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Marron dbz

October 26, 2021 5 min read

Marron dbz

Marron (マーロン, Māron) is the daughter of Krilin and Number 18, who would be born four years after the Cell Games and three prior to the threat of the genie known as Boo.



The name Marron comes from the French word for chestnut.


Marron is very giggly and calm, from a very young age she is very mature, which is demonstrated when Chi-Chi and Bulma fight👊, being a little more mature than them. She is very tender and spoiled. A recurring joke is that Marron drinks a lot of soda, so she has to go to the bathroom, she is also very friendly with Chaoz, as seen in Dragon Ball Super.


Marron is a blonde-haired girl, with somewhat tanned skin like her father, at first she has the features of her father's face, her face being a face without a nose and with small black eyes, although as she grows, her face looks more like her mother's, appearing a nose and her eyes become large and with a light blue iris; She is seen since she was about 3 years old, until she is 19 years old in Dragon Ball GT, so her appearance tends to change a little.

In her debut in Majin Buu's Arc, she wears a white shirt with a fuchsia dress over it, her hair is gathered in two pigtails, with two crimson-red bows, however later she does not wear her white shirt to only have the fuchsia dress. In Dragon Ball Super she wears a black dress with peach rain boots, a pearl bracelet on her left hand, silver earrings and her hair is loose in a mushroom hairstyle.

Marron dbz
After 10 years of the defeat👊 of the terrible Buu, Marron is already a teenager and wears a creamy brown dress and crimson high heels, with yellow stockings, her hair is in two pigtails. In Dragon Ball GT, she uses two pigtails that hang down her shoulders to her chest, she wears a pink hat and dress, and a white shirt under it, white socks🧦, and as for footwear, she wears yellow shoes with white line.


7 Years of Peace for the defeat of Cell

Marron was born in the Year 771, during the period of peace for the defeat of Cell, unlike the children of the other Z Warriors, she was never trained by her mother or father, which means that she has never shown any special ability or combat skills of her own; Marron was raised in Kame House.

Majin Buu Saga

Marron makes her debut when Gohan goes to Kame House to inform Krilin about the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament; she is shown playing with her ball, to which her mother comes out of the hut to inform that they will participate in the Tournament👊. When the long-awaited Tournament arrives, Marron goes together with her parents and is left in charge of Chi-Chi by Chi-Chi's decision.

When the bouts begin, Marron remains next to Chi-Chi and Bulma drinking a soda; when Chi-Chi and Bulma argue over which of their husbands or sons would be the winner, Marron remains supporting her mother, although in the end she is surprised to see how Mr. Satan supposedly defeats her. Satan supposedly defeats her, but Majin Vegeta arrives to the place killing a great part of the spectators, so Marron together with the other Z Warriors, leave to gather the Dragon Spheres, and revive the victims; later, Marron is taken to Kami's Watchtower, where she resides for some days, while they plan how to stop Fat Buu, however, the demon ends up transforming into Super Buu and goes to the sacred temple to kill the refugees.

Marron dbz

Marron witnesses how Super Buu kills Chi-Chi, and some time later when the monster escapes from the Hall of Spirit and Time, with a desire to eat chocolates, he sets out to kill everyone, but Krilin sacrifices himself in a futile attempt to save 18 and Marron, since they are also killed by Buu, being the first to be turned into chocolate bars, before the eyes of Bulma and Videl, who were after her and 18, bars that later, Buu eats.

Marron is revived with the help of Polunga, and happily gives her energy for Goku to perform a Genki-dama, and thus kill Buu once and for all, later Marron attends with her parents to the Capsule Corporation, where Bulma holds a party.

Dragon Ball Super

Months after Buu's defeat, she attends with her family to Bulma's birthday party at Princess Bulma, of which she would have no idea that Beerus would arrive to destroy the Earth🌎. Some time later she dies when Freezer destroys the Earth, however Whis turns back time, saving them. In Universe Arc 6, she attends the Universal Martial Arts Association Tournament held on the Planet of Nothing as a spectator.

She later appears at the victory celebration of Universe 7, in the Capsule Corporation showing herself as Chaoz carries her on his back flying.

10 years after Buu's defeat

Ten Years after Buu's death, she is already a teenager and has become friends with Bra and Pan. She goes to the Martial Arts Tournament, again just to watch her friends compete and witness Goku leave with Uub.

Dragon Ball GT

Marron dbz

Marron is infected by Baby, who implants his eggs in her brain and as they mature they spread the parasite throughout her body, so Baby was able to control her. She, like the rest of those infected by the parasite, would be transported to the New Plant, but in the end she is dewormed with the Ultra Divine Water💦 that destroys the parasite in her body.

Later she celebrates Baby's defeat, however the happiness is short-lived since her father is killed by Super-17, but in the end he is revived and she gives her energy again for Goku's Genki-lady.

Appearances in movies

The Ultimate Fight

Marron appears in Dragon Ball Z: The Ultimate Fight👊, she and her family go to Mr. Satan's house, where Mr. Satan demands 18 to pay him the amount of money he promised them if he let him win the World Martial Arts Tournament, Mr. Satan asks 18 for a favor, so Krilin must take care of his daughter who has the urge to urinate. She finally urinates on her father.

Goku and his friends return!

Marron attends the opening of Mr. Satan's fine luxury hotel🏩, where she is almost crushed, though her father saves her.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

She is one of the guests at the party, where she is seen playing with Chaoz and Puar; later she witnesses the summoning of the Super Saiyan God.

Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of 'F'.

She watches as her mother cuts her father's hair💇.

Appearance in video games

Marron dbz

He appears in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle as a playable character.


  • In GT, she says she is afraid of flying, while in Super she seems to enjoy it.
  • Although Marron in the end of Z has black eyes, in GT she has light blue eyes like her mother.
  • Apparently unrelated, but it's odd that she has a very similar name to her father's first girlfriend, Maron.

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