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October 28, 2021 3 min read


Puar (🇯🇵プーアル, Pūaru), also known as Pu-erh, Pu'ar, Puar, or Squeaker in Zero and the Magic Dragon, is Yamcha's inseparable companion. Although he was initially an enemy, he becomes part of the group that accompanies Son Goku, Bulma, and Oolong on the first quest for the Dragon Spheres🐉 in the Dragon Ball manga🥭 and anime series.


Creation and concept

Akira Toriyama has indicated in several interviews that, while writing the manga, he regards Pu'er as a male. In the 🇯🇵Japanese version, Pu'er refers to himself as boku (僕) and is sometimes referred to as Pu'er-kun, indicating membership in the male sex.


Its name comes directly from a type of ☕Chinese tea: the Pu'er or Pu-erh (プーアル, Pūaru, pinyin: pǔ'ěrchá, Wade-Giles: p'u-êrh).


He is a being physically similar to a cross between a cat and a blue rabbit, having the ability to fly and turn into anything. Unlike Oolong, he can maintain his form indefinitely.




Born in the Year 743, as a child he studied, along with Oolong, at the Nanbu Henshin Yōchien (南部変身幼稚園, Southern Transformation Kindergarten) where he learned his shapeshifting skills.

After finishing the course, Pu'er ended up traveling to the Devil👹 Desert, a place where he was captured by a pterosaur; fortunately, Yamcha came to her rescue, albeit thinking her cries for help were from a beautiful damsel in distress. From that moment on, the two ended up becoming best friends, also acting as Yamcha's companion when this infamous bandit was robbing travelers in the desert.

Dragon Ball

In one of his many robberies, Pu'er again encountered Oolong and the latter's companions; Son Gokū and Bulma. After many attempts to steal the Dragon Balls from them, Pu'er joined, along with Yamcha, the group of Gokū and the others. Throughout the series he helped his teammates a lot such as, for example, transforming into scissors and cutting off Gokū's tail when Gokū had turned into Ōzaru. He also proved his worth when he defeated, together with Upa, Dracula Man, a warrior of Uranai Baba with garlic and a cross. In the end he decided to go along with Bulma and Yamcha to the city.

Dragon Ball Z

Later in the story Pu'er appears as a secondary character and is only seen on very few occasions or alongside Yamcha. Although he usually appears in Kame House, Pu'er lived for a while in Bulma's house, the Capsule💊 Corporation. During the fight against the Saiyan, he and Master Roshi, Bulma, Ox-King and Chi-Chi, watching on television as his best friend, Yamcha died. Bulma did not stop crying when she saw this, and Pu'er fainted from the emotion to know that his best friend had died and there was no hope of reviving him since Piccolo had also died, when he woke up everything was over and moved with Bulma and the others to collect the corpses of the dead warriors, but is comforted a little to know that they will go to the planet Namek in search of the Dragon Balls to revive his friend. He is seen at the Capsule Corporation along with Oolong who were going to greet Son Goku, but he left for Namek before they could. Some time later Pu'er is turned into a Demon when Garlic Jr. releases the aqua mist, later he is cured. Pu'er along with the rest of humanity would be one of the many dead at the hands of the terrible Majin Buu, when the latter turned him into Chocolate to eat him, but he was resurrected thanks to the Dragon🐉 Spheres and of course by the great effort of the great majority of Z warriors.


Alternate Future

Pu'er survives with Oolong and Master Roshi hiding under the sea in a submarine because the androids were killing the vast majority of earthlings.


  • Flight👊
  • Transformation into anything (metamorphosis)


Dragon Ball

Pilaf Saga

  • Pu'er, Yamcha and Goku vs. Rabbit Boss = Victory
  • Pu'er and Yamcha vs. Goku Ozaru = Victory

Red Ribbon Saga

  • Pu'er and Upa vs. Dracula Man = Victory
  • Pu'er vs. The Mummy = Defeat

Dragon Ball Z

Saga of Garlick Jr

  • Pu'er (Infected) and Oolong (Infected) vs. Great Dragon = Undetermined

Majin Buu Saga

  • Pu'er, Yamcha, Mr. Popo, Kame-Sennin, Ox-Satan, Bulma, Videl and Marron vs. Super Buu = Defeat (are turned into chocolate)


Legend of the Dragon

  • Pu'er and Yamcha vs. Goku = Undetermined (They escape)
  • Pu'er and Yamcha vs. King Gurumes Army = Victory

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