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Dodoria DBZ

October 17, 2021 4 min read

Dodoria DBZ

Dodoria (ドドリア, Dodoria) is one of Freezer's bodyguards with Zabon. In Freezer's entourage, he is the kind of being who solves problems only by force, and Dodoria is precisely very strong.💪

Characteristic and personality

Dodoria is a medium-sized humanoid creature, entirely pink, with spikes on his head and forearms. He has a rather fat physique. He wears an armor of Freezer's army and a green scouter.

Note that in the manga, Dodoria has only three fingers, while he has five in the anime.

Dodoria has a violent and vulgar behavior which contrasts with the refined attitude of Zabon. He is also an angry character despite a certain intelligence that we can see in him.

As well in the manga as in the TV Special, Dodoria is the appointed executor of Freezer. He is in charge of executing people harmful to his master, while Zabon acts more as an advisor.


Dodoria DBZ

Dodoria is a bodyguard of Freezer and accompanies him everywhere he goes. He is sent by Freezer to eliminate Bardock's group on a mission of conquest and seriously injures Bardock. He is present when Freezer eliminates King Vegeta who tries to rebel against Freezer (only in the TV series).📺

Dragon Ball Z

Namek Saga

He accompanies Freezer on Namek to get the Dragon Balls of the Namek. They find 5 Dragon balls and send Kiwi to get rid of Vegeta but he is defeated. Vegeta's fighting potential is 24 000 but Dodoria blames it on a malfunction of his scout. Freezer plunders this time the village of Muri, Dodoria plays the role of the executor. When three Namekkuseijins (Namek fighters) arrive. Dodoria indicates a derisory potential which will be proved wrong in the following seconds, since the Namekkuseijins know how to hide their potential to surprise the enemy. Freezer's soldiers are therefore easily fooled.

Dodoria puts an end to this revolt and quickly eliminates the three Namekkuseijins in a split second. Mûri is also killed coldly without him being able to do anything. In the anime, and to reinforce the cruelty of the character, he even comes to Cargo, Dende's younger brother. Son Gohan intervenes to save Dende and runs away with him and Kuririn. Dodoria pursues them, but is dazzled by Kuririn's Taïyoken. He then comes across Vegeta who was waiting patiently to see him move alone. Dodoria asks him to give him his scouter but Vegeta destroys it to make him more angry while saying that he doesn't need it anymore. They confront each other and Vegeta immobilizes Dodoria who asks him to let him go in exchange of information about the planet Vegeta. He then reveals that the planet Vegeta was destroyed by Freezer and not by a meteorite. Dodoria adds that Freezer had taken care to keep the young prince away at that time, as he recognized his warrior value.

Vegeta kills him enraged to know that he has been manipulated for many years.
Dodoria DBZ
Dodoria reappeared in two Flash Backs, in episode 077 (Saikyō Senshi no Tanjō ka!?Neiru to Pikkoro ga Gatta)i , he witnessed the death of King Vegeta. As for episode 104 (Gokū Shōri Sengen da!!! Furīza ga Jimetsusuru Toki... ), although he doesn't open his mouth, the sequence teaches us how Freezer humiliated the remaining 3 Saiyan all the time.🧊

Dragon Ball Super

Dodoria, Zabon and the Ginyu Toku Sentai make a brief appearance in a cameo where Sorbet explains that the Galactic Army is losing power since the fall of Freezer and King Cold.

Later, he reappears again when Tagoma recalls his memories of Ginyu, where he appears with Freezer and Dodoria.

Later, he is mentioned again when Sorbet explains that Tagoma's power is similar to that of Dodoria and Zabon.

He later reappears with Zabon in a cameo with Freezer.

Dragon Ball GT

Super Saga N°17

Dodoria reappears in Dragon Ball GT. He escapes from Hell with Zabon and goes to Earth to destroy everything. He will finally be defeated and sent back to Hell with all the other enemies of Son Goku.

Movie 15: Dragon Ball Z: The resurrection of "F

Dodoria is simply mentioned in this movie. Sorbet compares the strength of his assistants Tagoma and Shisami to Freezer's "late" advisors: Zabon and Dodoria.

Dodoria DBZ

TV Movie 1: The very last fight, alone against all, the father of the warrior Z Kakarotto challenges Freezer

Dodoria is presented as one of the most involved soldiers of Freezer. Zâbon tells him the bad news about the potential of the Saiyan. Dodoria prefers to deny his fears, but Freezer will not. So Dodoria and his elite group are sent to the planet Meat. They have no difficulty to defeat Bardock's troop. Toma asks for explanations on this turn of events. Dodoria tells the helpless Saiyan that Freezer doesn't need them anymore. Toma is immediately left for dead.⚰️

Dodoria almost kills Bardock, and is even negligent. Zâbon points this out to him, but this mistake does not upset Freezer's plans. During Bardock's final assault, Dodoria and Zabon are finally the two henchmen to witness (and survive) the annihilation of Planet Vegeta.

Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock

In this TV Special, Dodoria appears alongside Freezer and Zabon. He mocks Bardock by revealing that the Saiyan were only pawns under Freezer's orders. Like Zabon, Dodoria seems to be able to move in space.👾

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