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future trunks

November 06, 2021 17 min read

future trunks

Trunks of the Future (未来のトランクス Mirai no Torankusu) is Trunks' counterpart from a Parallel World.



Trunks is a young boy of average build modestly muscled. His facial features and skin color are inherited from his father, while his eye and hair color are from his mother. Throughout the series, Trunks' hair color varies from lilac to light blue. Initially he wears his hair in a bob but during the series he will have it lengthened. He then cuts it back shortly before his return to his world. Trunks wears designer clothes with the logo of the family business.


Due to his difficult past, Trunks has developed a different character than his counterpart in the present being much calmer and gloomy but seems to have overcome that "trauma".


Trunks is a skilled swordsman, he was also trained by Son Gohan of the Future from whom he learned several techniques. After Gohan's death, Trunks awakened the power of the Super Saiyan. During his time in the present, he underwent training with Vegeta several times, with whom he developed other forms of the Super Saiyan, such as the second-stage Super Saiyan and the third-stage Super Saiyan. After defeating the androids and returning to his world, Trunks manages to obtain the fourth-stage Super Saiyan and is also trained by Kaiohshin of the East of the Future and Kibith of the Future. Following the death of the latter, Trunks is able to assume the form of Super Saiyan 2. During the fight against Zamasu, Trunks obtains an enhanced form of the Super Saiyan 2, the Super Saiyan Rage.


Dragon Ball Z

Saga of the Androids

In Trunks' future, the world has been put to fire and sword by the cyborgs 17👾 and 18, Trunks and Gohan are the only survivors among the Z Warriors, who have fallen one after another in an attempt to stop the androids (except for Goku, who died of a heart disease). Gohan took Trunks as his pupil trying to make him become a Super Saiyan so that he could defeat his enemies. The training sessions begin, but they are interrupted by a new robot attack: Trunks, still inexperienced, throws himself headlong into the battle but is easily defeated; to save him, Gohan places himself as a shield between him and an energy shot, saving the boy's life but losing an arm. After a new training session, during which Trunks manages to trigger his transformation into Super Saiyan for a few seconds, the two learn of a new android attack; to prevent Trunks from attempting to intervene, Gohan stuns him with a blow to the back of the head and prepares to face the enemy alone.

future trunks
Due to the impairment he suffered though, Goku's son is easily knocked out and killed by C-17 and C-18🐲. Out of anger at the loss of his friend Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan and decides to avenge Gohan's death, but despite hard training, he still can't get the better of the two enemies. At this point, his mother Bulma builds a Time Machine and sends Trunks on a mission to warn the Z warriors of the danger that awaits them in the near future, and above all, to deliver to Son Goku the medicine needed to cure the heart disease that had killed him.

Trunks then arrives in the past where he eliminates without difficulty Mecha Frieza, King Cold and their men. At the arrival of Goku, since he had never met him, Trunks decides to test his strength: the boy hurls several sword slashes at him, all promptly blocked using only one finger. At this point, aware of the warrior's power, he introduces himself to him as the last heir of the Saiyan race, as well as Vegeta and Bulma's son, but begging him to keep silent about this detail in order to avoid triggering a time paradox (knowing of their future son Vegeta and Bulma could have decided not to see each other, thus not giving birth to Trunks).

The boy warns Goku that after three years he would die of a heart condition and that all the other fighters would be killed by two cyborgs. Before taking his leave, he adds that he would return to the past after exactly three years to help them. After three years, Trunks reaches his comrades and discovers that many things have changed due to his journey into the past: instead of facing 👾C-17 and C-18, the Z Warriors have actually met two unknown automatons (later revealed to be Dr. Gelo and his assistant), the "team" of C-17 and C-18 has been joined by a third robot, C-16, and above all the two androids are significantly more powerful than those encountered by Trunks in his timeline. Upon reaching the trio, Trunks along with Vegeta, Tensinhan, Krillin and Piccolo is easily defeated and what's more, his sword shatters upon contact with the android's tough skin.

Afterwards he trains for one day in the room of spirit and time to face Cell but he is defeated by the monster because of his presumption. In fact Trunks thought to have become stronger than his father by being able to reach a stage of transformation as Super Saiyan superior to his in power but in a short time he understands that that transformation is as powerful as useless, since the enormous increase of physical mass and consequent power is absolutely useless because it reduces too much his speed, so Cell has no difficulty to avoid being hit.

In fact, as Cell says, such a transformation is not difficult to do and he performs one in turn, overpowering even Trunks himself, scolding him for his inexperience and saying that it is so easy to understand that Vegeta himself had picked it up right away. After these words, Trunks understands that he hadn't actually overpowered Vegeta, because the latter could have transformed himself, but he didn't because he knew very well that it wouldn't have been of any use.

He participates in the Cell Game where he fights against the Cell Jr. created by Cell and manages to be the only one, along with Vegeta to stand up to them, but is killed by a surprise ray from Cell, which accidentally hits the young man, and is later brought back to life with the dragon balls.

future trunks
He is incredibly amazed to learn that after his death Vegeta, well aware of his inferiority, had confronted Cell head-on in anger over the loss of his son. Back in the future with the time machine, Trunks easily kills the 👾Androids 17 and 18 of the Future, avenging Gohan and his companions. He then goes in search of Future Cell in order to kill him and thus bring peace to Earth.

Dragon Ball Super

Future Trunks Saga

Nine years after returning to his world Trunks has become much stronger and obtained the Z Sword, having been trained by Shin. Trunks clashes against the wizard Babidi and Darbula, during the clash the sword is petrified by Darbula and is destroyed on impact with the ground, in addition Darbula kills Kibith thus causing his transformation into Super Saiyan 2. Trunks defeats both Darbula and Babidi before they could awaken Majin Buu, but badly injured Kaiohshin of the Future dies, thus also causing the death of Beerus of the Future.

Years later the Earth is again in danger this time the enemy is Black Goku. Bulma has managed to prepare a recharge that will allow her son to once again make a one-way trip into the past. After delivering the fuel for the Time Machine to her son Trunks, the two are attacked by Black, Bulma decides to sacrifice herself to allow her son to escape with the refill. Trunks goes to the hideout from his partner Mai, in fact the two are preparing to be able to go back in time 17 years together, in order to change the past, but the two are interrupted by Black. Trunks starts a short fight but gets the worst of it, so Mai decides to sacrifice herself allowing Trunks to escape to complete the mission. Trunks manages to escape from Black and leave with the Time Machine.

When he arrives in the present, he is found by little Trunks, unconscious and wounded, who warns his mother. Bulma contacts Whis and brings Vegeta and Son Goku, who were on the Planet of Beerus for training, back to Earth. Upon arriving on Earth, Son Goku goes to get the Senzu from Karin. Bulma makes Trunks eat a bean and after a few moments he recovers and attacks Son Goku, mistaken for Black. Back to his senses Trunks apologizes to Son Goku and explains the reasons that led him to go back in time. Son Goku invites him to fight him to test his skills. After being beaten by Son Goku transformed into Super Saiyan 3, a gap opens in the sky from which Black emerges. Black clashes with Son Goku but shortly after is sucked back into the opening.

Whis and Beerus notice that Black's aura is similar to Zamasu, so they go to him with Son Goku to investigate, but they don't find a direct connection. With Son Goku back, Trunks decides to go back to the future and try to defeat Black with the help of Vegeta and Son Goku👾. The three Saiyans arrive in the future but discover that Black has allied himself with Zamasu of the Future and that the latter is immortal. During the clash the three Saiyans get the worst of it, Vegeta is seriously injured and they are forced to return to the past with the Time Machine. Finding evidence that Zamasu intended to use the Super Dragon Balls to obtain immortality and that he wanted to kill Gowasu, Beerus eliminates Zamasu.

future trunks
Trunks travels back to the future with Son Goku, Vegeta and Bulma. Having rescued Mai with a Senzu who was badly injured, the three Saiyans go to Black Goku and Zamasu of the Future, thus beginning the battle. During the clash Trunks reaches a new level by disproportionately increasing the power of Super Saiyan 2, becoming Super Saiyan Rage. Trunks asks Vegeta, Bulma and Son Goku, the latter badly injured, to return to their timeline to seek a solution while he remains to fight Black and Zamasu. Wounded, Trunks is rescued by Yajirobei of the Future with Senzu, having recovered Trunks heads towards Mai intent on ambushing Black near Black and Zamasu's hideout. Mai's attempt to kill Black with a particular bullet created by Bulma of the Future fails, Trunks saves her and begins a new fight. As he is about to get the worst of it, Son Goku, Vegeta and Bulma🐲 return with the Time Machine to the future, also shortly after they are joined by Gowasu and Kaiohshin the Superior who use the Ring of Time. Black hits the Time Machine also breaking the container that was supposed to be used to seal them with the Mafuba technique. While Vegeta takes care of Black and Son Goku takes care of Zamasu, Trunks and Mai are tasked by Bulma to repair the container with glue.

Having repaired the container, Bulma shows a video tutorial made by Piccolo to Trunks, where the Mafuba technique is shown. As Zamasu arrives, Bulma tries to buy time by distracting him so his son can learn the technique. Just before Zamasu finishes Bulma off, Trunks uses the Mafuba by locking Zamasu into the container held by Mai, but the technique is not completed as the talisman to be applied to seal the container was forgotten by Son Goku at Master Muten's house in the present. Zamasu manages to get out of the container and reached by Black the two decide to fuse with the Potara Earrings giving birth to Zamasu (fusion).

During the fight Son Goku and Vegeta fuse, using the Potara Earrings of Kaiohshin the Superior, into Vegetto. Vegetto transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, during the fight Zamasu takes on a new form, the right side of his body takes on a purple muddy consistency and increases the size of his body. When it looks like he is about to be defeated by Vegetto, the fusion of the two Saiyans ends prematurely as they used too much energy.

Zamasu takes back the reins of the fight but when he is about to finish Son Goku and Vegeta is stopped by Trunks. Trunks obtains the energy of all the inhabitants of the Earth, creates a Genkidama Sphere and after incorporating it and channeling it into his sword defeats Zamasu. After Trunks has succeeded in destroying Zamasu's body, Zamasu👾 thanks to his immortality passes in a next stage becoming himself a universe, incorporating the previous one.

Zamasu in this form exterminates all the inhabitants of the Earth, except for the three Saiyans, the two Kaiohshin, Bulma and Mai who are able to protect themselves with barriers. Son Goku decides to use the button to call Zeno of this timeline and asked him to stop Zamasu. Zeno of the Future who doesn't know Son Goku decides to go along with him but he doesn't only eliminate Zamasu but also all the Universes of this timeline. Trunks and his allies manage to return to the present just before Zeno destroys everything. Shortly after, Future Zeno is joined by Son Goku and Future Trunks, who convince him to follow them into the present with the Time Machine. Here, thanks to Kaiohshin the Superior's teleportation, they reach Zeno's Palace where Son Goku introduces them to Zeno of the Present.

At Whis' suggestion, Trunks and Mai of the Future decide to go live in a sixth alternate timeline created by Whis himself that was created after Whis traveled into the future and warned Beerus of the Future of the impending threat of Black Goku and Zamasu. Trunks and Mai decide to go to move there even though their counterparts already exist in that same timeline.

future trunks

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission

Prison Planet Saga

Shortly after the end of the Tournament of Power, Trunks has returned to the present along with Future Mai to the Planet of Beerus to train with Son Goku and Vegeta, when he is kidnapped by Fu and imprisoned on the Planetary Prison. After escaping from the prison Trunks teams up with Cooler and joins his allies, who have also arrived on the Planetary Prison to rescue him.

Here Trunks clashes with Cumber and later with Fu. During the battle the Planetary Prison explodes, but Trunks is saved together with his friends, except for Son Goku who remained there to stop the evil saiyan, by 👾Xeno Son Goku who teleports them to the Planet of Beerus.

Saga of Universal Conflict

Upon arriving on the Planet of Beerus, Trunks learns that the Sixth Universe is under attack, so he decides to join him and Vegeta. Upon arriving in the Sixth Universe, Trunks and Vegeta catch up with Hit, Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale who were battling the twins Oren and Kamin. The latter are gaining the upper hand when they are stopped by Vegeta and Trunks of the Future. Oren and Kamin take over Caulifla and Kale's bodies respectively, and attack Cabba and the others. Trunks and Hit distract the twins and block them so that Vegeta can attack them with a Final Flash. The attack has the desired effect and the two Saiyans are freed from the two parasites. But on the battlefield Hearts arrives and shows his power and after reading Hit's mind, he discovers that Jiren is the strongest warrior of all the Universes. So he decides to go to the Eleventh Universe together with Zamasu.

Vegeta and Trunks are teleported by Hearts to the Eleventh Universe, along with their enemies. Here they are attacked by Oren who manages to take over Vegeta's body. Oren attacks Trunks, meanwhile Cumber continues his fight with Jiren. After assuming the form of Super Saiyan 3, the evil Saiyan manages to overpower Jiren. The clash between the two is interrupted by Hearts teleporting Cumber to the Third Universe. Oren takes Cumber's place, clashing with Jiren. Later on, Zamasu and Kamin also join the fight against Gray. After recovering, Trunks also intervenes but in defense of Jiren. Just before Oren finishes Trunks, Son Goku arrives on the battlefield with the High Priest. Son Goku after activating the Ultra Incomplete Instinct saves Trunks by defeating Oren, freeing Vegeta from the control of the parasitic alien. Since Son Goku has the situation under control, the High Priest decides to leave.


The Three Super Saiyans

Son Goku and family, after shopping, goes to a restaurant to eat with Trunks of the Future, Krillin, Oolong and Muten, until two characters show up looking for Son Goku and attack the building with a combined attack. They are Android 14 and Android 15. The androids were created long ago by Dr. Frost to kill Son Goku. Seeing the extensive damage the fighting moves away from the city and soon 👾Android 13 arrives.

future trunks
Trunks is challenged by Android 14 but he, Vegeta and Goku decide to transform themselves into Super Saiyans and succeed in defeating Android 14 and 15 but when Android 13 seems defeated, it absorbs the circuits of Android 14 and 15 and becomes a huge being with blue skin and enormous power. Goku then decides to use the Genkidama but it takes time to do so so Trunks, Krillin, Gohan, Vegeta and Piccolo entertain the enhanced Android 13 and when everyone is down, Goku absorbs the Genkidama and kills the android with a single blow.

Dragon Ball Z: The Story of Trunks

Trunks, still an infant, witnesses the death of Goku of the Future. Six months later Android 17 and 18 appear and kill almost all of the Z warriors, the only ones left being Trunks of the Future,🐲 Gohan of the Future, and Yajirobey. Gohan trains Trunks to teach him how to become Super Saiyan but Trunks fails. The time spent between them has made them fond of each other and because of that they consider each other almost brothers. Shortly after Android 17 and 18 attack the nearby city and Trunks tells Gohan that he would like to join in as well and Gohan apparently agrees but when they are about to go, Gohan hits Trunks and goes alone, deeming him still inexperienced.

When Trunks wakes up, he finds the city destroyed and his master dead and the anger caused causes him to transform into a Super Saiyan. Three years pass and Truns still hasn't managed to eliminate the androids and then Bulma of the Future tells him that the only hope left is to go back in time to warn the Z Warriors of the impending danger after three years and most importantly, bring the medicine to Goku.

Dragon Ball Z: The Super Saiyan of Legend

While at a picnic, listening to an out-of-tune Krillin who is singing, Son Gohan, Master Muten, Oolong, Vegeta, Future Trunks and Bulma see a strange spaceship arrive. Out of it comes Paragas, one of the few surviving Saiyans. He invites Vegeta to govern a new planet where he can recreate the Saiyan lineage. Initially Vegeta refuses, but after hearing that there is a threat from a Legendary Super Saiyan who destroyed the Southern Galaxy, he agrees to follow the Saiyan. Son Gohan, Future Trunks, Krillin, Drunk Muten and Oolong decided to leave with Vegeta (even though Trunks wanted to stop his father, as he didn't trust Paragas at all). On King Kaioh's Planet, King Kaioh explains to Goku that the Southern Galaxy has been destroyed by a Super Saiyan, and it's heading to Earth, so he sends him to stop it.

future trunks
Trunks is the only one who doesn't trust, compared to the others of the true intentions of Paragas and his group. Paragas says that the planet Todomaka was attacked but it was only colliding with a meteorite. Trunks, Krillin and Gohan find out that the place is not habitable and there are slaves working there, who are freed. Shortly after Goku arrives and is apparently greeted by Paragas but when Vegeta and Broly return from Todomoka, Broly recognizes Goku and it looks like a fight is about to break out but Paragas👾 controls Broly with his device however he manages to break free and then tries to attack Goku and his friends without them being able to do anything. Trunks, Goku and Gohan are attacked by Broly who then destroys a planet with an Eliminator Cannon. Then Trunks and Vegeta transformed into Ascendent Super Saiyans try again to attack Broly but without success. Afterwards Trunks and the others give their energy to Goku who defeats Broly.

Dragon Ball Z: The Threat of the Evil Demon

Trunks fights at the Tournament qualifying for the top four and fights Gokua, who manages to get him in trouble but turns into a Super Saiyan and kills him. He tries to help Gohan but is unable to do anything. In the end Gohan manages to defeat Gohan thanks to Goku's intervention.

Dragon Ball: Plan to annihilate the Super Saiyans

Trunks gives Goku and Gohan information about the gas. He later goes with Goku and the others to try to find out what the gas is that will kill all Earthlings in seventy days. He confronts Frieza but is unable to do anything against him since along with the other villains, he endlessly regenerates. Bulma later arrives and neutralizes the gas, allowing Trunks and the others to defeat the ghosts of their enemies. She tries to help Goku, Piccolo, Gohan and Vegeta stop Hatchyack but is unable to do anything. Later with a combination attack they defeat Hatchiyack by taking advantage of the fact that his attack takes 15 seconds to charge.

Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of 'F' (Future Trunks Special Edition)

He is seen in his future, destroyed by Black Goku. Trunks' ki is sensed by Black who catches up to him and attacks him with energy balls that fail to hit him. However, he manages to defeat Trunks and while trying to kill him, he is stopped by a blinding grenade thrown by Mai and they both quickly escape. After regaining his sight, Black states that Trunks cannot run forever.


  • Burning Attack: is the main technique used by Trunks, after moving his hands and arms quickly, he launches a powerful yellow energy ball. Trunks uses it during the fight against Metal Frieza.
  • Destroyer Cannon: is one of the main techniques used by Trunks.
  • Heat Dome Attack: is the technique used by Trunks to eliminate Cell in his timeline.🐲
  • Masenko: is a technique learned from Son Gohan of the Future. Trunks uses it in combination with Son Gohan during the fight against Broly, and individually against Black Goku.
  • Final Flash: This is a technique that Trunks learned from Vegeta of the Present. Trunks uses this technique in battle for the first time during the fight against Future Zamasu.
  • Galick Cannon: is a technique that Trunks learned from Vegeta of the present. Trunks uses this technique in battle for the first time during the fight against Black Goku.
  • Mafuba: technique learned by Trunks through a video tutorial made by Piccolo. Trunks uses it against Zamasu of the Future, but he can't complete it because he doesn't have the talisman.
  • Genkidama Sphere: Trunks collects the energy of all the inhabitants of the Earth and after absorbing it, he channels it into his sword.
  • Taiyoken: technique used by Trunks exclusively in the Dragon Ball Super manga against Black and Zamasu of the Future. Trunks learned this technique from Son Gohan of the Future.
  • Healing Power: Like all Kaiohshin wannabes, Trunks possesses the ability to heal the wounds of 👾others. Trunks gained this ability after undergoing the ritual to awaken his powers during the training he did with Kaiohshin of the Future East and Kibith of the Future. After giving up that assignment, Trunks lost this ability. This ability only appeared in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

future trunks


  • Japanese dubbing: Hiromi Tsuru † (child), Takeshi Kusao (teenager and adult)
  • Italian dubbing: Simone D'Andrea
  • English Dubbing:
  • Ocean Group Dubbing: Alistair Abell
  • Funimation Dubbing: Stephanie Nadolny (child; DBZ), Colleen Clinkenbeard (child; DBZ Kai), Eric Vale (teen and adult)
  • Dubbing Bang Zoom!: Sean Chiplock
  • AB Groupe voice acting: Jodie Forrest (child), Doug Rand (teenager and adult)
  • French Dubbing: Mark Lesser
  • Spanish Dubbing:
  • Latin America: Sergio Bonilla, Óscar Flores (Dragon Ball Z: The Super Saiyan of Legend), Rocio Garcel (child), Luis Fernando Orozco (DBZ Kai)
  • Castilian: Luis Fernando Ríos (DBZ ep. 119-167), Rafa Torres (DBZ ep. 168-194), Bernabé Rico (DBS)
  • German dubbing: Sebastian Schulz (DBZ), Sebastian Kluckert (DBS)
  • Portuguese dubbing:
  • Brazil: Marcelo Campos, Ricardo Sawaya' (film 8), Ricardo Teles (DBZ Kai), Marco Aurélio Campos (Resurrection of 'F' and DBS; flashback only)
  • Portugal: Henrique Feist
  • Polish dubbing: Maksymilian Michasiów (DBS)
  • Catalan dubbing: Aleix Estadella
  • Valencian dubbing: Carles Montoliu
  • Galician dubbing: Manuel Pombal (DBZ); Iñaki Baliño (DBZ Kai)
  • Basque dubbing: Iker Diaz (DBZ Kai)
  • Filipino dubbing: Bernie Malejana
  • Hungarian dubbing: Szokol Péter
  • Mandarin Dubbing: Yu Zheng Chang
  • Hebrew dubbing: Liron Lev (DBZ, DBGT), Dor Srugo (DBS)
  • Vietnamese dubbing: Hồ Tiến Đạt
  • Greek dubbing: Yiannis Papaioannou (DBZ), Dimitris Mylonas (movies, Trunks' Story)

future trunks


  • In Dragon Ball Super, Trunks' hair color is light blue and no longer lilac, but the characters would not seem to notice this, indeed Bulma of the present makes it clear that this Trunks has always had this color. This can be explained by the fact that as he grew Trunks' hair darkened.
  • Trunks of the Future, Mai of the Future, Zeno of the Future, and possibly the Angels are the only beings to have survived from their timeline.
  • In the film Dragon Ball Z: The Hero of Planet Conuts, Tapion gives his sword to Trunks, hinting that this is the sword used in the future by Trunks of the Future.
  • The design of Broly transformed into a Legendary Super Saiyan is inspired by Trunks of the Future's transformation into a third stage Super Saiyan.
  • In Dragon Ball Heroes, Trunks of the Future merges with Son Gohan of the Future via the Metamor Dance to give birth to Gohanks of the Future.
  • In Dragon Ball Fusions, Trunks of the Future fuses with Tapion via EX Fusion to give birth to Taks.
  • In Dragon Ball Fusions, Future Trunks merges with Jaco via EX Fusion to give birth to Janks.
  • In Dragon Ball Fusions, Future Trunks merges with Trunks via EX Fusion to give birth to Trunks EX.
  • In Dragon Ball Fusions, Trunks of the Future fuses with Vegeta via EX Fusion giving birth to Vegenks.
  • In 🐲Dragon Ball Super, when Trunks tries to perform the Mafuba, he assumes a pose used by Team Ginyu.

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