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ginyu force

November 07, 2021 4 min read

ginyu force

The Ginyû Special Squadron💪 (ギニュー特戦隊, Ginyū Tokusentai) is a unit of elite warriors under Freeza.


Dragon Ball Z

Namek Saga

The Ginyu Commando is sent to the planet Namek on the orders of Freeza because he does not have any more sensor, and he needs soldiers to recover the Dragon Balls. The five of them arrive and are ordered to go after Vegeta, Kuririn and Son Gohan who stole them.

Finally, four of the five members are killed by Vegeta (Son Goku only knocked them out: Ghourd had his head cut off and then destroyed, Recoom took a powerful Kikoha, Burtta had his neck crushed and Jeese was disintegrated) and the fifth one, Ginyu, ends up in the body of a frog but he is teleported to Earth🌎 with the other inhabitants, and will apparently spend the rest of the time in Bulma's garden, among the other animals.

After their defeat

Exclusively in the anime, the special Ginyu squadron reappear on Master Kaio's Planet, to serve as training for Ten Shin Han, Yamcha and Chiaotzu. They reappear with their bodies, even though they are dead, because Kaïô asked King Enma to let them keep their bodies and to allow them to go to his planet.

The squadron confronts the three Z Fighters💪, but they are defeated and sent to Hell. Ten Shin Han defeats Butta and Jeese, Yamcha defeats Reacum and Chiaotzu defeats Ghourd. The group lands in a lake of blood, a lake known to trap those who bathe in it. But under the shocked look of Gozu, they manage to get out of the lake and fly to the clouds, but as for Goku, an invisible barrier prevents them from getting out.

ginyu force
While on the side of Ginyu, the captain, this one is sent on Earth🌎 thanks to the wish of Dende, prisoner in his body of frog. He appears briefly in the lake of Capsule Corporation, when Yamcha is resurrected, he falls into a pond and comes out with the toad on his head.

Saga of Majin Boo

The special squadron reappears briefly in the anime, watching Son Goku's fight against Majin Boo (pure) through a giant crystal ball.

Dragon Ball Super

Freezer's Resurrection Saga

In the TV series Dragon Ball Super, Ginyu reappears on the place where Freezer is resurrected.

Aware that his master is back, he goes to the place where Freezer's Army and the Z fighters💪 are fighting, near the Northern Capital. After Tagoma is knocked down by Gotenks, Ginyu seizes this opportunity to take his body, after having been a prisoner in a toad's body for 17 years, and then he goes in front of his leader making him understand that he is Ginyu.

He fights against the Z Fighters and doesn't have any difficulty to defeat them, it will be necessary to wait for Son Gohan to transform himself to attract Son Gokû and Vegeta. It will finally be Vegeta who will kill Ginyû, which makes that Vegeta has decimated the whole squadron.

ginyu force


Let's note that during an issue of V-Jump, the origins of these 5 antagonists were revealed, all with humor.

Butta acquired his great speed by racing because of his mother, Reacum got his flexibility and his immense strength by practicing classical dance, Ghourd used his power to look at girls' skirts, echoing then an episode of Dr. Slump, where Senbei Norimaki had found an invention to stop time and used it in a very similar way. As for Jeese, he played Space Valley, a derivative of Base Ball. Finally Ginyu had stolen the body of the richest boy of his class, this origin makes intact the mystery about his real body.

We learn by the fifth movie of Dragon Ball Z that Freezer's brother has a very similar squadron, except that they are 3 (like some Sentai which are 3 and not 5).


The five have quite different characteristics. Indeed, Ghourd is very small and not very strong, but he has important psychic powers, especially the ability to stop time by holding his breath; Jeese is a little bit bigger and stronger; Butta is the biggest, and the fastest; Reacum is a little bit smaller than the latter, but is very strong; and finally, Ginyû is the most balanced of the five, but especially the strongest of them. He has the ability to exchange his body with that of his opponent, we don't know what his real original body was. Note that Jeese seems to have already seen him perform this technique💪.

However, we can speculate about the clothes they wear. For example, Ghourd is the one who wears a complete black suit, and is the weakest of the team, while Ginyu wears only a pair of panties.

This gradation is reversed with Cooler Toku Sentai since it is Sauther the most dressed.

ginyu force


  • In the Japanese name of the Ginyû commando (ギニュー特戦隊, Ginyū Tokusentai), the word "sentai" represents Japanese TV series like Bioman where the heroes take particular poses. Reason why the members of the commando also take special poses.
  • Each member of the commando has a name referring to a dairy product:
  • Ginyû (ギ乳にゅう, Ginyū) comes from "Gyûnyû (牛ぎゅう乳にゅう, Gyūnyū; "cow milk" in Japanese)"
  • Jeese (ジース, Jīsu) comes from "Cheese (チーズ, Chīzu; "cheese" in English)".
  • Burtta (バータ, Bāta) comes from "Butter (バター, Batā; "butter" in English)".
  • Recoom (リクーム, Rikūmu) comes from "Cream (クリーム, Kurīmu)".
  • Ghourd (グールド, Gūrudo) comes from "Yoghurt (ヨーグールト, Yōguruto)".

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