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super dragon ball heroes

October 31, 2021 3 min read

super dragon ball heroes

Super Dragon🐲 Ball Heroes: Universe Mission (🇯🇵スーパードラゴンボール ヒーローズ ユニバースミッション, Sūpā Doragon Bōru Hīrōzu Yunibāsu Misshon), whose original title is Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission and initially referred to as Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Planetary Prison Arc promotional anime (スーパードラゴンボールヒーローズ 監獄惑星編プロモーションアニメ, Sūpā Doragon Bōru Hīrōzu Kangoku Wakusei-hen Puromōshon Anime), is a Dragon Ball anime series that serves as the promotional animation for the popular Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade video game and two of the story arcs belonging to the Mission expansion series of the game's universe, the 🌎Planetary Prison Arc and the Universal War Conflict Outbreak Arc.

The anime premiered on July 1, 2018 in 🇯🇵Japanese language, being the first series belonging to Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Promotional Anime (スーパードラゴンボールヒーローズ プロモーションアニメ, Sūpā Doragon Bōru Hīrōzu Puromōshon Anime, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Promotion Anime).


super dragon ball heroes

The first trailer for the series called "Anime Special Commercial" was released on June 21, 2018. The anime aired as a preview of its first episode on July 1, 2018 at the AEON LakeTown Mall in Koshigaya, Japan as a promotional animation for the arcade video game of the same name, starting with the events of the Planetary Prison Arc. On the same day, the anime's official website began broadcasting the episodes as a streaming service in the "Movie" section and on its official YouTube channel as they were released. Soon after, the second episode of the series was broadcast on the 16th of the same month. On October 28, 2018, the fifth episode of the anime aired live on AEON LakeTown as part of the 🐲Dragon Ball Heroes 8th anniversary event. The sixth and final episode of the Planetary Prison Arc was aired on December 22, 2018, being succeeded by the Universal War Conflict Outbreak Arc, which began on January 10, 2019 with the seventh episode.

Being merely a promotional anime for a collectible card arcade video game🎮, episodes are usually around 7 to 8 minutes in length.


Planetary Prison Arc

After the events of the Tournament of Strength🏋Trunks from the future has returned along with Mai to the main timeline with his time machine so that he can train with Goku and Vegeta.

While Son Goku and Vegeta are training with Whis on the planet of Beerus, Mai from the Alternate Future arrives in desperation along with a mysterious teenager named Fu. Both warn them that Trunks from the future has been "kidnapped" to a Planetary Prison, and that to escape from it they will need to use special orbs that Fu himself calls Special 🐲Dragon Spheres.

super dragon ball heroes

Universal War Conflict Arc

A duo of dangerous and mysterious Sufrutan twin brothers, known as Kamin and Oran, who possess greater power than Hit, are attacking Universe 6, Vegeta comes to Cabba's aid without Son Goku, who has been left behind in the collapsing Planetary Prison of 🌎Universe 7.


  • Production manager: Katsunori KobayashiToei Animation (episodes 1-12) and Ken SuetakeToei Animation (from episode 13 onwards)
  • Producer: Wataru HiguchiBandai
  • Director: Ryō NanbaToei Animation, Yui KomatsuToei Animation, Maya AsakuraToei Animation, Kana ShinoharaToei Animation, Kyosuke YamazakiToei Animation, Kazuya KarasawaToei Animation, and Takao KiriyamaToei Animation
  • Assistant director: Takao KiriyamaToei Animation
  • Screenplay: Atsuhiro TomiokaToei Animation
  • Story: Yuki KadotaBandai
  • Character design and animation supervision direction: Tadayoshi YamamuroToei Animation
  • Art design: Ken TokushigeToei Animation and Nao OtaToei Animation
  • Color design: Kato YoshitakaToei Animation and Taro KitagawaToei Animation
  • Music: Yuya Mori
  • Planning and development: Fumiaki IwakuraBandai, Reina FukuokaBandai, Mari KakuwaBandai, Yoshiyuki SuzukiBandai and Akio ItoBandai (from episode 12 onwards)


Opening themes

super dragon ball heroes

  • Super 🐲Dragon Ball Heroes 'Universe Mission Series Theme Song'.


  • The opening theme sequences (Super Dragon Ball Heroes 'Universe Mission Series Theme Song') of the 🌎Planetary Prison Arc episodes of the anime are actually about the promotional animated shorts of the Universe Mission expansions of the Super 🐲Dragon Ball Heroes arcade video game, only being modified with subtitles of the song's lyrics and taking in their entirety scenes from the animated short of Universe Mission 1.

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