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Nappa DBZ

October 20, 2021 5 min read


Nappa (ナッパ, Nappa) was one of the survivors of the explosion on Planet Vegeta.🪐

Characteristic and personality

He was part of Vegeta's entourage while Vegeta was still a child. He distinguishes himself from the other Saiyans by his fiery character. As a member of the Saiyan elite, he has the honor of serving the royal house, but despite his noble rank, he does not have a prestigious position as a warrior of Freezer. His fighting potential reaches 4000 units.

He is about 50 years old, he has hair in the first TV Special. Like most men under Freezer's command, he wears a scouter.

Nappa has a destructive personality and indulges in violence continuously. Indeed the first thing he asks on Earth is to raze a city. The anime develops this aspect when Vegeta allows him to spend his nerves on the earthlings while waiting for the return of Goku.

He is still an arrogant Saiyan with his opponents and humiliates his enemies. However, he uses his muscles more than his brain which is fatal during his first fight with Goku.


During a flashback of episode 104, Nappa makes a nice come back. He seems to be the most shocked of the 3 Saiyan to have lost his people.


Tatta hitori no Saishū Kessen

Nappa still has some hair left. He follows the young prince Vegeta around. That's probably why Freezer unwittingly spared him because he was staying by the young prince's side.🧊

Indeed Nappa is an elite Saiyan who was entrusted with the training of the young prince Vegeta. He was on a mission with him when the planet Vegeta was destroyed by Freezer. He has remained as his bodyguard ever since.


Dragon Ball Z

Saga of the Saiyan

He overhears the conversation between Raditz and Piccolo and decides with Vegeta to come to Earth to take the Dragon Balls and express the wish to become immortal. When they arrive, Nappa destroys a city in the vicinity and is reprimanded by Vegeta because he risks destroying the Dragon Balls. They analyze the surroundings to find the strongest warrior, who happens to be Piccolo, and leave to join him.

They find Piccolo, Gohan, Kuririn, Yamcha, Ten Shin Han and Chiaotzu. Nappa comments on their weak power but Vegeta tells him to be aware that they can vary it. He then plants 6 Saibaimen to test the earthlings. The first one is defeated by Ten Shin Han and is killed by Vegeta because of his weakness, the second one kills himself and Yamcha. In rage, Kuririn kills 3 Saibamen in one attack and Piccolo kills the last one. Nappa then prepares to fight.

Nappa cuts the arm of Ten Shinhan with a disconcerting ease. In front of this scene, Chaozu commits suicide to try to save his friend but Nappa survived, Ten Shin Han then used the Kikoho and died of exhaustion leaving only a quick fright on Nappa. Piccolo and Kuririn are finally saved in extremis by Vegeta who grants them a truce, the latter is very curious to see Kakarot again.

After 3 hours, the fight resumes, Piccolo thinks of using the weak point of the Saiyan, namely their tail. But this plan fails, Nappa having trained on this point unlike Raditz.


Despite Kuririn's valiant fight back, Nappa just misses to finish him off. Gohan only listens to his anger and manages to strike a blow that knocks down the thick brute. Furious then he prepares to eliminate Gohan, Piccolo protects Gohan at the expense of his life.

Despite the anger of Gohan and his powerful Masenko, Nappa remains unharmed. Goku intervenes and saves Kuririn and Gohan. Vegeta's scout indicates at this moment a potential higher than 8000. Nappa refusing to believe this information faces Kakarot.

Goku dominates the fight against Nappa, and hits him several times with the intention to avenge his friends one by one. Not losing his vitality, Nappa loses his temper, and it is Vegeta who violently lectures him.🧒

After regaining his composure, Nappa counterattacks again with his best techniques, matching Goku's Kamehameha. As the fight drags on, Vegeta orders him to step back. He takes the opportunity to finish off Gohan and Kuririn but Goku stops him with Kaio-Ken.

Disabled, Nappa begs Vegeta to help him but the Saiyan prince kills him, considering him as a waste from now on. His death shows how cruel Vegeta is towards his fellow creatures, especially towards his faithful teammate who had stayed with him since his childhood.

Dragon Ball Super

Saga of Trunks of the Future

Like many other enemies of the past, he appears as an illusion in the Forest of Terror when Son Goku and Kuririn go to search for the Heavenly Grass for Kame Sennin. Although Nappa did not kill Kuririn in the past (as did Tambourine, Freezer and Super Boo), his appearance seems to have terrified him, although he tried to neutralize him using a Taiyoken and a Kienzan, these attacks did not work on him, Kuririn will finally manage to defeat Nappa's illusion by overcoming his fears of the past.🐉

Dragon Ball GT

Super Saga N°17

When the two C-17s merge their energy to open the dimensional portal between Earth and Hell, Nappa escapes from Hell. He starts to destroy a city. Vegeta has just arrived, Nappa wants to take revenge on the prince of the Saiyans but the latter kills him, again, with a Kikoha.

Saga of the evil dragons

He is seen in Hell with General Blue, and the Metalic Sergeant attacking Piccolo, the latter beats them, then, easily.



Being a Saiyan of elite rank, Nappa's power was incredible and enough to destroy entire cities with only two fingers and to defeat without difficulty Son Goku's friends. His potential is estimated at 4,000 but he managed to resist Son Goku towards the end of the fight while the latter was at 8,000 according to the manga. Nevertheless, we have to remember that this figure was indicated in the Daizenshu and not in the manga. This figure seems indeed a bit disturbing because of his fight against Gokû.


Giant Monkey

Nappa is able to transform into a Giant Monkey.🐵

Giant Monkey (Dragon Ball Online)

Nappa was supposed to appear as a Giant Monkey in the video game Dragon Ball Online, however although he never appeared in this form in the game, he was still implanted in the database of the game making it possible to obtain this image.

Super Saiyan

Thanks to the customization of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Nappa is able to transform into a Super Saiyan.


Super Saiyan 3

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Nappa is able to transform into Super Saiyan 3.



Natz is the result of the fusion between Nappa and Raditz via the Fusion Dance. She was introduced in the manga spin-off of Dragon Ball Fusions.

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