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Kami dbz

October 27, 2021 15 min read

Kami dbz

The God of the Earth🌎 (神 様, Kami-sama), or Supreme in the Mediaset version of the anime, is the Guardian of the Earth, the one who is in charge of watching over the world and its inhabitants and preventing the onset of threats and evil.

Although he is the protector of the Earthlings, God is a Namek, one of the last survivors of his lineage. While still a child, he is rescued by his father to allow him to survive the disaster that strikes Namek. On Earth, the young man is corrupted by the evil that lurks in the hearts of men, and in order to become the guardian of the world, he frees himself from the evil hidden in his soul, giving birth to the Great Little Wizard.

Over the years, God becomes the guide and mentor of the young Son Goku and the Z Warriors, who will have recourse to the portentous Dragon Balls created by God, which will allow them to overcome numerous crises and represent the salvation of the Earth🌎 on numerous occasions.



God🙏 is a Namek, rather old in his debut in the series, and shares the same physical appearance as his peers. He wears rather simple clothes, a long white tunic, on which is embroidered the kanji "神"🇯🇵, which means god, and a blue cloak. To walk he leans on a wooden stick, although he doesn't seem to really need it.


Kami dbz

God is what is left of the son of Katattsu after the latter has purged the evil😈 lurking in his soul, as a result, his personality is aimed at goodness, altruism and generosity, although it retains a serious character, sometimes almost gloomy. God is very focused on his role as Guardian and Protector of the Earth, so much so as to arrive at the sacrifice in fighting with Piccolo during the Tenkaichi Tournament, convinced that he has avoided a confrontation with a threat he himself created for too long. He is also very humble, in fact he often wonders if, in light of the suffering caused by the Great Wizard Piccolo, he is still worthy of being the God of Earth🌎.

Powers and Abilities

Katattsu's son was one of the most powerful and talented members of the Dragon🐉 Family, the Namecian caste of mystics and wizards. When he split into two beings, most of his high fighting strength went to the Great Little Mage, while the magical powers remained with his good side, leaving God with the power to create the Dragon Balls.

As for its actual power, there is no official figure. The Weekly Jump magazine fixes God's power, at his meeting with Goku, at 220, even if the figure is rather unreliable, since anyway God proves to be, at times, more powerful than Goku and Mr. Popo, even if his sidekick can easily beat Goku on several occasions. According to a booklet published on the occasion of the release of the OAV Dragon Ball Z: The Great Battle for the Fate of the World, his fighting level is 400, which in Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game is raised to 2,000.

Special techniques and abilities

Kami dbz

  • Ki Control. God is able to control his own spiritual energy, a natural ability for members of his race.
  • Perception of ki. God can sense the ki of living things, determining where they are and how powerful they are.
  • Bukujutsu. Control of ki allows one to fly, even at great speeds.
  • 🌊Wave of Inner Energy. A technique that allows you to use your ki to attack and injure your opponent.
  • Magic Materialization. It is a typical ability of the members of the Dragon Family, and it seems to be essential for the creation of Dragon Spheres. It consists of the ability to magically materialize numerous inanimate objects, such as clothing. God is even able to restore the Moon, which Muten had destroyed to undo Goku's transformation into Oozaru.
  • Possession. God can take over another person's body, "putting their soul to sleep" for the duration of the possession.
  • Telepathy. God is able to read and communicate with other people's minds, even at great distances.
  • Art of foresight. This is a very powerful form of telepathy. It allows God to be able to see events occurring on Earth with extreme precision from his Sanctuary, and seems to allow him to observe the situation on other worlds or dimensions as well.
  • Namek Assimilation. This is the ability of Namekians to absorb the body, strength, memories, and experiences of one of their fellow humans. God gets assimilated by Piccolo to increase his power, and Piccolo had already assimilated a Namek before, namely Nail.
  • Mafuba. This is a technique created by Master Mutaito, which God chooses to use against Piccolo. It allows to confine the soul and body of an opponent inside a sealed vessel. The ideal technique for defeating someone without having to kill them.


The birth and scepter of God

The birth and the scepter of God. Several centuries before Son Goku's birth, a cataclysm of planetary proportions occurred on the planet Namek, wiping out nearly every form of complex life. A Namek named Katattsu, however, saved his son by sending him aboard a spaceship🚢 to the distant planet Earth, so that the Namek species could build a future there. The young Namek, after waiting for the return of his parents for years in the remote lands of Yunzabit, began to live on Earth, forgetting much of his origins, and living in contact with Humans began to develop and share many of their vices, accumulating a shadow of malice in his soul. The young man, one day, learned of the existence of God, and went to his palace, begged to be considered as his successor. The request was rejected, however, since God had perceived the wickedness of his soul. The Namek succeeded, after long meditation, to physically expel this evil, unintentionally giving birth to the Great Little Wizard, who descended to Earth and devastated it with demons to which he gave life.

Kami dbz
Not being able to directly face his double, the Namek was forced to bear the weight of the deaths and devastation on Earth, but fortunately, among the Humans arose the famous Master Mutaito, who sealed Piccolo inside an electric thermos, saving the Earth🌎. Some time later, the old God died, and the Namekian succeeded him as the new Guardian of the Earth. During this period, the new God created, following an instinct buried in his memory, seven mystical spheres, inside of which the spirit of a Dragon God found a dwelling place, and once evoked, he was able to grant a wish that was presented to him. God, who had lost all memory of his extraterrestrial origin, felt a great nostalgia in creating the spheres.

The return of the Great Little Wizard

After nearly two centuries of imprisonment, Piccolo is unwisely freed by Pilaf and his gang. Pilaf offers Piccolo to help him gather the Dragon Spheres, so that he can become young again (the two centuries during which he had been sealed had not prevented Piccolo from continuing to age) and complete his plans to conquer the world. Piccolo succeeds in his intent, and, after expressing his wish to the Dragon God, he kills the Dragon God🙏, to prevent the spheres from being used against him in the future. All seems lost: Piccolo, back in the full vigor of his youth, has recovered his full power, and seems unbeatable, and his sons have helped him to kill many of the most powerful warriors on Earth, including the young Krillin, Jiaozi and the old Muten, disciple of Mutaito who had tried to stop Piccolo using the Mafuba, but failed miserably.

However, a young man named Son Goku, aided by Master Karin, managed to emerge unscathed from an initial confrontation with Piccolo, and after passing the Majestic God's water test, he too gained new strength. Goku confronts Piccolo one last time, managing to prevail, even though he puts his own life at risk. Before dying, the Wizard manages to produce one last son, who is at the same time his reincarnation: Piccolo.

God immediately realizes the danger, and realizes that the Earth is not yet safe.
Kami dbz

After the battle, Goku returns to Karin, who reveals to him that in order to bring back to life the people killed by Piccolo, the Dragon Balls must be restored, and to do so, it is necessary to turn to God, who had created them. The boy wastes no time, and thanks to the stick Nyoi reaches the Shrine of God🙏. Here he is tested by Mr. Popo, God's assistant, before being admitted to the presence of the Protector of the World, but he decides to meet Goku without wasting any more time. When Goku sees God, he initially assaults him, thinking that Piccolo is still alive. God and Mr. Popo calm him down, and Goku is explained the origin of Grand Wizard Piccolo, who was once united with God. God agrees to bring back the Dragon Balls and also the Dragon God, stating that the balls can be used for benevolent purposes by pure people like Goku. God, therefore, has Mr. Popo rebuild the scale model of the Dragon God's body, and after infusing it with his magical energy, the Dragon spirit returns to the orbs, which shortly thereafter are used by Bulma, Yamcha, and Tenshinhan to resurrect Piccolo's victims.

Goku, however, does not join them, as he has promised God to stay at the Shrine to train for the next three years; the reason is that Piccolo has left behind a son who is already growing fast, and who will undoubtedly try to avenge his father's death. So Goku decides to work hard, and begins to train incessantly. During this period, God also decides to restore the Moon🌑, destroyed by Muten, and also to amputate Goku's tail, since he had the opportunity to see the uncontrolled power that the boy develops when he turns into a huge ape.

The new Piccolo and the Tenkaichi Tournament

The three years pass in a flash, and Goku leaves the Shrine to travel to Papaya Island, where the Tenkaichi Tournament, now in its 23rd year, will be held. God🙏 has warned him that Piccolo will participate in the tournament, and the boy knows that there is more at stake than the title of World Champion. Without telling anyone, however, God decides to participate in the Tournament himself, knowing that Piccolo is his responsibility, and it is up to him to try to remedy the situation. In order not to arouse suspicion, he takes possession of the body of a normal human being, and enters the Tournament under the name of Divo.

Kami dbz
He skilfully passes the preliminary rounds, beating even Yajirobei, who is the first to realize that behind Divo's mild appearance lies a higher power. During the semi-finals, he is drawn together with Yamcha, and is surprised when he realizes the boy's strength and talent. Nevertheless, he defeats him easily, although he urges him to train with constancy. During this confrontation, Goku discovers Divo's identity, and a few minutes later, he asks him what his intentions are. Divo explains that he wants to take care of Piccolo personally, and when Goku says that he is aware that Piccolo's death would also be God's death, as the two share the same soul⚫, Divo calms him down, saying that he has learned a "better way" from men.

The confrontation between Divo and Piccolo begins, and Dio immediately shows off his strength, although Piccolo manages to stand up to him. God understands that, having the body of an ordinary earthling at his disposal, he will never be able to match up to his enemy. Piccolo, however, reading Divo's mind "hears" these strange reasonings, and God, discovered, speaks to Piccolo in the Namecian language, so the opponent understands who he is dealing with. At this point, Divo throws a capsule💊 from which a small bottle comes out, and Piccolo realizes that God wants to use the Mafuba. Piccolo, however, manages to repel the wave and turn it against Divo, who is thus absorbed; God, not wanting to involve an innocent, abandons the borrowed body, and once the small bottle is sealed, Piccolo swallows it.

After defeating Tenshinhan, Goku reaches the final round against Piccolo. Soon, the clash degenerates into a no-holds-barred fight, and when the audience recognizes Piccolo (who entered the tournament under the name Majunior), panic breaks out in the stadium, the audience flees, leaving the two warriors free to fight unimpeded. Piccolo has an advantage: he knows that Goku cannot kill him, because in that case even God would die, especially since he is in the bottle🍶 that he swallowed.

However, Goku proves to be very cunning, and pushes👊 Piccolo to use the Kyodaika, which allows him to reach enormous dimensions; at this point, Goku manages to enter the enemy's stomach through his mouth, and comes out after retrieving the bottle in which God is locked up, and frees him by removing the cork.

Kami dbz

Free again, God offers Goku his help to beat Piccolo, but the boy refuses, wanting a fair fight. Piccolo, furious at having been tricked, resumes fighting with renewed ferocity, but Goku eventually manages to defeat him, though he leaves him alive. While Goku and his friends are intent on rejoicing over the victory✌, God prepares to deliver the killing blow to Piccolo, but Goku stops him. To convince him, God reminds his student that he can be resurrected with the Dragon Balls, but Goku is not fooled, and tells God that the balls will disappear with him. Muten tells God that all Earthlings are grateful to him, because without the Dragon Balls created by him, Earth🌎 would have seen its end long ago.

Goku also lets Piccolo go, even giving him a senzu to recover; God then offers to transfer him to the Sanctuary to take his place, but Goku refuses, and leaves with Chichi, to whom he has promised to marry her.

The return of Garlic

In the film Divine Vengeance, Piccolo is attacked by Garlic Jr., the reincarnation of Garlic, a demon😈 who centuries earlier contended with God for the succession of the old Earth Guardian. Garlic Jr. makes Piccolo attack knowing that he and God are one soul, and believing he has defeated his hated rival, prepares to collect the Dragon Balls to ask for eternal life. While collecting the orbs, Garlic's followers kidnap little Son Gohan, Goku's son, which prompts the boy to travel to Garlic's castle to rescue him. God also joins the battle, but is soon defeated by Garlic, and in order to defeat the enemy, God decides to sacrifice himself, killing both. God is saved by the arrival of Piccolo and Goku, who decide to team up to fight the common enemy. Garlic is finally sent to the Dead Zone, which he uses in an attempt to confine his opponents.

Invasion of the Saiyans

Five years after the Tenkaichi Tournament, the Earth🌎 undergoes the invasion of Raditz, a Saiyan warrior who reveals the mystery of Goku's past; the boy is also an alien, sent to Earth to devastate and conquer it. The Saiyans are now extinct, and Raditz demands that Goku embrace his heritage and join the few survivors. When Goku refuses, Raditz kidnaps Gohan, and gives Goku a day to slaughter the Humans and prove his loyalty. To face the invader, Goku and Piccolo join forces, and eventually prevail, though Goku loses his life in the confrontation.

Kami dbz
Since Raditz has anticipated that two more Saiyans, more powerful than him, will arrive on Earth in a year's time, God goes to the Underworld with Goku, to whom he has reunited the soul to the body, and asks King Enma, King of Hell, to allow the boy to travel the Way of the Serpent to get to the great King Kaioh of the North, who will train him.

To try to get more chanches, God🙏 also has Krillin, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Jiaozi and Yajirobei come to his Shrine so that they can train to face the invaders. In order to prepare them in the best way, God makes the group (except Yajirobei, not very interested in training) use a special time machine, called the Pendulum Room, which sends them to a planet conquered in the past by the Saiyans. The four of them face two warriors, Brock and Scarface, who despite their numerical inferiority manage to prevail over the Terrans. When the four return to the present, they are shocked to learn that the two Saiyans they faced were much weaker than those about to arrive on Earth.

A year after Raditz's death, his two comrades-in-arms, Nappa and Vegeta, arrive on Earth. God is very worried, because he is now aged, and knows that he doesn't have long to live, plus there is a possibility that Piccolo will die at the hands of enemies. In any case, he knows that the Earthlings will no longer be able to rely on the Dragon's spheres. Master Muten summons the Dragon God, and has him resurrect Goku, and God prepares to pick him up at King Enma's palace to teleport him to Earth🌎.

In the meantime, the battle with the Saiyans begins, and it already claims its first victims. Yamcha, Tenshinhan and Jiaozi are killed, and God makes sure that they can follow the same training as Goku in the Afterlife. When Goku arrives at King Enma's Palace, God brings him to Earth, and he does it just in time: in a few minutes, in fact, Piccolo is killed by Nappa, sacrificing himself to protect Gohan. God therefore dies, but in the last moments of his life he is able to express his happiness for the change of Piccolo, who seems to have abandoned the path of conquest.

As Piccolo joins Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Jiaozi to join King Kaioh, God is supposedly sent to Heaven😈, though neither the manga nor the anime show what happens to him.

Kami dbz
A few weeks after his death, however, Piccolo is brought back to life thanks to the Dragon Balls of Namek in order to join the fight with Frieza, so God also comes back to life, materializing at the Shrine before the astonished eyes of Mr. Popo. Thanks to the Kaioh King's instructions, God and Mr. Popo gather the Earth Dragon Balls and summon the Dragon God🙏, whom they ask to bring back to life all those on Namek who were killed at the hands of Frieza and his army. Afterwards, Polunga rescues everyone on Namek, which is close to destruction, except for Goku and Frieza, who intend to continue their fight.

Revenge of Garlic Jr.

A few months after Frieza's defeat, the Sanctuary is stormed by Garlic Jr. and his underlings; Garlic has managed to escape from the Dead Zone and is thirsty for revenge. He manages to take God and Mr. Popo prisoners, and then he spreads Black Water💦 all over the Earth, turning all the inhabitants of the Earth into violent beings without reason. After Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin free him and Mr. Popo, God obtains the sacred water, and defying the spirits of his predecessors in the Sanctuary's Inviolable Zone, he manages to spread the sacred water across the planet using the action of the winds, thus saving the Earthlings. Garlic Jr. is defeated again, confined once more to the Dead Zone, from which he will never leave.

The android threat and the reunion with Piccolo

A year after the destruction of Namek, Goku returns to Earth, but preceded by Frieza, who miraculously escaped the explosion of the planet, and his father, King Cold. The two aliens arrive on Earth a few hours before Goku, but are confronted and killed, along with their men by a mysterious Super Saiyan. Later, the young man reveals that his name is Trunks and that he came from the future to warn the warriors of a frightening threat. Three years from now, androids👾 created by Dr. Frost will appear, and no one will be able to stop them.

Three years later, in fact, two cyborgs🦾 appear and put the Z team in serious trouble, but it is soon discovered that they are not the same machines Trunks knew in his future: in fact, one of the two turns out to be none other than Gelo himself, transformed into a machine in order to live forever. When cornered, Dr. Gelo frees the cyborgs Number 18 and 17, who immediately rebel and kill him. These two opponents are far superior to the Super Saiyans, and quickly defeat both Vegeta and Trunks.

Kami dbz

God, however, has spotted another threat of which the other warriors are unaware: he has discovered that a mysterious being has arrived from the future, who has waited patiently for years before starting to slaughter humans, interested in their life energy. God knows that this new enemy is far more dangerous than cyborgs, and he begins to think that the only way to save the Earth🌎 this time is to reunite with Piccolo, and become the phenomenal warrior that the two once were. Piccolo also thought the same thing after being defeated by 18 and 17. When this one comes to God to ask him to reunite with him, God asks him for some more time to take a closer look at the mysterious creature. It doesn't take him long to realize that this being is becoming too powerful, and that it is the most powerful of enemies to ever appear on Earth.

God therefore agrees to merge with Piccolo; after saying goodbye to Mr. Popo, and thanking him for all his years of faithful service, God and Piccolo are reunited🤝. Piccolo, bolstered by his newfound strength, goes to confront the mysterious creature, who reveals that his name is Cell, and that he himself is a cyborg created by Dr. Frost.

With the fusion of God and Piccolo, the Dragon Spheres cease to exist. They will be restored a few days later, when Goku reaches the planet of Neo Namek and comes back with Dende, the new 🙏God of Earth. The reunion of God and Piccolo also has a second effect, but it will be discovered only in the sequel Dragon Ball GT. Returning to exist the son of Katattsu, in fact, in the Sanctuary are restored the spheres of the Dragon from the Black Star⭐, a series of spheres that the Namek had created before splitting into two beings.

Dragon Ball Super

He appears briefly, together with Nail, in the Saga of the Survival of the Universe, when he makes Piccolo understand that it is necessary to get up and continue to fight against Saonel and Pilina.

Appearances in video games

Kami dbz

God appears, as a non-playable character directly, in Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden, Dragon Ball Z Arcade, Dragon Ball Z: Goku Hishōden, Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen, Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Kakusei-Hen, Dragon Ball Z: The Legend, Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku, Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, Jump Super Stars, Dragon Ball Z: Bakuretsu Impact, Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu, Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2, and in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. He becomes a playable character, albeit in only one mission, in Dragon Ball Heroes.


  • 🇯🇵Japanese dubbing: Takeshi Aono †, Bin Shimada (DB Kai from episode 66)
  • Italian dubbing: Mario Zucca
  • English dubbing:
  • Ocean Group dubbing: Dale Wilson (DBZ episodes 6-22 (4-16 edited), 137-141 (122-126 edited)), Ward Perry (DBZ episodes 25-37 (18-27 edited), DBZ movie 1), Scott McNeil (young)
  • Dubbing by Funimation: Chris Forbis (DBZ episode 76 original (62 edited), Christopher R. Sabat (multiple media including episode 76 remake)
  • Dubbing Blue Water: Mike Shepherd
  • AB Groupe Dubbing: Ed Marcus
  • Spanish dubbing:
  • Latin America: Carlos Segundo (DB and DBZ), César Árias (DBZ Kai)
  • Castilian: Jorge Tomé
  • Portuguese Dubbing:
  • Portugal: António Semedo
  • Brazil: Fábio Tomasini (DB and DBZ), João Batista (La Vendetta Divina), Roberto Prates (DBZ Kai)
  • Hungarian dubbing: Antal Konrád
  • Croatian dubbing: Matko Knešaurek
  • 🇧🇪German dubbing: Rainer Doering
  • Greek dubbing: Themis Psihogios
  • Hebrew dubbing: Nir Ron, Giora Kenneth
  • Thai dubbing: Manoon Raeungchemeun
  • Tagalog Dubbing: Louie Paraboles
  • Vietnamese dubbing: Trần Vũ

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