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Frost DBZ

October 17, 2021 7 min read

Frost DBZ

Frost (フロスト, Furosuto) is a fighter from universe 6, the same universe where Champa came from.🌌

Characteristics and personality

His design is a creation of Toyotarô, but his personality was adjusted by Akira Toriyama. He is an individual of the Freezer race. His design is very reminiscent of the creations of the video games Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball Xenoverse, in which the player could establish an avatar under the race of the former tyrant.

According to Piccolo, his Ki is not evil and his intentions are not bad. He is even very polite and is very honored to face Goku. However, this facet of the character is a stratagem to deceive his opponents. This is how he manages to coax Son Goku and takes advantage of a moment of slackness.

Frost is first described as a character who has started a family, or so he claims. He seems eager to put an end to the wars of Universe 6.

In reality, Frost is a real tyrant, and acts in the shadows to avoid being noticed by Champa. It is he who secretly starts the wars in order to officially end them himself and thus make himself look like a hero.

Following these actions, he buys the planets he has ravaged by the wars he has created at a miserable price and then sells them to the highest bidder, while keeping an image of a hero in the eyes of the universe. Only Vados was aware of his true nature.🌳

Frost DBZ

His cunning allowed him to deceive Piccolo about his Ki, and Champa himself was fooled by his fine words.


Dragon Ball Super

Frost is an alien with an army, fighting large groups of enemies to stop the endless wars of the universe. By force of circumstance, he has built a great reputation.

He is very popular with children, and has won the Universal Peace Prize three times. Frost enters the tournament relying on Champa's support to resolve the conflicts in his universe.

Champa Saga: God of Destruction

Frost is one of Champa's 5 fighters from universe 6 and therefore naturally opposes Beerus' team which belongs to universe 7. He looks at the Saiyans who take him for Freezer at the beginning.

After the defeat of Botamo, he faces Son Goku. The latter having understood his strategy which consists in gauging the strength of his opponent, Frost transforms for the first time into a form which looks strangely like Freezer's third transformation, the one which reminds the Xenomorph of the movie "Alien".

But those who have known Freezer know that he hides other forms. Goku decides to transform into a Super Saiyan and attack him, causing Frost to take him seriously and transform again.

Son Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, and takes the advantage on Frost. This one pushed by the idea of saving his people continues the fight. He manages to use a secret technique when he was about to lose and manages to eject Son Goku from the ring. Afterwards, he thanks Goku for this fight which allowed him to exceed his own limits.

Piccolo is Frost's next opponent. The Namek prepares his legendary Makanko Sappo technique but he needs time to concentrate. Several times, Frost scratches him with blows. However, as he attacks, Frost deflects Piccolo's blow and manages to wound him badly.

Frost is declared winner, but Jaco intervenes accusing the winner of cheating. Indeed, Frost used a weapon that secretes a poison that temporarily weakens its target, that's how he was able to weaken Goku to send him out of the ring more easily.👽

Frost is forced to reveal his true nature, and Vados reveals to everyone that Frost is behind all the wars he stops. Considering that Frost cheated, he could be disqualified but Vegeta insists on fighting him.

Finally, Frost stays in the race and fights Vegeta in the next round. Confident, Frost attacks but is easily beaten by Vegeta.

Later, he takes advantage of an argument between Beerus and Champa to leave discreetly with a treasure that Champa promised to the winner of the tournament. He is quickly joined by Hit who beats him instantly.

Saga of the Survival of the Universe

Since the tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7, Frost has become an outlaw. This life as an outcast has allowed him to develop new abilities and become more powerful. When Hit finds him, he perceives an impressive power in Frost. Frost thinks at first that Hit has come to eliminate him and starts a fight with his usual cheating techniques but Hit quickly stops him. The assassin explains to him that a tournament in which the survival of the universe is at stake is going to take place and that the Hakaï-Shin Champa has asked to recruit him in the Team Universe 6. Frost puts his conditions and asks to be able to become a free man again.

When he arrives in the Void World, Frost quickly notices Universe 7 and his alter-ego Freezer. They isolate themselves and discuss their similarities. Finally, an alliance is formed between Freezer and Frost.

Frost DBZ

During the tournament, he remains discreet to better attack his opponents. This technique proves to be very effective because soon after the fight between Majora and Kuririn, the latter is evicted from the arena by Frost. After that, he escapes before N°18 has the time to counter-attack.

Later, Frost gives us a flashback explaining his intentions and his secret alliance with Champa. His plan is simple, he intends to eliminate one by one all the members of the Team Universe 7 towards whom he keeps a certain resentment. His next target after Kuririn: Kamé Sennin. The old master, exhausted after his fight against Ganos, is taken by surprise by Frost who does not hesitate to hit him violently. Aware of the power gap with his opponent, Kame Sennin decides to use the Mafuba despite the risk he runs. Frost is trapped but unfortunately, the old master misses the pot to imprison him. Frost is very surprised that Kame Sennin has such a technique and seeing Vegeta nearby, he gets an idea. He shoots the Saiyan who intervenes in the Frost/Kame Sennin fight. Frost explains to Vegeta that a single blow from him should finish him off. Mageta interrupts their conversation and challenges Vegeta.

Frost traps Kamé Sennin by saying that no normal attack can defeat Mageta. Kame Sennin decides that only the Mafuba can help Vegeta. The master executes his plan but Frost uses the Counter-Mafuba and traps Vegeta who is locked in a pot. Frost, delighted, finishes humiliating Kame Sennin and decides to send the pot out of the arena. The old master launches a last attack which frees Vegeta. The latter, out of his mind, puts down Magetta with insults and decides to finish with Frost who immediately runs away.🧊

The fight between Jimizu and Son Gohan is raging and Freezer decides to get involved. He confronts and humiliates Jimizu who can't get the upper hand on this formidable opponent who ends up eliminating him. Frost, having seen the fight of his alter-ego Freezer, decides that it is time to reveal their alliance to the other fighters. He asks Freezer to eliminate Son Gohan to prove his allegiance. A fight ensues between Freezer and Son Gohan, but neither of them give it their all. The tyrant pretends to knock Son Gohan out and goes back to talk to Frost.
Frost DBZ
He teaches him about the 100% transformation and decides to reveal something to him: "never trust anyone!"

With that, Freezer sends Frost out of the arena with a powerful Kikoha. Son Gohan gets up and explains the plan he had with Freezer.

Frost calls out to Freezer from the stands. He asks him why he betrayed him and the tyrant reveals that he can never make an alliance with an amateur like Frost. On these words, Frost gets up and tries to attack Freezer but is immediately destroyed by the Zen'ôs who do not accept that a eliminated competitor intervenes in the tournament.

However, Frost is resurrected by Super Shenron when No. 17, the winner of the tournament, vows to restore the destroyed universe. Although Frost was destroyed before his universe, he is brought back to life.⚔️


  • Buku Jutsu: Thanks to the control of his Ki, Frost can fly.
  • Chaos Wave
  • Chaos Ball
  • Death Ball
  • Chaos Beam


Main battles

  • Frost (3rd form) vs Forces of Evil
  • Frost (final form) vs Forces of Evil
  • Frost (1st form) and Cabe vs Space Pirates

Dragon Ball Super

Champa Saga : God of Destruction
Frost DBZ

  • Frost (1st form, 3rd form, Final form) vs Son Gokû (Normal, Super Saiyan) : Victory by cheating
  • Frost (Final Form) vs Piccolo : Victory by cheating
  • Frost (Final Form) vs Vegeta (Super Saiyan) : Total defeat
  • Frost (Final Form) vs Hit : Total defeat
  • Frost (Final Form), Hit, Cabe, Magettâ and Botamo vs Champa : Interrupted

Saga of the Survival of the Universe

  • Frost VS Kuririn = Easy victory
  • Frost VS Kamé Sennin = Easy win
  • Frost VS Vegeta = Interrupted
  • Frost VS Freezer = Defeat and elimination
  • Frost VS Zen'ô and Zen'ô (future) = Defeat and annihilation of Frost


Frost has many transformations, just like Freezer.

  • Inital State (第一形態, Dai Ichi Keitai): Frost appears for the first time in this form, in this form, Piccolo notes that Frost does not possess evil Ki, but Frost hides his intentions well. This form is identical to Freezer's basic form, however, he Frost does not possess battle armor.
  • First metamorphosis (第二形態, Dai Ni Keitai): Frost does not appear in this form in the Dragon Ball Super animated series, but it does appear in the manga, when Kuririn says that he hopes not to see this form again, as it reminds him of a bad memory. In this form, Frost is much bigger, his horns are getting longer. Although he does not appear in this form during the tournament neither in the anime nor in the manga, it is a bonus of volume 1 of the manga Dragon Ball Super, which shows what Frost could have looked like if he had transformed into this form, it was however, not published in the V-Jump magazine.🐲
Frost DBZ
  • Second metamorphosis (第三形態, Dai San Keitai): Following Son Gokû's request, Frost attained this form for a more fierce fight. In this form, his skull and horns become longer, although they are smaller than Freezer's, this form makes him much faster. This form is inspired by the Alien in the movie series of the same name.
  • Final Body: (最終形態, Saishū Keitai): This is Frost's true appearance, just like Freezer. The previous forms he uses are in fact, reduction forms that he accesses because he does not master his true power very well. In this form, Frost loses in size and volume, but his power is overwhelming, his horns disappear. He metamorphosed into this form following Son Goku's request, after having transformed into a Super Saiyan.
  • Final body 100% : Same appearance as the final body, but Frost gains in muscle mass, power and strength. The problem is that he wastes a lot of energy in this form.

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