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Power Pole dbz

November 07, 2021 4 min read

Power Pole dbz

Magic Staff🔮 (如意棒, Nyoi-bō, lit.: "Obedient Staff") called in English Magic Staff, and also as Sacred Staff in Spanish America, is an object that appears in Dragon Ball. It looks like an ordinary reddish-colored wooden stick.


The name is the direct Japanization of the Chinese Rúyì Bàng (如意棒, Rúyì Bàng), which is the staff used by Sun Wukong in the novel Journey to the West, the work from which Akira Toriyama was inspired to create 🐲Dragon Ball.

Mode of use

At first Goku carried his magic staff for combat, especially if it was against numerous enemies or against machines and where he could find himself at a disadvantage or that would allow him to make combination attacks. The magic staff could be lengthened as much as Goku wished by simply uttering the words Grow, Magic Staff🔮, using it. But it was later used to link Kami's Watchtower with Karin's Tower.


Dragon Ball

Since the beginning of the series, Son Goku has used it, defeating many of the members of the Red Ribbon, and defeating for example Tao Pai Pai's sharp sword. Son Gohan gave it as a gift to his grandson so that he would one day reach Karin's tower.

When he went to Karin's Sacred Tower, after the defeat of Demon King Piccolo, he asked Goku to give him the Magic Staff, but Goku seeing that he didn't have it thought he would have lost it during the hard battle against Piccolo, but Tenshinhan had grabbed it and taken it to Kame House.

Power Pole dbz
The Magic Staff had been used as a handle or cane for a mop by Lunch so she did not know its power but she returned it to Goku, who after grabbing it in Kame House took it and Karin placed it at the top of the Tower stretching a couple of kilometers until reaching Kami's palace. After this it ceased to be a weapon, to be the access place to Kami's palace.

When Goku shows up for the World Martial Arts Tournament #23, he is also carrying the Magic Staff. After the 23rd tournament, Goku uses the Staff to fight Annin in the last episode of 🐲Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Z

While Goku was training with the Northern Kaio in the other world after his death fight against Raditz, the Magic Staff🔮 is shown hanging between Karin's tower and Kami's Watchtower. After this, Goku no longer uses the Staff most likely because he no longer needs it for his strength and powerful attacks. In Garlic Jr.'s Arc, the Staff is not between Karin's Tower and Kami's Watchtower, but in Karin's possession, seen as when betting in a poker game with Maron and Yajirobe. Yamcha, Krilin, and Tenshinhan used it to climb the sacred temple.

Dragon Ball Super

The Magic Staff remains connecting Karin's Tower and Kami's Watchtower, except in episode 43 due to an animation error. Later, in episode 83, the Staff is retracted and stored in Kami's Watchtower so that Dende could mobilize this base with his power to take Son Goku to Monster Island, where Android Number 17 was located.

Dragon Ball GT

In the final episode of 🐲Dragon Ball GT, Goku vanishes into the sky carrying the Magic Staff with him and behind him, the Kinton Cloud.


Goku uses the Staff to confront Garlic Jr. and his henchmen in the Dragon Ball Z movie. It is used by Gohan in Uiro's fortress, then Goku uses it in the battle against Dr. Uiro in the Dragon Ball Z: World's Strongest Man movie.

Power Pole dbz


  • The Staff🔮 is capable of extending 384,400 km and not infinitely as previously thought.
  • It is not really meant to be used as a weapon, its true purpose being to link the Tower of Karin to the Watchtower.
  • The Staff also possesses great toughness. Goku used it to break all kinds of things and weapons: rocks, wood, concrete, swords, airplanes, stop gunfire, etc.; and not suffer any kind of wear or damage, implying that it is indestructible.
  • The staff is similar to the golden-tipped iron rod in the novel Journey to the West, in which the Monkey King Sun Wukong goes to the 🐲Dragon King of the Ocean of the East for a weapon suitable for him. After trying several weapons that he did not like he went to the deepest part of the ocean where they found a large iron bar over 20 feet high, which when taken in his hands was reduced to a comfortable size. The length of this bar was used to measure the depth of the sea and rivers, by the emperor Yû (one of the legendary rulers of the early times, he is famous for having faced floods and having founded the Hsia dynasty), but also the true length is used to measure the length of the Celestial River, which refers to the Milky Way.

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