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October 14, 2021 5 min read


Tenshinhan (天津飯, Tenshinhan), also called Tensián in the Spanish dub in Spain, is a character who appears in the manga and anime Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and later in Dragon Ball Super. Tenshinhan is a human earthling martial arts fighter descended from an alien clan, who after undergoing a long mental training, obtained a third eye. He is considered one of the most powerful individuals from Earth in the Dragon Ball universe.🌌

General view



His name comes from Tenshindon (天津丼, Tenshindon), a Chinese-Japanese omelet. Although its name literally means: rice of heaven and paradise.


Tenshinhan is a tall, bald and muscular man with a scar on his chest, which was made by Tao Pai Pai in the 23rd edition of the Martial Arts Tournament. In the middle of his forehead he has a third eye. He usually wears his combat suit, which he changed over the years, leaving behind the uniform of the Crane School. He is 1.87 m tall and weighs 75 kg.🏫


Tenshinhan marked two different personalities, at the beginning of the story, he was a cruel, conceited and arrogant man, who used the use of martial arts for evil, he devised plans to steal money from people. Later he became a good, nice man, using his strength to protect the Earth from more powerful enemies, especially he protected his friend Chaoz, who is very dear to him.



Pre-Dragon Ball

  • Tenshinhan vs. Tao Pai Pai = Defeat

Dragon Ball

22nd Edition World Martial Arts Tournament Arc

  • Tenshinhan and Chaoz vs. InoShikaCho = "Victory" (it was a farce)
  • Tenshinhan vs. Goku (1) = Victory
  • Tenshinhan vs. Sumo Wrestler (Playoffs) = Victory
  • Tenshinhan vs. Nam (Playoffs) = Victory
  • Tenshinhan vs. Yamcha (Quarterfinals) = Victory
  • Tenshinhan vs. Kame-Sen'nin (Semifinal) = Victory
  • Tenshinhan vs. Goku (2) (Final) = Victory

Arch of the Great Demon King Piccolo

  • Tenshinhan, Chaoz and Kame-Sen'nin vs Pirates = Victory
  • Tenshinhan vs. Wounded Fighter by Ten (Past) = Victory
  • Tenshinhan and Kame-Sen'nin vs. Cave Ravens = Victory
  • Tenshinhan vs. Drum = Defeat (Goku arrives)
  • Tenshinhan vs. Demon King Piccolo = Defeat

23rd World Martial Arts Tournament Arc

  • Tenshinhan vs. Krilin = Training
  • Tenshinhan vs. Yamcha = Training
  • Tenshinhan vs. Participant Karateka (knockout) = Victory
  • Tenshinhan vs. Participant Black Belt (elimination rounds) = Victory
  • Tenshinhan vs. Tao Pai Pai (2) (Quarterfinals) = Victory
  • Tenshinhan vs. Goku (3) (Semifinal) = Defeat

Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan Arc

  • Tenshinhan vs. Krilin = Training
  • Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Krilin and Chaoz vs. Brocco and Panpukin = Defeat
  • Tenshinhan vs. Yamcha = Training
  • Tenshinhan vs. Saibaiman = Victory
  • Tenshinhan, Piccolo, Chaoz, Gohan and Krilin vs. Nappa = Undetermined
  • Tenshinhan vs. Nappa = Defeat DEATH

Freezer's Bow

  • Tenshinhan, Yamcha and Chaoz vs. Piccolo = Training
  • Tenshinhan vs. Burter and Jeice = Victory

Arch of the Androids and Cell

  • Tenshinhan, Piccolo and Goku vs. Dr. Gero and Android Number 19 = Undetermined
  • Tenshinhan vs. Android Number 17 = Defeat
  • Tenshinhan vs. Cell Semi Perfect = Defeat
  • Tenshinhan vs. Cell Jr = Defeat
  • Tenshinhan, Piccolo, Yamcha, Krilin, Vegeta and Gohan vs. Cell Super Perfect = Victory

Bow of Majin-Boo

  • Tenshinhan vs. Super-Boo (Goten, Trunks and Piccolo absorbed) = Defeat

Dragon Ball Super


Bow of the God of Destruction Beerus

  • Tenshinhan, Android Number 18 and Piccolo vs. Beerus = Defeat

Freezer's Resurrection Arc

  • Tenshinhan, Piccolo, Jaco, Gohan, Krilin and Kame-Sen'ninvs. Freezer's Soldiers = Victory
  • Tenshinhan, Piccolo, Gohan, Kame-Sen'nin and Krilin vs. Ginyu = Defeat

Universal Survival Arc

  • Tenshinhan, Chaoz and Goku vs. Crane School Disciples = Victory
  • Tenshinhan vs. Kame-Sen'nin = Interrupted (by Goku)
  • Tenshinhan and Goku vs. Piccolo and Gohan = Undetermined
  • Tenshinhan and Kame-Sen'nin vs. El Preecho = Victory
  • Tenshinhan vs. Harmira = Draw


Dragon Ball: A Great Mystical Adventure

  • Tenshinhan vs. Kame-Sen'nin = Victory
  • Tenshinhan vs. Minister Tsuru = Victory

Dragon Ball Z: The Decisive Super Battle for Planet Earth

  • Tenshinhan and Chaoz vs. Rasin and Lakasei = Defeat
  • Tenshinhan, Chaoz, Krilin, Yamcha and Piccolo vs. Turles = Defeat

Dragon Ball Z: The galaxy is in danger! A super awesome warrior

  • Tenshinhan vs. Trunks of the Alternate Future (Base, Super Saiyan) = Defeat
  • Tenshinhan and Yamcha vs. Bido and Zangya= Defeat

Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Gods

  • Tenshinhan, Piccolo and Android Number 18 vs. Beerus = Defeat

Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of "F" = Defeat

  • Tenshinhan, Piccolo, Gohan, Kame-Sen'nin, Jaco, and Krilin vs. Freezer's Soldiers = Victory.


  • 22nd Tenkaichi Budōkai (Rank: Champion)
  • 23rd Tenkaichi Budōkai (Rank: Semifinalist)
  • Successfully knocked two opponents off the platform in the Tournament of Strength.


  • Tenshinhan's favorite food is jiaozi (餃子, Chaozu), i.e. the Chinese food that bears the same name as Chaoz, who is his best friend and companion.
  • Tenshinhan could have learned Kaio-ken, this could be given by the special ability of his third eye or simply because he was fit for that. When Goku defeated Freezer, he spent 2 more Namekian years (260 days) training with Kaio, which is equivalent to thousands of years on Earth, according to the words of Kaio himself, added to a gravity x20, with which his strength could reach unsuspected levels, especially if he trained against his two companions and against three clones of himself, well he has the level for this to teach him his technique as well.
  • Most of his techniques are based on Volleyball postures, such as the Haikyu Ken and Kikoho (His hand position is as it should receive a "high volley", hands forming a kind of triangle and receiving with the part of the fingers, although in this technique varies its inclined position).🏐
    • Other techniques and skills are based on the ancient art of Ninjutsu.
  • In the video game Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II, it is explained that he received his third eye by taking a hard mental training.
  • Contrary to popular belief, he is not a tricycle like monster, but according to the Buddhist religion, those who attain spiritual enlightenment receive a third eye. This is evidenced many times, since in his trainings he performs many of those that monks did in ancient times for the same purpose, besides, it is said in the video game Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II.
    • Although it is unknown how he obtained it so young (flashbacks), it could be said that he is a human prodigy.
  • His third eye never closes, even when he sleeps, though perhaps it did when he died in the fight against Nappa, his face was not shown after he died.
  • His last kanji (飯) reads next to the katakana of the furigana of Chaoz's name (チャ) as chaohan, the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word for fried rice.🍚
  • He is the first character to appear who can sense Ki.
  • The reason his name is mostly transcribed as Ten Shin Han is because in Japanese it is split into three kanji, if they were counted as one word it would be pronounced Tenshinpan (due to Japanese phonetics).
  • His personality is very similar to Piccolo's, as both were shown as strong and evil beings, even when they decided to help prevent the Earth from being destroyed (Tenshinhan for the Great Demon King Piccolo and Piccolo for Raditz) they said that their goal is not to save the Earth but to prove who is stronger.

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