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Blackbeard One Piece Keychain

The One Piece keychain series is back with a new character! This time around, it's the Blackbeard crew! The Blackbeard Pirates are one of the three most powerful and prominent pirate crews in the New World. The crew is led by the former Marine, Marshall D. Teach, also known as the Blackbeard. The Blackbeard Pirates are known for possessing a large ship, the "Queen Anne's Revenge", and for having "the strongest, cruelest, and most vile pirates on the sea." The keychain features a black color and golden shine, to resemble the Blackbeard's golden fangs. The Blackbeard Pirates Keychain is designed to hold your keys with a comfortable touch and feel.
  • Keychain: designed for One Piece fans
  • Easy to carry, not too bulky
  • Durable and resistant materials