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October 27, 2021 3 min read


The nameks are an extraordinary race🚗, endowed with enormous vitality compared to earthlings. They are asexual beings who reproduce their offspring orally. In their society, it is only the Nameks who belong to the "Ryuzoku" (Family of the Dragon) who can reproduce. The Family of the Dragon can also produce a specific warrior-type offspring that can protect them from any invaders. There is a subtle balance in the population of the two Namekian species, which most likely contributed to the successful reconstruction of planet Namek after the climate disaster in the year 261. Another characteristic of this race is the ability to immediately regenerate all injuries, whether it is an abrasion, cut, or repulsion wound. Also, all Namekian children master the Namek language from birth, and learn to fly very quickly thanks to their innate aptitude for Ki control.


  • Green skin
  • Nervous systems
  • Healing power
  • Reasonable power level



Among the people of the nameks, the principle of equality prevails. They have a "family"👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 society. Guru leads all the nameks: he protects, guides and advises them. He is not a political leader, but he is literally the "father" of planet Namek. The nameks, who live in different villages, dedicate their bodies and souls to Guru. At the head of each village is a village headman, who is elected by Guru for his wisdom or performance of good deeds. All administrative duties are assigned to the village head. Thus the inhabitants of each village obey their head for the organization of agricultural and other activities. Agriculture, by the way, is the only real activity; the rest of the work is limited to the construction of houses. The society of the nameks is the prime example of a decentralized structure. There are two types of nameks on the planet, the warriors and the healers. The healers all belong to the "Family of the Dragon" and, as their name suggests, are highly skilled in healing illnesses and injuries. The Family of the Dragon🐉 are also the only Nameks capable of creating dragonballs. The warriors protect the Family of the Dragon.


The nameks live by farming. They do not hunt. Since the nameks can live on water alone, why are they still growing "ajissa" crops? After the meteorological disaster, the nameks stopped believing in the miracles of science. They swore off any form of technology, and returned to an agrarian society in balance with nature. Thus, they led a very modest life.

Very little is known about any cultural activity on planet Namek. Spiritual games🎮 - in the form of friendly competitions - are said to exist among the nameks.

"God" for the nameks is a created being: the dragon🐉 Porunga. But it is especially Guru who is almost idolized: after all, the father dreamed about Porunga, and afterwards conceived him. But perhaps in this case we should speak of "respect" or "family love" rather than "religious faith".

The body


The nameks are vegetable, and could be classified within the plant kingdom. They are a highly evolved form of the plants and trees we know on Earth. Nameks can survive on a diet of only water💦. Their bodies are made up of plant fibers, which allows them to regenerate damaged limbs like plants can, as long as their central nervous system is not completely destroyed. This is similar to a plant being able to regenerate its leaves, as long as its genetic code is intact. Thus, it happens very often that when a namek is injured or a part of its body is infected, for example, it will independently amputate the body part in question and reform it as new within half a minute.

Famous nameks

  • Piccolo
  • Dende
  • Guru
  • Kami
  • King Piccolo
  • Lord Slug
  • Moori
  • Cargo
  • Nail
  • Tambourine

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