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super saiyan full power

November 02, 2021 7 min read

super saiyan full power

Super Saiyan Full Power🔋 (超サイヤ人フルパワー, Sūpā Saiya-jin Furu Pawā) is a transformation that fully unlocks Super Saiyan's potential and surpasses Super Saiyan Stage 2 and Stage 3. An unusual way to develop the transformation was invented by Goku, right after finding out the shortcomings of the previous stages.


Transformation Properties

Having mastered Super Saiyan to Full Power - it is possible to be in it all day long without fear of energy expenditure, and to maintain the transformation in such a relaxed state that the Saiyan is able to conduct regular life activities without destroying everything around him by random movements, and even sleep (respectively, reincarnation into Super Saiyan Full Power is possible even without raising the Ki bar).

The transformation requires a minimum of Ki, it is possible to transform even from a completely relaxed state (again, sleep), and its maximum can be aimed at strength, speed and endurance, unlike Super Saiyan stages 2 and 3, which waste a lot of energy "in vain". The secret of mastering this stage of transformation lies in the gradual and prolonged habituation to the Super Saiyan state, concentration and restraint of energy🔋.

The aforementioned features of the transformation allow it to be not only more effective than the previous two Super Saiyan stages, but also more convenient, as it is possible to apply it even solely for the sake of changing the appearance or tactical influence on an opponent not feeling Ki (to deceive him by changing his appearance and make him think that more power is applied than in reality).

super saiyan full power

Form Characteristics

Unlike Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Full Force does not expose Saiyan to behavior or increase his aggression.

There are almost no physical differences between the transformation and a regular Super Saiyan, with only one minor characteristic: due to the lack of influence of Super Saiyan's transformation properties on the Saiyan due to his control, Super Saiyan Full Force's face is noticeably less often distorted by grimaces of anger and rage, the Saiyan behaves as he would in basic form.

Also, the transformation at this stage has a slightly different aura: it becomes much smaller than the lush auras of Super Saiyan's second and third stages, and is not as fiery as the original form. When the user is relaxed, the hair is dominated by a yellowish-white hue, but when amplified, it is also lustrous like the regular Super Saiyan (which, however, is not unique to this stage, the regular Super Saiyan without the light aura also has yellowish-white hair).

History of Use

After spending a year training in the Spirit and Time Room, Goku and Gohan master the second and third stages of Super Saiyan and develop a way to master Super Saiyan in a different direction, after which they achieve the transformation of Super Saiyan Full Force. In this form, Goku and Gohan feel a complete calmness of emotion and control over Ki. Goku and Gohan can maintain stamina for long periods of time, even while fighting at the peak of their powers. Goku and Gohan use the Super Saiyan Full Force form as a permanent form during the waiting period for the Sella Games and beyond.

During the Sella Games, Goku applies the Super Saiyan Full Force💪 transformation against Perfect Sell, with whom the fight is on par and continues until Goku sends Gohan to fight Sell instead. Sell easily defeats the young Saiyan in his transformation into Super Saiyan Full Force, mostly because of his peaceful nature and unwillingness to fight seriously. After Sell creates seven Junior Sells and sends them to attack Gohan's friends, and Sell himself kills the peaceful Artificial Man 16, Gohan becomes enraged and transforms into Super Saiyan 2, easily then defeating both Junior Sells and later Sell himself.

On Anoyo Ichi Budokai, Goku uses the Super Saiyan Full Force transformation against Paikuhan, who has removed his heavy clothing. Through tactics and the use of the Kaioken transformation over the top, Goku defeats Paikuhan.

super saiyan full power
Future Trunks, after returning to his timeline, has a similar aura and hair shape as Goku and Gohan in this transformation, which may be an indication that Trunks has mastered this transformation.

Goten and Trunks, while transforming into Super Saiyan, remain calm and sane, and show the high level of control that is characteristic of Super Saiyan Full Force.

Dragon Ball Z: Fire! A Hot, Furious, Super Fierce Battle

Goku and Gohan battle Broly in Super Saiyan Full Force💪 transformations, but the Legendary Super Saiyan playfully takes down his opponents and wages a lengthy one-way battle with them.

Dragon Ball Z: Galaxy On The Edge! Damn Amazing Guy.

Gohan fights and struggles to stay in this uniform in battle with the Bojack soldiers, but only in his Super Saiyan 2 uniform does he defeat the invading team and their leader.

Dragon Ball Z: The Risky Couple! Super Warriors Can't Rest

Super Saiyan Broly arrives on Earth and, despite being severely injured, does not lose his transformation into Super Saiyan until he finally loses consciousness and slips into a coma frozen under the ice.

When Goten's crying awakens Broly from his coma, he rises from his ice blanket and transforms into Super Saiyan. Broly's Super Saiyan immediately heads in the direction of the lament and after a leisurely journey arrives at the village, hovering over the lake. Broly is met by Videl, whom he meets with several energy shots. Broly immediately responds to attempts to talk with an attack, which Videl manages to dodge - and seeing that she is able to counter his minimum, Super Saiyan Broly conducts a lariat and throws her by the leg into the lake.

Following Videl, Broly is overtaken by Goten and Trunks - and seeing a face that looks like the last tic shaking his mind that almost killed him, Broly begins his pursuit and attacks the children.

In an attempt to fight off their pursuer, the children almost immediately turn into Super Saiyans and try to shoot back, but they fall out of the transformation when Broly's sudden blast of energy sphere hits them with a shockwave. Trunks attempts to transform again after a tedious continuation of trying to fight💪 off Broly chasing him while Goten searches for the pearl. A tired Trunks falls out of the transformation again while Goten keeps looking for the pearl.

super saiyan full power
Broly relentlessly stalks his victims, both at once and Trunks, without interrupting the transformation into Super Saiyan the entire way after them.

After the children's attempts to summon Shenron are unsuccessful and Broly becomes annoyed with Trunks for describing his head - another powerful energy shot exploding as it hits the ground throws the children back, and Gohan saves them from certain death by reflecting a second shot aimed straight at them.

Out of his catatonic state, Super Saiyanu Broly jumps off and flies toward Gohan, who has carried the children away, whom he recognizes. Gohan meets Super Saiyan Broly with a melee and fights him off with no ease at all. After receiving a sudden kick to the face from Videl - which Broly barely feels - Super Saiyan Broly soars into the sky and Gohan follows. Launching an energy sphere at Gohan as a taunt, Broly redirects it down, at his loved ones. Gohan is forced to fly after him, overtaking the orb and knocking it aside. Gohan has to stop the sphere's explosion with an 🔋energy shield, which doesn't save his loved ones from the full force of the blast, but saves their lives. Super Saiyan Broly laughs self-consciously while looking at Gohan, and the angry Gohan himself turns into Super Saiyan. In response, Broly turns into the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan Gohan immediately engages in hand-to-hand combat with the monster, but with varying success, eventually losing the initiative at some point and barely escaping the giant's grasp. Super Saiyan Gohan rushes away from Broly and lures him beneath the magma in a crack in the ground that opened up in the battle. Laying down on a rock, Gohan cancels the transformation and closes his eyes wearily.

Rescued by Kurilin from the lava, Gohan engages the Legendary Super Saiyan at the base, immediately suffering defeat. Broly is about to finish off the barely escaping Gohan's grasp by flying up the rock and accumulating a powerful energy bullet - Gohan responds by transforming into Super Saiyan and charging Kamehameha with all the powers🔋 he has left. Thrown by the Legendary Super Saiyan, Gohan tries to deflect the bullet with his Kamehameha, almost in vain. Gohan rushes to his brother's aid and turns to Super Saiyan and rushes to the aid of his Kamehameha. The Super Saiyana brothers have great difficulty holding back Broly's energy-bullet, which has grown to gigantic proportions, and Goten asks Shenron himself to save them. The pearls glow, the sky turns black - and the brothers hear their father's voice.

super saiyan full power

Goku descends from the sky to the two Super Saiyans, converts to Super Saiyans and charges Kamehameha to join their efforts. Helping his sons, along with them, Goku pushes back a huge bomb of energy, which Broly only reinforces with additional energy, shifting it to its previous point. However, Trunks' help stops Broly's further attempts to amplify the sphere and the Super Saiyan family doesn't miss the opportunity - the brothers and father put all their strength💪 into a single shot and punch through the giant bomb with a powerful triple Kamehameha wave, which rushes into the Legendary Super Saiyan and crashes into him, taking him from Earth to the Sun, where it destroys him.

The brothers, tired and disfigured, look back after this hard battle, but their father is nowhere to be found.

Dragon Ball GT

Goku uses the transformation to Super Saiyan to test his opponents' strength, not adding strength to his transformation and merely maintaining it to raise the bar for a moment to affect his foe.

Other Appearances

Throughout the episodes of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, after the transformation- Super Saiyan Full Force appears, all characters are referred to simply as "Super Saiyan", as well as in all possible related or informational material for these intervals. In later films, OVAs and spasels - this transformation is technically applied by Goku and Gohan, Goten and Trunks, and Gojeta and Vegetto, on a regular basis, as a regular Super Saiyan.

super saiyan full power

Interesting Facts

The transformation did not receive a separate name from the characters, and the term "Super Saiyan Full Force💪" has never been mentioned in anime or manga - for the first time, the definition is given in the Daizenshu databooks, to refer to this stage of Super Saiyan transformation mastery.

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