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October 20, 2021 12 min read


Shen Long (神シェン龍ロン, Shenron, Dragon God or Divine Dragon) is a wish-granting dragon, appearing when someone gathers the Dragon Balls of the Earth and utters the magic spell. He was created by Kami from a statuette modeled by Mr. Popo and has the appearance of a green Chinese dragon. He fulfills several wishes during the series.🐲

Overview of the series


This name is written in Mandarin Chinese, so in the original manga Akira Toriyama wrote the Kanji, and above them, Katakana, the approximate pronunciation in Mandarin Chinese, has no relation to the Chinese deity other than his name.


Shen Long is shown with deer horns, sharp teeth, green scaly skin, red eyes, four toes on each foot, a long serpentine body (the tail occupies three-quarters of its length), long flowing whiskers and long green hair on his crescent-shaped cheeks. Unlike western dragons, which have large folding wings on the back, Shen Long has none.


He is an oriental dragon, whose type is benevolent and holy in oriental mythologies. His type are good at heart, but as a strong dragon, he has an aggressive temper, and is impatient at times (for some reason more than Porunga). Shen Long once threatened to kill a summoner if they don't make their wish soon (even though he has only ever actually tried to attack someone in the movie Decisive Super Battle for Planet Earth, where he was about to beat up Big Dragon for trying to attack him). Shen Long also showed expressions of fear and discomfort at the presence of Beerus "The God of Destruction" as seen in the Battle of the Gods movie, the manga and in the anime. This reaction is seen again in Dragon Ball Super when Beerus asks him if he knows anything about the Super Dragon Spheres to which he replies that he does not.



He is said to live in a ravenous fire at the center of the earth, each time he is summoned he will grant a wish before returning to his fiery place to sleep until he is summoned again. The last time Shen Long was summoned was to grant someone's wish to become king, as Bulma explains to Goku at their first meeting.

Dragon Ball

Pilaf Saga

Shen Long is summoned by Pilaf's gang outside his castle, he prepares to make a wish to the dragon god to gain complete control over the entire planet, and become his ruler with an iron fist, however, before Pilaf tells him what he wants, Oolong intervenes and asks for some panties which Shen Long grants, after granting his wish he disappears and the dragon spheres are scattered across the planet.🔮

Saga of the Red Ribbon

The dragon is summoned again, this time to resurrect Upa's father, Bora who had been killed by Tao Pai Pai.

Saga of the Demon King Piccolo

Piccolo when gathering the spheres calls Shen Long and asks him to recover his youth, after having fulfilled his wish, the demon king kills him so that no one can use Shen Long against him. When Goku defeats Piccolo, Kami revives Shen Long to compensate Goku for defeating the powerful Piccolo. He had originally decided not to recreate them, as he originally designed the spheres to encourage acts of bravery and give people a sense of hope, but humanity's selfishness and greed caused the dragon spheres to be used in the complete opposite way than intended. It was only when Goku showed his undying love for his friends that he decided that there were good people in this world.🗺️

Dragon Ball Z

Saiyajin Saga

Shen Long is called by Kame-Sen'nin to revive Goku before the arrival of the Saiyajin, Nappa and Vegeta. This one is deactivated because Nappa kills Piccolo due to the connection between Piccolo and Kami the latter also dies making the spheres turn into stones.

Saga of Freezer

The guardian of the earth spheres is again revived when Gohan and Krilin ask Polunga to revive Piccolo. Later Shen Long is summoned to revive all the Namekians who were killed by Freezer and his army.


Cell Saga

Years later, Shen Long is deactivated due to the union between Kami and Piccolo. Goku searches for Kami's new successor on the new Planet Namek and they decide that the right successor would be Dende and he remodels him by getting the dragon god to grant three wishes, however, since Dende is not powerful enough, Shen Long can only fulfill two of the three wishes if a large number of people are revived with one of the wishes plus he cannot revive an individual who has been revived before.

Majin Buu Saga

Shen Long is summoned to revive all the people killed by Vegeta. Wishes can also be saved until the next summoning; in this case, the dragon spheres would be scattered all over the world in the same way as if someone had made all the wishes, but will remain as stones for only four months, after which Shen Long can be summoned again to grant the remaining wishes. For this reason, after Goku's victory against Little Buu the wish that was held in storage is used to erase the memories that the people of Earth had of Buu except for Goku's friends and family.

Dragon Ball Super

Battle of Gods Saga

Goku calls Shen Long, this time to ask him about the Super Saiyajin God, the Dragon God upon seeing Beerus freaks out referring to him as an honorable and respectable deity.

Resurrection of 'F' Saga

Shen Long is summoned by the Pilaf Gang, however, Sorbet and Tagoma snatch the spheres from them and use them to revive the evil emperor Freezer, yet the two remaining wishes were used by Shu who asked for a million Zeni and Mai for the best ice cream in the world.

Saga of Universe 6

Bulma summons him to tell him where the last Dragon Super Sphere is, he is again frightened to see the presence of the God of Destruction, he cannot find the last super sphere because the universe is too vast and out of reach of his power, Shen Long's other two wishes are not used because Beerus runs him off.

Dragon Ball GT

Evil Dragon Saga

Goku summoned him for the last time for the resurrection of all the dead inhabitants, from the union of the real world and the Otherworld, the appearance of Super 17, the corruption of the Dragon Spheres and the appearance of the 7 Dark Dragons.⬛


Give me back my Gohan

Garlic Jr. summons Shen Long and asks him for immortality.

The strongest man in this world

Dr. Kochin summons Shen Long to free Dr. Wheelo's laboratory from a frozen mountain.

Decisive super battle for planet Earth


The Dragon God is called by Krilin to restore all the burned forest so the animals can live, Gohan's friend Big Dragon gets scared when he sees Shen Long and tries to attack him but Shen Long defends himself by attacking him with one of his whiskers in the shape of a whip and luckily, Gohan prevents Big Dragon from being hit. Oolong says he is not surprised that the little dragon is scared as Shen Long is scary to which he roars, after calming down he asks him to make his wish to which Gohan wishes for the burnt forest to be restored, the dragon god says it is simple his wish and immediately leaves him in his original state.

The rebirth of fusion! Goku and Vegeta

Gohan summons Shen Long to send all the dead that appeared on Earth to the Otherworld but is unable to carry out the wish. At the end of the movie, Shen Long is still waiting for a wish to be made exhausting his patience.

The Dragon Attack

Goku and company call for Shen Long to open Hoi's music box.🎼

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods

Shenlong is summoned by Goku to tell him about the legend of the Super Saijain God.

The Resurrection of 'F'

Tagoma and Sorbet used the dragon spheres to revive Emperor Freezer. At first Shen Long didn't make the request because the evil emperor's body was cut to pieces by Future Trunks over 14 years ago, but he was told to revive him anyway. For the second wish, Shu told Shen Long to give him 1,000,000 zeni by making Pilaf rich. Four months later, after Freezer has been defeated, Bulma says she will gather the dragon spheres to restore the Northern Capital, the city Freezer destroyed when he arrived on Earth.


Shen Long can be summoned by collecting the seven Earth Dragon Spheres. According to the back of the "Saga of Goku" box set, Shen Long dwells in a ravenous fire inside the earth base when not currently using the dragon spheres. Shen Long can grant any wish, as long as it does not exceed the power of its creator, who must still be alive (i.e. Kami or Dende). According to Shen Long, he cannot grant the same wish more than once. Dragon spheres cannot be used a year after a wish is made, as they turn to stone. Unlike Porunga, Shen Long can only grant one wish per summoning, until Dende upgrades him to grant three wishes (two if an energy-consuming wish is made). Shen Long can be wished to resurrect more than one person per wish as long as they died less than a year before the summoning; died under the same circumstances (e.g., killed by a certain villain), and have not been resurrected before. This is used to revive the victims of many villains, such as Piccolo Daimaō and his men, Freezer and his men, and Cell. Possesses Magical Materialization, as he has made panties, Zenis, and ice cream appear. He can modify a person's body, as long as the individual does not exceed Shen Long's power or the wish is not directly related to his strength, such as being able to rejuvenate (like Piccolo Daimaō or the Pilaf Gang), or pull foreign bodies out of people's insides (like Android Bomb of Android Number 17 and Android Number 18). He has great knowledge, as he knew about the legend of the Super Saiyajin God and how to be able to transform. He is probably able to kill someone with a wish if the subject does not overcome Kami's power, as Piccolo Daimaō feared being asked to make this one disappear.


Despite his high power to grant any wish, Shen Long has limitations, such as:

  • He cannot revive people who have already died 2 times or more.
  • He has no jurisdiction in the afterlife, since the one in charge of this place is Enma Daioh.
  • He cannot intervene with characters that exceed his powers, for example when before reviving Goku, Oolong asks that the saiyajin Vegeta and Nappa be destroyed. And finally, when Krilin wanted A-18 to be human, Shen Long says that the androids' power surpasses his own.
  • It cannot revive people who have died of natural causes; except if the individual's death was brought forward by events of an evil being, however it would only resurrect for a certain amount of time.
  • He cannot revive someone who refuses the offer, as happened with Kaio-sama.
  • He cannot change the world if it has already been changed.
  • He seems to have a limit to his knowledge, as in Dragon Ball Super he was unable to reveal the position of the last orb.
  • If he grants a wish that requires a lot of energy (such as resurrecting a lot of people), they are consumed by 2 wishes (as happened when he asked to resurrect those who died for Cell, and later those who died for Majin Vegeta).🦠

Wishes Concentrated

Dragon Ball

  • A piece of female underwear, requested by Oolong (In Latin America he asked to have Bulma but he gave her underwear).
  • To resurrect Bora; requested by Goku.
  • Obtain eternal youth; requested by Piccolo Daimaō.
  • Revive all those killed by Piccolo Daimaō and his sons.

Dragon Ball Z

  • Resurrect Goku; requested by Master Roshi (Also revive those killed by Raditz).
  • Resurrect all those killed by Freezer and his group; requested by Mr. Popo (They do not revive the Namek animals since they were not killed, they died from the destruction of the Planet).
  • Turn Pilaf, Mai and Shu into youngsters again (Turns them into babies).
  • Resurrect all those killed by Cell; requested by Yamcha (Also revive those killed by Androids 19 and 20).
  • Have the bombs they had inside the bodies of Android 17 and Android 18 disappear; requested by Krilin.
  • Resurrect all the dead from the day Majin Vegeta smashed the stands of the great martial arts tournament (minus the bad guys); requested by Yamcha.
  • Let all humans forget Majin Buu, except Goku and his friends; requested by Goku.

Dragon Ball Super

  • Become young again; requested by the Pilaf Gang (Leaves them too young).
  • Answer the question of how to reach the status of a Super Saiyajin God; requested by Goku.
  • Resurrect Freezer; requested by Sorbet (Still in pieces).
  • One million Zenis; requested by Shu.
  • The best ice cream in the world; requested by Mai.
  • Cure Pan of a cold that didn't seem to be cured by medicine; requested by Gohan.

Dragon Ball GT

  • The resurrection of all the dead inhabitants, from the union of the real world and the Other world, the appearance of Super 17, the corruption of the Dragon Spheres and the appearance of the 7 Dark Dragons; ordered by Goku.


  • Return the country to normal, as it was before the diamonds were found, and make the diamonds disappear for Pansy. Movie: The Legend of the Shenlong Dragon (Instead of the city leave a landscape).
  • Resurrect Bora by Upa. Movie: Mystic Adventure.
  • Resurrect Robot Number 8 and remove the bomb from inside; by Goku. Movie: The Road to Power.🤖
  • To be immortal by Garlic Jr.. Movie: Give me back my Gohan.
  • Unfreeze Dr. Wheelo; by Dr. Kochin. Movie: The strongest man in the world.
  • Recover the forest from the fire; by Gohan. Movie: Decisive super battle for planet Earth.
  • Rejuvenate; by Slug. Movie: The super warrior Son Goku.
  • He mentally asks for help in his fight against Broly, making an illusion of Goku and the energy he gives off appear; by Goten. Movie: The Return of the Legendary Warrior.
  • It is not specified which wish, but it can be seen at the end of the movie The Fusion Reborn! Goku and Vegeta to Shenlong saying "You don't intend to tell me what your last wish is" (It is believed that the wish would be, that everything would be as it was before the events in the movie).
  • Open the musical box that encloses Tapion and the monster Hirudegarn; by the sorcerer Hoi. Movie: Attack of the Dragon.
  • Becoming young, by Pilaf's Band. Movie: Battle of the Gods (Makes them too young).
  • Answering Goku's question, which was how to reach the state of a Super Saiyajin God; by Goku. Movie: Battle of the Gods.
  • Resurrecting Freezer; By Tagoma and Sorbet, Movie : Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of 'F'.
  • One Million Zenis; Ordered by Shu, Movie : Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of 'F'.
  • Restore the Northern Capital and all its inhabitants; By Bulma, Movie : Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of 'F'.
  • Save Broly from being defeated and teleport him to Planet Vampa; By Chili: Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Other live action series and movies.🎥

  • Return peace to his land and restore it; By Jade. Movie: Dragon Ball (1990 Korean Movie)
  • A new tractor by The Hippopotamus Farmer. Series: Dr. Slump.
  • Mr. Satan wishes to become a king. After this, Shen Long invites his friends to his cave for a tea party during a year's break. Series: Cross Epoch.
  • Bringing Master Roshi back to life for Son Goku. Movie: Dragon Ball Evolution.


  • In most of the wishes he grants, he always commits something unexpected, like reviving people who were killed by someone not mentioned in the wish or doing the opposite, or in the worst case, exaggerating the wishes, as it was when he rejuvenated the Pilaf Gang, leaving them as babies.
  • In Latin America, censorship of a wish is applied, Oolong asking for panties, and mentioning it as "I want Bulma", in this case, it would be a play on words with Bloomer, which in Japanese is Burūmā, and Bulma, Buruma, and the verb "To have".
  • Dende removed all restrictions on granting wishes and increased them to 3, being able to notice that he has much more power than Kami, still, Shen-Long cannot grant something that requires more power than he has.
  • In the series "Titan Sym-bionic" a monster resembles him.
  • He is afraid of Beerus as when he is summoned by Goku in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods the latter shows an attitude of fear and respect towards him. Moreover, he does exactly the same in episode 9 of Dragon Ball Super, in which he is clearly nervous and terrified when he tells Beerus that he is not able to directly fulfill the wish to bring the Super Saiyajin God in front of the god, going so far as to retreat as quickly as possible once he tells them the way to summon him.🔱
  • Dende says that he is a strange dragon god because he is used to the Porunga aspect originating from his planet.
  • The only way for him to be summoned without having to wait a year is for them to be restored (As happened in Dragon Ball after Shen Long died and was revived by Kami and in Dragon Ball Z when they were deactivated and reactivated by Dende).
  • In the game Jetpack Joyride, a robot appears as a means of transportation very similar to Shen Long, called Mr. Hugs.

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