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dragon ball super broly

October 30, 2021 7 min read

dragon ball super broly

Dragon Ball Super: Broly🐉 (🇯🇵ドラゴンボール超 (スーパー) ブロリー, Doragon Bōru Sūpā: Burorī) is the first Dragon Ball Super movie. It was released on December 14, 2018 in Japan and on March 13, 2019 in France.


The Tournament of Power has been over for some time, the inhabitants of Earth🌎 are living peacefully and Son Gokû and his friends have resumed their lives. However, Son Goku continues to train through his experiences acquired at the tournament, aware that there are still much stronger individuals within the Universe.

The day comes when Freezer's ship resurfaces on Earth for a second time. Freezer is accompanied by a mysterious Saiyan named Broly, accompanied by his father Paragus. The biggest surprise comes to Son Goku and Vegeta's face because the Saiyan race is supposed to have been extinguished after the destruction of Planet🌎 Vegeta. The duo has no choice but to face Broly, but Broly seems to learn very quickly from his opponents and seems much more powerful than what they have faced so far.


dragon ball super broly

The script of the movie is written by Akira Toriyama. Via an interview with Akio Iyoku, the story of the film will be divided into 2 parts with a "multi-layered" story: past and present. The past will tell the origins of the Saiyans as well as Freezer, at a time when Planet Vegeta still existed. Note that Jaco, the Galactic Prowler and the bonus chapter 🐉Dragon Ball Minus have been adapted to be part of this movie. The present part will relate the actual events with Son Goku and Vegeta against Broly.

Akira Toriyama provided the story, as well as over 20 design templates, including those of characters, machines and at least one new planet.

It all started in the spring of 2017, when the Dragon Ball Room provided Toriyama with several proposals for new films, which he mostly rejected, but it got him thinking. Things accelerated, he finally decided to make a story about the Saiyans. Akira Toriyama provided an initial story in May 2017, which he feared was too short. He lengthened it, but this one had become too long. Tôei Animation is currently working to put it all together properly.

Notable points

This is the very first 🐉Dragon Ball Super movie, while God vs. God and The Resurrection of 'F' also told the story of Dragon Ball Super, these movies were marketed under the Dragon Ball Z line, as the Dragon Ball Super series had not yet been unveiled when the movies were released in theaters.

This is also the fourth film where Broly is the central character, but also the first one where Tadayoshi Yamamuro has no major involvement in the character design and direction of the animation. Because Tôei Animation made a test to several animators in order to determine who would be the director. This test was based on the line and the ability to get closer to the style desired by Akira Toriyama.

We can also note that the last episode of 🐉Dragon Ball Super and the teaser of the movie share the same slogan: "Saiyans have no limits".


dragon ball super broly

Toriyama's editor, seeing the popularity of Broly which is still at the mercy of the fans, 25 years after his creation, then suggested to make Broly appear in the movie, which Toriyama accepts with honor, while rearranging some things about him.

Akira Toriyama🇯🇵 said that the appearance of the original version of Broly will be kept. However, he decided to update his personality to make him more fascinating, therefore, this Broly (DBS) will be different from the one in the Dragon Ball Z movies.

The 🐉"Dragon Ball Super" movie, which we will have this time, will be the continuation of the story of the series currently broadcast on TV. After catching our breath from the climax of the Tournament of Power, where the existence of the Universe was at stake, this episode will allow you to have a better understanding of Freezer and the Saiyans, as it has probably never been explained until now; Until heading to a formidable opponent long awaited. I think it will be a very interesting/fun story!

With Battles of Gods in 2013, and then Fukkatsu no 'F' the next time around, I was able to write the story myself and was privileged to be able to draw a lot of the illustrations, too. In fact, even though I'm still so busy, since I'm not doing a series anymore, I have more free time to think about the animated version. Which I haven't really done until now (laughs). So don't miss it! Now, while the anime series will end, the very popular Dragon Ball Super manga🥭, drawn by Toyotarō (manga volume 5 on sale!), will continue as such. I think there will also be different developments from the anime series and the movies, so enjoy reading it. I would do the same!''

- Akira Toriyama🇯🇵

Message from Akira Toriyama

Everyone, do you know Broly?

He's an incredibly strong Saiyan enemy who appeared in an old movie, for which I apparently created his design, but I had almost no involvement in the anime at the time, so I totally forgot the content of the story. So, about Broly. I've heard lately that he's still very popular in Japan, but also around the world. Based on that, my editor suggested that Broly should appear in the next movie. I went ahead with this idea, and I looked at the old movies about him, and I thought that it could be interesting once I rearranged some things. I went straight to work trying to create a story to incorporate into the 🐉Dragon Ball Super series. While I kept the classic image of Broly in mind so as not to disappoint the fans, I updated it and added a new side to the character, and I think that will make a Broly even more fascinating. Of course, you will see fierce fights, but also, the paths of destiny that will lead Goku, Vegeta and Broly to meet. It also involves Freezer's army and the history of the Saiyans, which ends up having a major connection with everything. The story is set in a very large and dramatic space. This is the all-powerful Saiyan, Broly! I'm also including a whole bunch of content that fans should enjoy, so be sure to look out for the information and be patient a little longer for everything to come together!!!''

- Akira Toriyama🇯🇵

dragon ball super broly

Other staff members

  • Animation supervision: Naohiro Shintani


Son Gokû (CV : Masako Nozawa)

He is a Saiyan raised on Earth🌎, who protected the planet from its successive terrible enemies. His Saiyan name is " Kakarotto ". He loves to fight and the stronger his opponent is, the more excited he feels. He learned that there are formidable people, of whom he knew nothing, during the "Tournament of the strongest". He then plans to train to rise to an even higher level.

Vegeta (CV: Ryō Horikawa)

The proud prince of the Saiyans, who considers Goku his rival. He was once a ruthless warrior, but after facing Gokû and his people he has become much more righteous. He trains tirelessly to win against Goku, but since the "Tournament of the Strongest" he is concerned about the threat of Freezer.

Freezer (CV: Ryūsei Nakao)

He was once the Emperor of Evil who committed multiple misdeeds and invasions in the Universe. Defeated by Goku, who became a Super Saiyan, on the planet Namek, he was restored and landed on Earth🌎, but Trunks arrived and killed him. Then, he was brought back by his army, then defeated once again by Gokû. He left once again Hell for the "Tournament of the strongest", after Gokû asked him for his help, in exchange of a resurrection. He is waiting patiently to take his revenge on Goku.

Broly (CV : Bin Shimada)

One of the few surviving Saiyans. He is a mysterious Saiyan who never met Goku and Vegeta. What is the reason of his coming on Earth🌎...?

Piccolo (CV : Toshio Furukawa)

He is a proud and solitary warrior, native of the planet Namek, where the Dragon Balls come from. He was once separated into two entities: the god of Earth and the evil Daimaô, but since he raised Gokû's son, Gohan, into a valiant warrior, he has become more peaceful.

dragon ball super broly

Bulma (CV : Aya Hisakawa)

She is the very first friend that Goku met. She traveled with him, when he was a child, in search of the Dragon Balls, then continued to watch over Goku and his family. She is the daughter of the president of Capsule Corporation. She designed the Dragon Radar and many other objects that testify to her genius. She gathers the 🐉Dragon Balls without Goku and the others knowing, presumably... But for what reason?

Beerus (CV: Kōichi Yamadera)

He is the god of destruction in charge of maintaining the balance of the universe. He can destroy planets and any form of life, according to his changing mood. Previously, he went to Earth🌎 to fight the "Super Saiyan God" and met Goku. Since then, water has flowed over the bridge and he watches over Goku's actions. He likes to eat delicious things and sleep, mainly...

Whis (CV : Masakazu Morita)

He is an angel who guides Beerus in his actions. As he is also the master of Beerus, he is rather strong, but he doesn't fight because he considers that the role of an angel is to guide. Since the confrontation between Gokû and Beerus, he gave a serious training to Gokû and Vegeta, so that they overcome their levels.


She is an old woman in the service of Freezer. Although she addresses Freezer, the tyrant, she is not afraid to tell him things as they are.


He is a genius scientist who invented all kinds of Scouters, battle armors and spaceships, during the time of the Great Cold King.


She is part of Freezer's army. She stole a spaceship and took refuge in Freezer's army to avoid being caught by the galactic🌎 patrol. She doesn't know anything about Freezer other than the rumors she heard about him.


He is part of Freezer's army. He is a veteran of the rear guard, who was already in office when the Great Cold King was leading the army. As he is not a fighter, he never had the opportunity to meet Freezer on their space station. So he never met him.

Paragus (CV: Katsuhisa Hōki)

He is one of the few surviving Saiyans. He is Broly's father. He goes to Earth🌎 with Broly, and the reason for his coming is... ? It seems that the device hanging on his belt contains something.

dragon ball super broly


  • Blizzard par Daichi Miura

Light novel

  • The movie🎦 has been given a light novel adaptation. It will be released on December 14, 2018 and will cost 734 yen. The light novel will be written by Masatoshi Kusakabe.

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