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King Vegeta

October 20, 2021 4 min read

King Vegeta

King Vegeta (ベジータ王, Bejita Ò) was the king of all Saiyan, he is the father of Vegeta and Tarble. He was also the heroic commander of the Saiyan army, and led his people to victory in the Saiyan War against the Tsufuls, whose planet was renamed in his honor. After his people were subjugated to Freezer, he had no choice but to pledge allegiance, but retained power over his people.🧊

Characteristic and personality

King Vegeta seems to be a stoic, proud and haughty man. He was also a ruthless and merciless military commander who took pleasure in killing his opponents. These traits were passed on to his son. Although he was "king", he came to accept the fact that his people had no real freedom under Freezer, but he would not let his people feel that way.

When the TV Special was made, the manga had not yet mentioned the existence of Vegeta's father, which explains why he doesn't appear until much later in the TV series.

King Vegeta looks a lot like his son, he only has a beard and brown hair and is much taller than Vegeta. He wears the mark of the royal family on the left side of his armor, as Vegeta did as a child. He also has a large mark on the seat of his throne. Like his sons, his name is a pun on the English word "vegetable".

It turns out that King Vegeta's henchmen are actually the first unretained drafts of Bardock's companions.

These characters seem to have been disowned by Toei Animation during the elaboration of the first TV movie, because they were not really sympathetic for the spectators, although they appear discreetly on some sketches. This may be one of the hidden reasons of the behavior of King Vegeta's men towards Freezer.👑


Saga Freezer

King Vegeta appears for the first time during the flashback of episode 78. He kills a messenger because the messenger tells him that the conquest of Planet Tazba will take longer than expected. Freezer arrives and, wanting to get his young prodigy son under his ranks, gets into conflict with the king.

Ironically, this rebellion happens at the same time that Bardock is gathering all the Saiyans to fight together against the tyrant. King Vegeta gathers his best men and enters Freezer's ship. Unfortunately the confrontation turns out to be a total fiasco, his men are afraid of Freezer. As for the King, he is killed in one shot. Bardock and King Vegeta died on the same day, a few hours apart if not less.

This defeat will not destabilize Vegeta himself at the time of this revelation, arguing that he was already more powerful than his father at that time.

Movie 08 : Dragon Ball Z - Burn ! Bloody fight, fiery fight, super decisive fight !

King Vegeta

We discover a new aspect of King Vegeta since he opposes Broly to be part of the elite Saiyan, because his blood is not noble. The king of the Saiyans saw it as an affront that his son was not the legendary Saiyan and let his anger explode on Paragus and Broly. It is certainly the King who stabs Broly himself judging by the dagger emblem. This is certainly the most violent part of the Dragon Ball Z movies.🎥

Movie 14: Dragon Ball Z - Divinity and Divinity (Battle of the Gods

King Vegeta makes his return in the movie Battle of Gods. He met Beerus shortly before the extermination of the planet Vegeta.

It is almost a wink to the eighth movie but diverted since the church is kept but this time it is the King who is humiliated instead of Paragus. It seems that Vegeta and his father do not have their tails.

Movie 01: Dragon Ball Super - Broly

King Vegeta appears in the introductory flashback of the movie. He welcomes King Cold who has come to present his son Freezer, who will take over the army. The King of the Saiyans then sees the potential of the young tyrant during a demonstration of the use of scooters.

Later, he goes to check on his son, Vegeta IV, and is proud of the latter's potential, wishing more than anything that he would overthrow Freezer and then rule the universe, but he quickly and angrily discovers that another baby is in a capsule similar to that of his son and demands explanations, One of the doctors explains that it is Broly, the son of Paragus, and that he was born with a strength of 10,000 units, which is rare for a baby, his potential would exceed Prince Vegeta's by one notch, and that he could surely be the legendary Super Saiyan.

King Vegeta

Jealous, King Vegeta decided to exile Broly to the remote and hostile planet Vampa, hoping that he would die there. Paragus, having learned the news, asks the King for an explanation, the latter tries to drown the fish by telling him that Broly's abnormally high potential could represent a threat to the future of the Saiyan people, or even the entire universe. However, Paragus refuses to believe it and understands that the King got rid of Broly out of jealousy, which is confirmed by the King of the Saiyans telling him to be happy that he did not decide to kill his son. So Paragus fled to look for his son.

Five years later, King Vegeta died in the explosion of Planet Vegeta caused by an attack of Freezer.🪐



Like many Saiyans, King Vegeta has the ability to transform into Oozaru every night of the full moon.

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