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October 27, 2021 11 min read


Yajirobei (🇯🇵ヤジロベー, Yajirobē), known as Jirobai in the Italian adaptation of the anime, is a secondary character who, having met Son Goku, settles in Karin Tower, along with Karin.


He is one of the main protagonists of the first series, appearing from the Saga of the Great Wizard Piccolo; in the following series Dragon Ball Z, his role is greatly reduced, making a few sporadic appearances, while in Dragon Ball GT he does not appear except in a single scene at the end of the anime, not even pronouncing a line.

Yajirobei is a globetrotting ronin (a samurai without a master) who meets Son Goku while he is looking for Tamburello, who has recently killed his dear friend Krillin. After a while he helps the boy to climb the Tower of Karin🗼, and later he stays with the old hermit, helping him to cultivate the Senzu and bring them to the Z Warriors.



He is a human of short stature and fat build. He has long, unkempt, dark hair. He wears a brown robe with black stripes. He wears a pair of black sandals and cuffs.


He often shows that he is wimpy and only interested in himself. He has a grumpy side but can be friendly towards those he knows well. He will do anything to get food, just like Son Goku.


Despite his obesity and cowardice, Yajirobei is quite a skilled fighter, especially with his katana, and is much stronger than most ordinary Earthlings🌎.


Dragon Ball

The encounter with Goku

The first time we see Yajirobei is during Son Goku's pursuit of Tamburello. The boy is chasing the demon that killed his friend Krillin shortly after the conclusion of the 22nd Tenkaichi Tournament, but the monster destroys the golden cloud and lets the boy fall into the void, believing him dead. When he wakes up, Goku follows the smell of food and arrives at a deserted camp, devouring the huge fish that is cooking over the bonfire. At that moment Yajirobei arrives, accusing Goku of stealing his dinner. When he sees that the boy has a dragon ball hanging from his neck, Goku thinks he is on Piccolo's side, and seeing that he has recovered his strength, he attacks him.


Yajirobei proves to be a strong and resilient opponent, but Goku stops the fight when he notices that his sphere has only one star, while the one stolen by Tamburello has four. At that moment, Cembalo, another of the demons generated by Piccolo, arrives and demands the dragon ball. Goku decides to confront the monster👹, but Yajirobei says that he will confront him, since he is hungry and intends to eat him. During the fight, Cembalo initially gets the better of him, but the young samurai eventually manages to win, cutting his enemy's body in half with his katana, leaving Goku stupefied.

Yajirobei cuts Cembalo's body into pieces and eats it, after cooking it on a spit, finding the meat tasty and of excellent quality. After the hearty meal, he and Goku finally introduce themselves. Goku explains to him what happened to Krillin, about the demon that killed him and the magic sphere he stole. However, the two are interrupted by Tamburello, who has been telepathically informed by Piccolo that Cembalo has been killed. This time, it is Tamburello who has the worst of it. Goku, in fact, after having eaten and recovered from his wounds, has increased his strength; he manages to beat the demon👹, and when he escapes, he finishes him off with a Kamehameha. Tamburello's death infuriates Piccolo, who decides to go in person to avenge the death of his two sons. Upon his arrival, Yajirobei is reminded of the old stories he has heard about Piccolo, and gripped with fear, he hands over his dragon ball to Goku and runs away.

The confrontation between Goku and Piccolo is extremely violent, and in the end, the demon gets the better of him. He reduces the young man to death, steals his sphere and abandons him, believing that he has killed him. At that point, Yajirobei, who has not escaped but has only been hiding, returns to Goku to bury him, but realizes that he is still alive. Goku asks him to take him to Karin Tower, telling him that he will give him something good to eat in return. While they are on their way, Goku senses that Muten's aura has disappeared, sensing that something very serious has happened, and a few moments later, the sky turns black; the Dragon God🙏 has been summoned by Piccolo, who has asked for and obtained his former youth and strength. Yajirobei and Goku eventually arrive at the base of the Tower🗼. Here, Goku finds Upa and his father Bora, to whom he tells about Piccolo's return and the need to meet Karin again, so as to become stronger; Yajirobei, however, does not want to climb the Tower, but Goku convinces him by telling him that in exchange he will make him eat the "very good" Senzu. Bora launches Yajirobei, who has hoisted Goku on his shoulders, upwards, saving the two a lot of time, but the climb still takes hours. When the two finally reach Karin's hermitage, Yajirobei is exhausted, but the Master notes that he is a smart guy for managing to climb the Tower with Goku on his shoulders.

When he finds out that senzu is a bean, Yajirobei gets angry with Goku, and thinking that he has been tricked, he swallows a handful of beans, not knowing that just one makes one full for ten days, in fact he immediately feels so full that he could burst. Goku asks Karin if he can still be trained, but the cat replies that he can't teach him anything anymore, and that anyway, Piccolo is too strong, since he has already killed Muten. The news provokes Goku's anger and he decides to leave immediately, but Karin stops him, saying that maybe there is a resource to resort to, that is, the Majestic God Water💦, a substance that allows those who drink it to awaken their hidden strength.

When Yajirobei hears that the water is actually poisonous and that no one has ever survived the first sip, he advises Goku against drinking it, and is angered when the boy decides to try it anyway. Just before Goku drinks it, Yajirobei tastes a single drop, but the taste is so disgusting that he is forced to spit it out immediately. But the Saiyan has made up his mind. He drinks the water, and for six hours remains poised between life and death. Eventually, Goku manages to overcome the poison, and awakens, full of strength. Karin gives him a new golden cloud, and Goku leaves for the Royal Palace, where Piccolo has taken office as the new King👑. Yajirobei, being too afraid, decides to stay behind.

Yajirobei returns to appear at Piccolo's defeat, rescuing Goku, who is seriously injured, and taking him back to Karin for treatment. Here, Karin explains to him that in order to return the dragon balls (Piccolo had in fact killed the dragon god after making his wish) it is necessary to go to the creator of the balls🏀, that is, God himself. Yajirobei believes that God and his shrine are just nonsense. However, Goku is not willing to risk it: he must bring Krillin back to life. Following Karin's instructions, he retrieves his staff, and uses it to reach God's shrine.

Later, Yajirobei is presumed to have stayed behind to live with Karin, helping him cultivate senzu.

The 23rd Tenkaichi Tournament and the return of Piccolo

Yajirobei enrolls in the 23rd edition of the Tenkaichi Tournament, presumably under a false identity, since during the preliminary rounds he wears a wrestling mask, perhaps to avoid being recognized. Here he is drawn together with Divo, apparently meek and clumsy, who comically manages to beat him. Yajirobei realizes, after his defeat, that Divo is not what he seems. He attends the rest of the tournament, mingling with the audience, and apparently runs away when Majunior, during his confrontation with Goku, reveals that he is the new Piccolo, reborn and determined to conquer the Earth🌏. Instead, Yajirobei sticks around until the end of the fight, and runs to bring a senzu to Goku, who is so injured that he can't stand up.

Dragon Ball Z

The arrival of the Saiyans


Five years after the conclusion of the Tenkaichi Tournament, Yajirobei still lives at Karin Tower🗼. After the death of Goku and his brother Radish, Yajirobei is made aware of the impending invasion of the Saiyans, so he is sent by Karin to the Kame House to report that God will train him, Krillin, Yamcha, Jiaozi, and Tenshinhan at the Shrine so that they will be ready to defend the Earth🌏. For six months, the five train together with God and Mr. Popo, though Yajirobei prefers to spend his time loafing and eating.

Predictably, when Nappa and Vegeta arrive on Earth, Yajirobei refuses to go to battle. In some episodes of the anime, he is shown in East City, telling reporters that his "students" are in charge of eliminating invading aliens.

In the manga, however, reappears during the second part of the clash with the Saiyans, when Vegeta has eliminated Nappa and is preparing to face Goku, recently returned to life. As the two warriors prepare for battle, Yajirobei hides among the surrounding rocks, paralyzed with fear. After Goku has seemingly defeated Vegeta by hurling a fourth-power Kamehameha Wave at him, Yajirobei happily emerges from his hiding place to congratulate him, but flees again when Goku tells him that the Saiyan is actually still alive. Vegeta, furious, then decides to resort to his ultimate weapon🔫, and with the help of an artificial moon, transforms into an Oozaru.

Although Yajirobei is too weak and cowardly to take part in the fight, his contribution is crucial to turn the tide of the battle; after Gohan and Krillin fail in their attempt to cut off Vegeta's tail to make him normal again, it is Yajirobei who succeeds in the task. With a blow of his katana🔪, in fact, he cuts the strong tail of the ape, to run desperately to hide immediately after.

Once again, however, Yajirobei does not flee and ends up intervening at the most opportune moment. As Vegeta is about to rip off Gohan's tail to prevent him from turning in turn, the samurai comes up behind him, wounding him in the back with his sword. Initially he exults, thinking he's killed him🔫, but when he finds out Vegeta is still alive he begins to stammer an apology. Fortune however assists him; not considering him dangerous, Vegeta simply throws a punch, putting him out of action. The distraction created by Yajirobei however is crucial, as Krillin manages to get Gohan to look at Vegeta's artificial moon, and he transforms into Oozaru.

The departure for Namecc


After Vegeta's departure, Yajirobei is rescued by Bulma, Muten, Chichi, and Karin, and later taken to the Wekong Hospital in West City. Goku is hospitalized urgently, given his injuries, while Yajirobei is only medicated (having only been punched by Vegeta), and he is very annoyed by this. When Bulma says that thanks to the discovery of the spaceship🚢 with which God arrived on Earth, it is possible to reach Namecc, Yajirobei immediately backs out.

For the rest of the saga, Yajirobei does not appear again in the manga. Only in the anime, he is mortalized in episodes or filler segments, in which he is chosen by Chichi to be part, along with Muten and Oolong of a second crew headed to Namek to save Gohan from Frieza's threat. Fortunately for the ronin (who unwillingly joins the crew), the departure doesn't happen, as Gohan, Bulma and the Nameks are transferred to Earth🌏 at that very moment thanks to a wish made to Polunga.

The Return of Garlic Jr.

About a year after the departure of the Nameks from Earth, the Sanctuary of God is stormed by demons in the service of Garlic Jr. He takes God prisoner, and thanks to his magic powder spread all over the planet, he transforms the Earthlings into violent and senseless demons. Yajirobei and Karin are immune to this brainwashing, perhaps due to the high altitude where their hermitage is located. When Gohan and Krillin travel to the Shrine of God🙏 to confront the enemy, Krillin leaves Karin with his girlfriend, Maron, an attractive but totally scatterbrained girl. To pass the time, the three play poker, but the girl proves to be surprisingly good at the game, to the point that she even manages to win Yajirobei's clothes, and Karin, left without items to put in the stakes, plays the Nyoi stick.

The Android Menace

Three years after Frieza's defeat, the Earth is facing a new crisis. A boy from the future, in fact, after killing Frieza and his father, who came to Earth to look for Goku and take revenge for the shame suffered by their family, warns the Z Warriors that in a few years there will be fearsome androids created by Dr. Gelo, a scientist in force at the former Red Ribbon. The young man also warns that Goku will die of a heart disease that not even the senzu can cure💉.

After three years of training, then, the Z Warriors find themselves at the place where the boy predicted the arrival of the androids, namely Amenbo Island. Yajirobei also shows up at the rendezvous, but not to fight, as he immediately points out, but only to bring senzu. After delivering the beans, he takes off in his jet, but the vehicle is shot down by one of the enemies, who then quickly flee to the island. The Z Warriors give chase, except for Gohan who goes to rescue Yajirobei.

Soon after, Yajirobei, Gohan, Bulma, Krillin and Yamcha, the latter injured by one of the two cyborgs🦾, witness a series of explosions that devastate the entire island, a sign that the battle has already begun.

Yajirobei is seen after Goku and Son Gohan's training in the Room of Spirit and Time. Son Goku asks Karin if his level reaches Cell's.

Saga of Majin Buu

He is killed along with all the other inhabitants of the earth by Majin Buu. After being resurrected by the Polunga Dragon, he gives his energy to Goku's Genkidama Sphere along with Karin (also resurrected).

Dragon Ball Super

He is rarely seen in this series. Goku teleports to Karin for some Senzu that Trunks of the Future needs. Yajirobei and Karin were playing limbo.


Challenge of the Invincible Warriors

Yajirobei is seen when he comes to the rescue of Son Goku and friends by bringing them the Senzu.

The Fate of the Saiyans

Yajirobei gives Son Gohan a bag of Senzu to take to Son Goku and adds a final one that Son Gohan keeps with him. This last Senzu is eventually the decisive one because the entire bag is burned by the Cooler Armed Squad.

The Invasion of Neo Nameck

Yajirobei goes to Neo Namek with Son Goku, Son Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Oolong, and Master Muten. He fights along with the others against the invaders of the planet but in the end, along with the Namekians are captured. To save the situation will be Son Goku and Vegeta.



  • 🇯🇵Japanese dubbing: Mayumi Tanaka
  • Italian dubbing: Dania Cericola, Federico Zanandrea (DBS)
  • English Dubbing:
  • Ocean Group Dubbing: Brian Drummond
  • Dubbing by Funimation: Mike McFarland
  • Blue Water dubbing: Lucas Gilbertson
  • Dubbing AB Groupe: Ed Marcus
  • Creative Products Corporation Dubbing: Ethel Lizano
  • Spanish Latin America Dubbing: Araceli de León (†), Luis Daniel Ramírez (second voice in DBZ, DBZ Kai, & DBS), Mariana Ortiz (first voice DBZ Kai), José Arenas (third voice in DBZ, movies)
  • Portuguese dubbing:
  • Brazil: Vagner Fagundes (DB, DBZ until Cell Saga), Rodrigo Andreatto (DBZ Saga of Majin Buu, DBS), Thiago Longo (DBZ Kai), Márcio Vaz (DBZ Kai TFC)
  • Portugal: António Semedo (†), Romeu Vala (DBS)
  • Catalan dubbing: Marta Calvó (DBZ), Maria Moscardó (DBZ and DBZ Kai)
  • 🇩🇪German dubbing: Stephan Schleberger (DB and DBZ Kai), Eberhard Prüter (DBZ and DBGT), Asad Schwarz (DBS)
  • Greek dubbing: Manos Venieris (DB, DBZ until episode 65), Maria Plakidi (DBZ)
  • Polish dubbing: Tomasz Jarosz (DBS)


  • His name comes from a scale toy that is very popular in Japan🇯🇵 (弥次郎兵衛, Yajirobee).
  • His favorite hobbies are fishing, hunting, and afternoon naps, his favorite food is wild pig roast, and his favorite mode of transportation is a flying car🚙 he found by accident.

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