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dragon ball gine

November 07, 2021 5 min read

dragon ball gine

Gine (ギネ, Gine) was a lower-class Saiyan woman from 🌎Universe 7, wife of Bardock and biological mother of Kakarot and Raditz. She worked at Planet Vegeta's Meat Distribution Center after retiring from Bardock's Squadron due to her docile nature.

Gine debuted as a character in 🐲Dragon Ball Minus, a special chapter of the Jaco the Galactic Patrolman manga🥭, and later appeared in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.


Creation and concept

She is never mentioned in the original manga🥭 or Dragon Ball anime. The character was first announced in an interview done with Akira Toriyama in the March 2014 issue of Saikyō Jump released in February 2014.


Like the other Saiyans, his name is a pun on a vegetable. It is an anagram of the Japanese voice negi (ネギ), meaning 'spring onion'.


Gine is a Saiyan woman of slender and small build, being shorter than her husband. Like all Saiyans, she has slightly long black hair, with a similarity to Goten's hair as a teenager. Like all Saiyans in her respective universe, she naturally possesses a tail, which unlike many other adult Saiyans, she prefers to leave loose instead of tying it around her waist.

dragon ball gine
Gine wears Saiyan armor without shoulder pads, sporting a skirt style with white detailing on her hips and thighs, with bracelets worn on her wrists. The color of the armor varies depending on the adaptation, but the official version seen in 🐲Dragon Ball Super: Broly shows the armor being a dark green color, with the bracelets a pink color.


Unlike the other members of her species, Gine was not a fighter due to her docile and calm personality. According to Toriyama, Gine was an abnormal Saiyan for having feelings of attachment and affection with her partner, Bardock. Gine had maternal feelings, feeling pride for her son Raditz in being sent with Prince Vegeta🌎, and worrying about the welfare of her youngest son being exiled as a flying infant due to the little chance of survival, even crying to see him go; Bardock, in a jovial tone, says that it is her fault that he got paternal feelings, something abnormal in Saiyans.



She used to be a member of Bardock's Squadron and developed feelings for Bardock, her captain, after he rescued her on the battlefield on several occasions. Their relationship was a very rare case, as Saiyans usually did not have romantic relationships and only interacted for reproductive purposes, but the feeling between Gine and Bardock was quite special and unique to their race. Gine was not counted as a warrior, therefore, she would go on to work at the meat distribution center on Planet Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Minus: Exodus of the Child Chosen by Fate and Dragon Ball Super: Broly

On Planet Vegeta, Gine is cutting meat when Bardock returns from a mission and the two greet each other with a warm embrace. She tells Bardock that Raditz is already a fighter, and is working with Prince Vegeta. However, since they are far away, he has not yet returned. When Bardock asks if Kakarot is still in the incubator, she replies that he is and will be three years old by now. Gine states that she will bring Kakarot out soon. A while later, Bardock comments to Gine that he will steal an Attack Capsule at night so they can send Kakarot to another planet. Gine expresses her concern, asking Bardock, who assures her that this is for her son's sake. He then mentions that it is not common for him and the Saiyan men to worry about their children. Bardock replies that his "softness" rubbed off on him as well.

dragon ball gine
Later, when Bardock brings the Attack Capsule in at night, he and Gine put Kakarot in it. Gine suggests that the three of them flee together, but Bardock protests that it would do no good, as they would be found immediately through the trackers. Gine nervously tells her son that if his father is thinking of reconsidering the idea, she will personally go after him. Bardock warns Kakarot to watch out for the Galactic Patrol and not to watch the sky too much during full moon nights; they will inform Raditz about this and their whereabouts. As the capsule begins to take off from the planet, Bardock puts his arm around Gine and both parents watch with great regret as their son leaves Planet Vegeta🌎.

She was killed along with most of the other Saiyans when Freeza destroyed Planet Vegeta.


Her exact power is unknown, but it is well known that she did not have the necessary combat skills, so her fighting power would probably not exceed 1000 units in base state, although she did have the ability to control ki. In addition, she can turn into a gigantic monkey thanks to her Saiyan tail.


Giant monkey

Although she is never seen using this form, it is known that, like all pure-blooded Saiyan of Universe 7🌎, she has a tail characteristic of her race, which allows her to transform into a giant monkey when she sees a moon or other celestial body that has Bruits Rays exceeding 17 million zeno.


  • Volley Blast: Gine's super attack: BR in the arcade video game Super Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Assist Throw: Gine's super attack in the arcade video game Super Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Ki Burst: the most basic way to use ki.
  • Flight: the ability to fly by using ki.

Appearance in video games

  • Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden
  • Dragon Ball Fusions
  • Dragon Ball Heroes
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

dragon ball gine
In 🐲Dragon Ball XENOVERSE she is mentioned in the game by Trunks when he explains to the Kaio-shin of Time due to the huge interest she had in the Saiyan, that Bardock has a wife (although he doesn't actually name her). She is also mentioned by Bardock, who upon falling defeated in some missions says with his last strength "Gine...". At the same time, her hairstyle appears as one of the options for the hair of an Earthling or Saiyan woman, so the physical recreation of Gine as a custom character by the player is possible.

Voice Actors

  • Region Actors
  • Japan Naoko Watanabe
  • Spanish America Mireya Mendoza
  • Spain Mercedes Hoyos
  • Argentina Agostina Longo


  • Explicit love between Saiyans was strange for Bardock's time.
  • Gine, due to her maternal feelings, did not like flying infants because of their low chance of survival. She hoped that Kakarot, like his brother Raditz, would emerge from his incubator and become a fighter.

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