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dragon ball fighterz

October 30, 2021 11 min read

dragon ball fighterz

Dragon Ball FighterZ (🇯🇵ドラゴンボール ファイターズ, Doragon Bōru Faitāzu) is a video game developed by Arc System Works and distributed by Bandai Namco for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch platforms. It is a 2.5D perspective fighting game based on the Dragon Ball manga🥭 and anime series.
The game was released internationally on January 26, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and digital PC (via Steam) and on February 1, 2018 in Japan. The title was subsequently released for Nintendo Switch on September 28, 2018.

DeSpo FighterZ👊, a promotional manga written and drawn by Hiroshi Otoki based on Dragon Ball FighterZ, was serialized in Shueisha's Japanese magazine Saikyō Jump in 2018.


Two images of the game were leaked before E3 in a Japanese press release from Bandai Namco issued on June 11, 2017, among those images was one showing Goku and Freeza fighting and the other showing Vegeta, Cell and Fat Boo as a poster. This release was deleted shortly after from Bandai Namco's official website, as it had been leaked by mistake.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was first announced in June 2018 during Microsoft's official conference at E3 2017 with a trailer for the video game showing part of the video game's intro along with different playable characters fighting, including Goku, Freeza Vegeta, Cell, Gohan Supersaiyan 2 and Boo Gordo, as well as cinematics of Goku and Freeza's Supersaiyan 3 and Freeza Golden Freeza transformations respectively.


dragon ball fighterz

Due to statements by Tomoko Hiroki🇯🇵 (producer of the game) it is known that due to the boom of Dragon Ball fighting👊 games in 3D perspective, it was decided to create a game with 2.5D perspective, combining the perspective in two dimensions and 3D cinematics.



Like the Guilty Gear series, Dragon Ball FighterZ is intended as a purely competitive fighting game, requiring the player to learn how to use each character individually. It is the second game to appear in the Evolution Championship Series competitions (after Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2).


Technical aspect

The video game combines features of traditional 2D Dragon Ball games by combining it with 3D cinematics. The game runs at 60 frames per second and 1080p scaled on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch (being dockable) and PC. The game uses the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine and features textures made with cel-shading, which mimic the art style of the original anime.

Combat Mechanics

The video game features 3v3 fighter battles👊, making combat strategies possible due to character compatibility; assists are an example of this game mechanic. As of the free patch version 1. 12 of Dragon Ball FighterZ, which was released on September 25, 2018, the game offers three novel single-player and local multiplayer game modes that were previously not present on any platform: 1v1, 2v2 and other combinations (such as 1v3, 1v2 and other number combinations) matches, as well as a new offline group match mode for six players, are part of the current versions of the video game and streamline the traditional 3v3 combat structure that Dragon Ball FighterZ is known for.

The game is based on high-speed battles, which include ultimate attacks with cinematics, among other combat mechanics. When played with teams of one, two or three fighters, all characters must be defeated for the player to win the match.

dragon ball fighterz
Controls include three hit buttons: light, medium and hard. Among the game's combat mechanics is the Dragon Onslaught, a game mechanic used to chase the opponent in the air and hit them to push them away. Players can use the other two characters they are not using to perform assist attack, ki can also be charged without the need for any moves unique to some characters. Disappearance allows the character to teleport behind the enemy. Combined attacks called "Assist" can be performed, where an ally is momentarily summoned to attack the opponent. There is also an ability called spark explosion, which can only be used once in battle and when activated progressively regenerates the health bar and increases the percentage of damage done. Another mechanic found in the game is the use of the autocombo system (called super combos in FighterZ👊), used by some fighting games, which is now also applied to the middle attack button (giving all characters two autocombos).

There is a mechanic that involves the Dragon Spheres during combat. To get them, you must perform combos of a certain number of hits or, by default, complete a super combo seven times. These spheres are obtained between both players, which means that as they are unlocked they will be available to both players. Once all of them are obtained, Shen Long will be summoned by the one who gets the seven spheres first. The available wishes to choose from are: recover the health of the character in use completely, revive an ally, receive an additional burst of sparks or regenerate the celestial portion of the life bars of our entire team.

Main room

The main room consists of a small island on which all the main menus of the game are located in the form of emblematic sites from the manga and anime series. In this room, the player can use a chibi-style avatar of a character from the series (whether or not he is in the game).


Features high-end cinematics. The plot of the story mode unfolds in a revived New Android Number 16 and as enemies a mysterious army in the future, composed of copies of the Z Warriors in black and red clothes. A former Red Ribbon scientist, named as Android Number 21, appears in the midst of the fall of each of the warriors protecting the Earth. The player must link to one of the characters from the Dragon Ball story and make decisions throughout the story, with the characters being aware that they are being controlled.

The game consists of three story arcs, the main story arc, the android story arc and the villain story arc.

dragon ball fighterz
All three story arcs unfold in the Clones and Android Number 21: Number 21 was a researcher who worked for the Red Ribbon. Although she has no memory of when she was human, before she became an Android, but it is known that she had a son who became the model for 16's design (which happens to be Dr. Gero's son). Ironically, she says she has no memory of her life as a human, and often found it amusing to imagine what her original name was and what her life was like with the Supercomputer💻 working on her after Gero's death In the following years, Dr. Gero's computer modified her by inserting the cells of different warriors into her body, such as those of Majin Boo and other warriors like Freeza and Cell. While the clones were created in the Red Ribbon laboratory by Android Number 21 from the cells of the strongest warriors and villains in the universe. These were activated in Year 779 when Dr. Gero's suppression waves appeared on Earth, not only attacking civilians, but unbound defenseless Z Warriors and villains who were resurrected by Polunga on Namek.


Due to the suppression waves created by Android Number 21, warriors on Earth are weakened, without the ability to transform or use their maximum power, and increasing the level of bonding by defeating enemies (such as Clones) is the only way to increase the strength of the body the soul is possessing. Goku when first bonded had difficulty transforming into Supersaiyan, but in his fight against New Android Number 16 he was able to do so. However, it is explained that both Goku and Vegeta and Freeza cannot use their full power (being Blue Supersaiyan and Golden Freeza respectively) due to the waves. However, both Goku and Vegeta upon reaching level 40 bonding can transform into Blue Supersaiyan.

Training mode

Here you can practice freely with the characters you want to learn combos, create new ones and try out certain moves and attacks👊 in all kinds of situations to test their effectiveness.

This mode has a variety of configuration options so that we can train in the conditions we want, being able to decide the behavior of the opponent. In addition, on screen we can see many useful data about our combos and blows, such as the damage they do or the time they stun the opponent before he regains control of his character and can defend or counterattack.

Arcade mode

This mode will challenge us to overcome three different circuits: one in which we have to overcome three fights👊, another of five battles and a last one of seven confrontations. Unlike usual, each circuit includes multiple routes and whether we take one or the other will depend on our performance in each combat.

If we get a good score we will move to the higher routes (the most difficult and those that score the most), although if our score is somewhat low we will be downgraded to the lower routes (the easiest and those that score the least), so the challenge is to try to always stay on the highest route to get at the end of all the battles a classification of S.

dragon ball fighterz
At the end of each route in its normal version, we will unlock its difficult version, where the AI is much more aggressive and will make things really complicated. In addition, it should be noted that the last opponent of each circuit will always have his damage doubled👊, so be very careful when you reach the last battle and try not to neglect your defense.

Arena game

Allows players to play casually within their specific main room.


In this mode you can organize your own tournaments of up to 16 players locally, either playing against friends or against the artificial intelligence.

Ring match

The rings are small mini-rooms for up to eight players that we can create by modifying all their rules to our liking, in order to play completely personalized games that even allow us to set passwords so that only our friends can enter. When we create one, the rest of the players in the room will be able to see it and decide if they want to join or not.

World Match

If we choose this option, the servers will match us with another player randomly, although following the filters we include in the search, such as the connection quality we want our rivals to have, their region or their skill level.

Here the standard rules of the game are used, so they will be one-round games with a time limit, although, at the end of them we can decide if we want a rematch against our rival or not. If both players agree, a second fight will start. Rematches can be requested until one of us wins two rounds, at which point the system will return us to the main room to find a new opponent.


An added functionality that allows players to join fan clubs (unions) of their favorite character and get special rewards. The longer you stay in a Union, the better the rewards.

Replay Mode

dragon ball fighterz

In Replay Mode, the player will be able to see the battles they have fought over the course of the game, with the addition of character emoticons.

Z Capsules

Dragon Ball FighterZ👊 features a loot box system; which do not cost real money. Thus, players have the option to use the currency they obtain by playing battles (Zeni) to buy capsules that include cosmetic items that are used in the main lobby.

Each of the capsules in Dragon Ball FighterZ is offered in exchange for 1000 Zeni. The average amount of money that each battle against the official intelligence gives is 300 zenis, while completing story mode missions initially gives 150 zenis, but this amount increases as you progress through the story, and can be increased with perks by defeating enemies.

Dragon Ball FighterZ features a second type of currency called Premium Z Coin👛, which can also be used to buy capsules, this currency is obtained when a capsule gives you a repeated item. Once you collect 10 Premium Z Coins you can exchange them for an unlockable in the store.


There are a lot of variations of special interactions between characters, only if the player meets the necessary requirements to activate them. Among them are: dramatic endings, dramatic introductions, variations of team techniques, as well as the Beerus Destruction variant.

The existing special interactions in Dragon Ball FighterZ are as follows:


Pre-sale bonus

  • Direct access to Son Goku and Vegeta Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan.
  • Two exclusive lobby avatars.

Pre-sale bonus (Switch)

dragon ball fighterz

  • Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden download code for Super Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • Super Rare Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional card.
  • Direct access to Son Goku and Vegeta Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan.
  • Two exclusive lobby avatars.

CollectorZ Edition

A limited collector's edition that, for the price of $139.99, includes in addition to the game:

  • CollectorZ Box (the outer packaging that inside brings the other products).
  • A Steelbook, with illustration of the first promotional image of the game.
  • Three illustrations of the "Dragon Ball Shikishi ART" product line.
  • An 18-centimeter tall figure, variant with manga colors and 2D effect of the "Super Master Stars Diorama: The Son Goku -Brush-" figure.

Ultimate Edition

A special edition that costs $109.99, including pre-sale and the following purchase incentives:

  • FighterZ👊 Pass (8 paid DLC characters in a Season Pass).
  • Anime Music Pack with 11 songs from the anime.
  • Commentator Voice Pack.


  • Earth (space)

  • Western Capital

  • Western Capital (destroyed)

  • Gizzard Desert (noon)

  • Gizzard Desert (dusk)

  • Spinach Waste

  • Tropical Islands

  • Cell Games

  • World Martial Arts Tournament

  • Planet Namek

  • Namek destroyed

  • Sacred Planet

  • Subway Lake


  • Space Arena


dragon ball fighterz

Dragon Ball FighterZ👊 was nominated for and subsequently won the Best Fighting Game category at the 2018 edition of The Game Awards competition, competing in this category against other franchises such as Street Fighter and Soulcalibur.


The game distributed over two million copies within a week of release, making it the fastest-distributing Dragon Ball title ever. It also set a Steam record for the most users simultaneously playing a fighting game. It reached number 2 on the sales charts in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, behind Monster Hunter: World in all of these countries. It also debuted as the second best-selling game in Japan🇯🇵 in the first quarter of 2018 behind Monster Hunter: World n with 68,731 sales in the first week on sales.

The Goku and Vegeta Supersaiyano Blue pre-sale DLC sold quite well worldwide, entering the top 10 in Europe in January 2018.


  • Dragon Ball FighterZ👊 is one of the few Dragon Ball video games to bring Japanese audio by default instead of the English dub.
  • With over 258,000 live viewers on Twitch and 15,000 from the official Japan page at the EVO 2018 championship, Dragon Ball FighterZ broke records for being the game with the most watched main event in Evolution Championship Series history, as well as the video game with the most live viewers in fighting game history, ranking first on Twitch worldwide on August 5, 2018, surpassing Epic Games' Fortnite: Battle Royale.
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ represents the last time Hiromi Tsuru performed the voice of Bulma in the entire Dragon Ball franchise, as the 🇯🇵Japanese voice actress passed away on November 16, 2017 (2 months and 5 days before the game's release).
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ is the first official media in the Dragon Ball franchise that has been able to show Broly: BR without combat armor and with his torso exposed while this is transformed into his Wrathful State and Super-Broly form.
  • Android Number 21 (Evil) and her good counterpart have interactive dialogues with the characters, despite not being playable.
  • Broly: BR has dialogues in his base form not present in gameplay.
  • Son Goku as Supersaiyan 4 has dialogues, beyond Goku's special attack (GT) where he is summoned. It is presumed that there were plans for Goku as Supersaiyan 4 to have a special dialog appearance after a fight if Goku (GT) finished a battle with the Dragon Fist👊.
  • The "color 02" variation of each character in Dragon Ball FighterZ is an alternate color palette that always references another outfit worn by these characters or the color scheme of another related character belonging to the Dragon Ball franchise. The references of this type that exist in the game are as follows.

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