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October 19, 2021 8 min read


Krilin (クリリン, Kuririn), called Krilin in Spain, is a character in the Dragon Ball manga and anime. He is one of the main disciples of Kame-Sen'ninWarrior Z, and Son Goku's best friend. He is, along with Bulma, one of the main supporting characters in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. He appears in Dragon Ball GT as a supporting character. In Majin Boo's Arc, he retires from martial arts, opting to start a family, as the husband of Android Number 18 and the father of Marron.🤖



His name is a combination between kuri (くり, kuri), Japanese voice for 'chestnut', and Shaolin (少林, Shàolín, saolín) from Mandarin Chinese.


He has six points on his forehead and shaves his head when exercising martial arts. Since Majin-Boo's Arc as a civilian, he usually wears a short black hair color, with some locks hiding part of his forehead points. As a Martial Artist, Kame-Sen'nin gave him the Turtle School Uniform, orange with dark blue ribbon (originally the costume was red and black ribbon), which he always wears except in Majin-Boo's Arc and with the background of the turtle insignia in white (yellow in Dragon Ball). He wore black Chinese slippers and occasionally the Heavy Combat Clothes worn by Son Goku with God. In the Majin-Boo Bow Tournament, he wears a red polo shirt and beige sweatpants. In Battle of Gods, he wears a green changshan with gray embroidery and the Turtle School kanji. In The Resurrection of 'F' and Dragon Ball Super he wears a police uniform and helmet and during his confrontation with Freeza's Army and in Universal Survival Arc he wears a light orange dogi with indigo blue wristbands and strap and Chinese slippers. In his free moments, he wears a scarlet T-shirt with the word "Tacos" and beige Bermuda shorts with blue shoes.

Krilin is a 153 cm tall Earth man who weighs 48 kg. In most media, the sclera of his eyes is flesh-colored except for the manga and the feature film Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, where it is white like the rest of the characters.




Originally in his childhood when he met Son Goku and they trained together with Kame-Sen'ninKrilin was shown as someone more ambitious, jealous and selfish who had little respect for the rules. He sought to do his best to be the master's favorite. After eight months of training, his attitude softens a bit when he sees the achievements he himself is making along with his partner in the Tournament preliminaries against the monks who bullied him at Duolin Monastery and he begins to feel some empathy for the Saiyan when he sees that he manages to face many difficult opponents, especially when he sees how Bulma and his other fellow adventurers supported him. Indeed, at the Red Ribbon Army Arch in the confrontation against General Blue and later at Uranai Baba's Palace, he was of great help to Goku.

When he faced Son Goku in his first training at the 22nd Edition of the World Martial Arts Tournament and after a short rivalry between the two (Krilin even admits that he detested Goku at first), he becomes Goku's best friend for life and his former personality becomes more caring and altruistic, even becoming one of the most tolerant of Goku's very carefree and playful personality. He has even managed to spare the lives of his enemies as in the case of Vegeta during the Saiyan Arc (at Goku's request), a decision that would benefit him and the Z Warriors later on. He also spares the life of Android Number 18, when presented with the opportunity to activate her shutdown sequence, due to the fact that he was in love with her (although this put his entire planet at risk as she was absorbed by Cell in order to complete her development). In a bit of ironic fortune, he later marries the beautiful android and they have a daughter named Marron.🦠

He is brave and resourceful, along with Yamcha, he adapted to a relatively more normal life than many of his friends, looking for women in his life. He is among the most "normal" of his fellow humans, as he can be seen wearing casual clothes in times of peace, in addition to his typical Turtle School Uniform, as well as participating in other daily activities and subsequently getting himself a job. As Goku's best friend, Krilin was one of the few to retain a prominent role during the story, even characters like Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Chaoz, Yajirobe, among others, were left behind. In general, Krilin is a highly valued character throughout Dragon Ball: powerful, loyal and bold; being the second character with the most appearances in the manga. Likewise, he is the most versatile and experimenting Terran Martial Artist, with a large arsenal of techniques as wide as the Saiyans, resorting to strategies that can lead him to defeat Son Gohan as an adult in base form during a training session.


  • 21st Tenkaichi Budōkai (Rank: Semifinalist)
  • 22nd Tenkaichi Budōkai (Rank: semifinalist)
  • 23rd Tenkaichi Budōkai (Rank: quarter-finalist)
  • 25th Tenkaichi Budōkai (Rank: Quarterfinalist, withdrew)
  • Manages to defeat several Freeza Soldiers.
  • In the Tournament of Strength, help get three opponents eliminated from the match (Dium, Shousa and Majora).


Dragon Ball🐲

21st Edition Martial Arts Tournament arc.

  • Krilin vs. 4 Monks (Past) = Defeat
  • Krilin vs. Tiger = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Goku (1) = Defeat
  • Krilin vs. Fighter 97 = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Monks = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Great Lee = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Bacterian (Quarterfinals) = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Jackie Chun (Semifinal) = Defeat


Red Ribbon Army Arc

  • Krilin, Goku and Bulma vs Pirate Robot = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Pirate Statue = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Pirate Doll = Victory
  • Krilin vs. General Blue = Defeat
  • Krilin vs. Dracula Man = Defeat

22nd Edition Martial Arts Tournament Arc

  • Krilin vs. Yamcha = Training
  • Krilin vs. Antonio the Great = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Participant Baldy = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Participant Crocodile = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Chaoz (Quarterfinals) = Victory
  • Krilin and Goku vs. Tsuru-Sen'nin = Interrupted (by Tenshinhan)
  • Krilin vs. Son Goku (2) (Semifinal) = Defeat

Demon King Piccolo's Bow

  • Krilin vs. Tambourine = Defeat (Death)

23rd Edition Martial Arts Tournament Arc

  • Krilin vs. Tenshinhan = Training
  • Krilin vs. Pablo = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Participant King-Boxing (knockout) = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Participant Moreno (elimination rounds) = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Piccolo (Quarterfinals) = Defeat

Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan Arc

  • Krilin vs. Raditz = Defeat
  • Krilin, Tenshinhan, Yamcha & Chaoz vs. Brocco & Panpukin = Defeat
  • Krilin vs. Saibaimen (4x) = Victory
  • Krilin, Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan and Chaoz vs. Nappa = Undefeated
  • Krilin and Piccolo vs. Nappa = Undetermined (Vegeta stops the fight)
  • Krilin vs. Nappa = Defeat
  • Krilin, Goku and Gohan vs. Vegeta = Victory

Freeza's Arc

  • Krilin and Gohan vs Demon of False Planet Namek = Undetermined
  • Krilin and Gohan vs. Squid of False Planet Namek = Victory
  • Krilin and Gohan vs Zarkuro and Lychee = Victory
  • Krilin and Gohan vs. Banan and Chopsui = Victory
  • Krilin and Gohan vs. Dodoria = Undetermined (Escapes)
  • Krilin and Gohan vs Ghurd = Interrupted (by Vegeta)
  • Krilin vs Recoome = Defeat
  • Krilin and Gohan vs. Ginyu = Interrupted (by Goku)
  • Krilin, Gohan and Goku vs. Ginyu = Interrupted (by Vegeta)
  • Krilin, Vegeta and Gohan vs. Freeza = Interrupted (by Piccolo)
  • Krilin vs. Freeza = Defeat (Death)


Bow of Garlic Jr

  • Krilin vs. Tard = Defeat (Death)
  • Krilin vs. Zald = Defeat
  • Krilin vs Piccolo = "Defeat" (it was a plan)
  • Krilin vs Garlic Jr = Undetermined
  • Krilin (Infected) and Piccolo (Infected) vs. Gohan = Interrupted (by Garlic Jr)
  • Krilin vs Vinegar = Defeat
  • Krilin vs. Garlic Jr. = Defeat

Android and Cell Arc

  • Krilin vs. Cell Imperfect = Undetermined
  • Krilin vs. Yamcha = Training
  • Krilin and Android Number 18 vs. Cell Semi-Perfect = Undetermined
  • Krilin vs. Cell Perfect = Defeat
  • Krilin vs. Cell Jr. = Defeat
  • Krilin, Tenshinhan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Yamcha and Son Gohan vs. Cell Superperfect = Victory

Bow of Majin-Boo

  • Krilin vs. Goten = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Goten = Training
  • Krilin vs. Super-Boo = Defeat (Death)
  • Krilin and Yamcha vs. Little Boo = Undetermined (Boo Escapes)

Dragon Ball Super

Freeza's Resurrection Arc

  • Krilin vs. Thieves = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Son Goku = Defeat (Friendly Battle)
  • Krilin vs. Freeza's Soldiers = Victory
  • Krilin, Piccolo, Gohan, Tenshinhan and Kame-Sen'nin vs. Ginyu = Defeat

Trunks' Arc of the "Future."🦾

  • Krilin vs. Thieves = Interrupted (by Great Saiyaman)
  • Krilin vs. Thieves = Interrupted (by Goku)
  • Krilin and Goku vs. Demon King Illusions Piccolo, Tambourine, Nappa, Vegeta, Special Forces Ginyu, Freeza, Cell, Super Boo, Dabra, Bulma and Raditz = Victory
  • Krilin vs Nappa (Illusion) = Victory
  • Krilin and Goku vs Super Shen Long Illusion = Victory

Universal Survival Arc


  • Krilin vs. Thief = Victory
  • Krilin and Cops vs. Thief = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Bald Thief = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Son Gohan = Training
  • Krilin vs. Son Goku = Interrupted (by Number 18)
  • Krilin vs. Number 18 Android = Defeat (training)
  • Krilin, Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan and Kame-Sen'nin vs. Lavenda, Botamo, Comfrey, Shousa and Dercori = Undetermined
  • Krilin, Kame-Sen'nin and Gohan vs. Dium = Victory
  • Krilin and Android Number 18 vs. Shousa = Victory
  • Krilin and Android Number 18 vs. Majora = Undecided
  • Krilin vs. Majora = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Frost = Defeat


  • Krilin, Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan and Kame-Sen'nin vs. Auta Magetta = Undetermined
  • Krilin vs. Frost = Defeat


Dragon Ball GT

Ultimate Android Arc

  • Krilin vs. Android Number 17 = Defeat (Death)

Arc of the Seven Evil Dragons

  • Krilin vs. Goku = Victory (Goku gets beaten)


Sleeping princess in the castle of the evil spirit.

  • Krilin and Goku vs. Ghastel's Army = Victory
  • Krilin, Lunch and Goku vs. Ghastel and his army = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Dragon Bird = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Lucifer = Defeat
  • Krilin and Goku vs. Lucifer = Victory

A great mystical adventure

  • Krilin vs. Metal Sergeant = Defeat
  • Krilin and Kame-Sen'nin vs. Metal Sergeant's Soldiers = Victory

The strongest guy in this world🗺

  • Krilin and Gohan vs. Ebifryer and Kishime = Defeat
  • Krilin, Gohan and Kame-Sen'nin vs. Dr. Cochin = Victory
  • Krilin, Gohan, Piccolo, Goku and Kame-Sen'nin vs. Willow = Victory

The decisive super battle for the whole Earth.

  • Krilin vs. Amond = Defeat
  • Krilin, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Chaoz and Yamcha vs. Tullece = Defeat

Son Goku, the Supersaiyan

  • Krilin vs. Slug = Defeat

The incredibly more powerful vs. the most powerful

  • Krilin and Gohan vs. Doore, Thouser and Naise = Defeat
  • Krilin vs. Thouser = Defeat

Clash! Warriors with a power of ten billion.

  • Krilin vs. Robotic Soldiers = Defeat (he gets kidnapped)

An extreme battle! The three great Supersaiyans

Krilin, Trunks, Piccolo, Vegeta, Goku and Gohan vs. Super Android 13 = Defeat

The galaxy is on the brink of danger! One subject too many

  • Krilin vs. Tournament Fighters = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Piccolo = Victory (Piccolo leaves the tournament)
  • Krilin vs. Zangya = Defeat



A dangerous duo! Super warriors never sleep

  • Krilin and Gohan vs. Broly = Defeat

The super warriors win! Victory will be mine alone

  • Krilin, Android Number 18, Trunks and Goten vs. Bio-Broly = Victory

The resurrection of 'F'

  • Krilin vs. Thieves = Victory
  • Krilin vs. Freeza's Soldiers = Victory


  • The six marks on Krilin's forehead are an incense or moxa burn applied during meditations in some Buddhist monasteries.
  • His favorite food is kani (crab).
  • In an interview, Akira Toriyama pointed out that Krilin does not have a nose because he suffers from a strange condition that allows him to breathe through his skin.
  • Krilin is the character who has died the most times throughout the series, although he has always been resurrected. He has died 3 times in canon, 4 times if we count Krilin from the future and 5 times if we count his death in Dragon Ball GT.
    • In Dragon Ball one death is recorded, when he was killed by Tambourine, Piccolo's demon henchman.
    • In Dragon Ball Z there are 2 deaths, one by Freeza who makes him explode on Planet Namek (according to a survey conducted in 2003, this was the most horrible death), and the second when Super-Boo decides to transform everyone into chocolate and then eat them.🪐
    • In Dragon Ball GT a death is recorded when Krilin stops Android Number 17 from mind-controlling 18.
    • In the alternate future Trunks is killed by 17 and 18 at the same time.
  • In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Super Krilin's hairstyle resembles Goten's in Dragon Ball GT, covering up only some of his forehead markings.
  • Comically, in the dub, Freeza says to Krilin: "Do you want to die again?", alluding to the fact that he killed him before (in the Trunks Special, such a scene is seen in the fight against Freeza on Namek).
  • In Dragon Ball Z episode 191, he can be seen with a nose.
  • Krilin was present against all the main villains in all their forms:
    • Besides when Vegeta first arrived, he also helped Goku against Vegeta Ozaru.
    • He was present against all 4 forms of Freeza (unless 100% Power is counted as transformation, which is not the case).
    • Attempted to fight against all 3 forms of Cell (Imperfect, Semi-Perfect and Perfect), and was present when he transformed into Super Perfect Cell.
    • He was present when Fat Boo was released, tried to fight against Super-Boo and in the Other World against Little Boo (although the latter only in the anime).


  • In an interview Akira Toriyama said that the Kienzan can cut through anything, being able to cut Freeza's tail despite the difference in power. However, in the anime when he throws it at Cell's neck it doesn't even scratch him and Gohan was able to stop it with his hand.
  • His eyes are like Yajirobe's, the funny thing is that Yajirobe was created by the author as Goku's companion after Krilin's death in the Demon King Piccolo Arc.
  • In the video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai there is an alternate saga in which Cell absorbs him and becomes Cellin, becoming weaker instead of increasing his Power Level.
  • He is one of the few characters allied with Goku who was not his villain-type enemy, but a sidekick with whom he didn't get along with at the beginning (he himself admitted that he disliked Goku as a child).
  • His line from the Saiyan Arc, "I'll show you the results of my training," is referenced in some other anime and manga.
  • On his cell phone, he has the opening theme song of One Piece as his ringtone, this is because he shares the same Seiyū who voices Monkey D. Luffy, plus Dragon Ball Z Kai / Super and One Piece share the same block on Fuji TV called "Dream 9" on Sundays.🐒
  • In the Dragon Ball XENOVERSE video game it is shown that Krilin is able to perform the Kaio-ken, even though he was barely training with North Kaio (something possibly "logical" since since since he married Android Number 18 his power has increased a lot, thus becoming recognized as the strongest human on the planet). However, he has never used it in the anime or manga.
    • Maybe the reason why Krilin does not use the Kaio-ken is because he, along with other Z Warriors, knows the great sacrifice that is given when using this technique.
  • Many know him with his name written in English Krillin, with the letter l repeated, since for English speakers this letter is repeated to pronounce the common letter l without error, so in Spanish we should say Krilin, with only one l.

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