eaten by Boo, who believed him to be the king of demons.

Dabra DBZ

This lord of the Dark Kingdom will be sent to Heaven after his death. Enma Daiō judged that hell would have been too pleasant for him. This stay in Heaven will have the effect of completely changing Dabra's personality by transforming him into a demon dripping with love and kindness.👑

Biography: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Infinite History

When Towa attacked the Time Nest to steal the Tokitoki egg, she left behind an alteration of history in the year 774, preventing Majin Boo from killing Dabra. Since then he has been patiently waiting for his time to attack the Time Nest.

He learns of Towa's death and meets his nephew Fû, who has the ability to absorb the energy of the history alterations, he then set up a plan to take revenge on Chronoa who he considers responsible for the death of his sister, with his new powers they create temporal rifts disconnected from the original history, in which he sends Fû so that he modifies the course of history and absorbs its energy.

Dabra appears in person in the third temporal rift where he attacks Vegeto with Super Boo, seeing the warrior of the future and his partner join the battle, he will flee not without leaving a message to Chronoa, confirming that it is indeed him who is at the origin of the rifts.

He will take advantage of the absence of the warrior of the future, left in the fourth temporal rift, to attack Conton City and the Nest of Time, transforming all its inhabitants into stone and capturing Chronoa. He is soon joined by the future warrior and his partner and takes them both to the ancient prison of Demigra, he will lock Chronoa in a fireball and confront the future warrior with a fighter from another time (the fighter chosen by Dabra, will depend on the partner chosen by the player). 🌆

Dabra DBZ

Cornered by the warrior of the future, he is joined by Fû and reveals the true identity of the young demon, before ordering him to destroy the heroes. But Fû refuses, not wanting to waste his energy for a simple revenge, and turns against his uncle. Furious of this "betrayal", Dabra attacks Fû but this last one returns his attack with his sword and transforms Dabra into stone, the king of the demons is defeated.


Dabra makes a cameo in Sand Land, another manga of Akira Toriyama whose hero is his son. When he appears he doesn't have his "M" which could mean that if this manga was canon to Dragon Ball, it would happen before the beginning of the story.


  • Buku Jutsu: Thanks to the control of his Ki, Dabra can fly.
  • Kikoha: Thanks to the control of his Ki, Dabra can throw balls of energy.

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