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October 21, 2021 7 min read


Zamasu (ザマス, Zamasu) was Gowasu's Kaio-Shin apprentice, and the Northern Kaio of Universe 10. Zamasu had been suspected by Beerus and Whis to be Gokû Black at the beginning of his appearance.🌌

These humans gain intelligence to exploit and violate their environment and eventually our precious planets. So you think it's reasonable to leave planets like Babari with their own systems? From my point of view, this approach is far too lax and indulgent... We need to be much more aggressive and use our crushing power in a decisive way without hesitation to crush the embers of evil wherever they are. There is no shortage of planets filled with people who have unwarranted contempt for mere words or warnings.
- Zamasu shows his contempt for mortals in chapter 016

Characteristic and personality

Zamasu is thin and has green skin. He wears an Iroquois hairstyle, like the other Kaio Shins, and also wears a uniform similar to those same gods.

Unlike other deities, Zamasu is a Kaiô aspiring to become a Kaiô-Shin. He is trained by Gowasu.

Zamasu's uniform is black with golden borders and the shirt he wears under this dress is purple, it is not without reminding Kibito's outfit. He has white boots, blue shoes, and a sky blue sarong around his waist. He is very distrustful of humans and does not trust them much.

Unfortunately, Zamasu will evolve into a path that will be difficult to turn back from. Thinking that Gowasu is wrong, and being humiliated by Son Goku, Zamasu will concoct, thanks to the ring of time, a very elaborate plan to defeat Son Goku and the other gods.

The Zamasu of the world of the unmodified continuity will become Goku Black, and will be assisted by his version of the future.

It is interesting to note that this antagonist, unlike the previous ones, is basically a good character at the beginning of the plot, having some doubts about human beings; however, episode 61 seems to indicate that a demented spirit has always existed inside of him.👽

Zamasu is a very interesting character, since his psychology is perfectly defined, breaking with the previous Manichean opponents of the original series. The motivations of this Kaiô Shin are relatively well written, especially about time travel.

The psychological evolution of this character will be progressive, the character will sail towards a detestable path, and we can see a certain form of cruelty which will be almost unheard of in Dragon Ball, especially when he pushes Son Goku to the limit by revealing him the death of Chichi and Son Goten.

One can also note in him a great closing of mind; such a personality trait is visible in his black and white vision of the beings of the multiverse, since he seems to deny any moral quality in the hearts of mortals.

This is the first time in the Dragon Ball universe that such a development has been made for an antagonist. Akira Toriyama comments on the character during an interview at the end of volume 4:
Basically, Zamasu is supposed to be a character in the same alignment as Shin, basically good. But his excess of integrity makes him bad. It is his deviance that gave birth to the conflict against Trunks, depicted in this arc, because the two have diametrically opposed points of view. I think that if I had always been in charge of the drawing part of this manga, this arc would never have been done, because I'm really bad when it comes to putting the psychology of the characters in pictures. I can afford this kind of freedom only because I'm in charge of the script (laughs).
- {{{2}}}

Note that in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Zamasu is not Gowasu's apprentice, but Chronoa's, the Kaio Shin of Time, and has never met Son Goku.

In the manga, Toyotaro represented what would have happened if Zamasu had exchanged his body with Monaca's.


Dragon Ball Super (anime)

Saga of Trunks of the Future

He appears in company of his master Gowasu, his training is far from being finished but his mind seems to be pure, except that he wonders about mortals, and about the role of Kaïö Shin.

Soon after, Whis, Beerus and Son Gokû appear. In front of the young mortal, Zamasu has a hard time to hide his resentment towards him. While Whis and Beerus, through Gowasu, see that the time rings are in their place, Son Goku starts a little fight with Zamasu. Although he has a very developed KI, Son Gokû wins.

Zamasu will not forget this disgrace for a long time.

Soon after, Gowasu decides to show his apprentice a planet inhabited by a people of barbarians, the Babarians. Seeing the behavior of these creatures, Zamasu proposes to destroy them, but Gowasu proposes to take him in the future thanks to the rings of time, so that he observes the evolution of this people. He notices that 1000 years later, the Babarians have built a community, but are still as violent as ever. Zamasu even kills a Babarian who was about to attack them. Back on their planet, Gowasu lectures Zamasu on his action, because the death of this individual could change the future of this planet. Thereafter, Gowasu asks his apprentice what is, for him, the justice, Zamasu answers him that the justice is to destroy the evil, Gowasu answers him then that the justice is to balance the good and the evil, before asking him to prepare him some tea. Zamasu complies, but then thinks that the fact of not intervening is a crime in itself.👾

A little later, he attended a replay of the tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7 in which Son Goku participated. He then realizes that Goku has the power of a god, which repulses him. He then sees the Super Dragon Balls.
Understanding that they are special, he went to Zuno to "ask" him about the Super Dragon Balls and the formula to summon the dragon. Zuno reveals everything and tells him that they have already been used and that it will be a year before they can be used again.

Zamasu went back to his universe with a goal in mind: to kill Gowasu to take the title of Kaioshin and to use the ring of time to recover the Super Dragon Balls and to make the vow to exchange his body with that of Son Goku.

He then returns to his master, and tells him that he has thought about the concept of justice, which delights Gowasu who does not suspect for a moment that his life is threatened. Thereafter, the story is divided in 2 :

Modified continuity

Soon after, Beerus, Whis, Kaïô Shin and Son Gokû arrive in Gowasu's palace pretending that Goku wants to fight again against Zamasu, this last one was at first surprised to see them again and announces that he would be happy to make a new fight. Beerus then decided to leave under the pretext that he changed his mind, in reality he was going to check if Zamasu was going to try to kill Gowasu.

A few moments later, Gowasu decides to taste the pastries that Whis brought him with tea coming from the Earth, it's at this moment that Zamasu decides to act, but at the moment of hitting a kitchen glove appears on his hand and Beerus reappears, indeed this one saw Zamasu's intentions and Whis went back in time of three minutes to prevent Zamasu from killing his master.

Beerus then reveals to Gowasu the intentions of his apprentice, Goku then reveals that Zamasu, with the help of a copy of himself, has destroyed humanity in the future. These revelations make Zamasu smile, delighted to learn that his dream has come true, he is about to attack Goku, but his gesture is stopped by Beerus who destroys him definitively with a technique that was never used in Dragon Ball Super before: the Hakai.

Except that Beerus didn't destroy the Zamasu who stole Son Goku's body (who had become Goku Black, because he was protected by the time ring), he only created a new time line without Zamasu.

Unmodified continuity

Detailed article: Gokû Black

In the manga, Shin visited this continuity to confirm that Zamasu is evil.

In this continuity, Beerus and Whis were not informed about the future events. So Zamasu succeeded in killing his master, he takes possession of the ring of time and returns in the past to gather the Super Dragon Balls before Champa, he then invokes the Super Shenron and makes the vow to exchange bodies with Son Gokû, and it is thus that the Kaïô Shin takes the body of the Saiyan and becomes Gokû Black.

He then goes to Earth, where he catches Chichi and Son Goten complaining about Son Goku's change of appearance, before killing them all three. He then goes to Trunks' future to recruit his alter-ego, Zamasu from the future.


It is then that he launches into his mission of the Deadly Zero plan, he witnesses the death of Shin from the future by Dabra from the future, which led to the death of Beerus from the future. Afterwards, he travels with Zamasu from the future from universe to universe, they destroy innocent mortals and kill all the Kaio-Shins, killing also all the Hakai-Shins who have their life bound, they are now free to accomplish their mission.🛸

Several years pass, he finally arrives on Earth and fights Trunks from the future, the only remaining hero of this timeline in order to maintain Goku's body further. Finally, Trunks returns to the past in order to get the help of the heroes he met before.

Dragon Ball Super (manga)

The manga doesn't differ so much from the anime, the only elements changing are :

  • Zamasu doesn't fight Son Goku but Kibito. And it's Kibito who teaches him the existence of Son Goku, by telling him that he defeated Majin Boo.
  • Shin visits the unmodified continuity to confirm the evil of Zamasu, and that he became Gokû Black


  • Buku Jutsu: Thanks to the control of his Ki, Zamasu is able to fly.
  • Kikoha: Thanks to the mastery of his Ki, Zamasu is able to throw balls of energy.
  • Shin Retsuzan



Main fights

Dragon Ball Super

Future Trunks Saga

  • Zamasu VS Son Goku (Super Saiyan 2) : Defeat (anime)
  • Zamasu VS Kibito : Interrupted (manga)
  • Zamasu VS Babarien : Easy victory
  • Zamasu VS Beerus : Easy defeat

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