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Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might

November 08, 2021 7 min read

Dragon Ball Z The Tree of Might

Dragon Ball Z: The Decisive Super Battle for the Whole Earth (ドラゴンボールZゼット 地ちき球ゅうまるごと超ちょ決うけ戦っせん, Doragon Bōru Zetto: Chikyū marugoto chōkessen), called in Spain La Súper Batalla and in Spanish America, 🐲Dragon Ball Z - La Película, with the subtitle (La Batalla más Grande del Mundo está por Comenzar) , is the sixth film based on the Dragon Ball manga🥭 and anime series and the third of the Dragon Ball Z stage of the anime, as the successor to Dragon Ball Z: The Strongest Subject in this World. It was released on July 7, 1990 in theaters in Japan at the "Toei Anime Fair" and on April 3, 1998 in theaters in Latin America, as the first Dragon Ball Z movie of the Latin American Spanish dub released in theaters.


A strange exploration ship arrives on Earth🌎 to be observed by a Freeza defector, Tullece along with his team members. When they arrive on Earth to plant the Sacred Tree, which would make their powers increase incredibly. As the Northern Kaio alerts the Z Warriors of the Sacred Tree, Goku and the others went to try to destroy it, but at that moment Tullece's acolytes appear and confront the Z Warriors. Goku fights for his survival and that of Planet Earth.


Krilin, Gohan, Bulma and Oolong were out camping but as night falls, a large fire destroys everything in its path in the nearby forest. Using their ki, Krilin and Gohan put out the fire and use the 🐲Dragon Spheres to restore the forest. Unbeknownst to our heroes, the fire started with a space probe landing. The next morning, the space capsule begins to explore the area and it is soon revealed that it was sent by the Saiyan pirate named Tullece, who, in his spaceship, chose Earth to plant the Sacred Tree, which absorbs the world's energy, storing it in its fruit, and whoever eats it receives a great increase in power.

The Tullece Platoon lands and using their alien technology, by means of an artificial planter on Earth, they place the seed so that it will grow and quickly become the Sacred Tree. The Northern Kaio recognizes the tree and warns the Z Warriors of the impending devastation of Earth if they do not destroy it immediately. They try to do so, but their attacks do not even leave a scratch on the tree. Tullece's Platoon (consisting of Almond, Cocoa, Daiz, Lakasei and Rasin) soon appears and begins fighting the Z Warriors, while Tullece himself watches from his spaceship.

Dragon Ball Z The Tree of Might
The defenders of Planet Earth🌎 attack with everything they have, but it soon becomes obvious that, with the exception of Son Goku, the Z Warriors are not powerful enough to confront them and so they lose to Tullece's loyal acolytes. However, Son Gohan, Goku's son, would help them by taking down Rasin.

At that very moment, when Gohan is searching for the Great Dragon he encounters Tullece (who practically looks like his father, Goku), who soon realizes that the young man is a Saiyan, so he tries to convince him to join him and his platoon of space pirates and help him conquer the entire universe. Gohan refuses, so the pirate decides to end his life, but Piccolo quickly intervenes. Unfortunately, however, he is no match for Tullece and is also easily defeated. Tullece decides to have some fun with the boy and creates an artificial moon using a Power Ball, forcing Gohan to look at it and transform into a giant monkey. Goku notices this and comes to help, only to be attacked by Son Gohan giant monkey. For a moment Son Gohan giant monkey stops fighting Goku at the sight of his pet Great Dragon, but Tullece attacks the Great Dragon🐲 and Gohan determinedly attacks Tullece. Tullece decides to kill him, but Goku cuts off Gohan's tail with a Kienzan to keep Tullece's attack from reaching him. Tullece's Platoon immediately attacks Goku together, who defeats them without much difficulty. After this, Tullece appears and initiates Son Goku's battle against Tullece. Goku using the Kaio-ken x10 proves to be superior to Tullece, but Tullece eats the fruit of the Sacred Tree and his strength increases incredibly, although he is still somewhat inferior to Goku and so he eats the fruit again, this time beating Goku by a wide difference.

Goku enraged at Tullece for mistreating his son, quickly defeats his subordinates and heads after him. Goku has Tullece on the ropes. However, the fruit of the Sacred Tree has already ripened, so the pirate grabs one, taking a bite out of it. Having increased his strength quite a bit, Tullece turns the tables, but the Z Warriors come to his aid. While keeping Tullece occupied, Goku begins to form a Genki-lady, but Earth barely has any energy left.

The tree's energy suddenly flows into Goku and the Genki-dama is complete. With the remaining 🐲Z Warriors defeated, Goku confronts Tullece and each unleashes his ultimate attack. Goku's Genki-dama overcomes Tullece's efforts and hits him head-on, sending him flying through the Sacred Tree. the attack also destroys the tree and its energy returns to Earth.

With peace restored and the planet returning to normal, the Z Warriors once again go camping to pass the time.


This movie should take place just before Goku arrived on 🌎Planet Namek in Freeza's Arc since that was the first time he was able to use the Kaio-ken x10 and his power level was over 30 000 units without being transformed, although that shouldn't have been possible either since the movie takes place on Earth so it's not very clear, since this takes place after the Saiyan Arc, since Goku has come back to life and before his confrontation with Freeza so he does not transform into Supersaiyan, adding in turn a plot error because Yamcha, Piccolo, Tenshinhan and Chaoz died in the battle against Nappa, Vegeta and the Saibaimen so the movie is in an undefined time space.


The film was released in the summer as part of the Toei Anime Fair on July 7, 1990, along with two other Pink and Kennosuke-sama films. The film had a theatrical audience of 2.2 million people, grossing 800 million yen. In Mexico, the film would be dubbed for theatrical release on April 3, 1998, making it the first Dragon Ball Z film to reach Spanish American theaters, dubbed.

Dragon Ball Z The Tree of Might

Disc release

After releasing the entirety of the three 🐲Dragon Ball television series, Toei released its fifth and final "Dragon Box", which was titled "Dragon Box The Movies". This contained all seventeen original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z movies presented in their widescreen aspect ratio.


  • Son Goku
  • Son Gohan
  • Bulma
  • Chaoz
  • Chi-Chi
  • Northern Kaio
  • Kame-Sen'nin
  • Krilin
  • Piccolo
  • Tenshinhan
  • Earthlings
  • Yamcha
  • Freeza MENTION


  • Bubbles
  • Gregory
  • Shen Long
  • Oolong
  • Puar

Dragon Ball Z The Tree of Might


  • Universe 7🌎
  • Earth
  • Paoz Mountain
  • Goku's House
  • Sacred Tree


  • Sacred Tree
  • Fruit of the Sacred Tree
  • Combat Armor
  • Dragon Spheres
  • Dragon Radar
  • Tracker
  • Techniques
  • Cosmic Attack (Cocoa)
  • Speed Attack (Tullece Platoon)
  • Mystic Attack (Piccolo)
  • Howl (Giant Monkey Gohan)
  • Power Boost
  • Calamity Blaster (Tullece)
  • Power Ball (Tullece)
  • Combined Power Ball (Cocoa, Daiz)
  • Headbutt (Gohan)
  • I'll dig your grave! (Tullece)
  • Deadly Driver (Tullece)
  • Dodonpa (Tenshinhan, Chaoz)
  • Energy Shield (Goku)
  • Meteoric Blast (Tullece)
  • Genki-dama
  • Hikou
  • Image Illusion (Z Warriors, Tullece Platoon)
  • Activation Impulse (Tullece)
  • Kaio-ken
  • Kaio-ken x10 FIRST APPEARANCE
  • Kamehameha
  • Multiple KameHameHa (Goku, Krilin, Yamcha)
  • Kiai

Dragon Ball Z The Tree of Might

  • Twin Dragon Bullet (Goku) FIRST APPEARANCE
  • Kienzan (Krilin)
  • Rotating Kienzan (Almond) FIRST APPEARANCE
  • Tail Cutter (Goku)
  • Kikoho (Tenshinhan)
  • Makankosappo (Piccolo)
  • Masenko (Gohan)
  • Ki Wave
  • Total Power Wave (Tullece)
  • Explosive Wave (Tullece)
  • Explosive Blast (Almond)
  • Ki Blast (Lakasei, Rasin)
  • Finger Lightning (Tullece)
  • Ki Sense
  • Wild Sense (Goku, Tullece)
  • Sokidan (Yamcha)
  • Telepathy (Z Warriors, Northern Kaio)
  • Taiyoken (Tenshinhan)
  • Flight


  • Power Enhanced by Fruit FIRST APPEARANCE
  • Giant Ape


  • Z Warriors🐲 (Goku, Krilin, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Chaoz) vs. Sacred Tree
  • Tenshinhan and Chaoz vs. Rasin and Lakasei
  • Krilin vs. Almond
  • Yamcha vs. Cocoa
  • Goku vs. Daiz and Cacao
  • Gohan vs. Lakasei
  • Gohan (giant monkey) vs. Goku
  • Gohan (Giant Ape) vs. Tullece
  • Son Goku vs. Tullece Platoon
  • Piccolo vs. Tullece
  • Goku vs. Tullece
  • Z Warriors (Piccolo, Krilin, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Chaoz) vs. Tullece
  • Goku vs. Tullece
  • Goku (Genki-lady) vs. Tullece
  • Goku (Genki-lady of the Fruit of the Tree of Power) vs. Tullece

Dragon Ball Z The Tree of Might


  • Original Author: Akira Toriyama
  • Director: Daisuke Nishio
  • Production: Chiaki Imada and Tamio Kojima
  • Animation: Minoru Maeda
  • Screenplay: Takao Koyama
  • Music: Shunsuke Kikuchi


  • Opening theme (opening):

  • "CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA" by Hironobu Kageyama.


  • Closing theme (ending):

  • "Marugoto" (まるごと, Marugoto) by Hironobu Kageyama and Ammy.

Dragon Ball Z The Tree of Might


  • Tullece's tracker power levels indicated the following figures: Gohan (10,000), Piccolo (18,000), Goku (30,000). These fighting levels are similar to those of the same characters during Freeza's Arc, after the arrival of the 🐲Z Warriors on Namek. When Son Goku uses the Kaio-ken x10, his power increases to 300,000, however he would not surpass Tullece after eating the fruit of the Sacred Tree, who reaches around 530,000. Only with the Genki-dama plus the energy of the Sacred Tree could he defeat the evil Saiyan defector.
  • On the Spanish VHS cover Vegeta can be seen as a cameo.
  • Tullece did not turn into a giant monkey despite seeing the full Moon and had his tail perfectly intact, although he himself explains that he needs a few more seconds for the Moon to take effect, so he destroys his Power Ball before this happens.
  • Gohan was still transformed into a giant monkey even though the moon had vanished.
  • When Northern Kaio describes how the 🌎Earth would end up with the effects of the Sacred Tree, he describes it as a desert (a description quite reminiscent of the barren planet Mars).
  • Tullece He is the first character to physically resemble Son Goku within the series.
  • The second is Goku Black from "Dragon Ball Super" in the "Future" Trunks Arc, as interestingly, both show a negative or evil side of Goku.

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