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perfect ultra instinct

November 02, 2021 3 min read

perfect ultra instinct

Ultra Instinct (🇯🇵Japanese: 身勝手の極意 [Migatte no gokui], pl. in the anime Ultrainstinct, pl. in the manga Ultrainstinct, English: Ultra Instinct) - a divine technique, a state that Son Gokū first achieved in the 110th episode of Dragon Ball Super.

It boosts power incredibly, as Whis reports that its secret lies in instinctively machinating movement without wasting time thinking while performing attacks and dodges. Son Gokū took this form after being overwhelmed by Jiren Genki-Dama's😁 reflected energy. In this form, he successfully fought the warrior of the Eleventh Universe, but after a brief exchange of blows, the transformation stopped working and Son Gokū was severely injured. The level returned in episodes 115 and 116 for the fight with Kafla, but immediately after defeating her, the transformation stopped working and Son Gokū had to go to some place of safety.

The form reappeared in episode 128 during the fight with Jiren, while in the next episode Gokū fully mastered the power of Ultrainstinct, at which time his hair took on a silver hue and he himself became stronger.

perfect ultra instinct

Level characterized (uncontrollable Ultra Instinct)

  • slight change in hairstyle,
  • a blue aura mixed with light blue, resembling flames,
  • silver eyes with pupils,
  • serious facial expression
  • user emits a lot of heat and energy,
  • a cry of Ōzaru,
  • user's body is able to perform actions such as dodging automatically without thinking,
  • weak punch power🔋,
  • level is very difficult to control,
  • the user's exhaustion is greater the more they master the form.

Level features (fully mastered Ultra Instinct)

  • silver hair,
  • complete mastery of the power Migatte no gokui,
  • Blue-silver aura,
  • increased muscle mass;
  • greater strength than in transitional form,
  • lower energy🔋 consumption.

Technique Variants

Whisa version

Kansei migatte no gokui (🇯🇵Japanese: 完成身勝手の極意 [Kansei migatte no gokui]) - Whis - unlike the variant used by Son Gokū - does not emit heat or energy. This variant does not change the appearance of the user. The rest of the features are the same. There is no or minimal energy consumption in this variant. In the 129th episode of DBS, Gokū also fully masters this form, but his appearance is still different from the basic form, suggesting that different races undergo the effects of Migatte no gokui differently.

perfect ultra instinct

Gokū version

Migatte no gokui 'kizashi' (🇯🇵Japanese: 身勝手の極意 "兆" [Migatte no gokui "kizashi"]), a variant of Son Gokū that he used up until DBS episode 129, has all of the characteristics listed above, but is distinguished by its massive energy consumption, which makes Gokū extremely exhausted and incapable of fighting without a moment's rest immediately after finishing a fight and transforming to his base form.


The power of this level is definitely more powerful than SSJ Blue: Kaiō-ken (this is evidenced by the fact that Kafla, as a SSJ, was able to keep up with Gokū in this form, and later, in response to Migatte no gokui, transformed into SSJ2 despite the fact that her power increased, which was stronger than SSJB + Kaiō-ken x20, she lost). This level also gives the user great movement speed and the ability to immediately strike after dodging and vice versa.


  • The only known users of this level so far are Whis😁, Beerus (only in the manga) and Son Gokū.
  • There is speculation in fan circles as to whether Jiren is also a Migatte no gokui user, but this has not been proven.
  • The Gods of Destruction along with Beerus were not able to fully master Migatte no gokui, but only partially. This was confirmed in one of the episodes by Whis.
  • In the second half of February 2018, a scan of the April issue of V-Jump hit the internet, showing Gokū using Migatte no gokui fully. The magazine was officially scheduled to hit the market on February 21. The accompanying engraving in the gallery reads as follows: "Son Gokū's final form. His body spontaneously reacts to every attack and counterattacks. The most powerful Son Gokū in history."

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