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towa dragon ball

November 01, 2021 12 min read

towa dragon ball

Towa (トワ, Towa) is a female demon, a former inhabitant of the 😈Dark Demon Kingdom and the younger sister of Darbra.

She appears in the video games 🐲Dragon Ball Online, Dragon Ball XENOVERSE, Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2 and Dragon Ball Heroes, as one of the main antagonists.


Creation and concept

Towa was designed for the 🐲Dragon Ball Online video game by commissioned designer Daiki Miki, with Akira Toriyama's redesign altering almost none of her appearance.


Towa's name means "eternity" in Japanese.


Towa has long white hair, light blue skin and purple eyes. The left side of her hair is longer than the other and flows past her shoulders. She wears a gold-colored hair accessory that covers the back of her head and gold earrings similar to Pothala earrings. Her attire consists of a tight-fitting suit of red and black mesh that has a V-shaped hole around her abdomen, with slits in the middle, exposing the lower part of her breasts. At the bottom she possesses a white open-legged cape in complement to red and black heels.

towa dragon ball
In the Universal Genesis Arc of Super 🐲Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission, Towa wears a lab coat over her usual attire.


Like Mira, Towa thinks she is better than others. She is cold and cruel, she also enjoys when she manipulates people and doesn't hesitate to use anyone's technology.



Towa was originally a brilliant scientist from the Dark 😈Demon Kingdom in the future. She proceeded to create and ally herself with Mira, an artificial being created from various powerful warrior DNA, and married him despite her lack of interest in relationships. After joining Mira, she betrayed the Dark Demon Realm and went off on her own. Despite this, he plans to collect enough energy to break the seal of the Dark Demon Realm, and also seeks to eradicate the lineage of the Saiyan race, considering it a threat. Towa and Mira conceived a son named Fu, who is said to have a great influence on the world when he grows up.

Dragon Ball Online

She would then travel to Namek in the past, where she possesses Kyui, Zarbon, Dodoria, Recoome and Ginyu in the body of a frog. She displays the ability to become giant, she first tries this ability on Kyui, but it had not been perfected and causes him to shrink slightly instead. She perfects her ability soon after, and uses it on various commanders and soldiers of Freeza's Empire.

Towa then gives Bacterian the mission to gather energy to help Cell-X grow. When Cell-X became impatient, Towa leaves Bacterian in an abandoned cave where there are more Cell-like creatures, who continue to help gather energy.

towa dragon ball


Towa and Mira continue their quest to cause destruction of history, also aiming to collect Kiri energy. She and Mira first encounter the Patrolman (XV) on Namek, after the warrior successfully helped defeat the Ginyu Special Forces and retrieve the Namekian 🐲Dragon Spheres.

As the Z Warriors celebrate their victory, the Patrolman notices Towa's presence. Realizing that the warrior has detected her, Towa comes out of hiding along with Mira, praising him by saying that his senses are quite sharp. Towa knows that the Patrolman is the one who has been snooping around and sarcastically hopes that he won't consider interfering with his plan, believing it would be a mistake to provoke each other. Mira tells the Patrolman👮 that she will take him out right here and a confrontation between the two begins. While the Patrolman fights Mira, Towa, who was watching from afar, mentions to him that they are the ones who have been altering history, according to her, making it much more "interesting", although due to her actions, the changes have been undone, something that does not play in Towa's favor. However, she found the Patrolman's accidental Body Switch (XV) with Ginyu somewhat amusing, teasing him by calling it a "splendid move" on his part.

After the brief fight, it is revealed that Mira is not impressed and decides to end the fight by exclaiming that he will take the Patrolman's energy to put it to good use, however he is stopped by Towa. She decides to interrogate the warrior, asking who he works for and who is helping him, realizing that he could not have managed to time travel on his own. However, the Patrolman exhibits the law of ice to her. Towa decides not to force the issue and tells Mira to leave him for the time being. He also states that the Patrolman👮 is nothing to them right now since he wouldn't be able to draw enough power from him anyway. Towa and Mira decide to move on to the next era but before leaving, Towa says that she will let the young man live for the time being, but if the Warrior interferes with her plans again, she will personally erase him from existence.

Attempting to alter events during the Cell Games, Mira and Towa again encounter the Patrolman (XV) and Trunks Xeno on Earth. Towa has Mira fight them as she leaves and takes Gohan's energy so that Cell defeats him, then retreats with Mira. However this attempt to change history is foiled and corrected by the two Time Patrolmen.

towa dragon ball
One of the objectives in Towa's plan is to take revenge on Majin Boo for killing his brother Dabra, and so he sends Mira to kill Boo and Son Goku and then take their energy. Despite their painstaking efforts to get ahead, the pair is intercepted by the Patrolman👮 (XV) before Mira can steal Goku's energy. After a difficult fight, the two collide at high speed, Mira tries to eliminate the Patrolman, but his attack is dodged and he manages to hit Mira with a Buster Cannon, disintegrating him instantly, before the stunned gaze of Towa, who flees for his life. After Demigra's defeat, Towa finds Mira's remains and begins to make plans for his revenge.

Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2

Towa reappears, accompanied by Mira and the Masked Saiyan, after tracking down Turles and Slug. After Turles stops Slug from getting angry with Mira, he asks Towa if she had brought what he requested and she confirms that she did so before giving Slug the Fruit of the Sacred Tree, which had been exposed to the effects of the Dark 😈Demon Realm, amplifying its effect so that whoever tastes it will be granted unparalleled power.

It was later revealed that Towa also increased Freeza's strength, and brought Coora to Planet Namek during the final battle with Son Goku, allowing him to aid his brother in his fight against the Supersaiyan and the Patrolman👮 (XV2).

During the conflict against the Androids👾, Towa increased Cell's power, causing him to become stronger than Android Number 16 and absorb both 17 and 18 at the same time, skipping straight to his perfect Form before the arrival of Trunks and Vegeta. potentially causing the Cell Games to never occur, though for the sake of the story the Patrolman (XV2) manages to arrange this change. During the Cell Games, while Mira is being held back by Trunks Xeno and the Patrolman as he attempts to break into the tournament, Towa creates a Wormhole to summon Metal Coora clones and cause them to interfere in Gohan's battle with Cell, forcing the Patrolman (XV2) and Trunks to travel to New Planet Namek in the year 767 to prevent more Metal Coora from coming through the hole.

towa dragon ball
In the alternate timeline of the year 780, Towa finds and activates Android Number 16 whom he corrupts and reprograms with his dark magic, ordering him to destroy Future Gohan before he was killed in his battle against No. 17 and No. 18. Although Number👾 16 is defeated by Gohan with the help of the Patrolman, Mira intervenes, which in turn causes Trunks Xeno to defy the direct orders of the Kaio-shin of Time and travel to save his master and partner from the terrible Mira. This almost causes Trunks to alter his own history, as he is trying to prevent Gohan's death, although the Patrolman👮 and Gohan himself manage to convince him not to go through with it. Later, Towa again repairs Android Number 16, sending him and Cell Perfect to the year 785 of the alternate timeline to kill Trunks of the Future when he returns to his own time after the defeat of the Bio-Android in the present, but once again the Patrolman (XV2) manages to protect history and foil Towa's plans.

At some point, Towa had gotten hold of an Energy Extractor😈 identical to the one used by Babidi and his minions, which the Masked Saiyan used to further strengthen Mira after her defeat at the hands of Gohan, Trunks and the Patrolman. He also gained control over Broly and Janemba, and had them join in the battles against Majin Boo.

While Mira and Masked Saiyan interfered in Son Goku's battle of the gods against Beerus in 778, Towa did so in 779 during Freeza's Resurrection, reviving Coora with the second wish of the 🐲Dragon Spheres for Freeza in his revenge. She also hacks into the communications of the Nest of Time and alters her voice to sound like Chronoa's in order to deceive Beerus and Whis. Pretending to be the Kaio-shin of Time, she informs them that both Towa and Mira were attacking the Nest of Time. Her acting as Chronoa manages to convince Beerus to return to the year 852, which prevents Whis from saving Goku and his friends when Freeza destroys Earth, resulting in the death of the heroes. However,Trunks Xeno manages to save the Patrolman👮 (XV2) from being killed and Whis helps the warrior with his Time Rewind, which allows them to prevent Freeza from accomplishing his task, forcing Towa to invigorate Coora and Freeza's forces by inducing them under Supervillain Mode, However both are defeated by the combined power of Goku, Vegeta and the Patrolman.

After convincing Beerus to let the Time Patrol👮 deal with Towa, Chronoa and the Elder Kaio-shin determined that it was time to discover how Towa and Mira had turned Bardock into the Masked Saiyan. After traveling back in time, Trunks Xeno and the Patrolman discover that Towa had used a Wormhole to save Bardock just before Freeza destroyed Planet Vegeta and chase the pair back in time to a ruined planet in the year ¿?, which Trunks recognizes as Earth, though he is unsure which timeline it is in.

towa dragon ball
They are soon confronted by Towa, whom Trunks attacks, only for the Masked Saiyan to appear and block his blow. She reveals that after rescuing Bardock from death, he fled into the past, implying that he was unintentionally responsible for the events of 🐲Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock but they managed to recapture Bardock after his battle with Chilled. After kidnapping Bardock, Towa used his scientific knowledge to modify the Saiyan's body to increase his strength and brainwash him. Eventually Mira joins the battle and they both agree to use the Patrolmen's energy to unify the Dark Demon Realm with the rest of the Universe, confirming Trunks' suspicions about their motives. Towa states that by connecting the Dark 😈Demon Realm with the rest of the universe, she will attempt to create her ideal universe which she calls a "garden of evil", flourishing out of hatred and rage. Trunks Xeno, however, refuses to allow those dreams to come true.

After being freed by the Time Patrol👮, Bardock Xeno claims that while he was free of their control, he retained the increased power caused by Towa's modifications to his body. Angered at being manipulated, Bardock restrains Mira and takes her along with him through the Wormhole created by Towa to seal Trunks and the Patrolman in a rift between dimensions.

Towa is distraught that he lost Mira, but then reveals that he has also taken control of the original Patrolman, Patrolman (XV). The two Time Patrolmen fight each other, and after the original Patrolman is freed from mind control, Towa goes back in time to Toki Toki City in the year 850, and kills Shen Long just as Trunks was about to wish for this individual to defend history. Due to the hero's absence, a massive time distortion is created in all the Scrolls of the End and the Beginning that is strong enough to affect the Nest of Time and Conton City in the year 852, causing Trunks Xeno, the new Patrolman, the Elder Kaio-shin and Cronoa to lose all memory of the Patrolman👮 (XV), although Trunks manages to recover his partner's memory thanks to the mask that Towa had used to control him and discover the alteration it had made in the year 850. To prevent this from happening, Trunks sends the second Patrolman to the year 852 and with the help of the Trunks Xeno from the past they manage to stop Towa, allowing Trunks to make the wish that will summon the original Patrolman.

However, it is revealed that this was all simply a ruse and Towa used the mask that Trunks Xeno brought with him to bypass the barrier that Chronoa and the Elder Kaio-shin had erected around Conton City and the Nest of Time after Demigra's attack. Everyone present is horrified to see the vile woman inside the Vault of Time holding Tokitoki's Egg and it is revealed that her main purpose for infiltrating the Nest of Time was to get her hands on the egg. Towa reveals that Tokitoki's egg (which has the power to create a new universe) contains enough energy to easily restore the Dark Demon Realm, thus allowing her to control time and space once again.

towa dragon ball
She demonstrates her power by using it to summon Mira from the Time Rift, where she was confined along with Bardock. After Mira manages to wound Trunks and the newly restored Patrolman (XV), who manages to protect the new Patrolman from attack, Towa and Mira return to the Earth of an unknown time, while the Patrolman (XV2) pursues them. Upon returning to the year ¿?, Trunks Xeno contacts the Patrolman and reveals that the Earth in that timeline had fallen under the tyrannical rule of the Destroyers of History and was under their total control, preventing the Time Patrol from sending any help to the warrior, so he must face this adversity on his own.

During the time that the Patrolman👮 fights an increasingly powerful Mira, Towa realizes that Mira's personality has changed and he has overlooked his own power limiter, something that could destroy the entire universe, so Towa reluctantly helps the Patrolman defeat Mira. After managing to take him down, she tries to retrieve the core, but he takes her by surprise, telling her that he had grown beyond her expectations. Mira assures that she will become much stronger by absorbing her creator and ends up consuming her and Tokitoki's Egg, acquiring her Final Form. Towa before disappearing is surprised that his creation betrayed her, and says that he is nothing but a failure. However, Son Goku appears thanks to Whis' intervention to help the Patrolman (XV2) and together they finally manage to destroy Mira, who, before succumbing to death, apologizes sincerely to Towa.


Towa demonstrates enough power to sustain a battle against Trunks of the Future in his post-Cell Games base state called Trunks Xeno. Her power is difficult to gauge given her tendency to let others fight for her, such as Mira, the Destroyers of History or fighters under her control👮. She uses her magic to help her allies or subordinates. She has the power to treat her enemies as playthings.

Like her brother, she is proficient at using a spear in combat and is quite adept at carrying her spear equipment. She is shown to have powerful dark magic, though not on the same level as the Demonic God Demi-gla. Her dark magic shows her to be strong enough to control Cell Perfect during her own tournament, and the Cell of the Future Trunks timeline, in the year 785.

towa dragon ball


The main ability displayed by Towa is mind control, she also possesses a wide range of other qualities, such as healing and dark magic. Towa is a strategic fighter, with ingenious plans to deal with threats and enemies, who is constantly helped by Mira, who prefers to deal with them directly.

After becoming her 😈Dark form, a state of Towa after being defeated in the previous arc. She achieves this form as a result of her hatred after her defeat. In this state,Towa's magic is strong enough to force 👾Android Number 18 to merge with Super Number 17, also endowing her with a significant increase in power. She was also able to survive Broly's full power explosion in Supersaiyan 4.


Dark Towa

This is a state of Towa, which he attains by attempting to replicate the energy of the 😈Dark Demon Realm after his defeats prior to the Hell's Gate Assault Arc. This form causes Towa to increase his magical power to the point of being able to perform a fusion of Super 👾Number 17 and Number 18. In this state Towa changes his attire, hairstyle and a red eyeliner appears on his eyes.

Demonic Goddess

Form given to him by Mechickaboola through the Kiri, turning him into a Demon Goddess and obtaining Divine Ki. In this state, Towa grows two horns on her head, her hair grows to her waist, she changes her attire and her cloak reaches her shoes.

towa dragon ball


  • Flight: The ability to fly through the use and control of Ki.
  • Teleportation: The ability to teleport to other places by sensing the Ki of other individuals.
  • Resurrection: Towa is able to revive people.
  • Body Manipulation
  • Giant Form
  • Dark Magic

Appearance in video games

  • 🐲Dragon Ball Online
  • Dragon Ball XENOVERSE
  • Dragon Ball Heroes
  • Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden
  • Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle
  • Dragon Ball Fusions
  • Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2

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