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November 06, 2021 11 min read


Trunks (トランクス Torankusu) is a half-breed Saiyan, son of Vegeta and Bulma, older brother of Bra.



Trunks possesses light purple (similar to gray) bob hair and blue eyes. His hair and eyes are the same as his mother's while his facial appearance is identical to his father's. In the Majin-Bu Saga, Trunks wears a dark green Combat Suit with orange cuffs and belt. In 🐲Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT, he wears other different clothes that are not battle suits.


Trunks possesses a character quite different from his Future counterpart: Trunks of the Future who is a warrior, raised without his father with a desire for revenge against 👾cyborgs 17 and 18 created by Dr. Frost, while little Trunks is a very smart and mischievous kid, and playmate of Son Goku's second son, little Son Goten.


Trunks possesses the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan from a young age. He is also able to fly and launch energy attacks. Over time he has learned the Metamor Dance with which he is able to merge, for a limited time, with Son Goten, giving birth to Gotenks.


Dragon Ball Z

Saga of the Androids

Trunks first appears as an infant during the battle against the terrible cyborgs 16, 17, and 18. In the period of preparation for the Cell Game, he comes into contact with his Future counterpart for the first time.


Majin Buu Saga

Trunks is trained by his father Vegeta👾 who discovers that he can already transform himself into a Super Saiyan and at the age of seven he participates in the 25th Tenkaichi Tournament. As with Son Goten he too is forced to compete in the under-fifteen division. The tournament begins and Trunks must challenge Idasa. The opponent is confident but the little Saiyan knocks him out with a kick. The competitions continue and Trunks and Goten make it to the final. The two of them show a spectacular fight that leaves the entire audience speechless. The real amazement happens when Goten, in order to free himself from Trunks' grip, transforms into a Super Saiyan. In the end the winner is Trunks who manages to make Goten touch the stands outside the ring, but only after transforming himself.

Later, along with his friend Son Goten, he participates in the adult tournament, taking the guise of Mighty Mask (a tournament participant who was stunned and removed from his robes by Trunks and Son Goten). During the fight with Android 18 they are unmasked by the cyborg and are immediately disqualified. After being disqualified they fly away and meet Videl who informs them of the existence of an evil wizard named Babidy who is trying to awaken Majin-Bu and that Son Goku and the other warriors are looking for them. After arriving at Babidy's secret hideout, they find stone statues depicting Piccolo and Krillin and soon after Trunks approaches and accidentally breaks the stone statue depicting Piccolo. However, after Majin-Bu kills Darbula, they see the two friends alive again.

Vegeta arrives to intervene against Majin-Bu, but he gets the worst of it. Trunks, followed by Goten, goes to save his father. The two boys are then targeted by Majin-Bu and Babidy. Vegeta understands the strength of the enemy and embraces his son for the last time and, after that, makes him faint on the ground with a blow, apologizing if he never showed his love for him. The Saiyan🐲 also knocks Goten down and asks Piccolo to take the two kids away. Vegeta sacrifices himself in order to eliminate the monster but it is useless because Majin-Bu recomposes himself. After Gohan is lost, Goten and Trunks are the last hope to defeat the enemy and they are taken by Piccolo and Krillin to the Temple of God. Here they are joined by Goku who is determined to teach them, during the time they have left, to use Fusion to become a unique and powerful warrior in order to defeat Majin-Bu.

After sleeping for a while, the two young boys learn of Vegeta and Gohan's disappearance. Trunks is later sent to the Capsule Corporation to get the Dragon Radar while Goku keeps Majin-Bu busy. Goku doesn't have much time but before Baba takes him back to the Afterlife, he begins teaching the two the Fusion technique. For the first part Goten and Trunks learn to reach the same level. Then they are shown the dance to fuse. Continuing the lessons is Piccolo who manages to get the two to fuse into Gotenks. The first two attempts turn out to be wrong but on the third Gotenks shows up as a powerful warrior. When Majin-Bu transforms into Super Buu and reaches the Temple of God, Goten and Trunks are sent inside the Room of Spirit and Time where they train until they reach Super Saiyan 3 and think up new techniques. After Gotenks and Super Buu clash, Goten and Trunks reappear individually when the fusion time ends. The two of them are in trouble in front of Super Buu but Gohan intervenes, after the strengthening occurred in the Kaiohshin Planet thanks to Kaiohshin the Supreme.

Super Buu understands that he is inferior to Gohan and asks Goten and Trunks to merge to fight them. After the two do this Super Buu👾 absorbs them and Piccolo and becomes stronger. Afterwards, Trunks and the other warriors absorbed by Majin-Bu are taken out of the pink monster's body, but unfortunately get caught up in the Earth explosion. They come back to life thanks to Namek's orbs and help Son Goku by donating their energy for the completion of the Genkidama Sphere.


Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!!

It has been two years since Kid Buu's defeat and Trunks is ten years old. Trunks attends Mr. Satan's party with his parents, here he meets Tarble, Vegeta's brother and therefore his uncle. Trunks has to fight together with Son Goten against Abo and Kado. When Abo and Kado merge, so do Trunks and Son Goten, becoming Gotenks. Aka will eventually be defeated by Son Goku.

Dragon Ball Super

Battle of the Gods Saga

In the first episode we see Trunks along with Son Goten going to collect some water from a hot spring to give to Videl for his wedding, later he is seen going on a vacation with Vegeta and Bulma. Sometime later Trunks celebrates his mother's birthday along with everyone else on the luxury ship rented by Bulma. He later challenges Lord Beerus along with Son Goten but is quickly defeated, then gives his spiritual energy to Son Goku along with the other Saiyans to make him a Super Saiyan God.

Resurrection Saga of 'F'

When Frieza returns to Earth to take his revenge, Trunks along with Son Goten merge and go to the battlefield where the Z Warriors were facing the tyrant's troops. Gotenks arrives at the site and defeats Tagoma, Frieza's servant, and then returns home.

Saga of Universe 6

He also witnesses the tournament between the Seventh and Sixth Universe called by Beerus and Champa, where Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Monaka (warrior chosen by Beerus🐲 who is actually weak and the deity chose him to encourage the two Saiyans) participate.

Some time later, when Monaka arrives on Earth to deliver a package to Bulma, Trunks and Son Goten enter Monaka's van and accidentally lock themselves inside. Monaka meanwhile leaves for his next delivery to the planet Potaufeu, unknowingly taking Trunks and Son Goten with him. On the planet, Trunks and Son Goten rescue an inhabitant named Potage who asks them for help. He reveals to the two little Saiyans that a criminal named Gryll wants to get hold of a miraculous water to become stronger.

Trunks and Son Goten defeat Gryll's soldiers but Gryll takes Monaka hostage and forces them to surrender. When Gryll removes the seal of the miraculous water, the superhuman water, an evil entity that absorbs the power of living beings, actually comes out. Vegeta arrives on the planet, thanks to Jaco and tries to save them but his power is absorbed by the Super Water Being named Commeson. Trunks, Son Goten, Potage and Jaco witness the clash between Son Goku (who in the meantime has arrived on the planet) and the copy of Vegeta created by Commeson. Without knowing it, Monaka destroys Commeson's core, saving everyone. Later, with Jaco's spaceship, they return to Earth.


Future Trunks Saga

Days later, he rescues his version of the future: Trunks of the Future, who has returned to the past to ask Son Goku and Vegeta for help in dealing with Black Goku, a new enemy who looks completely like Son Goku. He is astounded by his counterpart's extraordinary power and becomes jealous because he has subconsciously managed to make little Mai of the Future fall in love with him, who in Trunks of the Future is his girlfriend. When Vegeta, Son Goku, and Trunks of the Future return from the future after their defeat against Black Goku and Zamasu of the Future, Trunks of the Present lifts the spirits of his Future counterpart, who is still frustrated with his defeat and leaving Mai of the Future behind.

Universe Survival Saga

Before the Tournament of Power begins, Trunks witnesses the birth of his little sister Bra. He and Son Goten are then tasked with keeping the island guarded by Android 17 at bay, as the latter will be participating in the tournament.

Dragon Ball Z: Ten Years Later

Ten years after the defeat of Majin Buu, Trunks is forced by Vegeta to participate in the 28th Tenkaichi Tournament, where he must face Otokosuki.

Dragon Ball GT

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

At only 23 years old, Trunks is now the president of the Capsule Corporation. He does not like this job very much and very often flies out the window. He is forced by Vegeta👾 to leave together with Son Goku and Pan to look for the Dragon Balls scattered all over the universe with a spaceship created by Bulma, in order to make adult Son Goku become a child again by Pilaf and his Band.

Trunks, Son Goku and Pan realize that the spaceship has problems and are thus forced to land on Planet Imecka. Here they find that everything has to be paid for at a high price. They discover that the planet is ruled by Don Kir who keeps all the money for himself, living in luxury. After Lezik, his personal bodyguard, is defeated by Son Goku he miserably surrenders to the threats of Son Goku, Trunks and Pan, promising to become a righteous ruler. In this planet Trunks loses the Dragon Radar which is swallowed by a small robot named Gil. The latter will follow Son Goku, Pan and Trunks during the journey.

After finding an orb on Planet Monmaasu, the boys head to Planet Gelbo where a creature named Zounama terrorizes a village by causing earthquakes. He wants Leena, the princess of the village who possesses the Dragon Ball, to be given to him as his wife. Pan disguises Trunks as a woman and goes to Zunama. Here they cut off the giant creature's moustache and understand that he can only predict earthquakes but not create them. They then get the sphere but are unable to leave the planet as the Parabara Brothers steal it from them.

They head to Planet Luud where Mucci Mocci scolds them for not taking the other orb. As Pan reaches Planet Luud with the Parabara spaceship, Trunks and Son Goten arrive at Mucci Mocci's and after defeating Leon, they also defeat Mucci Mocci. They find out that Pan has been captured by Dol Takki. Trunks and Son Goku must defeat the giant Luud and, they succeed after Pan forces Dol Takki to reveal the enemy's weakness. The boys thus regain the orb.


Baby Saga

On Planet Pital, Trunks is briefly possessed by Baby. Trunks manages to take him out by transforming into a Super Saiyan even though Baby manages to leave an egg inside Trunks' body. Back on Earth, Trunks along with Son Goten, Son Gohan and Bra fight against Son Goku to serve Baby. Trunks is cured, like the others by the Holy Water and finally helps Son Goku Super Saiyan 4 by restoring his energy to beat Baby.

Saga of Super 17

Trunks is twenty-four years old and takes off from work to watch the 31st Tenkaichi Tournament. Later he is ambushed by brainwashed Android 17. Trunks heads to Chichi's to warn his friends. Trunks joins Pan, Son Gohan, Son Goten, Vegeta and Uub to fight against the fighters released from Hell such as Yakon, Android 19 and the Saibaimen. Trunks, later helps the others to defeat Super Android 17 but does not reach the level of his opponent who is eliminated by Son Goku.

Saga of the Evil Dragons

Trunks helps Son Goku by giving him energy to fight against Yixinglong. Together with Son Gohan, Son Goten and Uub he keeps Yixinglong at bay while Vegeta and Son Goku fuse to form Gogeta Super Saiyan 4.


Challenge to the Legend

Videl, Son Goten, and Trunks are searching for the 🐲Dragon Balls near a village. Here, Son Goten and Trunks run into Broly. Videl tries to fight but is no match for him. Subsequently, the two boys try. While Trunks tries to distract Broly, Son Goten tries to summon Shenron but doesn't know the formula. Son Gohan comes to their aid and engages Broly in a difficult fight. Trunks prevents Broly from launching the Omega Blaster and thus allows Son Gohan, Son Goten and Son Goku to perform the Familiar Kamehameha that defeats the enemy.

The Irreducible Bio-Fighter

Trunks along with Son Goten and 👾Android 18 reach Lord Jaguar to fight against the Bio Fighters. They have to fight against Bio Broly. They manage to defeat him with the help of Krillin using sea water to melt the enemy.

The Hero of Planet Conuts

Because of the evil Hoy, the warrior Tapion is freed and with him the monster Hildegarn. Tapion tries to live on his own but Trunks leaves him food everyday trying to make friends with him. When Tapion loses his crucial ocarina it is Trunks who gives it to him and recognizes that Tapion is on the side of justice. So Tapion comes to live at the Capsule Corporation and tells his story to Trunks and Bulma. During the final confrontation with Hildegarn, Tapion begs Trunks to be killed but Trunks, who has become attached, fails to do so. Son Goku eventually manages to defeat the enemy. Tapion gives his sword to Trunks, which he will keep forever.


Other movies

Trunks also appears in these movies: 🐲Dragon Ball Z: The Super Saiyan of Legend, where he is seen held by Bulma, during a picnic at the beginning of the movie, Dragon Ball Z: The Menace of the Evil Demon where he always makes an appearance, since he is still an infant, Dragon Ball Z: The Diabolical Warrior of the Underworld where Trunks and Son Goten face the villains who escaped from Hell coming to transform into Super Saiyans and merge into Gotenks, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of 'F' and Dragon Ball Super: Broly.


Super Saiyan

Trunks learns from an early age the teachings of his father Vegeta. Like his friend Son Goten, he manages to become a Super Saiyan👾 as soon as he is old enough to fight.


  • Japanese dubbing: Hiromi Tsuru † (child), Takeshi Kusao
  • Italian dubbing: Paola Majano, Monica Bonetto, Patrizia Mottola (child); Simone D'Andrea, Daniele Raffaeli (teen/adult)
  • English Dubbing:
  • Animaze Dubbing: Skip Stellrecht
  • Ocean Group Dubbing: Cathy Weseluck (child); Alistair Abell (adult)
  • Funimation Dubbing: Stephanie Nadolny (child, DBZ); Laura Bailey (child); Eric Vale (adult); Colleen Clinkenbeard (child, DBZ Kai), Alexis Tipton (child, DBS)
  • AB Groupe Dubbing: Jodie Forrest † (child)
  • Blue Water Dubbing: Matthew Erickson
  • Dubbing Bang Zoom!: Erica Mendez (child) (aka Haley Lewis)
  • French dubbing: Brigitte Lecordier (child)
  • Spanish Dubbing:
  • Latin America: Gaby Willer (child); Sergio Bonilla (adult); Rocío Garcel (child); Lupita Leal (child, DBZ film 8); Circe Luna (child, DBZ film 9); Andrea Higa (child, DBS Broly) (Argentine redubbing)
  • Castilian: Pilar Valdés (child); Rafa Torres (adult, DBZ); José Manuel Seda (adult, DBGT)
  • German dubbing: Bea Tober (child)
  • Portuguese Dubbing:
  • Brazil: Rita Almeida (child); Diego Marques (boy); Marcelo Campos (adult); Vinny Takahashi (child, Battle of the Gods); Bruno Dias (Battle of the Gods DVD dubbing only); Daniel Figueira (child and boy, DBZ Kai TFC); Marina Santana (child, DBS)
  • Portugal: Henrique Feist
  • Filipino dubbing: Bernie Malejana
  • Hebrew dubbing: Liron Lev (child and adult, DBZ and DBGT), Eyal Litwin (child, DBS)
  • Indonesian dubbing: Ade Basuki
  • Polish dubbing: Jonasz Tołopiło (child; DBZ movies 12 and 13), Maksymilian Michasiów (DBS)
  • Thai dubbing: Chantana Tarajan
  • Cantonese dubbing: Lu Sujuan
  • Greek dubbing: Stelios Kalathas (child - DBZ until episode 239), Kleopatra Rontiri (child - DBZ from episode 240), Konstantina Koutsiou (child - movie), Dimitris Mylonas (adult - DBGT), Dionysia Tsitiridou (child - DBS)
  • Vietnamese Dubbing: Nguyễn Kim Anh



In Dragon Ball Super, Trunks of the Future's hair is a light blue shade, while little Trunks keeps the same lilac shade. In the other series, however, you see both Trunks of the Future and Trunks with the same color.

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