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Tao Pai Pai

October 20, 2021 5 min read

Tao Pai Pai

Tao Pai Pai (桃白白) is an assassin with worldwide fame. He is contacted by the most powerful men on Earth. He is also the brother of Tsuru Sennin. Because of his actions, he is an antagonist in the Red Ribon Army Saga.🔴

Characteristics and personality

He is reputed to be the best hitman in the world in 20 years of practice. He is a great expert in martial arts and he kills General Blue with his tongue, who gave Son Goku so much trouble. He is probably the most powerful human being of the planet, since Muten Rôshi himself seemed to fear him.

Tao Pai Pai is the brother of Tsuru Sennin, and like him he is ruthless. The anime extends the sauce by revealing his hardness towards Ten Shin Han when he was training with him when he was younger. We understand then much better Ten's personality at the beginning of the manga.

In addition to being a formidable hitman, Tao Pai Pai is the second tough opponent that Son Goku will meet (the first one being General Blue). But very quickly, the story makes us understand that this individual is even more dangerous. He coldly kills the former opponent of the hero, and above all Son Gokû, suffers his very first crushing defeat. And this in a very short fight, which we will see later with Piccolo Daimaô.

In many aspects, Tao Pai Pai marks the beginning of a Dragon Ball in full maturity, and this by proposing extremely cruel opponents, able to put the hero in danger of death.

Nevertheless, the author will be very cruel to this character, since once Son Gokû comes down from Karin's tower, he humiliates the hitman until the final touch. Afterwards, he will represent a much lesser threat, especially during the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai.🗼

Although the third film is a creation of Toei Animation, we learn that Tao Pai Pai logically hates children, and plays the role of Arale replacing the clownish role of Commander Blue. In spite of this very brief humiliation, Tao Pai Pai ensures the show since he is the star. It is also the occasion to see him working with his brother Tsuru Sennin.



Tao Pai Pai was born in the year 459, 2 years before the arrival of Piccolo Daimaô. Even being younger than his brother Tsuru Sennin, Tao Pai Pai always showed that he had superior fighting abilities than his brother. With time, a rivalry was born between the two brothers. Mere pretexts such as sharing a bowl of rice were enough to create a conflict between the two brothers.

Later, Tao Pai Pai started his career as a hitman, but kept links with his brother, especially to help him in the education of young students at the Crane School like Ten Shin Han and Chaozu.

One day, while on a business trip and posing in a bar, he was approached by Mister Satan and his martial arts master who made fun of his hairstyle not knowing who they had met. Tao Pai Pai killed the master and heavily injured Mister Satan.

Dragon Ball

Saga of the Red Ribon Army

Tao Pai Pai

Tao Pai Pai is an extremely cruel hitman. He is hired by the Red Ribon Army to take back the Dragon Balls from Son Goku and kill him. We see him for the first time at the headquarters of the Red Ribbon Army accompanied by Colonel Black to meet General Red. During their discussion, General Blue comes back to the headquarters of the Red Ribbon to make his report following his defeat against Son Goku. General Red is furious with Blue and decides to give him a chance to survive if he can defeat Tao Pai Pai. But unfortunately for him, the killer is much more powerful and eliminates Blue very easily by sticking his tongue in his temple.🎖️

This fight was a test for General Red to evaluate the strength of Tao Pai Pai. The fighter sets his conditions and leaves by the air to the holy land to eliminate Son Gokû. When he arrives, he declares directly his intention to kill Son Goku. Bora interferes and decides to fight the assassin to defend the savior of his son, Upa. The fight ends with the superiority of Tao Pai Pai and the death of Bora. Son Gokû fights him in his turn, but is quickly defeated and is left for dead.

The killer takes the Dragon Balls and goes to a small town to get a new suit (the old one was destroyed during his fight against Son Goku). He calls General Red to inform him of the situation. The latter tells him that he forgot a crystal ball at the foot of the tower and forces him to go back there. Tao Pai Pai puts him back in his place and declares that he will return there when his garment will be finished, but not before. The general hangs up furious.

When his tunic is finished, he murders the tailor to pay him (because the tailor refuses to give the name of the target as compensation) and goes to the holy land. Once there, he tries to kill Upa, but Son Gokû interferes. A new fight starts, but Son Gokû takes the advantage. The slayer asks him how he became so strong in a short time, and Son Gokû explains him who drank the holy water on top of the Karin tower. Tao Pai Pai tries a diversion and goes up the tower to drink holy water to become stronger. He meets Karin and threatens him to give him holy water. Karin gives him tap water and offers him a magic cloud to come down. Thinking he has become stronger, he comes down from the tower taking the cloud. Karin being able to control the cloud, makes Tao Pai Pai fall from it, crashing right on the ground.

Tao Pai Pai

During the third round, Son Goku keeps the advantage. Before being totally humiliated, the assassin tries a last maneuver: he begs Son Gokû to let him live and takes advantage of the inattention of the latter to send him a grenade. Son Gokû sends it back to him and Tao Pai Pai explodes with the bomb.💣

Saga of the 23rd Tenka Ichi Budôkai

Everybody thought he was dead, but he reappeared a few years later, transformed into a cyborg, with his brother Tsuru Sennin. He participates in the Tenkaichi Budokai in order to take revenge on Son Gokû and his former disciples Ten shin han and Chaozu for having joined Son Gokû. He brutally beat Chaozu in the qualifications and faced Ten Shin Han in the quarter-finals. His former disciple beats him easily, but Tao Pai Pai cheats by using weapons. Ten Shin Han puts him out of action and is taken away from the stadium by his brother.

Dragon Ball Z

Cell Saga

He reappears in Dragon Ball Z in the middle of the Cell Saga.

He is first hired by a crook, Bourbon to be his bodyguard, but is routed by Son Gohan. His second appearance takes place when Son Goku is looking for the Dragon Balls, he works with a crook to find the crystal balls, but is finally forced to abdicate to Son Goku.🔮


Movie 03 : Dragon Ball - The Great Mystic Adventure

Tao Pai Pai resumes his role of hitman and becomes Tsuru Sennin's right hand man. He uses the power of Emperor Chaozu to fulfill his ambitions. In search of Bora who holds a Dragon Ball, he will be merciless once again with him. When the tournament of the Miffan people takes place, Tao Pai Pai faces Bora and takes a malicious pleasure to torture him. He is finally flayed by a statue next to the ring.

Tao Pai Pai

Son Goku reacts, but is immediately expelled by a Dodompa. Coming back to the charge, he takes his revenge against the hitman who is doubly put in difficulty because of the appearance of Aralé Norimaki and his Gatchaman.

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