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Dragon Ball Vegito Shirt


Vegito is a character created from the fusion between Son Gokû and Vegeta thanks to the magic earrings allowing instant fusion, this fusion is originally reserved to Kaiô Shin, it is more powerful than the Metamol fusion and practiced by Trunks and Son Goten.

Vegito is the most powerful being in the Dragon Ball Z series.
Indeed, Boo is powerless against this warrior, During their fight Vegito was constantly mocking him. In the manga, Vegito quickly transforms into a Super Saiyan, while in the series, he fights for an entire episode in his original form.

  • Great Feel: You like to keep it casual, so this soft shirt will be perfect.
  • Ultra-soft & comfortable premium organic cotton
  • Official Dragon Ball Z License
  • 3D digital printing, T-shirt faithful to Vegito
  • Gender: Unisex, men, woman
  • Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash & Tumble Dry
  • Size: XXS/ XS / S / M / L / XL / 2XL / 3XL / 4XL / 5XL / 6XL
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