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Moro Dragon Ball

October 19, 2021 18 min read

Moro Dragon Ball

Molo (モロ, Moro[3]), popularly known under the infamous pseudonym of the Astrophage Molo (星喰いの̎モロ, Hoshikui no Moro), is an extremely powerful evil sorcerer and genocidal wizard who threatened to eradicate all existing life forms in Universe 7 over ten million years ago until being defeated by the Kaio-shin deities and imprisoned in the prison of the Galactic Police headquarters, which is the Galactic Patrol in the present day.👮

He first appears as the main antagonist of the Galactic Patrol Prisoners Arc from the Dragon Ball Super manga.

It is now clear to me that no being in this universe possesses the power necessary to seal my magic, what a wonderful feeling to not have to fear that anymore.
- Molo addressing the Great Kaio-shin of Universe 7


Creation and concept

Toyotaro wanted Molo to feel like a completely evil being, a guy who, like the Great Demon King Piccolo, could look and instantly sense that he had to be defeated. The mangaka didn't want to leave the feeling that this was a villain who might later end up becoming an ally. To achieve this, he based Molo's design on Western-style demons, especially those in the shape of a goat, as well as giving him a cape and hood that invokes the Angel of Death from the 15th.

For Toyotaro, the horns are the most difficult part of drawing Molo, since, unlike the horns of a normal goat, this one's horns curl upwards at the end. Although he designed Molo himself, he ended up regretting including this element.

Toyotaro was having trouble getting Molo's horns exactly right without using a reference, so he went in search of physical goat figures to work with, but couldn't find one that met his needs. Eventually, the mangaka ended up adding to the horns of a goat figure with putty to create his own reference model.


The character's name can be traced back to Moloch (מלך, Mlk in Hebrew) or Moloch Baal, a god of Canaanite origin who was worshipped by the Phoenicians and possibly the Carthaginians and Assyrians, who regarded him as a symbol of purifying fire and for whom they performed human sacrifices. This deity is usually represented as a mouflon or a goat.

Other possible origins of the name Molo could come from the inversion of the syllables of "lomo", a Spanish word used gastronomically to refer to the cut of meat from the dorsal region of slaughter animals, or from "moro", a traditional Japanese gastronomic dish prepared with salmon shark meat (Lamna ditropis).


Moro Dragon Ball

Molo has the appearance of an old Asian mouflon or anthropomorphic blue-skinned ram. It has red eyes, a long white beard, with two large horns protruding from its head, long dark nails and portions of fur on its shoulders, as well as a bulge on its upper back. He usually wears a brown hooded cloak, for most of the time. This combat attire is just a bare minimum between his belt, baggy pants, and the bandages placed on his forearms and calves. He is also quite tall despite the fact that his body to the outside eye appears quite thin and frail. After having absorbed all of Son Goku and Vegeta's energy, his appearance undergoes a considerable change. Molo becomes noticeably younger with an upright posture and a less wrinkled face. He also gains greater musculature and his beard is dramatically reduced to a more adaptable length.

The symbol engraved on Molo's belt is actually the equivalent of the letter a in the alphabet of the Vialactense language.


Molo is an individual endowed with immense perseverance and an infallible intellect. On the other hand, he is a being full of evil, being his most notable trait, his egocentrism, despising all his adversaries and living beings in general, whom he considers as "snacks". In the same logic, he is cruel and merciless, he has no qualms about absorbing the vitality of the planets for his personal pleasure and killing anyone who satisfies his insatiable hunger for energy.



More than ten million years ago, Molo threatened to wipe out all traces of life in Universe 7. After having extinguished the Iragi star system and started to absorb all the vital energy of a planet close to where he was, he was confronted by the Great Kaio-shin and the Southern Kaio-shin; both fought hard with the sorcerer, being at a great disadvantage and about to lose, until the leader of the Kaio-shin decided to exchange most of his divine power to seal Molo's magic with his Kai Kai Matoru. The Great Kaio-shin opted to hand him over to the Galactic Police, ancient predecessor of what is today the Galactic Patrol, which originally planned to give him the death penalty for being convicted of the mass extermination and genocide of at least 320 planets and the Iragi star system, being found guilty of all charges, but, as it was impossible for them to carry out such execution due to his high level of power, it was established that he would be imprisoned in the Galactic Prison for the rest of his life.🚓

Galactic Patrol Prisoners' Arc

Main article: Arch of the Prisoners of the Galactic Patrol.

In the Year 780, Molo's seal of magical power was broken, allowing him to escape from the Galactic Patrol prison along with Cranberri, a former Freeza soldier who was also being held in the same prison. A sub-faction of said space police, led by the group of Merus, the most recognized and powerful Galactic Patrolman, goes to Earth to take Majin Boo away, because the Great Kaio-shin of Universe 7, which he absorbed eons ago, is required to help stop Molo.

Molo and Cranberri find themselves, in a spaceship stolen from the Galactic Patrol, heading for the New Planet Namek to search for the Namekian Dragon Spheres. During the trip, Molo detects the energy of an individual following him and warns his pilot to hurry to reach the planet. Once he lands on Namek, Molo is greeted by Goku and Vegeta who were already there. Hungry, Molo uses his powers to drag Esca out of a nearby house; he takes him hostage, and threatens to end his life. Vegeta kicks him in the arm and forces him to release the boy immediately and then challenges him to a battle. Soon after, Vegeta and Molo begin the fight; but the sorcerer is not surprised by the power of the Supersaiyan. After exchanging a few blows, Molo removes his robe and reveals his true form. Now ready to fight in earnest, he tells Vegeta that if he wants to see his magical powers, he'll be happy to demonstrate his abilities. Molo conjures up a wave of earth energy from the planet itself to attack him. Vegeta pretends to be outmatched by the wizard and asks him what he plans to accomplish with the Dragon Spheres if he is already very strong. Molo reveals to him that he wants to regain his original power with which he would have had no problem defeating him in Supersaiyan God. The Saiyan becomes Blue Supersaiyan and manages to put Molo under pressure, and once he gets in trouble, Cranberri starts to run away, which surprises Goku and Vegeta. Taking advantage of this moment of distraction, Molo accumulates the planet's life energy in his mouth, causing Vegeta, Goku and the Namekians to weaken without their knowledge. However, to Goku and Vegeta's surprise, Molo does not throw it in an attack, but eats it, which made him more powerful. The sorcerer provokes Vegeta to attack him again, but the Saiyan realizes that he can no longer transform into Supersaiyan. He then quickly grabs him by the face and throws him against the rock, telling him that he was also hiding his true intentions.

After becoming stronger, Molo still attacks Vegeta mercilessly, to which Goku intervenes unsuccessfully. The Saiyan prince tries to attack him with the Galick Cannon, but the sorcerer simply absorbs the entire technique and gets his energy. Molo grabs the two Saiyans by the neck and absorbs their last energies, giving him a younger appearance; and leaves with Cranberri in search of the dragon spheres, leaving the Saiyans for dead.

Three days later, Molo has seized three spheres and heads to the Tsuburi village to start a massacre. At that moment, the patriarch of the village smiles and tells him that it will soon be the end of him because the Messiah of Namek is coming to defeat him. However, upon his arrival Molo pierces the warrior's chest with his arm without even looking at him, killing him on the spot while sarcastically mocking the situation.

Moro Dragon Ball

After destroying the village, Molo manages to locate the dragon spheres he was looking for and goes to the hideout where Goku and Vegeta are taking refuge to take possession of the last magic object, although he is surprised to see them still alive. Without any strategy and with the effect of their wounds still present, the two warriors go out to confront him, but they are prevented by the unexpected arrival of Merus, who manages to trap Molo with a net designed to capture him. The patrolman brings Jaco and Majin-Boo with him so that the latter could seal Molo's magic once again. Seeing his archenemy, consumed with rage, the villain breaks free and engages in a fight with the demon, whose memories of the Great Kaio-shin of Universe 7 within him are recovered. During the fight, what was expected to be a triumph for Molo, does not turn out as the sorcerer expected due to his unusual inability to absorb Majin-Boo's energy, as well as being surprised by his opponent's new power.

To Molo's good fortune, Cranberri manages to finish the search for all the spheres and summon Polunga. The sorcerer makes his comrade use the second wish to restore his magical power completely. Immediately sensing the authentic force flowing into him, Molo stands up and heads to where the divine dragon is, knocking down Vegeta and Goku on the way. However, Cranberri is still determined to make his wish, and within moments of making his wish, Molo appears behind him and slays him after penetrating his abdomen with his hand, leaving him with the third wish for himself. Goku and Vegeta confront him again, to which he says that they will soon find out what his last wish was and retreats to a nearby cliff. He then hides his energy so as not to be discovered and begins to move at full speed around the planet.🐐

Soon after, Molo attempts to extract all of Namek's energy, but is interrupted by the appearance of Goku, Vegeta and the Great Kaio-shin of Universe 7 who have teleported to his location. Molo claims that the Kaio-shin's abilities will no longer torment him, as he has exceeded his power limit. However, the Great Kaio-shin stands his ground and orders Molo to return to the galactic prison, that otherwise, he would seal him with his magic again. Despite this, Molo ignores him knowing that he lacks the power he once had and cannot even perform that move. The sorcerer kicks the Kaio-shin into outer space where the two Saiyans cannot follow and proceeds to overwhelm his opponent with his superior power. During the battle, Merus appears and distracts Molo long enough for the Great Kaio-shin to grab him and teleport him back to Namek, where Goku and Vegeta are waiting for him. When Vegeta tells him that he is going to destroy him, Molo laughs, telling them that they have forgotten their third wish.

As chaos ensues in the Galactic Patrol prison, Molo confirms his last wish: that all the prisoners in the galactic prison be released. At that moment, a huge spaceship appears, led by the escapees who fire an energy beam at Goku, Vegeta and the Great Kaio-shin. Sagambo, one of his most loyal allies, bows to him. Returning the gesture, the magician praises him for the small army he brought with him and will empower them all.

Molo orders the prisoners to attack and they do his bidding. However, seeing that the Saiyans still put up resistance, the wizard again absorbs Goku and Vegeta's energy, causing them to lose the Blue Supersaiyan transformation and return to God Supersaiyan. While Molo forms a large sphere in the sky, Goku tries to reach him but Sagambo comes out to defend him, however, in the middle of the journey the Saiyan descends again to Supersaiyan 3, and the convict hits him.

Moro Dragon Ball

After rejoining, Goku asks Molo why he is doing all this. He replies that he wants to create an ideal galaxy where he can eat planets freely and getting allies is just one of his means to carry out his plan. He also adds that he hates with all his soul the peaceful world that people want to protect and believes that those people should disappear.

However, when the trio seemed doomed, Merus and Jaco arrive on Namek to help their companions. Molo watches from afar while the Great Kaio-shin flees with Esca, while Goku does the same with Jaco and Merus, except Vegeta who decides to stay but then decides to escape in Irico's ship.

Fusion with the planet and defeat

Upon being defeated by Goku with the Selfish Doctrine, the Saiyan would try to convince Molo to return to prison, and in return, he would give him a Hermit Seed. Molo would lie that he would, and eat the seed, being cured. Molo would attack Goku, but would only break his hand in the process. Goku would try to convince him to train his abilities to become more powerful without the need to devour planets, to which Molo would again refuse, considering the training "for wimps". Molo hated feeling so weak before a "race that emerged only a few years ago," and would continue to refuse the offer to surrender to Goku.

Goku would activate the Selfish Doctrine again, and it would explain that Merus was his master in mastering the technique. Molo, hearing this, would retrieve his hand that had copied the angel's powers, and obtain his own version of the Selfish Doctrine. The two would fight evenly, until Molo's body began to mutate because it could no longer contain the divine power. Despite Goku's warnings to abandon that power, Molo continued to attack. Finding it necessary to obtain a body that could withstand the power of Merus, he fused himself with the planet.[6] Molo's fusion would threaten the planet's future.🪐

Molo's fusion would threaten the very life of the universe, as at some point it was going to explode and cause a supernova. Likewise, Molo would lose his sanity, though he would remain determined to defeat Goku and continue consuming everything in his path. The only way to defeat the sorcerer was to destroy the crystal in his head, which contained the power of Merus. With difficulty and thanks to the help of Vegeta's Forced Spirit Partition and Oob's divine power, Goku would manage to destroy the crystal in Molo's forehead, and with that kill the Astrophage once and for all.

Despite the fusion with Molo, OG73-I would manage to survive the sorcerer's death, although it would take him months to rebuild himself. The wizard's death would be a major blow to OG73-I. 


Being an extremely powerful and skilled sorcerer, he possesses several unique abilities that serve them well. Molo is able to gather all life on a planet into a sphere of energy, which he then consumes, as well as being able to tell when someone is sensing his life energy, surprising the ki sensor.


The mage boasts a fairly high level of power, but his magical strength is even greater. Molo was able to hold the upper hand in a battle against the Great Kaio-shin of Universe 7, who had all his divine power, and the Kaio-shin of the South, and was only defeated when the Great Kaio-shin sacrificed most of his divine power to seal Molo's magic.

His high level of strength has made it impossible for any member of the Galactic Patrol, including the super-elite Merus, in the last ten million years to execute him. Even Son Goku was shocked after sensing his ki.

However, Goku and Merus fear his magical powers more than his fighting strength. When facing Vegeta on New Planet Namek, Molo has the advantage over him as an ordinary Supersaiyan, but is quickly overpowered by the prince of the Saiyans transformed into God Supersaiyan. Despite being shocked by the power of his enemy, Molo was still confident that by using all his magical power, he can defeat Vegeta.

By using his magic to manipulate New Namek's life energy, Molo gains an advantage over Vegeta, but Vegeta blocks his point attack with Blue Supersaiyan. Once again, Molo is defenseless against the warrior, who easily avoids attacks and is able to hit him. However, when Molo fills up by absorbing Namek's energy, unbeknownst to his enemy, Goku notices that Vegeta would probably not be able to defeat him without using Blue Supersaiyan.

Molo easily pummels Vegeta, who can no longer even become Supersaiyan due to him absorbing most of his energy. Molo then proceeds to also easily defeat Goku and drains his life force along with Vegeta's to partially restore himself.

Having regained some of his authentic magic, Molo proved strong enough to kill the Namek Messiah without even looking at him. However, Molo is at something of a disadvantage when fighting Fat Boo, who has recovered his memories and the latent potential of the Great Kaio-shin of Universe 7. Although he is able to stab Boo without him being able to react in time, as well as relatively withstand some of the offensives, Majin-Boo gradually overpowers him, largely because Boo is immune to his magic and ability to regenerate. Fat Boo notes that in terms of power, Molo is a "wimp" compared to him.🌌
Moro Dragon Ball
However, once Molo restores his full magical power, he is able to overcome the Great Kaio-shin of Universe 7, his greatest threat, without receiving a scratch.



Main article: OG73-I.

After being reverted to his weak, old state by the forced partition of Vegeta's spirit, Molo mutates into a new form by absorbing the android OG73-I, who had previously copied all of his power, after devouring him completely.

The resulting fusion, known as Transformed Molo (変へん身しんしたモロ, Henshinshita Moro), is even more powerful than the astrophage was after draining the life energy of beings and planets for several months, as well as having all the absorbed android's own abilities, including unlimited energy and copying the abilities of anyone whose neck he touches, gaining overwhelming strength that completely surpasses the combined power of the Z Warriors. However, after Merus destroyed the gems in his head and hands, he loses the ability to copy new abilities.

In this new form, the astrophage returns to a youthful, muscular state, undergoing a series of noticeable changes to his physique that no other power augmentation had previously shown, visualized primarily in the loss of his ram-like facial structure, acquiring the more humanoid facial features characteristic of OG73-I, including a half-gem on his forehead and in the palm of his hands.

Supreme Selfish Doctrine

Main article: Supreme Selfish Doctrine.

After absorbing and assimilating the abilities of the apprentice angel Merus, Molo acquires the ability to access this state of mind of the gods, which exists as a superior entity of "self-movement mastery", which causes the evil astrophage to possess the ability to optimally control and make use of the perfect and authentic version of the eponymous state of mind and ability.

This state, or transformation in Molo's case, and supreme psychological ability separates consciousness from the body, allowing the sorcerer to move and fight independently of his thoughts and emotions. It is an extraordinarily difficult technique to master completely, even for deities such as the Gods of Destruction, being achieved optimally only by the Saiyan Son Goku.

In this form, Molo's physical appearance does not differ much from the one he presents when he absorbed the android OG73-I, with the difference that the marks falling from his eyes and the fur found on his shoulders, back and legs turn a silvery-grayish color, a common feature in users who manage to access the full form of the Selfish Doctrine.

Having the abilities of an angel, and by the very nature of this state, Molo has an abysmal power when he manages to reach this form, managing to have a balanced fight against Son Goku, another user of the Selfish Doctrine much more experienced in the use and control of it. However, it is because of this enormous power and lack of training that the astrophage's body eventually begins to deform and grow amorphous.

One with the Earth

Main article: Earth.🌎

Upon becoming an amorphous being, because his body cannot withstand the power of the Selfish Doctrine he has absorbed from Merus, Molo ends up being surpassed by Son Goku so before falling defeated for good he makes a drastic decision and fuses his own body with the Earth, thus having no limit to his new power.

Moro Dragon Ball

In this state, Molo can manipulate the geography and geology of the planet to attack his opponents, even making the landscape take on the appearance of his face or any part of his body, so that if any of them wanted to kill him they would have to destroy the Earth itself. Its power is such that it could destroy an entire galaxy if its great accumulation of energy were to explode. The only weak point of the astrophage in this state is the great gem on his forehead, so to defeat him it would be necessary to destroy this gem as Merus did before.

Being one with the Earth, Molo can absorb the life energy of both the planet itself and all its inhabitants.


  • Absorption: Molo encloses his opponent in energy and forcibly devours him, absorbing him and gaining his abilities.
    • Mimicry: after absorbing the android OG73-I, Molo gains the ability to copy all of his opponent's abilities without any time limit after touching the back of his neck.
      • Piccolo's abilities: abilities that OG73-I copied from the Namekian Piccolo, which Molo can now use.
        • Makankosappo: Molo can shoot a beam of energy from his fingers.
        • Regeneration: Molo can regenerate from any wound, no matter how serious it is.
      • Vegeta's skills: skills that Molo copied from the Saiyan prince Vegeta.
        • Big Bang Attack: an offensive ki blast, as well as one of Vegeta's most representative techniques.
        • Spiritual Control: the ability to control ki to a greater-than-average degree.
          • Forced Spirit Splitting: advanced spiritual control technique that allows Molo to split his opponent's life energy.
      • Merus Abilities: the abilities that Molo copied from the apprentice angel Merus.
        • Selfish Doctrine: divine state of mind and supreme psychological ability that separates consciousness from the body, allowing Molo to move and fight independently of his thoughts and emotions. It is an extraordinarily difficult technique to master completely, even for deities such as the Gods of Destruction.
  • Maximum Power Energy Ball: Molo can absorb energy and turn it into a sphere that he can use offensively against his opponent, or he can consume it to increase his power.
  • Chou Makouhou: It can shoot a wave of energy from its mouth.
  • Merciless Strike: Molo pierces and pierces his opponent's abdomen with just one arm and a single blow. The astrophage uses this attack to assassinate the Namek Messiah without even looking him in the face.
  • Magic: despite his great fighting skills, Molo's true strength lies in magic. Most of his techniques and abilities derive from the use of magic.
    • Energy Absorption: Molo is capable of draining all the vital energy of all living beings on a planet and even entire solar systems and gathering them into a sphere of heat that he uses to absorb it through his mouth and become stronger.
Moro Dragon Ball
      • Immortality: Molo is able to increase his life expectancy by draining the energy of other living beings without any apparent limit. However, he may eventually die of natural causes if he stays away from any life form he can drain.⚔️
    • Magic Barrier: using his magic, Molo is able to protect himself with a shield around his body.
    • Imprisonment Ball: using his magic, Molo immobilizes his opponent's limbs after enclosing them in energy spheres.
    • Cloning: using his magic, Molo can create illusory duplicates of himself to fool his opponents, however, the duplicates will disappear with just one hit.
    • Scanning: using his magic, Molo is able to scan the cosmos to find planets or locate certain beings or objects.
    • Electric Discharge: after absorbing the vital energy of a celestial body, Molo releases large amounts of electric discharges.
    • Manipulation of the vital energy of planets: thanks to his magic, Molo is able to manipulate the vital energy of the planet he is on for offensive or defensive use, being able to do so until the planet runs out of energy.
    • Telepathy: using his magic, Molo can force an opponent to relive a memory from his past, being able to visualize it himself. Likewise, he is also able to communicate telepathically with others or listen to others' telepathic conversations.
  • Image Illusion: Molo can create illusions by moving at high speed to deceive his opponents.
  • Ki Burst: The most basic form of using ki.
  • Ki Sense: Molo is able to sense and perceive the ki of other living beings, as well as being aware when someone tries to sense his.
  • Telekinesis: he can control and move objects through the use of his mind and use it to his advantage in the form of asteroids or javelins.
  • Ki transfer: Molo can transfer his own energy to other beings to increase their powers, as he did with his fellow prisoners of the Galactic Patrol.
  • Flight: the ability to fly through the use and control of ki.


Dragon Ball Super


  • Molo vs. Great Kaio-shin of Universe 7 and South Kaio-shin = Defeat

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc

  • Molo vs. Vegeta (base, Supersaiyan, Supersaiyan 2, Supersaiyan God, Supersaiyan Blue, Supersaiyan Blue Perfected Evolved) = Victory
  • Molo vs. Son Goku = Victory
  • Molo vs. Son Goku and Vegeta = Victory
  • Molo vs. Tanisshi = Victory
  • Molo vs. Messiah of Namek = Victory
  • Molo vs. Irico and Merus = Undecided
  • Molo vs. Boo Gordo = Undetermined
  • Molo vs. Cranberri = Victory
  • Molo vs. Great Kaio-shin of Universe 7, Son Goku (Blue Supersaiyan), and Vegeta (Blue Supersaiyan) = Indeterminate
  • Molo vs. Great Kaio-shin of Universe 7 = Undetermined
  • Molo vs. Merus = Undetermined
Moro Dragon Ball
  • Molo vs. Son Goku (Blue Supersaiyan Enhanced) = Undetermined
  • Molo vs. Son Goku (Premonitory Selfish Doctrine) = Victory
  • Molo vs. Android Number 17 and Android Number 18 = Undecided
  • Molo (base, Transformed) vs. Vegeta (Evolved Perfect Blue Supersaiyan) = Victory
  • Molo (Transformed) vs. Son Gohan, Son Goku and Piccolo = Undetermined
  • Molo (Transformed) vs. Son Goku (Perfected Blue Supersaiyan) = Victory🥊
  • Molo (Transformed) vs. Son Gohan (Ultimate State) = Victory
  • Molo (Transformed) vs. Piccolo, Jaco Thilimentempibossi, Android Number 17 and Android Number 18 = Victory
  • Molo (Transformed) vs. Merus = Undetermined
  • Molo (Transformed) vs. Son Goku (Premonitory Selfish Doctrine) = Victory
  • Molo (Transformed) vs. Merus = Undetermined
  • Molo (Transformed) vs. Son Goku (Supreme Selfish Doctrine) = Defeat
  • Molo (Transformed, Supreme Selfish Doctrine) vs. Son Goku (Supreme Selfish Doctrine) = Undetermined
  • Molo (One with the Earth) vs. Son Goku (base, Perfected Blue Supersaiyan, Supreme Selfish Doctrine) and Vegeta (Evolved Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan, base) = Defeat DEATH


Moro Dragon Ball
  • Molo shares similarities with Tullece and thus the Sacred Essence Tree.
    • Like the Sacred Essence Tree, Molo's magic consumes a planet's energy and life force, and he can share it to strengthen his minions in the same way Tullece does with the Fruit of the Sacred Essence Tree.
    • Just as Tullece gains followers, including freeing Amond from a Galactic Patrol prison, Molo frees multiple prisoners from the Galactic Prison to search for planets to consume.
    • Both have a cybernetic member among their henchmen: Cocoa and OG73-I.

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