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great ape dbz

November 03, 2021 7 min read

great ape dbz

The Giant Monkey🐒 (大おお猿ざる, Ōzaru) is a transformation that can only be performed by people belonging to the Saiyan race (including half-breeds and hybrids). As the name suggests, it is the innate ability of Saiyans to turn into a huge primate (except those without a tail) when exposed to the light of the full moon.
The transformation as such is officially referred to as the metamorphosis into a Giant Ape (大おお猿ざる化か, Ōzaru-ka).

General view


At first glance, the Giant Ape is very similar to King Kong, a giant gorilla that first appeared in a movie of the same name in 1933, but with a tail, a more baboon-like head, sharp teeth, pointed ears and glowing red eyes. Although its muscular structure is gorilla-like, as the story progresses, the design of the Giant Monkey's shape and musculature becomes more prominent and defined. In general, the shape of the Giant Monkey does not directly resemble any existing primate species.


When a Saiyan becomes a Giant Ape, its strength increases tenfold. A Saiyan that does not have control of the transformation will lose the ability to reason in this state, exhibiting aggressive and destructive behavior. However, in their training, Saiyans learn how to manage their instincts and retain the ability to reason while being a Giant Monkey, this explains why Goku and Gohan lost control since they did not receive any training. Also in this transformation the Saiyan can still launch energy attacks.

great ape dbz
The training makes the Saiyan able to maintain the ability to reason, to distinguish between friend and foe, to not become unconscious after coming out of the transformation since it consumes all of the Saiyan's ki, and even the ability to speak while in this transformation. If a Saiyan wears combat armor, it will stretch and then can contract, so the Saiyan will never lose his clothes, unlike Gohan and Goku who, when wearing ordinary clothes, these were destroyed.


For a Saiyan to transform into a Giant Monkey🐒 there must be a full moon, because after receiving the Sun's rays, it emits waves called Bruits Rays, and when there is a full moon, it emits 17,000,000 zenos coming from the Bruits Rays, these waves enter through the Saiyan's eyes, which triggers a reaction in its tail and the change takes place. The Saiyan must have a perfectly developed tail for the change to take place, since if it is cut off or amputated, the metamorphosis will not take place. If the saiyano has the tail in perfect condition but the planet does not have a Moon🌚, the user can use the technique called Power Ball, which acts as a substitute for the Moon, emitting the same waves as the Moon, regardless of whether it is day or night.


  • In Dragon Ball: The Giant Monkey🐒 has no special abilities beyond increasing strength by 10. Its attitude is violent and destructive about anything. It shares the same weakness as a Saiyan; it loses its strength if its tail is squeezed hard (but that weakness is overridden with training).
  • In Dragon Ball Z: The Giant Monkey becomes much more destructive. He features the ability to throw energy. In addition, Vegeta demonstrates his Saiyan training by even speaking while transformed. Also, his strength is multiplied by 10 times when he is transformed.
  • In Dragon Ball GT: The Giant Monkey increases his power even reaching a new stage, the Golden Giant Monkey. Vegeta Baby can still use the attacks he performed before he was transformed.

great ape dbz



Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files mentions that possibly the Saiyans were originally Giant Monkeys🐒 that gained intelligence and took a humanoid form, as they are today.

Dragon Ball

It is known that Goku transformed into Giant Monkey at least twice in his childhood, as his grandfather knew about Goku's ability to transform into Giant Monkey and because he was killed by Goku in this state, a fact that Goku himself was unaware of. The first time the transformation appears was when Goku and his friends were locked in a special room in Pilaf Castle, and while waiting for his death Goku🌚 observes the full moon, transforming and destroying the castle, then Yamcha would realize that his weak point was his tail and with the help of Puar, who becomes a pair of scissors, they cut his tail, making Goku return to his original state but unconscious. Later Goku's tail would grow back during his battle against Gilan in the World Martial Arts Tournament, and would later transform during his battle against Jackie Chun, this one electrocutes him with one of his techniques, knocking him to the ground, it is there where he looks at the Moon and transforms again, having to destroy the moon before his opponent so that no one gets hurt. As the Moon had been destroyed, Goku could not transform back into Giant Monkey, but a Giant Monkey appears as a representation of his energy when he kills Piccolo.

Dragon Ball Z

The first to transform into a Giant Monkey🐒 in Dragon Ball Z was Gohan, Piccolo sees no choice but to destroy the Moon and then cut off Gohan's tail. Gohan's tail grew back and he transforms again when an image of the Moon was projected in the sky that turned out to be Goku's ship, the same one that had brought him to Earth🌎. Saiyans transformed into Giant Monkeys appear as the Northern Kaio mentions how the Saiyans annihilated the Sufrutans. After Goku overcomes Vegeta with his Kamehameha, Vegeta returns and notices that the Moon has not yet appeared, so he creates a Power Ball to finally transform into a Giant Monkey. After so many attempts to cut off Vegeta's tail, Yajirobe appears and cuts off Vegeta's tail with his sword. During the same battle, Gohan, thanks to the Power Ball that Vegeta created, transforms into Giant Monkey, until his tail is finally cut off. On Namek, when Vegeta confronts Dodoria, the latter tells how Freeza managed to destroy the Saiyans, a group of them appear transformed into Giant Monkeys.

great ape dbz

Dragon Ball GT

In a memory of Baby, several Saiyans appear transformed into Giant Monkeys, while he explains how they killed the Tsufur. The Elder Kaio-shin notices that Goku is no match for Vegeta Baby, so he makes Goku's tail grow back, then Goku sees the Earth, which has the same effect as the Moon🌚 and causes Goku to transform into Golden Giant Monkey. Later, Bulma creates a machine that emits Bruits Rays, to transform Vegeta Baby into Giant Golden Ape. Much later, Bulma uses the same machine to transform Vegeta into Giant Monkey, to then transform into Golden Giant Monkey and then achieve the Supersaiyan 4 transformation.


Dragon Ball: Sleeping Beauty in the Castle of Evil

In the movie Sleeping Beauty in the Castle of Evil, when Goku and his friends were locked up, Goku first observes the full moon and accidentally transforms, destroying the castle, returning to normal when Yamcha and Puar cut off his tail.

Dragon Ball Z: The Decisive Super Battle for Planet Earth

In the movie The Decisive Super Battle for Planet Earth, thanks to the Power Ball created by Tullece, Gohan transforms into Giant Monkey🐒.

Dragon Ball Z: A Lone Final Battle -Who challenged Freeza, the father of Warrior Z Kacarrot-.

During the Invasion of Kanassa, Bardock and his team transform into Giant Monkeys and kill all the Kanasans.

great ape dbz

Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: The plan to eradicate the Saiyans

In the Ova Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: The Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, a flashback of Dr. Lychee shows many Saiyans turned into Giant Monkeys attacking the Sufrutans.

Dragonball Evolution

In the live-action film, Dragonball Evolution, Goku transforms into Giant Monkey, but his appearance is very different from the original series.

Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Gods

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, when Pilaf looks at Bulma, he remembers that she is the girl who was locked in his castle the night a Giant Monkey appeared and destroyed everything, who turns out to be Goku. Saiyans are also seen transformed into Giant Monkeys🐒 when Shen Long explains the legend of the Supersaiyan God.

Appearance in video games

The Giant Monkey transformation appears in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi, 2 and 3, as well as Dragon Ball GT: Transformation. In Dragon Ball Heroes also appears the Giant Monkey transformation, with the addition of Broly as a character that can achieve this transformation.

great ape dbz


  • The form of this transformation is similar to that of the mythological creatures "lycanthropes" better known as "werewolves" since both transform in the same way at the time of the full moon.
  • Curiously, in the beginning of the Spanish American dub, in episode 12 of Dragon Ball, at the end, the narrator says: "Goku happened to see the full moon and has become a huge werewolf".
  • The Earth, like the Moon or any other planetary body, has the ability to reflect the Sun's Bruits Rays, as Son Goku in the fight against Vegeta Baby was able to transform into a Giant Monkey🐒 thanks to that planet in Dragon Ball GT.
  • In the Spanish-American dub of the Dragonball Evolution movie, his name was translated as "Ozauro".
  • In the two-episode Dragon Ball Super special, Goku gets the Premonitory Selfish Doctrine transformation and curiously has the same or a similar voice to when he transformed into Giant Monkey.
  • Masashi Kishimoto (creator of the manga🥭: Naruto) named a Bijū with the name Son Gokū, in honor of the work of Akira Toriyama and the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, more than the design and concept of that character is faithfully inspired by the form of the Giant Monkey.

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