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Son Gohan

October 14, 2021 5 min read

Son Gohan

Son Gohan is a very peaceful character in the series. Unlike his father Son Goku, he is reluctant to use violence. He is very good friends with his trainer Piccolo.

Son Gohan was born as the eldest son of Son Goku and his wife Chichi. As the child of a human and a Saiyan, he combines the powers of humans and the warrior race of Saiyans, which is why Son Goku considers him the strongest fighter.🥊

Son Gohan's History

Son Gohan

The first four years

Son Gohan is born after Son Goku wins the final of the Tenkaichi Budōkai against Piccolo and then flies off with Chichi as promised to marry her.

Visit with consequences

At the same time as the Saiyajin Raditz lands on Earth to search for his brother Kakarott, who lives here under the name Son Goku, the latter visits Muten Roshi, Kuririn and Bulma, who have also dropped by for a visit. Shortly after Son Goku introduces his offspring, his brother bursts into the scene and reveals his true origins to him and his friends. He also realizes that Son Gohan must also carry the blood of a Saiyan and gives Son Goku a one-day ultimatum to return to his true self and kidnaps Son Gohan.

Saiyajin saga

In this saga, Son Gohan had to fight Nappa along with Kuririn and Piccolo. When Nappa tried to kill him Piccolo intervened and saved him, but had to give his life for Son Gohan. After Son Goku defeated Nappa, he ordered Kuririn and Son Gohan to fly home to fight Vegeta undisturbed. However, when his aura weakened, the two turned back to help him. During the course of this fight, Son Gohan transformed into an Oozaru, but it was stopped by Vegeta.

Son Gohan

Freezer saga

He traveled to the planet Namek with his friends Kuririn and Bulma to find the Dragon Balls. The Namekian elder helped him combine his powers, making him a lot stronger. He and his friends met the Ginyu Special Forces and had to face them, but had no chance without Son Goku. He later helped his father Son Goku fight Freezer and was later teleported to Earth by the Dragon Balls.🌎

Cyborg Saga

He trained with Son Goku in the space of mind and time, where he achieved Super Saiyan for the first time. After this transformation, he was later even able to reach full power mode.

Cell Saga

Years later, with the help of his father Son Goku, Son Gohan was victorious over Cell's perfect form, as his fighting power increases when he becomes angry. When Cyborg 16 was killed by Cell, Son Gohan was the first to achieve Super Saiyajin 2 mode through his incredible anger towards Cell and could now match Cell. He easily defeated Cell, who after 2 punches from Son-Gohan, spit Cyborg 18 back out, making him less than perfect. Cell turned back. Son-Gohan played with him which later became Son-Goku's undoing. Cell turned into a bomb out of anger to destroy the earth. Son-Goku, however, teleported himself and Cell to the planet of Master Kaio, all of whom died. However, Cell managed to come back...in his perfect form. The latter just wouldn't admit defeat and when Cell went for the final blow and fired a powerful Kame-Hame-Ha, Gohan countered with his own. However, both Kame-Hame-Has were equally strong and Gohan could only use one arm. But then Son Gohan imagined his father Son Goku would also hurl his energy at Cell. Finally, Gohan's attack was more powerful and wiped out every cell of Cell.🦠

Son Gohan

Great Saiyaman Saga

In this saga, Son Gohan went to Orange Star High School for the first time. On the way to school, he often encountered criminals, whom he also put a stop to. But he wanted to remain unrecognized, because if it had come out that he had superhuman abilities, he would not have been able to go to school normally. He then had a costume made by Bulma and chased the criminals of the city as "the Great Saiyaman". To get to school, he always had to travel with the old familiar Kintoun. But later he flew to school in his costume. He then gave the Kintoun to his little brother Son Goten. At Orange Star High School, he also met Videl, with whom he fell in love.❤️

Boo saga

Son Gohan participates in the tournament as a great Saiyaman together with the others. There he fights Kibito and, at his request, transforms into a double Super Saiyan. As a result, he is drained of energy by Spopovich and Yamuh. Together with Kibito, after being healed by him again, he follows the energy robbers. In Babidi's base, Gohan finally fights against Dabra, and later against Boo, who gives him a pretty bad time, so that he is left badly wounded in a small forest. To be able to do something against the demon, he trains in the world of the Kaioshins with the Kaioshin from 15 generations ago. There, the old Kaioshinreleases all the hidden powers in Son Gohan and he reaches the Saikyou No Senshi and had become many times stronger, even stronger than Boo until he absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo. But by a trick Boo managed to absorb Gohan and now it was up to Goku to save the universe....

Later he married Videl, and had a daughter with her named Pan.

Background information

Baby Saga

In this saga, Baby invaded Son Gohan's and Son Goten's bodies and attacked Vegeta. Baby, in Gohan's body, wreaked havoc on Vegeta, including dragging him across the street quite brutally with his face. Subsequently, Baby reached his goal and attacked Vegeta, who thus caused hopeless chaos. When Son Goku finally beat Baby, Gohan was also himself again.

Son GohanSuper C17 Saga

In this saga, Son Gohan was also no longer much in the fighting action. But Son Gohan bravely faced Super C17 and transformed into a Super Saiyan, but was shocked to find that he was no match for the cyborg.🤖

Devil Dragon Saga

In the fight against the Devil Dragons, Son Gohan was also not an important character, but in the fight against Yi Xing Long, he once again slipped into his battle suit and tried to help where he could. However, Son Gohan was no match for the last Devil Dragon either and, along with Trunks and the others, transferred his energy to his father Son Goku.

His abilities and weaknesses

Son Gohan, as the son of Son Goku, also masters a variety of powerful attacks and abilities.


  • Kame-Hame-Ha
  • Super Kame-Hame-Ha
  • Brothers Kame-Hame-Ha
  • Father-Son Kame-Hame-Ha
  • Hell Rush
  • Masenko
  • Renzoku energy Dan
  • Flying
  • Transformation
  • Demon Lightning


  • Oozaru
  • Super Saiyan, up to double Super Saiyan

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