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Fu Dragon Ball

October 18, 2021 5 min read

Fu Dragon Ball

(フユー, Fyū) (pronounced "Fiou") is the son of Mira and Towa. Like several other unreleased characters in Dragon Ball Online, Fû was supposed to make an appearance in this game but following its closure, he was not added. Fû made his first appearance in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, then in Super Dragon Ball Heroes in his adult form this time.🐲

Characteristic and personality

As a baby, Fû is wearing a yellow hat with the Time Breakers symbol, a purple pacifier, a white bib and a purple robe.

As an adult, Fû has long, white hair and is tied up. His skin is purple and his eyes are amber. Fû is dressed in a black T-shirt, with "IXI" written several times, black mittens, yellow armbands, yellow socks and yellow boots. Fû is equipped with orange tinted glasses and a katana.

According to Dragon Ball Online, Fu is a mysterious baby who inherited the great power of his father Mira; it is believed that he will gradually awaken his power when he grows up. Unable to express himself or act on his own, it seems that Mira has an influence on him. In the future, he will become a key character who will have a great influence on the world.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Fû is a difficult character to understand, despite his adult body, he has a personality close to that of a child: he is curious, impulsive and loves to "mess up the story". He has a certain respect and an almost obsessive admiration for the Warrior of the Future (Xenoverse 2), going so far as to ask him to take some of his cells.

Although he is the son of Towa and Mira, he is (according to Chronoa) neither good nor bad and will go as far as helping the heroes to defeat his uncle Dabra who wanted to avenge Towa's death.

Fu Dragon Ball

He doesn't like fighting but loves science. His experiments consist in going into time gaps separated from the original story, to exploit possible scenarios by changing the course of history. Once his experiment is finished, he restores the course of the original history by absorbing the energy created by the changes he caused.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Infinite History Saga

Fû appears for the first time in the nest of time after having "messed up the story", indeed he caused a change in the story where Demigra had become the Kaio Shin of Time. He then absorbed the energy of the change he caused, restoring the course of the original story.

He appeared a second time in a time rift during Son Goku and Vegeta'straining to reach the Super Saiyan Blue, pretending to be Whis in the eyes of the two Saiyans. He is joined by the Warrior of the Future (Xenoverse 2) and his partner who confront him thinking that he is responsible for the appearance of the temporal rifts, to which the young mutant answers that he has nothing to do with it.⚔️

He then sends Son Goku and Vegeta to attack the warrior of the future, claiming that it is part of their training, and observes the fight. As Son Goku and Vegeta are about to transform into Super Saiyan Blue, Fû uses a Blutz wave machine to transform them into Super Saiyan 4, changing the course of the story radically. After his "experiment", he absorbed the energy created by this change, erasing the temporal rift at the same time.

Back at the Time Nest, Fû convinces the Warrior of the Future (Xenoverse 2) of his good faith and quickly expresses his admiration for him, asking him if he can take a sample of his cells. Seeing Chronoa and Old Kaiô Shin coming, he disappears.

He intervenes in a new rift, a few days before the beginning of the Cell Game where Cell finds himself facing N°17 from the Future and N°18 from the Future, he will add his grain of salt by making N°13 come. If the Warrior of the Future (Xenoverse 2) chose to help him, Fû will absorb the energy created by the change caused.
Fu Dragon Ball
He comes back during the fight between Vegetto and Boo who absorbed Son Gohan, to which Dabra, who survived his fight against the Majin, joined. He will bring Videl and temporarily increase her power so that she can avenge Son Gohan and save her father. If the Warrior of the future (Xenoverse 2) chose to help him, Fû will absorb the energy created by the change.

He intervenes during the fight of Trunks of the Future against Zamasu of the Future and Gokû Black, this time helped by Jiren of the Future who was corrupted by Dabra. He summoned Tapion and, like Videl, temporarily increased his power. If the Warrior of the Future (Xenoverse 2) chose to help him, Fû will absorb the energy created by the change.

He appears one last time after the fight between the Warrior of the Future (Xenoverse 2) and Dabra. The King of the demons reveals then the true identity of Fû: he is the son of Towa and Mira and is consequently his nephew. Dabra also reveals to be responsible for the temporal rifts, the goal being to make his nephew gain in power and to avenge the death of Towa, he then orders the young demon to kill the Warrior of the future (Xenoverse 2), but Fu refuses to waste all this energy for a "simple revenge" and turns against his uncle. Dabra is then defeated by his own nephew.

(What follows will depend entirely on the choices made by the player)

If the Warrior of the Future (Xenoverse 2) chose to restore the course of history in the temporal rifts, Fû, disappointed not to have accumulated enough energy, asks to fight against the Warrior of the Future (Xenoverse 2). But it turns out that it was only a clone and the real Fû congratulates the warrior before disappearing and promising that they will meet again very soon.

If the Warrior of the future (Xenoverse 2) chose to help Fu in the temporal rifts, the latter thanks him for his help. As he is about to leave, Old Kaio Shin will send Son Gokû to stop the young demon. He will then take advantage of the fight opposing Son Gokû to the Warrior of the future (Xenoverse 2) to slip away discreetly.⚒️

Fu Dragon Ball


Super Fû

Super Fû (超スーパーフュー, Sūpā Fyū) is a transformation used by Fû. Super Fu can be seen as the Super Saiyan of Fû.

Ankoku Ô

At the end of the 4th Big Bang mission, after Towa extracted the Dark Factors from the Xeno Warriors, the latter gave them to Fû who transformed into the new Ankoku Ô.

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