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October 20, 2021 4 min read


Reacum (リクーム, Rikūmu) is a member of the Ginyû Toku Sentai, after Butta, he is the tallest of the group.🤖

Hmmm with one member less, the aesthetics of our super pose Special Fighting will suffer ... Captain Ginyu has to find a new pose for the four of us.
- Quote from Reacum after the death of Ghourd
Source : Dragon Ball Kanzenban, tome 19 page 77

Characteristic and personality

Reacum is, after Ginyû, undoubtedly the most developed character of the Ginyû Toku Sentai. His time of action is relatively more consequent than the 3 other members. While Ghourd was weak from the beginning of the game, the arrival of Reacum on the battlefield allows to show the whole range of this elite group.

But apart from his incredible potential that will defeat Vegeta, Kuririn and Gohan, Reacum is distinguished by his zany antics. Each of his attacks has his name, which echoes the Sentai series that Akira Toriyama parodies. He is also the member of the Ginyu Toku Sentai who has the most techniques.

We add to this the masterly interpretation of Kenji Utsumi, already known for his role of Senbai in the series Dr Slump and of course for Shen Long in the three Dragon Ball series. Reacum benefits from an extremely careful treatment.
Finally, episode 64 which spectacularly features Reacum facing Vegeta is directed by Satô Masaki, his one and only episode where he is credited as animation director in the series (he is the animation director of the fourth Z movie). The episode proves to be one of the most beautiful of the series, easily rivaling the three main animation directors of the series (Maeda, Yamamuro and Nakatsuru).

Some early attempts of Akira Toriyama are revealed especially those the Toku Sentai. Strangely, Reacum has a much finer face than the final result (the opposite of Jeese on his drafts). 🥊


Like the other members of the squadron, Reacum revealed his special powers during his childhood: Reacum practiced dance, and that's how he got his agility and various fighting poses, he was then recruited in the Toku Sentai Ginyû! 

Dragon Ball Z

Namek Saga

Frustrated by the lack of Scouter and the failures of Dodoria and Zabon, Freezer summons the Toku Sentai Ginyû on the planet Namek to end the hide-and-seek game he is leading with Vegeta.

The battle squadron takes only a few days to reach its destination. Freezer after a quick report of the situation sends Vegeta his terrible soldiers.

On the spot, Reacum wins the Janken, and it is thus to him that the honor of sealing Vegeta's life falls. As for Ghourd, he takes care of the two earthlings alone. The fight begins with a lightning attack of Vegeta who destroys the armor of Reacum. This first attack is nevertheless without effect on the member. Indeed, Reacum thought it was good to gauge Vegeta's potential. He counter-attacks immediately, and enjoys receiving Vegeta's ineffective blows.

Despite all of Vegeta's counterattacks, his attacks all turn against him. He almost destroys the Saiyan, who only owes his salvation to Kuririn's intervention. However he is swept away by a simple kick from Reacum. As for Gohan, despite a valiant resistance, he is no match for him either.


Shortly after this defeat, Son Goku's ship arrives at its destination. Very quickly, he gets Gohan, Kuririn and Vegeta back on their feet. The tendency is reversed and Gokû gradually imposes himself against the Ginyû Toku Sentai. At first sight, his potential is 5000, which disappoints Reacum who sees in him a bluffer.

Son Goku also warns Jeese and Butta, they can abandon the battle at any time. Reacum decides to finish with this mysterious warrior but he doesn't have time to do it, because Gokû knocks him out with his elbow.⚔️

After the defeat of Jesse and Butta, Vegeta finishes Reacum.

While Son Gokû is about to strike a fatal blow to Freezer thanks to the Genki Dama, Kaïô invites the Ginyû Toku Sentai to his house (with the obvious exception of Ginyû). Ten Shin Han, Yamcha and Chiaotzu face this threat.

This battle is intended to reveal the evolution of their progress. Reacum faces Yamcha. The earthling is equal to Reacum and manages to expel him from the planet of Kaïô. He is immediately thrown into hell. This passage on the planet Kaïô appears only in the anime.

Dragon Ball GT

Super Saga N°17

When professor Myû and Dr. Géro cause trouble in the kingdom of the dead, Reacum is briefly resurrected. Nevertheless, his defeat to the defenders of the earth will not be reported.🐲

Reacum makes a quick appearance in the realm of the dead, when he is called back by Enma Daiô, we can see with him other protagonists such as Babidi, Appule...


Movie 12: Dragon Ball Z - The resurrection of the Fusion! Gokū and Vegeta


His power is higher than 30 000 because he is superior to Vegeta when he faces him. It is nevertheless lower than 60 000 because it is the power that Son Gokû uses to beat him in one attack.

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