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kaio ken

November 03, 2021 10 min read

kaio ken

The Kaio-ken (界かい王おう拳けん, Kaiō Ken) is an empowering technique that gives the user a multiplicative increase in power🔋, speed, stamina and use of the senses, whose enhancer can be increased according to the physical capacity of the user and handled temporarily for the period that the user wants or can.

It was created by the North Kaio of Universe 7 in the Other World, although he never managed to put it into practice until the arrival of Son Goku in the Saiyan Arc, who would learn the skill from Kaio and become the main known user of the technique in the 🐲Dragon Ball series.

Mode of use

The technique in its most basic state results in an increase of the user's base ki, increased strength, speed and agility of the body, as well as the senses. Depending on the multiplication of power is the type of Kaio-ken to use, the base or ordinary Kaio-ken multiplies by two of the user's base strength. However, despite the great advantages of the technique, it also has several disadvantages. The most important is that if the user multiplies his base ki beyond his physical limits, too much energy🔋 could accumulate inside his body, and he could be seriously damaged or suffer from paralysis/unspecified bodily injuries and die in very extreme and rare cases if the damage is excessive, in addition, the Kaio-ken causes great fatigue to the user of the technique.

kaio ken


Dragon Ball Z

Son Goku learned this ability thanks to the Kaio of the North, who told him that with this ability he could multiply his power level, but that he should use it carefully, because at that time, Goku was not so strong and using it too much could end his life.

In the Son Goku vs. Nappa fight, Goku uses it to paralyze Nappa, before he kills Gohan and Krilin.

Later, in the Son Goku vs. Vegeta fight, he uses it again and realizes that he could not defeat him with Kaio-ken even with Kaio-ken x2 and then Kaio-ken x3, causing him great damage. Goku then uses the Kaio-ken together with the Kamehameha, thus creating the Kamehameha Kaio-ken x3, then moving on to the Kaio-ken x4, saving Earth from destruction by Vegeta's Galick Cannon. In the Son Goku vs. Vegeta (Giant Monkey) fight, Goku again uses the technique, but Vegeta attacks him with his tail, surprising him by seeing that Vegeta was still agile despite his size.

Later, on Namek, Goku uses the Kaio-ken during his fight with Jheese and Burtta. He would later use it against Captain Ginyu, showing enormous power. After being healed in the Recovery Capsule, he uses the technique against Freeza.

When Freeza uses 50% power, Goku stops using Kaio-ken x10 and switches to Kaio-ken x20, being able to increase his speed and power, even damaging Freeza with a Kaio-ken Kamehameha, but it is not enough to 💪defeat him. Shortly after, Goku would transform into Supersaiyan, leaving the Kaio-ken sealed (so as not to use it again).

When Son Goku and Paikuhan were fighting in the Other World Martial Arts Tournament, Paikuhan performed a Hyper Tornado that trapped him, and Son Goku had no choice but to use the Super Kaio-ken. Goku broke free of the whirlwind, and then punched Paikuhan in the face, sending him flying into the Moon around the Tournament stage, after which Goku reverts to his Maximum Power Supersaiyan form. Goku never uses this technique again mainly due to the fact that the technique appeared in the filler material of the anime only, although it may also have to do with it being too risky to use this form while alive (as demonstrated by Son Goku after his death, exhausting himself after using it for a few seconds).

kaio ken

Dragon Ball Super

Goku again takes up this technique in his last battle in the Universal Martial Arts Tournament against Hit, to be able to cope with his Time Leap. Goku uses a combination of Kaio-ken and Blue Supersaiyan to greatly increase his power. However, Goku does not stop increasing his power until he reaches Kaio-ken x10 combined with this aforementioned transformation, which allows Goku to be able to easily dominate his fight with Hit for some time during the battle.

Goku counterattacks in his battle against Zamas Fusion using the Kaio-ken, and manages to destroy the ring of light around Zamas' back. While Goku is too worn out to attack Zamasanymore.

The latter uses it for the third time in his fight against Bergamo in the Exhibition of Everything Gathering, giving Goku the victory, surprising the other gods.

Hours before the Tournament of Strength💪 and to finish the battle against Gohan in the Ultimate State, Goku decides to use the Kaio-ken for the fourth time and thus achieve victory in that match.

In the Tournament of Strength, Goku uses the Blue Supersaiyan together with the Kaio-ken x20 against Jiren, but it is not enough to defeat him.

Later Goku uses Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan: Kaio-ken against Kafla Super Saiyan, which according to Whis, Goku knew he would not be able to beat her terrifying power without it, however, it still would not be enough against a more serious Kafla and he was knocked out by her with a single kick to the neck. It was also later confirmed that Kafla's power as Supersaiyana is higher than Goku's in his Supersaiyan form Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan: Kaio-ken X20, implying that Goku was using Kaio-ken X20 against her instead of his usual one.

When Goku and Vegeta begin their final battle against Jiren, Goku unleashes as much strength as he possibly could as Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan: Kaio-ken, which gives him more power than his previous use of X20 and thus breaks his limit. As a team, Goku and Vegeta (who had also broken his limits) attacked Jiren, who had revealed a hint of his true power, and managed to compete with him, even gaining an advantage at times, although Jiren was still easily released when Goku managed to hold him in place for Vegeta to fire his Final Flash at Jiren, once Jiren used his full power🔋, Goku, even alongside Vegeta Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan Evolved and Android Number 17, was overpowered.

kaio ken


In the movie 🐲Dragon Ball Z: The Strongest Subject in this World, Goku uses the technique to kill Misokattsun then to thaw from Ebifryer and Kishime's attack, and then kill them. He then uses the Kaio-ken x3 and x4 to fight Dr. Uirou.

Goku also uses it in Dragon Ball Z: The Decisive Super Battle Across the Earth, where he resorts to this technique to avoid being hit by Gohan who was turned into a giant monkey. He also used it to defeat Tullece's platoon and then uses Kaio-ken x10 to attack Tullece.

In Dragon Ball Z: Son Goku, the Supersaiyan, Piccolo gives his energy🔋 to Goku, Goku uses it to use Kaio-ken x100 and attack Slug.

Also, it is used in Dragon Ball Z: The Incredibly Most Powerful vs. the Most Powerfulafter Coora uses his fifth form, Goku uses Kaio-ken x20 to attack him, but is unsuccessful.

In Dragon Ball Z: Clash! Warriors with the power of ten billion uses Kaio-ken x20 to attack Metal Coora, but then uses Supersaiyan.

Other appearances

In the Planetary Prison Arc of Super 🐲Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission, Vegetto uses the Kaio-ken in conjunction with the Blue Supersaiyan to fight Cumber, while Gogeta Xeno uses it in combination with Supersaiyan 4 to fight the Demon God Salsa in Super Dragon Ball Heroes Universe Mission 9 (UVM9).

kaio ken

Variants and derivatives


  • Kaio-ken x2: Version of the technique where Son Goku increases his power twice using the Kaio-ken technique.
  • Kaio-ken x3: Version of the technique where Son Goku increases his power three times using the Kaio-ken technique. When Goku first used this variant, steam and electricity emanates from his body for a few moments.
  • Kaio-ken x4: Version of the technique where Son Goku increases his power four times using the Kaio-ken technique. Goku uses it in a Kamehameha to counter Vegeta's Galick Cannon. After using it, Goku's body is completely sore, being vulnerable to the slightest blow, such as when Yajirobe patted him on the back to congratulate him for thinking he had defeated Vegeta.
  • Kaio-ken x5: Version of the technique where Son Goku increases his power five times using the Kaio-ken technique. Although he never uses it, Goku mentions it after seeing Vegeta's transformation into Ozaru, pointing out that even using this version, he couldn't defeat💪 him.
  • Kaio-ken x10: Version of the technique where Son Goku increases his power ten times using the Kaio-ken technique. Goku used it at times to be able to maintain his fight against Freeza, when Freeza was not yet using 50% of his power.
  • Kaio-ken x20: Version of the technique where Son Goku increases his power twenty times using the Kaio-ken technique. Goku uses it when Freeza begins to fight with 50% power and managed to damage him, but could not keep it for long.
  • Kaio-ken x100: The variation of Kaio-ken with the highest multiplier in base state. It was used only once by Goku in the movie Son Goku, the Supersaiyan to fight and open a hole in Slug's body, but does not end up defeating him.
  • Super Kaio-ken (超界王拳, Sūpā Kaiō-ken): is a combination between the Maximum Power🔋 Supersaiyan and the Kaio-ken. By using the strength of Kaio-ken, Goku gets a massive power boost combined with that of Maximum Power Supersaiyan. It is a very dangerous technique for the user's body, and for that very reason Goku was only able to use it for only a few seconds. The fact that Goku was dead at the time he used this technique means that it prevented the destruction of his body. It is used in the filler arc of the Otherworld Tournament.

kaio ken

  • Maximum Kaio-ken (最大界王拳, Saidai Kaiō-ken): This is the full power version of Kaio-ken that can be combined with any transformation and is exclusive to the Dragon Ball Fusions video game, a game in which it was shown in a trailer that Son Goku could use Maximum Kaio-ken in conjunction with Supersaiyano 4: Kaio-ken, however, in the final version, this ability was replaced by Maximum Charge.
  • Supersaiyan 4: Kaio-ken (超サイヤ人4界王拳, Sūpā Saiya-jin Fō: Kaiō-ken): This is the Kaio-ken used while the user is transformed into the Supersaiyan 4 state. Gogeta Xeno manages to attain this state in the Dark King Mechickaboola Arc from Super Dragon Ball Heroes Universe Mission 9 (UVM9) to fight the Demon God Salsa. Gogeta Xeno acquires the reddish secondary aura of the Kaio-ken as a complement on top of the yellow aura of Supersaiyan 4 surrounding her and her body gains a more intense overall orange glow. In Dragon Ball Fusions, Son Goku can combine his Supersaiyan 4 with the Ultimate Kaio-ken.
  • Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan: Kaio-ken (超サイヤ人ゴッドSS界王拳, Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo Sūpā Saiya-jin: Kaiō-ken): This is the Kaio-ken used while the user is transformed into the Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan state. Goku manages to control this technique thanks to the extreme Ki control required by the Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan transformation and thus prevent his body from being destroyed (main reason why he never used Kaio-ken combined with Supersaiyan). Goku acquires the reddish aura of the Kaio-ken over the aura of the Blue Supersaiyan surrounding it and his body gains a more intense overall glow. For the fight against Hit, Goku admits that it is not a 100% mastered technique, however, in later arcs he is shown fighting more easily in this state.
  • Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan: Kaio-ken x10 (超サイヤ人ゴッドSS10倍界王拳, Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo Sūpā Saiya-jin: Jūbai Kaiō-ken): This is the Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan: Kaio-ken multiplied by ten. It is one of Son Goku's most powerful states in the anime (although Beerus clarifies that it is below his level). The aura of this technique is so intense that everything around the user turns reddish, his skin turns a dark pink and his hair a whitish-blue. The increase in power💪 and speed of this technique is so inordinate that Goku manages to gain total immunity to Hit's Time Leap. Even so, Goku cannot maintain this state for long, and usually uses it as a last resort when he wants to end a battle quickly. The significant stress generated by this technique caused Goku to suffer from delayed ki disorder days after its use and muscle cramps throughout his body immediately after using it. Still, the technique can be perfected to avoid such damage.
  • Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan: Kaio-ken x20 (超サイヤ人ゴッドSS20倍界王拳, Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo Sūpā Saiya-jin: Nijūbai Kaiō-ken): This is the Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan: Kaio-ken multiplied by twenty. Used against Jiren and Kafla in the Tournament of Strength💪.

kaio ken


  • Final Kaio-ken: The user charges up his Ki and then launches himself at the opponent with a kick, which sends him flying upwards.
  • Kaio-ken Attack: It is a combo of blows performed by Goku in his fight against Vegeta.
  • Kamehameha Kaio-ken:Variation of Kame-Sen'nin's Kamehameha technique with the Kaio-ken of the Northern Kaio.
  • Kamehameha Kaio-ken God x10: To use this technique, Son Goku transforms into Blue Supersaiyan, and with the power of the Kaio-ken x10 launches a powerful Explosive Kamehameha.

Appearance in video games

Goku can use it in the following video games: the Dragon Ball Z: Gokuden series, the Dragon Ball Z Arcade series, Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden, the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi series, Super Dragon Ball Z and in Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit.

In the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai and Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World series it is counted as a transformation rather than a technique. It is also available in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2.

In the Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors video game in Krilin's story mode, after Goku dies from the heart virus, he returns with the help of Uranai Baba, to teach him the Kaio-ken and Genki-dama, to protect the Earth in his place.

In 🐲Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z his variations of attacks appear.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse it is a technique usable by Goku, Krilin, Yamcha and the Patrolman (XV), regardless of their race, Kaio-ken and Kaio-ken x3 are obtained in Secondary Mission No. 6: Invade Earth, and Kaio-ken x20 in No. 9: Saiyan Pride. It is also present in the video games Jump Super Stars, Jump Ultimate Stars, Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game and Dragon Ball Online.

kaio ken


  • Chi-Chi's technique, Aura Ardiente, is mistakenly confused with the Kaioken, due to the fact that in Garlic Jr.'s Arc he uses a reddish aura after Maron called her "grandmother".
  • It was translated in Spain as Kaito's Strike, Kaito's Technique or Kaito Ken, depending on the episode of the series. In some video games it is called Kaio's Fist, being one of the techniques with more translations that had in that dubbing.
  • In the official website of the 🐲Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods movie, in the description of North Kaio says that "North Kaio teaches him the Kaio-ken and the way to collect the energy of the planet for the Genki-dama. Later he. leads to the training of Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Chaoz, and Piccolo using the same techniques that were successful with Goku." It is unknown whether this statement refers to teaching the Z Warriors Kaio-ken and Genki-dama techniques, or whether it refers to Northern Kaio training techniques.

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