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October 26, 2021 7 min read


Paikuhan (パイクーハン Paikūhan) is a deceased warrior from a planet in the Western Galaxy, a student of King Kaioh of the West and a good friend of Son Goku.

He makes the acquaintance of Son Goku in the other world and clashes with him during the Tournament of the Four Galaxies🌌.

He also makes an appearance in the film The Diabolical Warrior of the Underworld.



Paikuhan is an absent character in the manga🥭, having been created for the 5 filler episodes of the Four Galaxies Tournament Saga of the anime. The design was handled by Akira Toriyama himself, who indicated to the anime's production that he was inspired by Piccolo for Paikuhan's facial expressions.

He is a green-skinned alien, totally glabrous, with a very bulky head and skull skin that has dark spots. He has no nose and his lips are pink and very thick. He dresses in very loose white robes and a very tall headdress. Both the headdress and the tunic are extremely heavy, and are part of a similar workout that Son Goku and Piccolo also follow.



Paikuhan is one of the most powerful warriors in the Western Galaxy🌌, and is the ward of King👑 Kaioh of that Galaxy. He seems to have a rather introverted and taciturn personality, and is usually very focused, only getting excited if he happens to meet an opponent on his level, which makes him very similar to Son Goku.

Powers and abilities

Paikuhan is an extremely powerful warrior with a speed that allows him to easily defeat opponents like Cell, Frieza and King👑 Cold. His fighting level has never been clarified, but he proves to be far superior to Son Goku Super Saiyan.

Special techniques and abilities

  • Bukujutsu. Like most Dragon Ball characters, Paikuhan can use ki to fly.
  • Inner Energy Wave. The most basic energy attack technique.
  • Kiaiho. A technique of using one's ki to generate a powerful shockwave to be directed at the opponent.
  • Homing Energy Wave. It is a powerful energy attack that consists in mentally fixing the target and launching an energy wave that chases him until he hits.
  • Hyper Tornado. Paikuhan begins to spin rapidly on itself until it generates a real tornado that traps the opponent, who is hit and injured by the whiplash of the wind.
  • Burning Shoot. Paikuhan generates flames with which he wraps his body, thus increasing the force with which he strikes his opponent. It is a technique powerful enough to land Cell with a single blow.
  • Thunder Flash Attack. This is perhaps Paikuhan's deadliest technique. It generates a vortex of flames that completely envelop the opponent, who has great difficulty parrying or deflecting them. The weak point of this technique is that in order to launch it, it is necessary to stand still, which exposes Paikuhan to Son Goku's counterattack, when the Saiyan memorizes the movements that Paikuhan makes to launch the attack.
  • Super Energy Bomb. A particularly powerful version of the Inner Energy Wave. Used in The Diabolical Warrior of the Underworld.
  • Trap Shooter. A powerful burst of energy attacks that immobilize the opponent without giving him time to counterattack. Used in The Diabolical Warrior of the Underworld.


Death and training in the Underworld


Paikuhan comes from an unknown planet located in the Western Galaxy. Upon his death, he is allowed to keep his body in the Afterlife, an honor granted to a few warriors, provided they have distinguished themselves in life for their righteousness and heroism. He manages to reach the planet of King👑 Kaioh of the West, of whom he becomes the greatest pupil.

The meeting with Son Goku and the Tournament between the Galaxies

Several years after his death, Paikuhan receives a visit from his master on the planet of the Great Kaioh King, and on that occasion they meet the Kaioh King of the North, who is there in a very peculiar condition; in fact, he has recently been killed after the destruction of his planet by Cell. Since it has never happened before that a Kaioh King dies a violent death, the Kaioh King of the West cannot help but mock his poor colleague.

The King of the North, who is divided from his colleague in the West by a bitter rivalry, is accompanied by his student Son Goku, whom he portrays as one of the most powerful in his Galaxy. The two come to agree on a meeting between their students in order to determine which one is the most powerful.

The four Kings are joined by the Great King Kaioh, who warns them that in Hell😈, a certain Cell, who has recently arrived, is causing great confusion, having taken control of a veritable band of evil souls. The Great King Kaioh instructs Paikuhan to quell the small revolt, but Son Goku, fearing that Cell is too powerful for the warrior, joins him.

In Hell, the two meet Gozu and Mezu, two guardian orcs who inform them that Cell has taken control of the entire dimension, bending other souls like Frieza, King Cold and Team Ginyu to his will. Son Goku easily knocks out Rikoom, Butter, Guldo, and Jeeth, but as he prepares to face Cell, Paikuhan steps in, defeating the cyborg and knocking out Frieza and his father as well. With Cell and his gang put in their place, the guardian orcs take over again and Son Goku and Paikuhan, who begin to form a friendship, return to the planet of the Great King Kaioh.


Subsequently, the Kaioh King of the West proposes a martial arts tournament between the warriors of the four Galaxies, to "commemorate" the disappearance of the King of the North. The Great King Kaioh gives permission, and decides to raffle off to the winner the chance to be trained by him personally, which would normally require a training period of 1000 years, in order to then have access to such an honor. The enthusiasm of the warriors is great and even Paikuhan decides not to miss this opportunity.

The tournament begins, and Paikuhan manages to qualify for the quarter-finals along with two other warriors from the Western Galaxy, Maraikon and Tapika. Paikuhan is drawn with Olibu, a human from Earth🌎. The match is one of the most exciting of the tournament, and Paikuhan shows off his extraordinary speed. In the end, he gets the better of Olibu, and qualifies for the semifinals.

After Son Goku beats Maraikon, it's the turn of Paikuhan and Torubi of the Southern Galaxy, and Son Goku prefers to have lunch rather than watch the clash, since he already knows that Paikuhan will win. The latter obviously prevails, and at that point the final between him and Son Goku begins.

At first, Paikuhan doesn't react to Son Goku's blows, and when the Saiyan decides to use more strength, the opponent puts him in trouble with his superior speed, so much so that Son Goku can barely follow his movements. When Paikuhan realizes the strength of his opponent, he removes the headdress and tunic he is wearing, revealing that they are extremely heavy, thus increasing both his strength and speed. Realizing that he is dealing with a very strong opponent, Son Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, and the fight👊 enters a new phase.

Paikuhan is surprised by the transformation, and is even more amazed by Son Goku's increase in strength. Despite this, he easily dodges Son Goku's Kamehameha and his subsequent attacks, proving to be even faster, and attacks Son Goku with one of his most effective techniques, the Hyper Tornado🌪. Son Goku manages to break free from Paikuhan's grasp, but is again repelled by his opponent's quickness.

Paikuhan decides to end the clash with the Thunder Flash Attack, a fiery technique that Son Goku is unable to repel, given the speed with which Paikuhan throws it. In the end, the Saiyan carefully watches his enemy's movements as he prepares to launch the firewave again, and at just the right moment he teleports behind him, and hits him with a Kamehameha that sends him off the running board. Son Goku is thus the winner of the Tournament of the Four Galaxies🌌.

Despite the stinging defeat, a good friendship develops between Paikuhan and Son Goku, and Paikuhan warns the Saiyan that the next fight will end differently.

The arrival of Majin Buu

Several years after the end of the Tournament, Paikuhan is still on the planet of the Great King Kaioh, training with Olibu and Maraikon. When Majin Buu teleports to the planet, following the aura of Son Goku and Vegeta, Paikuhan, not recognizing him, mistakes him for a newly arrived deceased, and offers to be his guide to the Afterlife, and taunts him, along with the other warriors, when the demon😈 does not respond to him. Soon, Majin Buu attacks all the warriors there, and skillfully defeats Paikuhan as well.

Son Goku and Vegeta, at that moment in the Planet of the Kaiohshin, intensify their aura so that the demon perceives it and gives up the souls of the warriors, which at that very moment he is preparing to destroy.


The Diabolical Warrior of the Underworld


In this film, while another tournament between the Galaxies is taking place, his match with Son Goku is interrupted by the manifestation of Janemba, a powerful demon accidentally born from the carelessness of a young Orc. The two travel to King Enma's Palace, but upon arrival discover that the entire palace has been encompassed by a bizarre crystalline barrier, which seems to isolate the King of Hell from the rest of the Netherworld, and nullifies his powers💪. While Son Goku deals with Janemba, Paikuhan tries to destroy the barrier, but it proves invulnerable to any attack. At one point, tired and irritated, Paikuhan utters a swear word, and the barrier cracks. Having realized what the weak point of the barrier is, he begins to shout at it all the bad words that come to his mind, weakening it, but he cannot destroy it.

Having guessed that the only way to free King Enma is to defeat Janemba, Paikuhan goes to Hell where the battle is taking place, and directly confronts the demon to give Son Goku and Vegeta time to perform the Metamor Dance to merge into Gogeta. Although he's no match for Janemba, Paikuhan manages to hurt him by insulting him, finding that insults and swearing have the same effect as they do on the barrier. Eventually, however, Janemba defeats him, but at that moment the two Saiyans successfully complete the fusion, and Gogeta ends the battle by defeating Janemba once and for all.

Video Games

He appears in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, as an opponent, while he is one of the playable characters in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World, Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2, Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, Dragon Ball Legends and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

He also appears in the arcade video games Dragon Ball Z: Bakuretsu Impact, Dragon Ball Z: W Bakuretsu Impact, Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Battlers, and Dragon Ball Heroes.

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