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Piccolo DBZ

October 14, 2021 10 min read

 Piccolo dbz

Piccolo (ピッコロ, Pikkoro, Piccolo in namekiano.png in namekiano language) or Piccolo Jr. (ピッコロ・ジュニア, Pikkoro Junia), also known under the pseudonym Ma Junior (マジュニア, Ma Junia), is one of the main characters appearing in the Dragon Ball manga and anime and its related sequels.

He is a Namekian who emerged after being created in the last moments of his father's life, being his current reincarnation. Although he was initially Son Goku's archenemy, over time he became less evil until finally becoming a kindly being and a member of the Z Warriors. Over time, he also began to grow fond of his disciple Son Gohan, whom he saw as a kind of "offspring" and formed a bond of friendship with him.⚔️


 Piccolo dbz


His name Piccolo (ピッコロ, Pikkoro) comes from the instrument Piccolo Flute which is Italian for "Little Flute". Within the series itself, Piccolo (Piccolo in Namekian.png) is said to mean "otherworldly" or "open" in the Namekian language.

Creation and concept

Piccolo, besides being a representation of a green slug from Mozambique, is inspired by an Akira Toriyama hero who fought in his nightmares, curiously with the monster that inspired the creation of Freeza and his race.


The most notable feature in Piccolo is his skin tone, which is green in color. He has very large ears and antennae on the top of his head. On his arms and legs he wears some sort of pink circles (yellow in the manga and in the Dragon Ball Super: Superhero feature film), the outline of which is red. As a child, he wore a purple robe with orchid-colored long sleeves and his father's 'Demon' kanji on the robe. Growing up, he wears a purple dogi, blue belt (red in the manga and some movies) plus brown shoes. He also wears a white cape and a snow-colored turban with a purple top that carry extra weight on top, emulating the Kami shirt and attachments worn by Goku. He usually takes off his cape and turban when he goes to fight for real, and in Dragon Ball Z episode 125 he was seen wearing civilian clothes: a long-sleeved purple shirt and a yellow shirt over it with gray pants and a blue, white and red cap.

Piccolo is a Namekian who is 226cm tall and weighs 116kg.


Piccolo was originally a villain, as was his father. During Martial Arts Tournament 23, he shows almost no mercy to his opponents, such as when he breaks all of Goku's limbs while laughing sadistically, believing it was necessary after what Goku had done to his father. Despite this, he possessed a sense of good, once saving a mother and child from debris during a storm. Later, when he and Son Goku go to battle Raditz, Piccolo began to show more honor during the battle, even commemorating Goku in his noble sacrifice and during the battle against Nappa, he praised the bravery and tactics of the other Z Warriors. Despite his gradual shift towards a heroic attitude, Piccolo can still be rude and confrontational towards people he deems foolish, inferior or unnecessarily violent, he is also very direct and honest when giving his opinions about a situation or an individual, although they can be considered very derogatory. In Latin American dubbing, the word "sabandija" is often used to denote this.

After training and befriending and mentoring Gohan, his personality quickly changes as the hybrid Saiyan takes time to talk to him and have normal conversations. During the battle with Nappa, Piccolo goes so far as to sacrifice his life to save Gohan, indicating how their friendship had changed him forever. Piccolo has stated that Gohan was the first person to not see him as a monster and was proud to call him his friend.

 Piccolo dbz

During the Android Arc and Cell continues to have a somewhat arrogant personality, to the point of saying that he is only using the Z Warriors so he can one day conquer the world (which Krilin nonchalantly knew was all hearsay). After merging with Kami he becomes kinder, showing suffering every time they kill a lot of people, as was the case with Cell and later with Fat Boo, he even feels guilt when he tells Super-Boo that he still has humans left to kill (to give them more time to train Goten and Trunks).

Piccolo proves to be analytical and strategic in battle. He learns quickly from his mistakes and makes good use of all the resources at his disposal, which compensates for his lack of transformations like the Saiyans or Freeza's Race have. After his fusion with Kami, he becomes much wiser by acquiring all his knowledge to such an extent that he learns the weaknesses of Goku and the Z Warriors, as he tells Goku when he mentions that as a young man he could not endure long in the Hall of Time. However, he still maintains his lone wolf attitude similar to Android 17, and only opens up with very few characters such as Gohan, Dende and even when he helps raise baby Pan. He is shown to be very observant, when he observes the weak points of Trunks and Goten's fusion steps.🐺


Dragon Ball

23rd World Martial Arts Tournament arc.

  • Piccolo vs. Police Dogs = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. 2 Earth Military = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Participant Red Belt (knockout) = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Participant Boxer (knockout) = Victory🥊
  • Piccolo vs. Krilin = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Shen = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Son Goku = Defeat

Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan Arc

  • Piccolo vs. Raditz = Undetermined
  • Piccolo & Goku vs. Raditz = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Gohan = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Saibaimen = Victory
  • Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Chaoz, Krilin and Gohan vs. Nappa = Undecided
  • Piccolo and Krilin vs. Nappa = Undetermined (Vegeta stops the fight)
  • Piccolo vs. Nappa = Defeat (Death)

Freeza's Bow

  • Piccolo vs. Tenshinhan, Yamcha and Chaoz = Training
  • Piccolo vs. Freeza = Victory
  • Piccolo, Kurilin and Gohan vs. Freeza = Defeat

Bow of Garlic Jr.

  • Piccolo vs. Kame-Sen'nin (Infected), Bulma (Infected), Spice Boys and Yamcha (Infected) = 'Defeat' (Let Infected)
  • Piccolo (Infected) vs. Krilin = 'Victory' (it was a plan)
  • Piccolo (Infected) vs. Gohan = Interrupted (by Krilin)
  • Piccolo (Infected) and Krilin (Infected) vs. Gohan = Interrupted (by Garlic Jr.)
  • Piccolo and Gohan vs. Garlic Jr. = Victory

Arc of the Androids and Cell

  • Piccolo and Gohan vs. Goku = Training
  • Piccolo, Tenshinhan and Goku vs. Dr Gero = Undetermined
  • Piccolo vs. Dr Gero = Victory
  • Piccolo, Tenshinhan and Trunks of the Future vs. Android Number 17 = Defeat
  • Piccolo vs. Cell Imperfect= Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Android Number 17 = Interrupted (by Cell)
  • Piccolo and Android Number 17 vs. Cell Imperfect = Defeat
  • Piccolo vs. Cell Jr. = Defeat
  • Piccolo, Krilin, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Vegeta and Gohan vs. Super Perfect Cell = Victory
 Piccolo dbz

Bow of Majin-Boo

  • Piccolo vs. Shin = Defeat (Piccolo surrenders)
  • Piccolo vs. Dabra = Undetermined
  • Piccolo vs. Babidi = Victory
  • Piccolo and Gotenks vs. Super-Boo = Defeat

Dragon Ball Super

Arc of the God of Destruction Beerus

  • Piccolo, Android Number 18 and Tenshinhan vs. Beerus = Defeat

Resurrection of 'F' Bow

  • Piccolo, Kame-Sen'nin, Gohan, Tenshinhan, Jaco and Krilin vs. Freeza's Soldiers = Victory
  • Piccolo, Gohan and Gotenks vs. Tagoma = Victory
  • Piccolo, Kame-Sen'nin, Gohan, Tenshinhan and Krilin vs. Ginyu = Defeat

Arc of Universe 6 vs Universe 7

  • Piccolo vs. Gohan = Training
  • Piccolo vs. Frost = Victory (Victory is given to Piccolo, because Frost cheats)

Universal Survival Arc


  • Piccolo vs. Gohan = Victory
  • Piccolo and Gohan vs. Tenshinhan and Goku = Undetermined
  • Piccolo, Gohan, Tenshinhan, Krilin and Kame-Sen'nin vs. Botamo, Lavenda, Comfrey, Shosa and Dercori = Undetermined
  • Piccolo vs. Dyrasem = Undetermined (interrupted by Ribrianne)
  • Piccolo vs. Rubalt = Victory
  • Piccolo and Gohan vs. Harmira and Prum = Indeterminate
  • Piccolo and Gohan vs. Saonel and Pilina (1) = Undetermined
  • Piccolo and Gohan vs. Saonel and Pilina (2) = Victory
  • Piccolo & Gohan vs. Gamisalas = Victory
  • Piccolo and Gohan vs. Shantsa = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Damom = Defeat


  • Piccolo vs. Hyssop, Oregano and Sorrel = Undecided
  • Piccolo, Freeza and Son Gohan vs. Basil, Bergamo and Lavenda = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Dyrasem = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Mulithim = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Gamisalas = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Damom = Defeat

Arc of the Galactic Patrol Prisoners

  • Piccolo vs. Pastar Macareni, Ghetti Macareni, and Penne Macareni = Victory
  • Piccolo and Jaco vs. OG73-I and Shimorekka = Defeat
  • Piccolo vs. OG73-I = Undetermined (interrupted by Gohan)
  • Piccolo, Son Gohan, Kurilin and Jaco vs. OG73-I, Shimorekka and Yumba = Undetermined (they retreat)

Dragon Ball GT

Avenging Demon Bow Baby

  • Piccolo vs. Gohan Baby = Defeat

Bow of the Seven Evil Dragons

  • Piccolo vs. Monsters from Hell = Victory

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Universal War Conflict Outbreak Arc

 Piccolo dbz
  • Piccolo & Android Number 17 vs. Oran & Kamin = Undetermined🤖
  • Piccolo and Android Number 17 vs. Kamioran = Undetermined
  • Piccolo and Android Number 17 vs. Kamioran (Kamioran Definitive) = Defeat
  • Piccolo, Android Number 17, Vegeta (Blue Supersaiyan), and Trunks of the Alternate Future (Supersaiyan) vs. Kamioran (Ultimate Kamioran) = Defeat
  • Piccolo, Android Number 17, Vegeta, Trunks of the Alternate Future, and Son Goku (Selfish Doctrine) vs. Kamioran (Ultimate Kamioran) = Victory
  • Piccolo, Android Number 17, Vegeta, and Trunks of the Alternate Future vs. Zamas Fusion = Defeat
  • Piccolo, Son Goku, Vegeta, Trunks of the Alternate Future, Android Number 17, Jiren, and Hit vs. Hearts (Ultimate God Killer) = Defeat
  • Piccolo, Trunks of the Alternate Future, Android Number 17, Jiren, and Hit vs. Hearts (Ultimate Godslayer) = Undetermined


Dragon Ball Z (movie)

  • Piccolo vs. Ginger, Nikki and Sansho = Defeat
  • Piccolo vs. Sansho = Victory
  • Piccolo, Goku and Gohan vs. Super Garlick Jr = Victory

Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest Man

  • Piccolo vs. Bio-Warriors (4) = Victory
  • Piccolo (controlled) vs. Goku = Undecided
  • Piccolo, Goku, Kame-Sen'nin, Krilin and Gohan vs. Willow = Victory

Dragon Ball Z: The Decisive Super Battle for Planet Earth

  • Piccolo vs. Tullece = Defeat
  • Piccolo, Yamcha, Krilin, Chaoz and Tenshinhan vs. Turles = Defeat

Dragon Ball Z: Son Goku, the Supersaiyan

  • Piccolo vs. Slug's Army = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Dorodabo = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Angila & Medamatcha = Interrupted (by Goku)
  • Piccolo vs. Slug = Defeat

Dragon Ball Z: The Incredibly More Powerful vs. the Most Powerful

  • Piccolo vs. Thouser, Naise and Doore = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Thouser = Victory

Dragon Ball Z: Clash! Warriors of 10,000,000,000,000 power.🔋

  • Piccolo, Krilin and Gohan vs. Robotic Soldiers = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Metal Coola = Victory

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Battle! The big three Supersaiyans

  • Piccolo and Goku vs. Android 13 = Interrupted (by Vegeta and Trunks)
  • Piccolo, Gohan, Krilin, Trunks and Vegeta vs. Super-13 = Defeat

Dragon Ball Z: Burn! A fierce, extreme and fiery super battle.

  • Piccolo, Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta vs. Broly = Defeat
 Piccolo dbz

Dragon Ball Z: The galaxy is in danger! A super awesome warrior

  • Piccolo vs. Krilin = Defeat (Surrenders and leaves the Tournament)
  • Piccolo vs. Boujack = Defeat

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods

  • Piccolo, Android Number 18 and Tenshinhan vs. Beerus = Defeat

Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of 'F' = Defeat

  • Piccolo, Kame-Sen'nin, Gohan, Tenshinhan, Jaco and Krilin vs. Freeza's Soldiers = Victory
  • Piccolo vs. Shisami = Interrupted (by Gohan)

Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: The plan to eradicate the Saiyans

  • Piccolo vs. Phantom Warrior Slug = Victory
  • Piccolo, Gohan, Goku, Vegeta and Trunks vs. Hatchiyack = Victory


  • 23rd Tenkaichi Budōkai (second place)
  • 25th Tenkaichi Budōkai (surrendered)


  • (Said to Gohan before leaving him alone to begin his training) "If you want to hate me you must start by hating your fate, just as I do."
  • (Piccolo to Goku when the planet earth was about to explode in Dragon Ball GT) "You are Goku, for you there are no impossibilities."🐲
  • (To Babidi in Majin-Boo's Arc) "This is an eco-friendly color and don't get smart or you'll be in a bad way".
  • (To two first responders at the World Martial Arts Tournament) "Leave me alone, just because it's green doesn't mean it's not ripe."
  • (To Krilin after he told him that he is his friend) "You and me friends, don't make me laugh!"
  • (To Cell Imperfect) "In case you didn't know I'm the evil part of Kami that got separated from him, I'm not nice like Goku."
  • (To Androids #19 and 20) "Maybe you're not as strong as you thought, or maybe it was us who got stronger."
  • (To Dr. Gero after he absorbed his energy) "Don't forget we change our fighting power when we are fighting."
  • (In response to Vegeta) "There's no point in telling you a lie to comfort you, so I'll tell you the truth."
  • (At the 23rd Martial Arts Tournament) "Don't bother fighting if your ability doesn't back up your words."
  • (To Gohan when Gohan asks him about his Great Saiyaman suit) "I tell you the truth or we remain friends."


 Piccolo dbz
  • In the Spanish-American dub, Piccolo can still be somewhat rude and confrontational, calling others names, especially with the derogatory word "vermin", for example:
    • Son Gohan as a kid and Son Goku in GT he calls "midget".
    • To the Z Warriors in Planet Kaio he said "I will never train with such a traumatizing trio".
    • To Vegeta, he called him a "crawling insect" (after Vegeta insults him). 
    • To Freeza he called him "cuckold" (2nd form), "ugly" (3rd form), and "big-headed" (Original Form).
    • To Cynthia he called her a "magpie.
    • To Dr. Gero was called "disgusting old man.
    • To Cell he called him "stupid" and "bad-born insect.
    • To Mr. Satan he calls him "insect" and "fat clown."
    • To Fat Boo he calls him "fat".
    • To Babidi he says "nut with legs".
    • To Goten and Trunks he calls them "pair of sleepy vermin".
    • To Freeza's Army he says "they're just babes."
    • Son Goku he calls "standing hairs."
    • Frost he called a "bleeder".
  • Piccolo is, next to Son Goku, Akira Toriyama's favorite character, explaining, "I think mine would be Piccolo. He was the first character in my manga where I was like, 'He has a scary face, but he's so cool!' It really is a cliché when bad guys turn into good guys, but it just feels really cool to draw him!"👹
  • In his battle against Goku and then Raditz his blood was red, however in Dragon Ball Z Kai and Dragon Ball GT it is purple.
  • In almost every movie he appears in, he has saved Gohan. Even in Dragon Ball Z: A Dangerous Duo! Super Warriors Never Sleep, though he doesn't appear, Krilin makes reference to this, saving Gohan by cosplaying Piccolo's Gi for no apparent reason (other than he likes the outfit).
    • In Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of 'F' the opposite happens, as Gohan saves him from being defeated by Shisami. The same thing happens in Universal Survival Arc in episode 118, when Pilina fights back after receiving the Makankosappo from Piccolo and Gohan comes to save him.


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