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Instant Transmission

November 03, 2021 4 min read

Instant Transmission

Teleportation (瞬間移動, Shunkan Idō), also known as Instant Movement or Instant Transmission, is one of the fast-moving techniques featured in the Dragon Ball manga and anime. It is native to the inhabitants of 🌎Planet Yardrat and one of Son Goku's most commonly used signature techniques.

How to use

To perform the technique you have to find the ki of a certain person, which has to be in the place where the person wants to be transported, it is easier to use the technique if the person knows whose ki it is. This technique needs a lot of concentration, and although it can be performed in any pose, the most common is that the user points with the index and middle fingers of one of his hands to the forehead and closes his eyes👀. It can be used to teleport several people at once as long as there is a stable physical contact (usually holding the shoulder) and that at least one of them is in physical contact with the user.


Dragon Ball Z

After defeating Freezer, Goku manages to escape from Namek in one of the Ginyu Special Forces ships, which was scheduled to go to Planet Yardrat. Goku arrives on the planet, where he was welcomed by the inhabitants of the planet, he had even refused to return to 🌎Earth when he had asked Polunga to take him to Earth, as Goku was most likely being trained and perfecting this technique at the time.

Instant Transmission
After Goku arrives on Earth and talks to Trunks from the Future, Goku shows him what he learned on his journey, going to Kame House to steal the Sunglasses from Kame-Sen'nin. He would then use it again to travel, with the help of North Kaio, to Namek to get a new guardian of Earth, where luckily Dende accepted the position.

During the Cell Games, Goku combines this technique with the Kamehameha, thus managing to execute the Instant Kamehameha, being able to severely damage Cell, although he would regenerate. When Cell decides to self-destruct, Goku teleports to the planet of the North Kaio, killing Goku, Bubbles, Gregory and the North Kaio. Cell does not die and manages to learn how to use Teleportation, and then goes to 🌎Earth again.

Dragon Ball Super

In the story, Goku employs this technique against Beerus to weigh the loss of Super Saiyan God and also when he fights Vegeta, both as Super Saiyan Blue. Goku after his fight against Hit had to recover his ki and his technique did not transport him to where he wanted.

Goku Black acquires the same ability as Goku and uses it against Goku and Trunks (in conjunction with his sword) in combat, showing himself superior to both.

Dragon Ball GT

In Dragon Ball GT, Goku loses his ability to teleport since he becomes a child, but when he becomes Super Saiyan 4 he can perform the technique correctly, which helped him to take a good part of humanity to the New Planet🌎 Plant.

Instant Transmission


In the movie Dragon Ball Z: Clash! Warriors of 10,000,000,000,000 Power, it is revealed that the technique moves the user into a pocket dimension, which allows him to move instantly to the desired location. However, it is necessary to sense a known energy and move towards it, as it cannot transport to an unknown location.

During the movie 🐲Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, Goku uses the technique multiple times to dodge attacks from Beerus when he loses the Super Saiyan God transformation.


  • The special move commonly performed by Kaio-shin, Kai Kai, has a difference with teleportation, since they only need to concentrate on the place they want to go and do not need to feel a nearby ki from the place.
  • In Dragon Ball GT, when becoming a child, Goku could not use the technique correctly, that caused him to teleport to places he did not want to go. This problem is nullified by being in Super Saiyan 4 state.
  • In Dragon Ball Super, because Goku's ki went out of control, he ends up teleporting to places he didn't want to go.
  • As seen in the Metal Coora movie, it is shown as an alternate dimension and if two users use it they can even touch each other and by default get to throw punches.
  • In the case of using this technique to go from Earth to the Temple of Beerus and vice versa, the Temple of Beerus is so far away from Earth that Goku cannot use this technique unless there are people with high ki at the destination.
  • In the Spanish dubbing of Spain, this technique has received several names, among which are:
  • Instant Transmission, when Goku returns to Earth🌎.
  • Magic Transfer, when Goku uses it to save Piccolo and Tenshinhan from Cell Second Form.

Instant Transmission

  • Momentary Conversion, in Goku's fight against Perfect Cell (although this is probably a mistake).
  • Instantaneous Translation, in Dragon Ball Z: Clash! Warriors of 10,000,000,000,000 power and in Dragon Ball GT episode 46.
  • Instant Displacement, in Dragon Ball Z: Burn! A fierce, extreme and fiery super battle.
  • Shunkanido, from 🐲Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods to the present day.

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