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Granola Dragon Ball

October 19, 2021 13 min read

Granola Dragon Ball

Granolah (グラノラ, Guranora) is the sole survivor of the Ceresians, who were annihilated by the Saiyan race under Freeza's orders. Strongly motivated by his desire for revenge, he seeks to gain the power necessary to assassinate the galactic tyrant and avenge his people.🤼

He is the titular antagonist of Dragon Ball Super's Granolah Survivor Arc.

"It's just like Elec said. To defeat Freeza I need more power. I have to do it for the Ceresians who died. I have to become the strongest."
- Granolah to Automil.



When creating Granolah's design, Toyotaro conceived him with the lonely perception of a bounty hunter to evoke him as the only survivor in his tribe under a bizarre figure that hides someone withdrawn and unsociable.

Although his appearance is basically humanoid, he has several traits that separate him from ordinary earthlings, so the mangaka wanted to emphasize them by giving his clan some "traditional clothing" with a retro steampunk feel and a sense of roughness that is very easy to notice.

According to Toyotaro, keeping the balance in his eyes is very difficult when illustrating him with a monocle, so he draws both first and then adds that detail to the character.

Considering that the reader cannot see his eyes or read his expression accurately with certain directions in which he is looking around, the mangaka mentioned that he always makes sure to be careful and adjust his angles when drawing him to preserve a better balance in his facial expressions.

Granola Dragon Ball


Granolah is a man of medium height and athletic build, with a blue left eye, wavy teal hair and a monocle-like device on his right eye, which houses his robotic AI ally Automil, attached with a leash.

He is attired in characteristic Ceresian garb: with a sleeveless sleeveless double-buttoned gray-green attire over a short dark green shirt, pants of the same color, a long gray scarf, and a leather belt, gloves, and boots.🥾


The ones who killed all the Ceresians except me were those barbaric monkeys from Freeza's army. And they were exterminated by a giant meteorite soon after. I can't execute my revenge anywhere...So why do I always have that dream?
- Granolah.

Granolah is a bounty hunter with a professional and serious attitude, who does his jobs for money. However, he is also a man tormented by the genocide of his people caused by Freeza and the Saiyans, motivated by a thirst for revenge that he will not quench until he kills the tyrant and his henchmen with his own hands, regardless of the method in which he achieves it. This thirst for revenge has caused him to lose his cool on occasion, with Elec and Automil criticizing him for it.

Despite his serious personality, Granolah is arrogant and confident. The moment he gained the strength to be the most powerful in the universe, he immediately assumes he is invincible, something he has been criticized for by Monite and Vegeta, with the latter criticizing the fact that he has not gotten used to his new power.

The genocide of his people has caused Granolah to suffer frequent nightmares of that fateful day, remembering the Giant Monkeys destroying everything in their path. Granolah openly hates the Saiyans, then Freeza's henchmen, considering them "barbaric monkeys." He contemptuously refers to Goku and Vegeta as "Saiyans," refusing to call them by their names.

Granolah empathizes with those who have lost their homes like the Sugainans, and it could be assumed that her pseudo-familial relationship with Monite is due to their similar pasts as survivors. However, Granolah keeps his distance by living far away from the sugaínos and only approaching them for personal benefits such as supplies or maintenance of his ship. This attitude has made him popular among the Sugaínos.

Due to his seriousness and introverted attitude, Granolah speaks in short and direct sentences, avoiding any unnecessary additions.



Granolah is the only known survivor of the massacre that the Saiyan race committed against his people in Cereal on Freeza's orders. He would survive thanks to the actions of a Saiyan named Bardock.

Granolah would dedicate his life to finding the power to take revenge on Freeza and the Saiyans, though revenge would be taken away from him by fate with the death of the galactic tyrant and the Saiyan genocide.

Granola Dragon Ball

With his revenge taken away, Granolah stocked up on a mountain near what was once his hometown along with Monite, the last Namekian survivor of Cereal. At some point she met Automil, and the two would become bounty hunter allies working for the Elec Heata capo.

Granolah Survivor's Bow

Main article: Survivor Granolah's Bow.

Granolah was hired by Elec Heata for the theft of OG73-I. With the help of his ally Automil, Granolah tracked Don Goichi's ship to a remote corner of the universe to find the android. While boarding Goichi's ship, Automil warned Granolah to be careful, as they did not know how many enemies would be on board. Granolah nods and asks her AI partner to prepare to provide support. Goichi is quickly alerted to the presence of an intruder and sends his guards after Granolah, who easily defeats them with his beam weapon.🗡️

In desperation, Goichi activates all the OG Soldiers, who received copies of the data assimilated by OG73-I, to take him out. Upon encountering them, Granolah asks Automil to run a scan and find out which of these OG units is their target, but Automil informs him that none of them are the ones they are looking for, so Granolah defeats them all with a series of finger shots aimed at the crystals in their heads. After heading into a room full of OG Soldiers, Automil informs him that OG73-I is the unit inside the medical machine in the center of the room, causing Granolah to smile with satisfaction.

With the android OG73-I captured, Granolah would sleep on the way to her destination. However, she would awaken from a recurring nightmare of Ceresian genocide by the Saiyans. Automil would ask him if the "wild monkeys" that Granolah detests so much are the Saiyans, to which he confirms is the case. Upon arriving at Elec's fortress, he was stopped by a bounty hunter named Sosil, who would try to convince him to split the bounty on the android. Granolah would threaten to kill him if he touched the android, to which Sosil would back off. The bounty hunter would threaten to kill him if he touched the android.

Granolah would deliver the android to Elec, and he would receive his bounty. Granolah would ask his benefactor if he planned to use the android as a base model to create an army, as Don Goichi did. Elec would laugh, arguing that he doesn't need to create an army as long as he has money to hire one. Elec would continue, saying that controlling people through the use of force is a thing of the past, and that the most powerful people in the universe rely on money and information. Granolah would not quite understand this, and would only ask for another job, to which Elec refuses, as Freeza had been resurrected and his presence frightened potential clients.

Knowing that Freeza had revived would awaken Granolah's thirst for revenge, and he demanded to know where he was. Elec, knowing of Granolah's long-held desire for revenge, tells him to surrender, that Freeza had come back much more powerful. Granolah would yell at him, prompting Gas Heata to attack him to get him away from the boss. Elec would manage to convince him to calm down, and that the time for revenge would come at his appointed time. Granolah would leave with his pride defeated back to his home planet. Granolah would be sent back to his home planet.

During the journey, Granolah would be attacked by Sosil and his companions with the intention of stealing his bounty. Granolah would land on a nearby planet, and ambush these ruffians, crippling them with his weapon and stealing their money. Despite Automil's compliments, Granolah would be disappointed to fail to shoot one of the thieves, and along with Elec's words, he would be motivated to become stronger in order to get revenge on Freeza. The game's story was set in the middle of the night.

Granola Dragon Ball

Upon returning to Cereal, Granolah would go home to her adoptive grandfather, Monite. He told the old man that Freeza had revived and that was why he had not gotten new jobs. Monite would claim to Granolah not to seek Freeza, as the tyrant is very powerful, but Granolah suggested using Cereal's Dragon Spheres. Monite refused, as the spheres were not made for revenge or selfish desires, and suggested that she abandon her dream of revenge and enjoy her life. Later that night, Granolah would watch television and learn that a Swahili fisherman found the second Dragon Sphere and it was being studied at a local science institute.🐉

Granolah, incognito, entered the science institute and stole the second Dragon Sphere. On the outskirts of the city, she asked Automil to tell her the password to awaken the dragon as Monite had explained to her in the past. Granolah would say the password, and Trombo would emerge from the two magical orbs. Granolah would ask the dragon to be the most powerful warrior in the universe. Trombo would reveal that he could not grant that wish, unless he agreed to one condition: to reduce his life expectancy from one hundred and fifty years to only three. Granolah would agree to such a condition. Trombo would grant her a life expectancy of one hundred and fifty years.

Trombo would grant the power to be the most powerful in the universe to Granolah, changing his physical appearance. Granolah would test his new power by destroying a huge rock, and upon destroying it, he would be satisfied. The noise of the destroyed rock would awaken Monite, who was furious and disappointed to learn that Granolah used the Dragon Spheres, telling him that he might be the most powerful now, but tomorrow would be uncertain. Granolah would ignore him, and not detecting Freeza's energy in that sector of the universe, would go looking for Elec to find out where the tyrant was and kill him. On the way, she would cut her hair, a product of the dragon's desire.

Two days later, Granolah would arrive at the Heata's base of operation, and demand from Elec the location of Freeza. Elec would not take his threats seriously and would ask his brothers to get the bounty hunter out of the base, to which Granolah would easily defeat them in a fight. Elec would stop the fight, and ask Granolah how he obtained this enormous power, to which he answered that it was because of the Dragon Spheres after listening to Elec's arguments. Elec would lie to him that he has no knowledge of Freeza's location, and when he had it he would tell him. Granolah agreed to these conditions, but demanded that he do it quickly, and revealed that he did not have long to live due to his desire to be the strongest. Granolah would withdraw from the palace.

Granolah returned to Cereal and stayed in his ship waiting for the Heata to inform him of Freeza's location, to which Automil asks him if he will not return to Monite's home, but he refuses to do so, although he does take advantage of his Right Eye to look at him from afar and see how he was doing.

Granolah waits for 18 days until he is contacted by Macki, who lies to him by telling him that the recon squad that was sent to investigate Freeza failed after discovering that he was looking for him, mentioning that two assassins were deployed and are headed to Cereal at this time. Granolah doesn't seem to care much, assuring him that she plans to go ask them directly where Freeza is, until she reveals to him that the "two assassins" are a pair of survivors of the Saiyan holocaust, causing the Ceresian to be persuaded and set out to wait for them to fulfill his long-desired revenge.

Granola Dragon Ball

When the Saiyans arrive on the planet in order to confront Granolah, Granolah uses his right eye (which he described as the best in the universe) to fire ki blasts at them without either of them being able to see where he was. He then hits Goku in a vital part, causing him to lose consciousness until Vegeta gives him a hermit seed in order for him to recover.

After that, Granolah appears in front of both of them, and shows his deep resentment towards the Saiyan race, resentment that is recognized by Vegeta, Granolah refrains from giving explanations and begins to fight in order to destroy them, having as a plan to annihilate Son Goku first, and then ask Vegeta the location of Freeza. Granolah asks them if they were not going to transform into giant monkeys but Goku reveals to him that the Saiyans no longer used that transformation, Goku goes from supersaiyan to God supersaiyan, confusing Granolah, that as far as he knew the Saiyans were black-haired.

The battle continues and Granolah again hits Goku in a vital spot, but it takes a few seconds for Goku to suffer the effects because he was using the Selfish Doctrine. Granolah recognizes that Goku was not using his full power, so he demands that he fight for real, causing Goku to transform into a Blue Supersaiyan, leaving the Ceresian even more confused.

The fight between the two warriors causes explosions around the capital, causing the Supersaiyans to decide to flee. After a while, Goku would manage to activate the Selfish Doctrine, worrying Granolah since the abilities of his right eye could not see the vital points of the Saiyan. Granolah would be defeated, but he would reveal that the warrior Goku was fighting was a clone with split power, created to save strength for his fight against Freeza. The real Granolah would use the opportunity when Goku was confused to knock him down with a single blow, attacking his vital point. Before Granolah could give Goku the coup de grace, Vegeta appears and provokes the Ceresian. 

Vegeta would explain to Granolah that he defected from Freeza's Army a long time ago, which provokes Granolah's amusement, as a "despicable" Saiyan would obey his nature and betray his boss. However, Automil reminds his friend that Goku said they didn't work for the emperor, but Granolah refuses to believe it, thinking they are lies. The prince also tells her that during the Ceresian genocide, he was but a child and had nothing to do with the attack back then. Granolah is unfazed, still considering the Saiyans his enemies. Vegeta accepts her thought, considering that he has no reason to hold back, and transforms into Blue Supersaiyan.🔮

Vegeta and Granolah fight with all their might, to the point that Granolah recognizes how strong the Saiyans are. Vegeta likewise acknowledges Granolah's strength, but proudly says he will win in the end. They fight again, but Vegeta tricks Granolah, causing the Ceresian to destroy the ruins of his hometown. Granolah is furious, but Vegeta manages to talk to him, with Vegeta guessing correctly that Granolah obtained his power recently, and is still inexperienced in using it. As they fight, Vegeta explains to him that it doesn't matter what rank of power he gains, as it is temporary, and that Vegeta is stronger every minute they fight. Granolah, enraged, recognizes this and gives him the coup de grace in a vital spot, but this only causes Vegeta to become emotional. Vegeta, using Beerus's teachings, gains a new power at that moment. The next time they fight, Vegeta is able to fight, he is hit by Granolah.

Granola Dragon Ball


He was able to easily defeat all of Don Goichi's lackeys with his beam weapon and defeat the OG Soldiers (whose hard drives hold OG73-I's data and information as a backup copies in full execution) with a lethal series of finger shots by possessing great abilities of accuracy, concentration, reflexes and agility as general skills.

After asking Trombo to make him the ultimate warrior, Granolah gained the power capable of overcoming any mortal being in Universe 7. With this power he was able to easily defeat Macki and Oil without any effort, although according to data stored in OG73-I, Elec believes that if Son Goku and Vegeta team up they can even overcome the Ceresian.

Granolah's attacks to vital points are considered very accurate, with enough force to lethally knock out Son Goku in both his base state and his Supersaiyan God form. Despite his power as the mightiest warrior, Granolah has a disadvantage against Goku when using a lower form of the Selfish Doctrine.


Ultimate Warrior

By wishing Trombo to turn him into a warrior whose power surpassed all hostile life forms in the universe, all the power Granolah could have achieved throughout his entire life was condensed into him at that moment, making him the current supreme warrior of all of Universe 7, at the cost of most of his life expectancy.🌌

Upon becoming the supreme warrior, Granolah's appearance was only affected by the long growth of his hair, similar to that adopted by the Saiyans when they undergo the transformation of Supersaiyan 3, although the Ceresian would end up cutting it to return to his usual appearance.


  • Sling Bindings - Granolah can trap and immobilize his opponents using his sling.
  • Destruction - Supreme gift that grants the Gods of Destruction a force needed to eradicate anything tangible and intangible, as well as make them vanish from the existential plane in the process.
  • Right Eye - Like all other Ceresians, Granolah possesses a special right eye that lacks a pupil and gives her extraordinary aiming abilities, which surpass those of her fellows.
  • Life Force Perception -
  • Assault Flash - Through his disintegrator, he can fire multiple electroshock flashes that are effective enough to successfully incapacitate his targets.
  • Finger Salute - He extends his index fingers as he holds his arm rigorously in the direction of his opponent, releasing a concise and swift energy blast.
    • Succession of Finger Salvos - Consists of a continuous burst of strafing that Granolah unleashes from his fingertips for the sole purpose of effectively executing several enemies at the same time.
  • Telekinesis - The ability to control and move objects through the use of the mind.
  • Flight - The ability to fly through the use of ki.
  • Fast Flight -
Granola Dragon Ball


  • Lightning Weapon - An advanced pistol that is suited to produce and expel a succession of electrical discharges that can directly neutralize or severely damage its targets.


  • Granolah vs. Goichi's Armed Forces= Victory
  • Granolah vs. OG Soldiers= Victory
  • Granolah vs. Heata Gas= Defeat
  • Granolah vs. Sosil= Victory
  • Granolah vs. Oil Heata & Macki Heata= Victory
  • Granolah vs. Son Goku (base, First Grade Supersaiyan) and Vegeta (base, First Grade Supersaiyan)= Undetermined
  • Granolah vs. Son Goku (God Supersaiyan, Blue Supersaiyan, Perfected Blue Supersaiyan, Supreme Selfish Doctrine)= Victory
  • Granolah vs. Vegeta (Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan Evolved)= Undetermined


  • The character's original Japanese name is taken directly from "granola" with its identical pronunciation in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Granolah believes in the false story that the Saiyans were wiped out by a meteorite, rather than Freeza. Likewise, despite his desire for revenge, Granolah was unaware of the existence of Vegeta and his two henchmen within the Tyrant's forces. 
  • Granolah is the third antagonist in Dragon Ball Super motivated by revenge, following Freeza and Paragus.

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